Public Program

Sangamner (India)

1987-12-22 Public Program, Marathi Sangamner India DP-RAW, 122'
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1987-12-22 Sangamner Public Program (Marathi)

[Translation of original Marathi speech to English]

I humbly bow to all true seekers, followers of divine power of god almighty. This gives me an immense satisfaction with the kind of visible progress noticed in Sahaja Yoga within very short span of time at Sangamner. Kundalini science and chakras have been secret sciences. King Janaka gave Self-realization to Nachiketa only, Lord Indra had to accomplish Self-realization himself, and these are one or two examples of bygone ages. History also reveals that very few persons got Self-realization then. But saints and sadhus visited many times for their endeavor in India, especially in Maharashtra, and they tried different ways and means to persuade people that without self-experience, they have got nothing.

As a blind that does not have vision, similarly until human meets his Spirit, he cannot recognize the truth, the absolute truth. At the most, by following religion, human can become a well behaved person, but no matter person being follower of any religion, any cast or having any crust, he can indulge in conducting whatever sin, nobody can stop him from doing so, because the power which can stop him is residing in his Spirit and that Spirit yet to be enlightened in his attention and hence human does not have any capability to unleash himself from temptations of sins.

Sahaja Yoga has many benefits, but most importantly, a person cannot achieve completeness; self-experience can accomplish completeness. Unless the Spirit is enlightened in our attention, up till then we cannot entirely judge right and wrong, can not have absolute imagination. On the contrary, self-experience means union of Jiva (life) with Shiva (life creator), means connection with God Almighty, that means complete connection to thef All-pervading Power within us. As today everywhere we see electricity & its current being passing and its light energy can simply lit by pressing a single button, correspondingly god almighty has already made a very magnificent arrangement within human as “Kundalini”. He does not need any sort of education, neither any sort of tall degree nor he does require very high position, politics or anything, he just need to be human, that it; Every human has birth right to get united with the All-pervading Power. And only by this means human becomes empowered, that means he realizes meaning of equality, which means he gets the ultimate meaning unless human has absolutely no value.

Today if he sits at big position, tomorrow he can be tumbled down, but this is not in case of saints. People may have bothered saints a lot, troubled a lot, but even today people feel very revered by mere with their remembrance only. However by mere respecting saints work will not happen. I have seen many people saying we respect this saint that saint but I observe those who respect saints they themselves do not possess any values of saints. Barely by respecting; let us assume, I said he is very big saint; I did not receive any dominance of the saint.