Puja: Marriage and Nirvikalpa

Kolhapur (India)


Puja. Kolhapur (India), 30 December 1987.

Today when I was coming from the shopping, I couldn’t get into the car. One foot was inside, and another would not leave it. So I came out of the car and then I knew that Mahalakshmi’s temple there were bells ringing and the aarti was on. So [INAUDIBLE WORD] Mahalakshmi didn’t want me to get into the car. I had to stand outside ’till the whole thing was over. And then suddenly everything was all right. My foot was completely glued and I couldn’t lift it. First I didn’t know what was happening, then I suddenly [I… del] realized, and I felt that still the place is, despite all the nonsense they do there, still the place has got lots of vibrations, and is still there the Mahalakshmi’s temple.

Now, we have to understand, that in the name of religion so many wrong things have taken place. They are doing all kinds of wrong things. It’s all anti-religious activities. For example, in this beautiful temple of Mahalakshmi where there is a swayambhu of Mahalakshmi, which has come out of the Mother Earth, people are using black magic. There are tantrikas sitting. In the back of the temple also [ON THE…del] in the days of Navaratri you get ladies and the bhoots come in them and then they start dancing in a funny way. These are not ladies, these are maidservants mostly. And they start talking. When they start talking they can tell you what is the horse number, how much money is involved, and where is the money hidden, all money-orientated and all kinds of very selfish and self-centered questions they answer. And many people who are anxious to know something like that go there and ask questions, and what they do is to breath into small little [POTS MADE OF…del] earthen pots, call them as [SOUNDS LIKE dagri] and they blow into it. And as you know that it represents the Mooladhara, Gauri’s place, and when they start breathing in, their bhoots start driving out the auspiciousness and they become possessed. But why in the temple they do it is the point. One may ask the question “Why is it done in the temple, why not anywhere else?” The answer to this is [THIS…del] as simple as that: what I have seen is that people who are possessed get exposed in my presence.

Now there was a gentleman who came all the way, say from Italy. Was quite normal, behaving normally, and supposed to be a financial advisor or something, imagine, in a big way, but as soon as he came here, and as soon as, I think, he heard of Me, or was in your company, suddenly he went amuck. Secondly, [THE…del] another fellow also who came with you might have been normal to look at, but as soon as he saw Me, or maybe his kundalini was arisen, he became mad. Because there is light, and in the light the negativity shows. At that time one gets a little puzzled, and starts thinking “Now what has happened to this person, after all this person is a seeker and he was alright and why should it happen?” But that’s the danger. Going in the light you get exposed. I’ve also seen people who are otherwise sound normal in Sahaja Yoga also, but once they come before Me they get just stunned and something goes wrong with them.

Not that they are not seekers, they’re all seekers. But there’s lot of negativity within them. Some people who are hypocritical also get exposed. Or those who have wrong intentions, they also get exposed. Or some people who are negative and lethargic, or sort of have lost their awareness, also become quite evident and one can easily see that this person is possessed.

Now, if you are not aware enough, if you are not alert enough, then you must know that you need real correction. And for that you must really assert yourself. Work it out and tell your leader that “Something is wrong with me, and please correct me.” Also I would request all the leaders of all the nations that they should never side or support or try to cover up any one of their protégés, we can say, because by that you are destroying them. You are not helping them at all. There should not be any sympathy whatsoever, for people who are negative. You have to get after them, you have to get them corrected, you have to tell them off. But what I have seen sometimes, there is a tendency to support the person who is negative, and then that person goes on drifting and ultimately falls into a trap.

So best thing is, not to sympathize with them, but to tell them very frankly that “You are possessed, you are not aware, you are very lethargic, there’s something wrong with you, you better sit down, get yourself straight.” Ask them to beat themselves with shoes, ask them to sit in the water. Do what you please but see that all these people are corrected, otherwise your leadership has no meaning. Many leaders are kind, good and sweet. That’s not sufficient. Sometimes you have to take things into your hands, you have to be responsible.

