Puja, Attention on Quality (or 12.21)

Rahuri (India)

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Attention on Quality, Rahuri (India), 20 December 1987.

I’m sorry what has happened about the boys who came here and who created a problem, and there’s another problem with us. So I would like to tell you again that next time when you are coming, please see that you don’t bring anybody who has not done Sahaja Yoga for six years? six months? at least. The first one is correct, because in six years also they can be quite stupid. But, but six years, at least if not so six months, you should see to it that somebody has done Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is something as you understand, and you know that it’s something that must achieve your purity. As it is, you know you are coming from an atmosphere which is absolutely anti-Sahaja. And from that atmosphere to come to Sahaja Yoga you have to give up many things. As it is, what I find from this the way people are schizophrenic. So, one has to realize from what has happened that our brains, in that horrible conditions of our country, is complete wobbly and it’s over-shattered with all the conditionings and all the ego part from both the sides. The brain is completely, as we say, has gone soft. And anything that is truth, anything that is light, can baffle, can upset you. That’s why I have been insisting that six months at least one should pass before coming to Sahaja Yoga. They can’t understand anything because they’ve never known these things. I do not blame you. You have never known such personalities. You have never known what is Adi Shakti is. And that’s why one has to prepare one’s own personality by cleansing it, by putting your brains into proper shapes, your hearts into proper shapes.

If, supposing, there is a vessel which is already cracked, you try to pour water in it, it will crack completely. It will be completely destroyed. I have seen people who have come to My Pujas and they just went off, completely, absolutely. They couldn’t bear it. The other way around [round] in India. For them, Puja is the highest. They will not do any other things that you can do. But, Puja part, they know what is Puja is, what it means. This is the big difference. But still I must give you all the credit, that the way you all have come out of that horrible conditioning that you have had, where it is said that God is wrathful and that you have to suffer too much and all this nonsense. So, I’ve heard it many a times from people who came to us: “This is too much. This is too much.” Because your vessel is so small, it’s so crooked, it’s so raw, it’s gone soft, it cannot receive. That’s why six months are at least needed to create that vessel within you.

This restriction I would not put on Indians, but definitely on the Western people because, you know, you must have been great saints in last lives. You must have been great seekers. And you must have been people who were looking for truth, no doubt about it. But when you are born in that country with great venture some [GW: venturesome?] spirit, that we’ll [GW: will?] show some results in this, these countries. What I find that all the brain is battered. They have seen to it that all the saints are battered, because saints also are always under attack. So many people got diseases just they were born. They got into trouble just they were born. Then later on as you grew up, the more you grew up in that society, the more you started accepting their ideas, the more you became aware of the nonsensical development. You get filled with that, not only the brain, the heart, the liver, everything.

Like, if you are put, if you put something like a sponge into a dirty, filthy water, all the worms, everything, rock into it. Now you have to squeeze it out, completely take out all that. Whatever traditions you have are finished. Whatever value systems you had are finished. Whatever collective sense you had is finished. Like we can say, we cannot create Abraham Lincoln in America way; we cannot. Why? We cannot create Lenin, enough in Russia. Why? The reason is, when they have gone away, the society that came up, these are the lotuses. But the lotuses were plucked out and now what is left are all worms, and when you are born in that pond you have to become the lotuses, but already they have hit you on your spirit. They have hit you on your brain, on your heart, on your liver.

Under these circumstances, one has to rise and see that if you have to really grow into that new atmosphere, we have to accept each and every thing [everything] of Sahaja Yoga, try to grow and develop yourself into way that purifies you completely and that the vessel is made beautiful, such a beautiful vessel, that whatever Mother pours in is contained in it and it gives the light. Supposing the lamp has got the container of oil absolutely shattered and broken. What’s the use of putting My love into it? It will never burn. Already there’s such a lot of nonsense in that, that whatever love I put in it will all get mixed up and it will never burn and give good lights. So you have to understand My love. You have to understand your own position and you have to cleanse it. Anybody who thinks this is too much is still, I must say, lacks that purity within himself.

