Talk to Sahaja Yogis: We Are Here For Our Ascent

Pune (India)


We Are Here For Our Ascent, Pune

You have come for your ascent, for a pilgrimage, and certain things have to be borne in mind — that we have to see that our thinking has to go down first. I don’t mind suffering, but my suffering doesn’t help you much. So I have to request you not to say, “I thought.”

Then I’ve seen people go on lingering about. There’s no movement, very lethargic movement, very slow movement, as if they have taken some sort of an opium or some sort of a drug. You should see, all the Indians are alert, especially in Maharashtra. They’re very alert people. And the alertness you have to achieve — not to just roam about here, roam about there, stand there. Everybody has to go and call. We are doing no work here at all. They are doing all the work. I’m sorry I have to say that. They are the ones who are working out the thing. We have just to move from places to places. But there also the movement is so slow sometimes that it is impossible how to get round you, like small children to call this one, call that one for anything. It has to be a fast movement, it has to be a quick movement. You have to work it out in a very quick manner. Everything has to be done in a very smart way, as they call it. But on the contrary, I find that people lack that quickness. You all have been not drug addicts, and those who have not been should pull out the ones who have been. On the contrary, those who have never been drug addicts behave just like drug addicts. It’s something surprising. It takes them half an hour just to get down from the staircase.

Now, you have to be alert henceforth, absolutely alert — what you are doing, where you are going, how you are living, what is around, who are the people, find out about them, make friends, try to know them and also try to do things which are necessary to make you quite equipped and alert. Alertness is very important. In Sanskrit the word for that is daksha, and that is in very few people, I find. The rest of them also try to drag them down. I agree, sometimes you have less sleep. You can sleep in the daytime. You can take rest in the daytime. But the way we are lethargic all the time is not going to help our Kundalini to rise for us to achieve our attention up to the Spirit.

Then another point I have seen that you sit down anywhere, say it’s a music program. Suddenly you start giving bandans. It’s madness. Or suddenly you start raising your Kundalini. It’s stupid. It should not be done that way. You have to sit with dignity, with understanding. Others are watching you and there is no need to give bandan, for I am sitting here. What is the bandan? I’m giving you the bandan all the time. So there is no need to start doing any bandan or anything.

We have come to certain conclusions about certain weddings. Certain weddings, not all of them, and it will take some time because all the list has come up to us rather late. So I may not be able to come up to Brahmapuri, but I’ll directly meet you in Kolapur.

Maybe Brahmapuri program you can enjoy yourself and meditate. Now don’t waste time. It’s a very important time. You have come to India, spending all this money, not to waste your time, and just for some little holiday. Meditate. Sit down for meditation every morning. Try to sleep early. Try to get up early. Finish your things in a fast way. Try to compete in getting faster and faster and don’t move lethargically into places. It’s better you learn to run a little bit. In America everybody runs, but when they come to India, I don’t know what happens to them. They all… as if [gesture]. So that should not be so. We have to respect our time. That’s very important. The time is so important. You have come here at a time where certain things are working out very well. The cosmos is very helpful. Yesterday, I just raised the Pingala Nadi and it became warmer. See it’s quite warm today. It was very cold two days back so it has become warmer. So the whole cosmos is trying to help you. Everybody is trying to help you. But if you still remain in the same static stage or into the same lethargic stage, they’ll also give up. So please see, compete in getting up earlier, compete in finishing bath earlier, compete in putting everything neatly. All of you should put everything neatly. Be smart and be quick.

Then you shouldn’t do all these things outside, should not pay attention to nonsensical things. This I also have noticed, that the attention is not good. You have to improve your attention. Try to put your attention while walking or anywhere on the Mother Earth. It’s better. Better keep your attention on the Mother Earth. There are thoughts that are coming to you. All right. You just see that you stop the thoughts. Even now I see some of the ladies and men have wobbly eyes. That’s very wrong. You can’t afford to do that in Sahaja Yoga. If it is so, try to put down your eyes because these eyes cannot allow your Kundalini to rise. You have to have innocent eyes without any lust and greed. Now I always say, all sins are forgiven, but not after realization. They are added up, sometimes multiplied. After realization, if you start doing all these nonsensical things again, you’ll go down very fast, very very low, so low that we won’t be able to take you up again. So be careful. To think that all sins are forgiven and we can put our attention anywhere, we can see this side, that side, watch everyone — that’s not good.

Please, now this lady, look at her, where is she looking? Ask her. Her attention is all over. Where are you looking? You’re looking here, there, there, there. That’s not proper. You have to keep your attention straight. If the Kundalini has to rise make your attention in the center. Don’t allow it to go this time or that time. You have come here with great difficulties, and now don’t waste your time. There’s nothing to look outside, everything is inside. All right? So please don’t put your attention on the sides. Just try to pull it inside.