Now there is something I found out, that some people who came with these mad people didn’t show that responsibility. That was very, very wrong. You should not have brought such people. You should not have behaved so irresponsibly and then when you had to attend to them you were somewhere else. This kind of thing is also very dangerous, because under your guidance only I allow people to come here.

Now the whole understanding should be such that, what are we achieving? I have seen some people, when I say something, they start talking too much. If you tell them to shut up they’ll react so much their face will immediately go in a very clumsy manner. Supposing I’m saying something sad, they’ll become sad. Then [SOMETHING…del] if I’m saying something good, they’ll become nice, like an acting is going on. That’s not necessary. There is no need to act and do… Anybody can make it out that you are acting. So best thing is to keep quiet, to be possessed of yourself. You have to have self-consciousness about it, that you are not trying [TO PUZZLE…del] to express yourself in a way that should not be. I’ve seen some people, if you say anything to them, they’ll just shrug their shoulders, they’ll do like this, or they’ll turn their heads like this. Some people have a habit of too much shaking their head going on, like this, for hours together. I’ve seen, is very common to shake your head continuously to say yes. If I’m saying something, if they like something they’ll go on like that. I don’t mean that. You don’t have to shake your head. I know you are understanding me, liking me. It is a very big ego business. Because it is sort of an assurance, “Oh, I understand you,” that sort of a thing. And also it is a big right Visuddhi problem. If you go on like that your Visuddhi can never be improved. So you have to be very careful with your neck. Should not move your neck too much, shrug your shoulders too much, shrug your hands too much, or take out your hands, talk like this, you should not. You should talk at a time when there’s a lecture you’re giving or something, little bit. But I think its also a Western style nowadays. It was not a fashion before. But nowadays is to take out all your hands, talk like this and talk like that. Is not proper because that spoils your Visuddhi completely. Shouldn’t use your hands for useless things – they’re very precious hands and they must be respected. You are very precious, you are a yogi and also you are a realized soul in Sahaja Yoga.

Compared to all other yogis you are much more important, because you are responsible for evolving this new generation, creating this new age. None of the yogis could do that, that you are going to do, so you have to very careful when you talk, meaning your hands should not move too much. I’ve seen people talk like this , talk like that, or all the time their hands are throwing. So better tie them up. While talking try to tie your hand to others to see that you don’t move your hands too much. Always such people will have bad Visuddhi’s. So try to say something, as far as possible, without much movement of hand. Maybe up to your fingers, or alright, hands alright, but the whole hand up to the elbow, there’s no need to give trouble to your hands and to your Visuddhi.

Shrugging the shoulder is a very common thing among Western side, I mean India, people never do that. If you say “Is it alright?” they’ll say like this. I don’t know what is the meaning, but it means something. Might be meaning “yes” or “no”, I don’t know which one it is. And it is something that affects the Visuddhi very much. Affects the Visuddhi. Unknowingly you are trying to give problem to your Visuddhi. Unknowingly. So shrugging should not be there, up and down, any way should not be done. You should not jerk out your body. Suddenly you should not jump too much. You should not sort of suddenly, some people have a habit of jumping into something, or suddenly to take a turn of your body. That should not be so.

Your movements should be slower, and not jerky, but should not be lethargic, also. All this is to be understood in case you are fully aware. But if you are not fully aware, then you might do it, you may not know it. That time the leaders must see. Leaders must see how people whom they are looking after are behaving. This is one of the most important things that a leader has to do. How their behavior is, how they are talking to each other, how they are creating problem. Now we have some Sahaja Yogis who have come for the first time to Ganapatipule. I have to say that Ganapatipule is a very important place in Sahaja Yoga. But we came to it much later, because in the beginning I thought it may not be possible for people to adjust themselves in Ganapatipule, and maybe it is too much. Because there everything becomes too much. Everything is too much for them: “Mother, it is too much.” I said, “What has happened?” “I’ve got cold in my hand and in my head – it’s too much!” They want to do it slowly. First it should come out of the head, then out of one finger, then another finger, then third finger, otherwise it is “too much!” That’s a wrong attitude. As if they are frightened, but you are not. You are not frightened. It is a ego type of talking, that I am something great, and if I am to be given something it should be given piecemeal.” It’s all ego style things which looks very sort of sophisticated stuff, but is a nonsense. Mostly people who are very egotistical, they talk like that: “I thought it was too much.” When you say “I thought,” then remember this is not “I” that is your spirit, but it is your ego. So I have told people that give up this mantra “I thought,” from your tongue, from your language, from “I thought.” That is one thing, thinking is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga.

