Tour Introductory Talk

Alibag (India)

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Tour Introductory Talk. Alibag (India), 14 December 1987.

We have to prepare ourselves properly for anything that we do in life, there is something called preparation, and that preparation has to be done religiously in the sense that you have to take a vow about it, because, so many people, so many times come to India and do not achieve much. They say that we have got a little bit of………, which has benefit, that’s all.

So today you saw that how Indians got their realization without any problems, without any questions. And such a magnet life, one gentleman who was a district judge of the state, so very humble and soft and sweet person present My lectures, some of them and he pointed out what is interesting in the lectures and also said what is so special about Sahaja Yoga and then what is so special about it. It’s very remarkable how people are humble and for them it is important that if a saint is there, then there must be a [guest ?]. Because they were just sitting there, we have just come from the house directly and I was sitting there, people were coming and bowing to Me, and told him you can go in if he wants, because it will take some time. He said, “No, no I am perfectly all right, how can I go before you haven’t.” In that humility he was sitting there all the time. Now we have to understand that we have come here to improve ourselves, especially our attention. We talked about attention Chitta Shuddhi, and every Indian understands this Chitta Shuddhi means clearing your attention, getting your attention cleansed out. It is Chitta Shuddhi.

He said that Mother has given us such a simple method of Chitta Shuddhi, is to sit in the water, put some salt in it, sit before Her photograph, spread your hands, and you get your Chitta Shuddhi, your attention is cleared out and the explanation he gave was very sweet. He said when the child is in the womb of a mother it is surrounded by salty water and so when again the salt comes in, this salty water sucks in the problems, you are sitting before the Mother, sucks in all the problems and nourishes, very sweet of him to reach that [conclusion ?]. But the word Chitta Shuddhi is much more to be understood by us here, because Indians understand that our attention has to be all right. I have told you that the parents here also say all the time saying, where is your attention? Where is your attention? Attention has to be all right. What I find that we have not much attention over attention. And that’s why it becomes easily entrapped into the attention.

So now, on your journey, you have to know that whatever conditions we have had so far because of our Western life, may be, Western style means certain things have to be reconditioned. Like today, I talked to them about what conditioning Indians have, [and what they have to do to get rid of them ?] and they understand this business, conditioning like this. But once they start getting over their conditioning, they don’t go to ego side because that is missing. There is nothing like ego side for Indians much unless until they are sort of westernized. For this ego business is not there. So people to see, from conditioning to ego, ego to conditioning. Now we have to see ourselves and find for ourselves what we are doing, there are no excuses because if you excuse yourself actually you are missing the point. You are missing the point. There is no need to excuse yourself. Once you start to excusing yourself you will miss the point completely. So what you have to do is to watch out very carefully that you are not missing the point.

Now you are here with your problems. You have not come here to waste your money, waste your time and Mine. You have come here to attain something. For that attainment, whatever has to be done, has to be done. So, first thing I would say on the attention part, now, say for example, attention is too much on food. You want to have food in time, which is wrong. You know your Mother eats at 2 o’clock in the night. Sometimes She doesn’t eat, I mean I am so hectic I can’t of course to be particular about time, this time I must have My food and this kind of attention to food that I must have my food, as soon as we are back on the program first thing is food. Then the protocol you are not suppose to eat before I have eaten and I am so cruel about it, I must say. I should be careful, but I am not bothered Myself about food. And whatever is important I want to finish that. Now you see that it is done. I should pay attention to food I know at times, but I don’t. But, I think it’s good practice that if I don’t eat you better not eat. Let see what happens. But if you eat you might get pain in the stomach, might get diarrhea, you might get vomiting, I am sorry, because this is Guru principle. You Guru has not eaten anything yet, and there is no harm, nobody is going to die of starvation. On the contrary people will get sick because of over-eating. That is India, they want you to eat, even if you taken this much, please have it. So nobody is going to die out of starvation in this country, for that sure. But too much attention on food this way or that way, it’s not going to help you much on improving your attention.

The second thing I would like to say that one should not behave in a way that all ordinary people. They are saints, lot of decency and decorum has to be shown, it helps us, have our Maryadas. Some people laugh so loudly, jokes so much. And it’s all right once in a while I am not saying don’t laugh. Once in a while it’s all right. But when you, you see these people are working there whole time. We are not any hard ridden, not at all. We are treated like great guest. So what is the need of make such a lot of noise or things like that, a kind of a dignity and decorum in us. So enjoy everything, you should laugh at things. But there should be certain amount of dignity and decorum and quietly. It is important, because, I am working on it. You must know that in a disturbed area I cannot work so well, so to help Me and to co-operate with Me try to keep quiet within yourself. Keep quiet. In that quiet attitude things will work out. But if you are too much of a frivolously, too much frivolously sort of melancholy type, you won’t gain much. But you will trouble Me also. Today when I came immediately Agnya finished, right Swadishthana finished. My right foot got a cramp, I couldn’t even walk and I got very heavy on My feet, which I am very light on My feet. It became very heavy. So that shows Swadishthana is very much on, on the right side. Attention is given by the Swadishthana. It is looked after by Swadishthana. So please see that we do not pay so much attention to things which are of not importance, moreover we do not behave in a manner that even normal people won’t behave like this, in this manner.

Secondly, there is a request I had to make to you people that whatever was possible we have been able to get saris for you. Five hundred saris! Can you imagine? And so many blouses, I think and still it was all done and worked it out. I have done it Myself many things there. But now you got everything nicely with you, it’s all given and you are very much more [adopted ?]. You don’t have that problem, but, try to be friendly with other people who are here, try to help them, that you are serving them, you also serve them. You do not make them feel they are your servants, they are not. They are voluntarily working. I have not given them any money, they, doing as Sahaja Yogis. Try to help them. They will say, don’t, don’t, don’t. They will usually say that. They are like that. They are nice. Try to help them. Be kind to them. Make friends and put your attention on something on humbling down. “I like it, I want”, finish this “I”, very simple to say “I” doesn’t exist. “I” doesn’t exist, it is the Spirit that exists. I know that. My “I”-ness is finished. It is the Spirit that is understood.
And we are on a war path. I have seen people, Western people, when they were fighting in war, they were walking for miles together, 24 hours in the snow, walking, walking, walking, no food, nothing, just fighting for hours together, die. Same people you are. Now this is another war that has to start. In this war, you have to understand that God has given us all these possible energies that we need and all the possible weapons that we need. But only thing is we have to understand within ourselves, our own importance, our own value, what are we? We are saints. You must imagine it. We are saints and as saints we have to do it. We cannot behave like ordinary people. Each one of you is capable of creating thousands and thousands of Sahaja Yogis. But first you realize that you are saints and that divinity and that attention has to be there, pure attention and attention first on your mind. That is a very simple thing is to fix your attention at your Guru’s lotus feet. Like Shankaracharya said what is it matter if you have so much property and you have so many children and everything is all right. What does it matter? If you do not put your attention at the lotus feet of your Guru, what is there? What are you?

So the attention should be there all the time. Try to fix your attention. And you will be surprised it will work. I am not talking for anybody else, but for you because people always in India think I am talking about some x, y, z or someone in London or somewhere else. No, it is you, you yourself, see for yourself. Evaluate yourself. Evaluate what have to achieve. What have to attain and, “I am Sahaja Yogi.” That’s the evaluation you have to do. Then according to countries, way and methods are, certain methods are that you don’t have to use the romanticism outside in the public. None of these do. You are not this and, also today I am told, last year also, some people were having some romantic things along the sea shore and all that. Some people came, told me, how can you do in front of children? So that is not done and should not be done. We have to be like Indians, in that matter, as Indians because it is not done. That greeting each other is all right. We do other things. One should not try sort of romantic on the roads and public places. That is not acceptable when Indian mind and they think these people are just joking and they are not really Sahaja Yogis. Otherwise, they appreciate you very much because they think you have learned Marathi language how for God sake. You have learned how to sing Marathi songs and wearing saris and you are doing all these for God. That’s why they are appreciating you very much, very much enamoured by it. Whatever is wrong with us we must understand, whatever we are doing wrong we must understand and we should try to neutralize our wrong ideas. And a conditioning in a person is to be seen clearly, “Oh, this is because I am such and such.”

Once you start seeing your conditioning, then you will not have ego, if you don’t see them and try to get out of it then you develop your ego and you become [ ]. So we have to humble down, we have to be resolute, at least make a resolution and thirdly we have to watch ourselves, we have to be very aware of it. It’s very important and I will become very, very heavy because you know that all of you reside in My body. Normally I don’t feel that heavy. I feel that the whole head and feet and all that become very, very heavy. That all of you should beat yourselves with shoes [ ] before sleeping and tomorrow morning get up early in the morning. Nobody should be laying late. It is not proper, get up early in the morning. I get up at 4 o’clock. I am not saying you get up at four. After all I am so old, it’s all right. You should get up at least at 6 o’clock, be ready by that time, sit down for meditation. Tomorrow you might get up early because you are going out for shopping, get up about say 5 o’clock, be ready at 6 o’clock. Depart properly. They you will be shopping there. Take you to the shops, you can shop there. You can buy clothes, saris or anything for your sanitation. After that you have to go to a place called Kanapur which is another beautiful place where you could swim and you can take a bath, anything. In the morning time, again next day you can have a nice swim or bath, again you have to go, to, what do you call that place, Aurangabad. I told them that you all very tired, you can all have your bath, your dinner and sleep.

Aurangabad we are having nice program, [ ] very nice programs and they want to have, hot there, but we are not here for programs. We are not here for frivolous things. We are here for attaining our heights in Sahaja Yoga. From that angle try to go. I am little worried that tomorrow you are going for shopping. Give yourself a Bandhan. I don’t know they are going to give some lunch from here. But, I think, I am going to tell them not to give you lunch as such because you can take your breakfast, go there, you can take some fruits and eat them. You can also have some juices but don’t eat any food during the daytime. In the evening time when you get there, have some nice food and next day you can have nice breakfast, take a packed lunch and go to Aurangabad. In Aurangabad I am sure you like to go to Ajanta and Ellora, all these places you must see. And you can see that dedication how people have built up this Ajanta caves. This Ajanta caves were built in a rock tuned out, seven miles altogether and how they have done it. It is so wonderful. In ten generations work was done. How concentrated they must have been.

They never met Buddha. Buddha never came to Maharashtra. How did they do it? If you see that properly in India, but the attitude of seeing things anywhere should not be that you understand everything. “Oh, I didn’t like this one. I like this one.” Nobody wants your comment. Can you even do this much of work? Can you tune a rock even this much? You can’t. Just admire. The sense of admiration must be there. It’s very easy to criticize, “Oh! I didn’t like it, it should have been this.” You can’t even draw line, that is what I heard last time some people say that the paintings were rather fantastic and were not of any aesthetics. I don’t know what aesthetics they want. You have to see it a beauty done by an artist and you don’t have to criticize and judge. If you don’t like, it is your ego cannot accept the challenge. The reaction must be all right, not to say, “I don’t like it”, but just stand there and be enamored and see, “Oh God look at this, how beautiful it is.” Gradually, of course, you will progress to change. I know you are now much wiser personality, try to understand, like a computer, still.

It is important that we should try to clear our attention and not to somehow or other excuse ourselves. It is very common to excuse. Only because of this, because, because, because of, is not the point, that is not going to help you. You have to be in a certain state of understandings. Now I hope to decide about your marriages and all the things you want to do and at least some of you can come to My house instead of going to this Kanapur, sit down and [adjust ?]. Also those you want to marry and those who have not given the forms give it to Me.

Secondly, [those Indian ?] buy in their saris must cut their blouse pieces and give their measurements properly to Helen so that you can give it for proper stitching. Those ladies who want to buy saris, more saris and blouses, blouse pieces, should give the measurements to Helen and then they buy. I send for shopping and help with the sizes and give her the blouse pieces so that we can get stitched in Poona. But rather difficult, it would better that you buy saris, which are matched with your blouses also. But in any case if you want we can buy also ready-made blouses. It is very much better idea and also ready-made petticoat in the market. They may not be so good but they are quite nice. So you can buy them, then, so no problems of stitching also. If you want, but I must tell you saris you will be buying cannot be so cheap as I am able to get. So you should be prepared for that. There cannot be any saris for less than 110 rupees and separate blouse, at least it would be – ah – much more. Can you calculate how much it is, about at least – minimum of minimum – 480 rupees or maybe 500 rupees. So you shouldn’t argue on that point because that is not your Mother’s task. You got everything. For gentlemen it is important they have to give their sizes and everything and if want any more things to be done, you should tell the people who direct you and you can work it out with them. If you want anything make for yourselves, there are tailors and things. So they can work it out. So now organize among yourselves, three, four people working together and ladies also should organize like that so that there is no problem.

Now they wanted to have some music programs.