Evening Program

Aurangabad (India)


1987-12-18 Evening Program, Aurangabad, India

Shri Mataji:” Kalptaru “, Of the wish-fulfilling trees…You are the great forests …All of you when you move you see…You are like the great forests of wish-fulfilling trees and you are the one who are the speaking embrossa like the oceans and that is how you have to go about. And then he says all this will spread out all over and all the world will be very happy…
So it is all the description she is going to sing it to a [unclear 00:38 Pasaydan ].
I think it came in Nirmala Yogi, you might have read it about it. You remember that, all right …

Mr Salvi:
Thank You very much Sahaja yogi Musicians …Thank You very much!
You were with us for a very little time, we could not enjoy your company We could not enjoy your music much …You must come back again for a longer time. On behalf of everyone who was responsible for organising your stay and your food here, I thank you all for cooperating for praising the food for praising for whatever arrangements we could make for you for your staying, for whatever we could do and as they say the taste of the pudding is waiting if you come back again …We will think that you have liked our hospitality So come back again.
Our Musicians here are thrilled with your music. Now we will hear them sing …But they say that the entire atmosphere is [unclear 41:00 surchild] with music. In India, we call it “sur”…The waves of sound and music are all reverberates and I am sure any future programs that may be here in this auditorium will always be with the background of the music that you have rendered here and there will all be great successes…Thank You very much once again.Thank You very much! Everyone!

Shri Mataji: I am sorry I have to go for a public meeting as you know there are so many parallel programs going on…
But in any case, these 2 great musicians are here …They will sing very beautiful things for you and then I will meet you now in Rahuri …I hope you will have a comfortable journey and you will enjoy the company of Rahuri people now…
As everybody feels sorry to leave every place same with me but look forward to something else and get over the feelings I always feel that way …Everywhere, every country, every place …So we have to manage some or other to live in one place and then to leave that place to move to another place…But actually, we don’t leave anyone they are all the time with us…I have been talking to the great gentleman Mr Nath, the worker that we could send some people for learning music to his ashram And he is very willing to teach us …It is very kind of him …
Another thing is that, So far I wanted to give him something but my brother says No, Just now you need not give …
Mr Salvi:
We will honour them when they come to Ganpatipule …
Shri Mataji: So my brother is a clever lawyer you see…So he told me alright whatever you want to give now you add up to what you want to give there and you can give them there …So they will be …I hope they will make it convenient to come and listen to so many other Sahaja yogis also. As well as render their own great music for all the other Sahaja yogis who are coming from all over the world and all over India.
May God bless you!
They are going to sing about the song of Kaliyuga …Where there is a tremendous amount of ignorance and which has created so much of darkness …And all that they are describing but that’s solution is Sahaja yoga …:)
(In Marathi…)
How man has become selfish, and he doesn’t keep any relationship with anyone without selfishness…
(Performance of artist starts …)
Keep a little light a light and keep the candle but these are deepa …Keep the deepa very carefully because it’s a very great darkness …
[Performance continues ]
Mr Salvi:
This celestial music will go on till you keep on sitting but not beyond 7:30 because at 7:30 you must get up and go and have your tea before you leave. Alright!
Mataji & myself must leave now …And leaving you in the hands of 2 great musicians who will sing till 7:30 to you …Thank you very much!

[Then Mother and Mr Salvi starts leaving for the next meeting Where they had to go ]