You must know that [I…del] whenever I have to answer something or if I have to talk to someone about something, what I do is to just answer so quickly that another person is really amazed that I don’t think before answering. Now, because I know if I start thinking the other person would think of another question also, but I don’t need thinking, so I just answer it right there. In the same way you should be prepared, that once somebody is asking a question to you, then you should have the full idea what you are going to answer. So the best thing would be for you, in your privacy, to think of 10 questions that may be asked. Then you think of 10 answers that you’ll give.

Now, I think we’ll be having something like a brain trust or something we’ll have in a seminar [inaudible] and I would like to see how you answer those questions. Answering shows, not the personality which is brilliant, but the personality that is Sahaj. Because in the Sahaj manner you get the answer quickly, you don’t do any drama, you don’t become hypocritical, but straightforward you know the answer. And you can say “This is the answer.” You don’t have to think about it.

Now, if you go on using in between like “Aaah, mmm” – finished! When you are talking to someone, somebody is asking you a question, especially for leaders I would say, and when you become the yogis and you become the gurus, anybody asking you questions if you say “Aaah, mm, ee, ah.” – finished. You have to immediately answer it very humbly, not with any arrogance, but in a way that baffles another person. I’ll give you some examples.

For example, first time I was confronted with the BBC people in England. You know English can be very very nasty. And, especially BBC. So the gentleman came and asked me a question. First question he said was that, “Why are you in England?” I said, “My husband is posted here.” “But why don’t you help your people?” I said, “Is there any wrong in helping English also?” Then he didn’t know what to say. [SO…del] So then he says, “But don’t you think they are so poor and it’s something wrong there? You call yourself spiritual, and why should spiritual people be that poor?” I said, “Because they are good. And, if I am not rude, can I say one thing? How are they so poor? 300 years if somebody had ruled in England, what would have been your condition?” Just he kept quiet on that. Then the third question he asked me, which was even more arrogant, he says, “But you have such a population problem, and this and that. You must attend to it.” I said, “How can I attend, you see you all are responsible for it.” He said “We?” “I’m sorry to say, ” I said, “but it is so.” He said, “How?” I said, “If I tell you you won’t believe.” He said, “How?” “Is said, in England every week there are two or three children are killed by parents. I have heard that it is in London city that it is happening. Now what child would like to be born in this country?” Just kept quiet.

Now this is like handling that kind of people. Then there are people who can be very, this thing, like, I met somebody, he said, “If you give me Self-realization then I will take you to the [INAUDIBLE ] in Italy.” I said, “Alright, come along. Sit down.” So I knew he had certain things in his head (of course I didn’t know if you can find out that) but I said, “Alright, get some water.” He bought some water, and put my hand in it. So drank it. He said, “Is it wine?” I said, “No, it was water, you brought it, I didn’t bring it.” “Yes, it was water, but it’s wine.” I said, “That ‘s what Christ did.” “Aah, oh I see!” After that he got his realization in no time. So I could feel his Agnya was catching. I said, “Something has to be done about Christ.” If you find somebody with a big Agnya, soft him on Christ. Say something about Christ. Soft him on Christ. And if you soft him on Christ, you’ll be amazed he’ll be immediately come ’round.

