Talk at Rahuri Temple, India Tour

Rahuri (India)

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Talk at Rahuri Temple, 20.12.87 (Tape 1 Side B)

…must have been everywhere••.many other things, settling so many things in other places. That’s how the time passes on. It’s nice to have here in the night, you can see all the lights and all the beautiful silence around you. If you see know the sky like a….if you can have a look at the sky, is like a …. Now, I must tell you the history of this place, is that here one Rakshasa called Raho was to be killed by the Goddess, and she used a ….to kill him, that Rakshasa. And he in fear, he started screaming loudly and that scream is called as Aradh (?) and that’s-why we call this-place as Aradh. And when I came to this village I told them that “why do you want to remember, remember the scream of a rakshasa. You call it asARarkao. (?) meaning the foreign place of the Goddess, Arvana, the foreign place. So thcv agreed to it and now they have applied for that, and they have passed a regulation that this place should be called as Arvana. As it is something in the name also that this place was all resolute, and this barren, there was no water, people had a bad time, and very funny types of trees started growing here, which had very bio thorns and they were very fatal. So after this the whole thina started changing and transforming. They get a lot of water, even during the time when they had drought all over Maharastra, this place had sufficient water, and was filled with, all the streams are filled and just the private houses have so much water in the thing. When I had come to this temple it was all in a very dilapidated state. Put I saw the beautiful statues of Vittala ano Rukmini. And there are deities. Some artists must have made them long time back and the whole thing was toppling back. So I said let the SahajaYogis have built. 

We have to……(applause). We have to build many temples, and many mosques, and many churches. But first of all we have to make human beings as temples, that’s very important. 

Now, as it is, you see, I have public programs when you are travelling around, sometimes I get late and I hope you wont be angry with me about it. Your Mother has to work everywhere, and She has to work very hard everywhere as you know. So for you I hope it’s not inconvenient sometimes if I am late.Now one thing has to be understood about Sahaja Yoga, that wherever you are, you are. So don’t see to the future,’ see your watch. Don’t think when are we going to have our food, what we are going to do, now next, what to do with ourselves? If you get bored, then know that you are not yet fully a Sahaja Yogi. You should never get bored, because you should enjoy yourself. Where-ever you are, you are, which is a joy-giving source. So you should never feel bored, or unhappy, and think that “oh, it’s delayed” and- all that. These are all your old habits. You should give up your habits and try to see every moment as a source of joy for yourself. Sometimes I do all these things, also it happens like that, you that you people just get over your habits of “times” and this and that nonsense that you have, and in your country. So you go beyond time, which is very hard for you to see hew the villages ……indistinct the message. And here we have said, discuss the problems of this country which perhaps you don’t have. But you have other problems, they have other problems. And they also have experiences that some of, some of you Sahaja Yogis who have profound joy in ‘Sahaja Yoga. So we have to be proud of this temple, has come up so beautifully in such a little money. And it Locks five years for all of them to build this up in a proper way and the whole thing is looking so beautiful. …. (Dhumal?) is the one. who has organised the money for this project you are going to have here, this project. You must have seen the land, and in that land they are going to have a proper project for different * things. The first is for the emancipation of …(the village/universe?) to give them [unredable] and to look after them through Sahaja Yoga. And so many other thin we have got. We want to start the private school, we want to start a library for them to read proper books.

And soon we will be able to start a little hospital for them for Sahaja Yoga treatment, and all this I was thinking, was such a great fruit of Yogi’s efforts. They worked very hard here to see the government, the people, and they got all this. And the Australian High Commissioner was to come and see the building, the small building…. and where they have decided to have a complex of around that, and they are willing to give us, support us, the money. Is something good that has done, and I think you give him a hand….(applause).