Now in the puja, of course, it works. You do feel nice. Suddenly you rise. Agreed. But still what happens that at the puja I find that the vibrations are not sucked in. The reason is, at the time of puja, you must try not to think and try to suck my vibrations more. Pay more attention to me. Formerly I found that when it was the mantras, your attention was spreading out. So I said, “All right, now you sing a music.” … Now your attention at that time is not on the puja, but on the music. It’s a kind of an entertainment that starts working out. I don’t know what to do, how to make your attention enter into it, to go deep into it. We have to work hard. You see this gentleman who is mad, or whomsoever it is. How much he has suffered. We are such lucky people to be together, to be moving together with full understanding and dignity. Even if you have been for three days in Sahaja Yoga, you can do it if you have decided on that.

So remember, sins are not forgiven at all. They multiply. Be careful. Be careful. It’s a very important time. You have spent so much money, so much time coming down here, all of you. It’s not for anybody else I’m saying. I’m saying it for each one of you — to sit down, meditate, keep your attention in the center. All the time see where is your attention.

Now also when you talk, just talk about Sahaja Yoga and nothing else. The best thing is to talk about Sahaja Yoga. Especially when you are in the city, you’ll find your attention will be disturbed. But if you stand on your two legs, if you have your own personality, if you have your own depth, nothing can move you. Nothing can move you. So develop your roots deeper and deeper and deeper and stand by yourself. Don’t get disturbed by this happened, that happened.

Also, it doesn’t behoove any one of you now at this stage to say, “I was caught up because somebody else was like that, because somebody did like that. This doesn’t behoove. There’s no need to say that. You have to be all right and nothing can spoil it. If you are not all right, you’ll get spoiled. There are so many other things which you have to look after, which I’m sure your leaders will tell you, but one of them I feel that you just start sympathizing with people with whom you should not, and you are not bothered to see what’s wrong with you, but try to see what’s wrong with others, which is not the way we are going to improve.

We have to respect our realization. We have to respect ourselves, and we have to respect our personality. We are all saints, and through this saintliness, all the best things of the heavens are going to come down to this earth. We have a big responsibility. We have to be pure people. We have to be simple people and all of our complications should drop out. I hope my words act as mantra on you, and that all of you try to follow a path of ascent and not of descent. Don’t talk too much about things, especially before meditation and after meditation. Try to keep quiet for a while. To be quiet itself is very great, and also if there are thoughts, then you have to say, “Not this, not this, not this. Disturbances should not upset you, any disturbance whatsoever.

I hope this time we are going to achieve a lot because I have a feeling that this time, in all the pujas, I am really working very, very hard — very hard. And if you people little bit, little bit decide that we are not here for enjoyment, for buying clothes or saris or anything, but we are here for our ascent. If that is decided in your hearts, I’m sure it will work out. Please try to control your attention. Control it. Chitta niroda. Control it. Where is it going? See, “Where is my attention going? Ask, “Where is the attention going?” Ask yourself, “Am I there or am I out?” Otherwise you’ll have very funny awareness, very funny awareness. Not that you’re not intelligent, not that you are incapable of understanding what I say. Only thing is whatever I say is not recorded, and even if it is recorded, it is used for others. “Mother said so, so you are that, not me.” If you see this point, all right.

Everybody has improved a lot coming to Sahaja Yoga. Everybody has got a lot of peace within themselves, and joy within themselves. Now what we have to do is get to the climax where nobody can touch you, where you’ll be touching others, not others touching you. They’ll just come up to your feet and then you have to pull them up. I hope this time we are going to build up all that. Actually the music she sang was that if the guru does the krippa, then one krol of your sins can be forgiven. It’s a fact. That’s true, but not after realization. Nobody says that after realization it will be forgiven. It is before realization, and after realization you should not believe that it will be forgiven. Try to reduce them. Reduce things which are wrong, which are against your ascent. Try to reduce them. Try to reduce them. Gradually, try it — that the ego and superego, these are the only two sins we can commit, will be reduced and you’ll feel very much better.

I hope you’ll be very comfortable after leaving this place. Today you must have been to some place. I don’t know where you went. Did you go to Tukaram’s place? Now about weddings, people have been asking. We could read the names of the people…

If somebody has done something wrong after realization, the whole body feels it, especially your Mother. So be careful. You have to be very careful. All right? So you promise me today, because tomorrow is a great day. Promise me that before doing any such things, collectively or individually, you will try to find out whether it is correct or not. Today I have told you very clearly. All right? May God bless you. …

Those who are sneezing, those who are feeling the hayfever and all that, just try to treat your liver and you’ll be all right. All of you who have got cold or who are feeling what you could say sneezing or flowing of cold, all of you should know that you all are suffering from liver trouble, all right? So take to it in this manner. Look after yourselves. You are so precious.