So, as soon as you find anybody with any chakra is catching…Of course you have to be very aware, I mean if you are feeling only your chakras and not his chakras you would be doing wrong thing. But if you can find out what’s wrong with the person, then just work on that chakra yourself within. And while talking to him also, just bring him on that line. So [INAUDIBLE] opened down. And then it’s very easy to give realization or to talk to a person. But in case a person is very very difficult then there is no need to discuss or argue with that person.

Only in Sahaja Yoga you have to work it out with Sahaja Yogis, and you have to go to a great extent. Sometimes I feel I’m wasting a lot of energy in these useless Sahaja Yogis who are good for nothing, they are for namesake Sahaja Yogas. They go down. And you ask them… “I don’t know…” “Why are you doing like this?” “I don’t know…” Such people should be really thrown out of Sahaja Yoga. They are such disgusting people, they have no respect for themselves, they have no respect for Sahaja Yoga, they have no respect for the kind of a work you have to do. Such a great work I have started. They have no understanding of anything. They are just like liabilities sticking onto Sahaj. So this is another point one has to see, that, if you find anyone like that you just go and report this to the leader of that particular nation. There’s no wrong in it. If you find anybody misbehaving you just go and tell the leader. So this climax point won’t come and then you won’t have to bother. And if you find then anyone talking ill about Sahaja Yoga, or is doubtful in nature, or in anyway not up to the point as we can say, you better tell the leader of that nation that this is [THIS IS…del] what it is. And from this point of view we think that she is not alright, or he is not alright.

And one should not feel bad about it, and then the leader should take that person to task, need not tell the person the name of the person who has reported. But that doesn’t mean that you all the time carry tales and things like that. Is a very wrong thing. But if you find something very seriously wrong, you should go and tell the leader, and leader can judge for herself or himself whether it is wrong or right. Then let the leader take the action and you just don’t worry about it, leave it alone. That is how we are going to correct the collectivity, and the collectivity part of it works out beautifully if you can somehow or other understand that you are part and parcel of one single human being, and that is your Mother.

So, you have to understand that if something is wrong with you – “I don’t know,” – this kind of irresponsible behavior, or this kind of a stupid answer shows that such a person doesn’t care for anything, doesn’t bother about finding out what’s wrong, or doesn’t want to progress further.

Lastly, we are all now there going for many marriages. Again there are about 65 already, and maybe some more may be added, but I would say keep it at 65 is a better idea, and for others we’ll have it next year. But, and this I would say, you shouldn’t make anybody marry unless and until that person is reasonably understood by the leaders and is certified. [ANYBODY…del] Anyone who has even little doubt one should not try it. It can always do it next year. Because the first alternative is there, that if they cannot get along, they can marry again. Or they can give up. But supposing you marry them first then the second alternative is horrible. They have to divorce, they have to run away, or do all kinds of things. And we have seen that there are some mishaps. So I would suggest that you must judge your fiancé, or anybody you call, and see how it works out.

Now some people have had a very odd type of a temperament. They may marry ten women, or maybe a woman may marry 10 men, but they all go on like this, in such a manner that it’s impossible to make them reconcile to each other. And they create terrible problems for us. So in the marriages one has to decide beforehand that “We are getting married because we have to do Sahaja Yoga.” Then the question of domination – is a woman dominating man, or a man dominating women. Is absolutely out of question in Sahaja Yoga. There is going to be no domination of any kind, but one has to see that the left side is on the left side and right side is on the right side. One should not start demanding what the other side has got.

Like supposing men start saying, “Why not we have children Mother? We should have children, why should the women have children?” That cannot be. And if the women start saying, “Alright, we should grow beard.” Supposing tomorrow they might say, “We must have beard and we must have moustaches.” So, if such a demand is made, that cannot be done. That’s not the way. And at human level these are absolutely two separated personalities. At a lower animal stage – see if you go in [sounds like hermaphrodite] [INAUDIBLE] for that stage – then you find that have got both the sexes in them are called as hermaphrodite in their technical language.

