Puja: Attention on Quality (or 12.21) Rahuri (India)

1987-1220 Puja: Attention on Quality, Rahuri, India

[English translation from Marathi] (Sound cloud – Sahaja Library – 1987-1220 Talk 1 at Rahuri (Marathi))

Does having a namesakes, caste and creed have any meaning? Today I am telling you all plainly that you should not (live on) freebies (“फुकटखोरी”). Sahaja yoga is not for such people who are looking for freebies, if you want freebies, you should take another path. Those who want to stay in Sahaja Yoga have to live with self-esteem (“आत्मसम्मान”) and have to show the world that we are self-respecting people. […]