Nothing is too much for a person who is a Realized soul. Realized soul is like the bottom of the ocean. Whatever may be the ocean, the bottom is always bigger. In the same way, a Realized soul has to be. You may increase the size of the ocean, any amount. It becomes bigger and bigger. On the contrary, I have seen that slightest thing here and there upsets you. You get suddenly upset, are very upset, for nothing at all. And you think that kind of a fuss is a very big thing. Is not; shows that you are not a Sahaja Yogi yet. If you get upset with small things, what work are we going to do? What are we going to show to the world that we have got Sahaja Yoga, we’ve got our Realization, so we have achieved something great? We have to make great people out of it. Many Abraham Lincolns and Lenin, Lao Tses, Mozarts, all have to come out of you. We have to create William Blake out of you. There were only one or two. I was not present at that time. Still they survived and created great works. In the same way, out of you we have to create these great people. But first you must realize that you have to be absolutely cleansed out and give up all the false, funny ideas that you have.

I was shocked to hear that there was a marriage held in the church by Sahaja Yogis. You shouldn’t do that. And I found as a result of that some people got possessed. What is the need for you to go to a church and get the thing done, solemnized by a priest? Bring unhappiness to everyone, get them caught up. In the whole of France, I have seen only Chartres or that Notre Dame are the only place they have buried no dead bodies. So you go to a cemetery to celebrate your marriage, get your bhoots on your heads and spoil so many Sahaja Yogis. No Sahaja Yogis should attend such marriages. And for what? Just to please some of your relations? They are no your relations. Your relations are Sahaja Yogis and no other relations. You must know that. You have no other relationship in this world, but only Sahaja Yogis. If you try to keep relationships with others, it’s all right to have some pleasantries. You can be pleasant to others, you can be nice to others, talk to others, but know that, that they are not your relations. You are born in this Tree of Life. They are still not on this Tree. So we cannot become one with them. We cannot be identified with them. We need not please them. We should say we do not want to have any such marriages.

Here also I have seen people who go to temple, get caught up because in the temples there are bhoots. They know that. So we have to give up all these religions. As Krishna said, “Sarva dharmanam paritajya mamekamsharmam vraja.” Give up all these horrible religions and religious ideas. They have done no good to you, to the society or to anyone. They have gone against Christ, against Muhammad Sahab, against Krishna, against Rama and Buddha, Mahavira.

You are now Sahaja Yogis and must know that we have to develop as Sahaja Yogis. We have to make our vessel all right. We have to put our self on a pedestal, then onto a hilltop, and there we have to show that we are Sahaja Yogis and what we can achieve. There has to be a kind of a wisdom, a sense, a sensibility and sensitiveness towards all the atmosphere. We must know how far to go with people, how far to say something, how far to achieve something, not to go on sympathizing with nonsensical people. Just forget them. If they have to come, they’ll come to Sahaja Yoga.

Also I must tell you in the Heaven there are very few places. Don’t care for the multitudes. Care for the quality. It is the privilege of very few to enter into the Kingdom of God. So forget your relationships and you forget all other people. Get to Sahaja Yoga, get established in Sahaja Yoga and tell them that we have changed our religion; now we have become vishwa dharmis. That will satisfy them that as we have become Christians and Muslims and Hindus, let us now become something else, because now we are not the same as we were; we are reborn again. And that’s how we have to give up all these funny ideas.

I was very sorry to hear that a marriage was arranged like that, without My permission. Nobody asked Me. And many Sahaja Yogis went there and dresses were bought for them in England for going to the church and especially dressing up for the wedding. Just, I can’t believe it. I can’t still believe it, but it has happened. Again now it should not be repeated. If you go to the church, your children will be born with some troubles. Then you will come to me [know]. You may not have children; also I’ve seen that. Those who have had, I’ve tried, to attend one wedding like that in the church and I found it was horrid, vibrations were horrid and the lady had to suffer a lot.