So you can imagine that when you want to become like earthworms you can have both the sexes in you. Either you can act like a male or a female. But as soon as you start growing up and then the, what you say, in your evolutionary process as you come up slowly, slowly what you find that there are two separate groups are forming up to the human level. And when you come to the human level the women are women and men are men. And the more they are like women like women, men like men, then they are complimentary. Otherwise these half-way people, neither they cannot be good husbands, nor could be good wives. Nor can they have good married life, nor they can enjoy anything. So this is very important to see that you should become complimentary, but for Sahaja Yoga. Now there is no question of domination, as I said. Woman plays her own part, man must appreciate, and man plays his own part and woman must appreciate.

But there is another type of a thing that happens in Sahaja Yoga I have seen, that people once they get married, you see to them marriage becomes like the end of Sahaja Yoga. They go so crazy with each other, I mean absolutely crazy people, they become so very crazy with each other, they forget Sahaja Yoga, they forget Me, they forget everything. I have known some people, who were very good, once they were married they were lost to Sahaja Yoga for at least 2 years ’till they got sick. They had a child with a problem then they came to Sahaja Yoga.

So this kind of a romanticism is of no use in Sahaja Yoga. It’s all artificial, it’s all mental. It has no sense, this kind of a useless romanticism that people indulge into. Because that makes you forget God, makes you forget your Mother, makes you forget your job in life, because you are now realized souls, and you have to do this job. And who is going to do this? Somebody has to do it. And you are chosen for it, so like other people who get into marriages, go for honeymoon, the day that they get married they must be, immediately they must be… There should be no such hurry. There should be certain amount of Saiyama [CORRECT SPELLING?], certain amount of control. Automatically it works out.

But the way people hurry and hastily do everything, they make a mess of their married life. First they’ll go for a honeymoon, second they may go for a show on the road, and third they will end up in the divorce court. So one has to be absolutely in a balance [INAUDIBLE] with full dignity. And, especially, in Indian villages it looks very funny for people to go about kissing each other or sitting down somewhere. There’s no hurry about it – what’s the hurry? I don’t understand. And I was also reported that at the airport, when people are there, the husband will tickle the wife, and wife will tickle the husband, will be all this time nudging the husband, and the husband would be nudging the wife. It looks very funny. Like a, you see, dog having a tail, and a tail having a dog. You are two separate entities – you have to behave properly.

So this is another thing I have seen, that those people who come to Sahaja Yoga, get married, they get into a kind of very funny whirlwind and it’s impossible to bring them back. “So, I’m looking out for my marriage, you see, now the marriage is going to be…” It’s nothing so great. Many are married in this world – what have they achieved?

So attitude toward should be marriage is that we have to have somebody who is our compliment. That we have to have another wheel for our chariot. That’s all. But not that you completely merge [TO..del] with him, and become one wheel, and a mono-wheel chariot I have not seen so far. So, with your dignity, with your understanding, you must behave in a manner that people should say that, “This is a proper marriage.”

I mean actually in India I don’t know how we have this kind of a Saiyama [SPELLING??]. It’s not necessary for us, the day we are married, that we should meet each other – there is no need. What is such a thing? At least for four days if you don’t see your husband much then you go to your father-in-law’s place and come back. Then again you go back, maybe the 8th day or 10th day whichever day it is. That’s the first time you see your husband. But here it is such an anxiety, such a terrible rush for everything, that immediately I should arrange some other place for them, otherwise I don’t know what’s going to happen to them.

Now this time, thank God, it ends up on the 7th , the marriage, and 8th you’re out so it’s not my responsibility. But I would like to see… I’ve been noticing who is going to behave properly and who is not going to behave properly. I’m going to get a report on people. There is no need to sit next to your husband when you are married. Just, what is the hurry, I just don’t understand. You have to live together for all your life. It’s not like some bus has come, you have to run and catch the bus, or some train has come and you have to catch the train, otherwise you won’t find any seat.

