Evening Program

Akola (India)


1987-12-23 Evening Program, Akola, India

Shri Mataji: This is the folk song very beautifully sung, I don’t know I can translate it.
But it says that your voice is so sweet by which you blossom the garden (we can say )in a baren land. In the same way, make me love you but there is no word like (ladai’s) just, you make me crazy about you(closest :))So he describes different things how they are so much attached to each other in the same way get me attached to you.
That also is my responsibility.
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Shri Mataji: That’s very good poetry, they have composed is that -In our heart Let us celebrate, let us spread (or spreading like this what you call in English …We can say sprinkle the flowers of poetry ) In our heart let us sprinkle the flowers (to the flowers we don’t say sprinkle, It could be little, little drops of water what do you say for flowers )
Sahaja yogi: Scatter?
Shri Mataji: Scatter is like this(mother symbolises downward action )not like that (mother symbolizes upward direction ) Alright doesn’t matter, whatever it is …Let us say- sprinkle or scatters flowers of poetry in our heart and then he says Let us burn our life in singing the praise of the mother. What a poetry I tell you!
14:33 Very amazing people!
(Pointing to the performance group/group of artists) These people are from Maly gaon, (pointing to another group)Shri Rampur.
These are from Shri Rampur and they are from Malay Gaon.
Sahaja yogi:
They are saying that they are singing for the first time in your presence. We done any mistakes please forgive us.
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The poetry is very good from the innocent hearts of these people! They are saying that You are the mother who has got Rama in your lap and Shri Krishna on your waist and you are carrying Ganesha in your hand. And that’s how you have come on this earth to open our Sahasrara, to give us all the joy and the way they are describing a beautiful composition I must say, (though in music may not be )but see the song composed by them but the thoughts are very deep and very original …May God bless them!
Shri Mataji: You can sing one of the Talwar songs,…Mr Talwar songs as good Hindi songs have started …Let’s have some Hindi songs. Talwar songs as you know. Hmm
She is singing a very beautiful thing I mean …Difficult to translate …But what she is saying that -I ask for forgiveness and also I forgive everyone & that is the principle of Jain, Jain means “To know “. And when you know someone then you must know how to forgive and ask for forgiveness …
When they are singing the food will be served as they are saying so …
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Another one from him. This is a very good song he has sung …
hmm … That’s a good one. (when some Sahaja yogi suggested some song )
Sahaja yogi -Pg 2
Shri Mataji: You sing first!
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Shri Mataji: Dayani Bhawani, that’s the last raga that one sing is Dayani Bhawani, the Bhairavi raga.
Just a minute! There is one more song they want to sing. They have prepared it for me. So let us have it one minute. Then we will have the last one. You see these are all …You see … Actually, this is the beautiful poetry for their age and Also they have composed it so well …And, so we must give them all the credit for it.
ThankYou very much all of you! Your dinner is ready …They are going to serve you here.

I have invited them to Ganpatipule So all of them are going to come there and will be our guests. At Sangamner[1:07:36 ] you will have your lunch …

[1:07:50 /Sahaj yogi name] is saying that So many music we are putting on them, that hey must be fed up with us. He says that after the program tomorrow would you like to have some music…:)He says in sangamner they are all out with their throats /efforts, Music If you want to have We can have music there also …Would you like ? After the program …Alright …:)He says -You better sleep at the day time atleast.:)
You see, he is quite worried that It may not be up to the tune, up to the standard, But
whatever it is they are already…they have to sing to you… 1:09:39
So but Dhumal is not going to sing he says. He says that they are singing, they are put to so much of strain that they will now say -Mother protect us from singing … 🙂 They are over-strained. But I think you all enjoyed. I didn’t find anybody sleepy. It was a very beautiful lovable evening, memorable! May God bless you all.
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One Minute!
They are saying -Look at this world, they use to torture all the saints, they took the name of all the saints like Gyaneshwara, Kabirdasa, Eknath …All these people how they tortured them & today we all the saints are dancing on top of their heads so who has won the battle… 🙂
Shri Mataji: The song is about Gabriel going to Maria and he says a salutation and he tells the news that you will be the mother of the Godson & then he says that you should not worry about it because God has chosen you. The person to create this incarnation of this world! And the third one they say that When she was satisfied she accepted the son of God Its a beautiful song in Marathi it’s a Christian song as he says but it also a Sahaja yoga song…That she is Nishkalanka, she is pure, She is emaculated and nobody should criticize her on that point…
He has gone ! you sent him with that mad fellow Where is he? On the own, he is gone ?
You need not have gone …
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Where we have got a stone, a grinding stone and when they regrinding and revolving it they sing these song called “Kovi”. And is more the rhyming at the end of it is important but while rhyming in this case She has beautifully put very beautiful idea …Of course,they are all in my place, So I can’t translate…But somebody will translate it for you later on May God bless her! … Give her a hand.
[Music ].
Shri Mataji: You are going too fast. This is Switzerland …This is the speedy, speedy style.
Now let’s have it in a proper so that everybody can sing and hear you …It is like swiss train 🙂

That yaman raga you sang , the other day you have sung that song you see …in that program where we had it in Aurangabad…
Sahaj yogi: Which one?
Which one you sang ? Yaman rag …
sahaja yogi : Vandan karu ya
Shri Mataji: yes
[Music ]
Shri Mataji: They are going to sing Dhamal is going to sing …
[Mike adjustment ]
Sahaja yogi: 4 number …
Shri Mataji: Just keep it there …

Same it is always the same. They are not [unclear 2:32:54 ]. Fourth number …No no, that one don’t put it down …Put it on number 4 Otherwise, they will all be havered…
This surprising that in harmonium there is one note higher …Where did you buy that one!
That is what they are telling me: One note higher than this one,…This is the normal one …This is normal …Ya, It’s all right doesn’t matter. We can play it…It’s alright.

(Then Sahaja Yogis sang “Shri Ganesha …Om bhur bhuvah swaha maha ganpati dev namah ” well …)