Satya Yuga has come Rahuri (India)

1987-12-13 Public Program, Rahur School, Rahuri, India, English, Marathi, DP-RAW,

[English Transcript]

Shri Mataji: Turn your cameras to them also. I would like to …

Sahaja yogi: Now welcome song would be there [children sang the song]

Shri Mataji: Respected chairman Mr Maitrey of the Shivaji Education Society, respected headmaster of the school and of the public school, all the students, and all the teachers who have gathered here to respect the saint…Today my heart is filled with tremendous satisfaction that I feel now that the Satya Yuga has come! […]

Devi Puja Alibag (India)

Welcome Talk at India Tour, Alibag (India) 13 December 1987.
Welcome to all of you. This is a great country, it is also passing through a crisis. Nowadays I feel there are so many things that are happening which you could never dream before and at this time you all have arrived bringing peace and joy to all of them. So I thank you for that.
The strife and the pain which is on human beings is perhaps because they are not yet worthy of God’s blessings, […]