It’s something you have to live with it all your life. So that kind of a stupid idea should be given up. There is no need to hurry up, there is no need to be so fast. Take it easy. It will all work out and you are all going to achieve it properly, in a proper sensible manner.

But then, I must tell you the other side of it. Some people, who are very much in the beginning are away you see then they are thinking: “This girl has got curly hair.” – finished – “Her father must be this. That must be this. She must be that.” Like that, or the girl might be thinking about the husband, “This must be. So, I’m still sitting and judging. I have to take some time. There’s incompatibility.” Is a new word, I’ve learnt it when I went to England for the first time. I didn’t know what is this incompatibilities. If even in Sahaja Yoga there is incompatibility then where is there going to be compatibility? I mean is there any measure to find out what is compatible and what is not compatible? All these ideas given to you by psychologists must be thrown out in the sea, now we are going there. And throw all the psychologists also there. If possible.

Like somebody is saying, “I’m very insecure. I’m very insecure.” What is this nonsense? I mean on the platform of Nagpur one lady saying to her husband, “I’m very insecure.” The husband is hugging her and everybody is feeling insecure in there. This is all exhibitionism. This is no poise. This is no decency. This is no decorum. Is indecent, indecorous and stupid, is the last. So, one should not behave in a manner that shows impetuousness. Anything impetuous is never lasting.

So there should not be such a sort of a pressure on your heads because now you are married and then immediately you cannot be with the collective. I mean, it’s something, I can tell you from my daughter’s experience. My daughter got married. They were engaged for one year. They would never go together or anything, she would always take Me with her. She was bored stiff, but still she would say, “No, no, no, I can’t enjoy.” And when they were engaged and married and we arranged for them to go , like all Western people do here (westernized), for a honeymoon. They refused. But we somehow or other managed that you must go otherwise not proper. All of our friends have invited you. Maharaj of [SOUNDS LIKE Maisur] has invited you and all that.

And after two days they were back. We had arranged for 15 days – they were back after 2 days. They said, “Mummy, you come with us otherwise we are not going. We are bored stiff of each other.” So, it’s all right. There is no need to show so much of anxiety, and too much of [INAUDIBLE] and all. Is a sign of animal life. Even animals have their timings. So to me this is all comes from some sort of ideas of Romeo and Juliet business. But Romeo and Juliet ended up into a misery. I don’t want you to end up your life in misery you see. So don’t become Romeo and Juliet. Be normal people. We have to lead a very normal, healthy life. And marriage should be a secondary thing, not the first. And – “I must work it out.” You cannot work out your marriage, it would be something like making a plant “let me work it out” so it rises properly. You cannot work it out – it’s spontaneous. It cannot be organized. “Let me organize my marriage.” You cannot organize it – it’s spontaneous. But, “I’m going to be successful in marriage. I’m going to enjoy my life. I’m going to enjoy my married life. I’m going to enjoy my husband.” This kind of an attitude if you say, things will be all right. [HINDI ASIDE]. Alright.

So that is how the marriage system is going to work out for us. I’ve tried to do my level best, to get all things together, to organize everything for the marriages, to make it a very happy event, so that you’ll always remember how beautifully you were married, and how beautiful your marriage should be. But if it is ugly, indecorous, indecent, then I would not say it’s a very happy marriage. Should not be any aggressiveness during …Many women I have seen are very aggressive with their husbands and then the men become impotent. It is very important that a women should be docile and should be sensible about marriage. If she tries to be very, very aggressive then there are problems. So please don’t try all these things, and be spontaneous, kind and especially understanding.

I hope I’ll be able to see the best part of the married life of Sahaja Yogi’s. Sahaja Yogis cannot be like other people who morning ’till evening fight. They are the ones who talk of Sahaja Yoga, enjoy Sahaja Yoga, and live happily to make others happy.

Marriage is not only for your happiness but for the happiness of all the rest of the people. So must have a proper understanding of a married life of a yogi, and we have to show to the world that you don’t have to give up your family life, you don’t have to give up marriages, don’t have to give up your children, don’t have to give up anything, but, you are detached.

