Evening Program Kolhapur (India)

1987-12-30 Evening Program, Kolhapur, India,

[After the performance ]Comment 1: You see, this is what you understand that this is how these people are describing themselves at we are musicians …” Gondhari “are folk musicians …We are the musicians for amba and they go to the villages and since a long time the villages they use to sing for the people describing how you should get your realisation so one realised soul would be going like that and he would tell how people are making money and deceiving you but what you have to get is your realisation. […]

Puja: Marriage and Nirvikalpa Kolhapur (India)

Puja. Kolhapur (India), 30 December 1987.
Today when I was coming from the shopping, I couldn’t get into the car. One foot was inside, and another would not leave it. So I came out of the car and then I knew that Mahalakshmi’s temple there were bells ringing and the aarti was on. So [INAUDIBLE WORD] Mahalakshmi didn’t want me to get into the car. I had to stand outside ’till the whole thing was over. […]