So now decide for yourself, no more to please your relations. There’s no need to have anyone connected with you. You can ask them to come to Sahaja Yoga. You can tell them, “This is what we have found. If you want you can come to Sahaja Yoga. But we have nothing to do with you.” Only then you can help them to come out. You have to be strong enough to show them results that there’s something great about Sahaja Yoga, that you are decent people, you are decorous people, a people with great self-respect and a great stability within you.

Also a very common psychological thing I have seen, people start explaining, “Mother, this lady might be insecured.” Nothing of the kind. Nonsense! This is the greatest nonsense I have ever heard. People are insecured about one person and then you say that that person has insecurity. I mean, everybody is feeling insecured about that person. On the contrary you say, “He’s insecured.” This kind of a sympathy shown by a psychologist is all right because he has to get some money out of you. Even if you murder somebody he’ll say, “Yes, yes, it was true he murdered that person because you are insecure.” Even Hitler was quite all right because he was insecure. This is funny, absolutely nonsensical. So we must understand the aggressiveness within us does not come from insecurity, but comes from ego and from aggressive nature. Doesn’t come to us from insecurity. Those who say about insecurity all the time are the people who just want to explain that, “I did it because I was insecure.” No, it is ego! It is horrible ego which tries to overpower others, use others and make them your slaves. Try to understand: it is no insecurity. The psychologists have put all these nonsensical ideas, and some Indians also talk like that.

All these modern ideas, also beware. Be very, very careful. The way they have been implanted in your minds ? that it is we have to be very sympathetic, there’s nothing like good and bad, that everybody is perfectly all right ? all these nonsensical ideas we should not have. We must know that there’s something very different. Those who are good are good, and those who are not are horrid, not because of psychological reason but because they are basically horrid. And we have nothing to do with them. They are evil, and they are evil geniuses. We should not be sympathetic towards them at all. Those who are evil, are evil, they come to Sahaja Yoga, also they’ll be thrown out, thrown out permanently.

So do not takes sides with the evil people. Do not show compassion to the bad people. Please, try to understand. This is not a place where we have a charitable institution where we have all the handicapped and all the beggars put together ? not a charity at all. Let us not be very charitable. Let us be charitable with the Sahaja Yogis and with ourselves. We have nothing to do with such horrible people. They are anti-God, they are anti-Christ, they are anti-Divinity. They are our enemies. No need to have such charities with your enemies. So be careful on that point. And I’m not teaching you hatred, but I am teaching you discrimination ? must discriminate between good and bad. If you cannot do that, then you’ll be in trouble. So do not sympathize, do not take sides with the negative people.

Also, the negative people always sit together, I have seen. As soon as I look at one negative, I find ten people around them. Egoists will sit together. If I see one egoist sitting in one place, ten egoists are sitting with him, because they can talk to each other better, you see. One can argue better than the other. And they enjoy that aggression of each other. So be careful. Be on the watch-out. Where are we sitting, between the negative or over-positive? Where are we? We have to be in the center. We have to be in the center. Are we close to our Mother, or close to these horrible people around us? Must discriminate and find out what is happening, where, what is.

Do not get identified with anything, with your country. I am not identified. To me, Indians or anybody is just the same. Just to say that you are the visitors here, as they call it, “guests”, to you I would say call them “foreigners” because guests can be otherwise, also. So we have just a demarcating line, just to understand, that’s all. But means nothing to Me. To me, all of you are born out of My heart. All of you are close to my heart. And you are not to feel, in any way, in any way, dejected or rejected, till you find I tell you that you have to reject these things. Unnecessarily don’t torture yourself and don’t make yourself miserable. You have to be happy people, joyous people. You have to give joy to everybody.

May God bless you all!

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi