Evening Program 2 and Talk on Kabir Aurangabad (India)

Talk on Kabir. Aurangabad (India), 18 December 1987 after a concert. India tour

Aah, on your behalf, I would like to thank the artist, the lady Mrs Asha Devi and Mr. Nath Niralkar. See, his name is Nath and you know what Nath means. And it seems as if the Naths themselves were singing today and I felt it in himself and in his songs. And the lady who sang so well with such understanding of the music, […]

Evening Program Aurangabad (India)

1987-12-18 Evening Program, Aurangabad, India

Shri Mataji:” Kalptaru “, Of the wish-fulfilling trees…You are the great forests …All of you when you move you see…You are like the great forests of wish-fulfilling trees and you are the one who are the speaking embrossa like the oceans and that is how you have to go about. And then he says all this will spread out all over and all the world will be very happy…So it is all the description she is going to sing it to a [unclear 00:38 Pasaydan ].I think it came in Nirmala Yogi, […]