Last of all, I would say, then you’ll have children. And children will be all realized souls. Now some women or men have a funny ideas that they should not have children. Then I’ll give them 12 children. Load them with children. Those who say like that, once they get a child, they get mad, because from one side the pendulum moves to the other side. This is all stupid ideas. If anybody has such ideas they should not marry at all in Sahaja Yoga.

Actually I have some selfishness behind it in your marriages, that there are so many great saints who want to be born, and I want only such people to be married by Me who will bear such good children. But we spoil our children. We ruin them. To us they become our children and not the children of Adi Shakti. Then such children stand out because they are absolutely spoilt, they are very aggressive, they are very naughty, they are very troublesome, they are very possessed. But if you see that you are just there to create children for Sahaja Yoga then the detachment will come.

Without detachment you’ll ruin them, you’ll ruin yourself, you’ll ruin your married life, and you are good for nothing. “They are my children, my responsibility,” you should not think. These are Mother’s children and we are just looking after them. Sometimes you have to scold them, you have to put them right. You have to talk to them and tell them “You are yogis, and you are great people. That’s why we are married.” And as a result, I have seen, when the children are terrible the women go mad. I have seen that. And the father supports the children then it is even worse. Or the other way round.

So when you are dealing with your children, you should be combined together in the same manner. You should never have two views. Should be: sit down, discuss with each other how we are going to improve the children, this is what we notice. You should never support your child if he is doing wrong. You should in no way support. If any Sahaja Yogi says that this is wrong, then you must take a notice of that. I mean, I would say that, say, when I was young, we would never laugh, even in the road, walk laughingly, or funnily walking, because, you see, somebody would report to My mother, some lady, and My mother wouldn’t be angry with her, she would be angry with us. “Were you laughing on the street?” So we’ll say, “How do you know?” “Well she saw you. She was coming that way, she saw you were laughing loudly.” “Oh God!” You are not supposed to do that. I have seen that happens very often also. Say I’m in the hall, I’m sitting somewhere very near, I hear people laughing like mad. You can’t laugh like that. It’s indecorous, indecent to laugh like that. It’s alright once in a while, but all the time laugh, laugh, laugh, or while talking also you say something “Ha, ha, ha,” like that is very wrong for Visuddhi.

I have seen many people talk to Me even [THEY’LL] in between they’ll laugh. It’s very stupid, there’s no need to laugh in between. Talk straightforward and whenever there is a joke you must laugh. But I have seen such people will never laugh when there is a real joke. You have to tickle them, or say that, “Now certified joke.”

So the sensitivity to the humor is also so poor and low that it’s impossible. They’ll just look stunned like this. After some time everybody will laugh then they’ll laugh. So the whole thing is to be understood in a way in totality, that we are Sahaja Yogis, we have a purpose, we have come here to learn something from each other and from ourselves.

Your own spirit will guide you and tell you this is indiscreet. Don’t do this, it’s not proper. But you just do it because of ego. “What’s wrong? I’ll do it.” Then you are finished. Decency is very important, otherwise nobody is going to listen to you.

I’m happy that so many things have worked out so well. [INAUDIBLE]. So lucky, like, when I wanted to buy so many saris for you I thought the prices have gone up too much. So I asked two ladies, “Will you go to Nagpur and get the saris?” They said, “Yes, Mother, we’ll do it.” They traveled for 14 hours continuously. Went there, saw my houses, all the houses where I lived and all that, and took photographs of that. Then they bought the saris and very happy they came back. Within 3 days they’re back with 500-600 saris bundle, this bundle, that bundle, I don’t know how they managed. I asked her, said, “No, it all worked out Mother!” “How?” “Oh, we reached there [INAUDIBLE] one gentleman met us, and he said, “Are you Sri Mataji’s disciples?” “Yes,” she said, “yes!” “Alright, come along I’ll take you there.” And then he brought his big jeep, he put all the things in it. He said, “Alright I’ll help you here.” Like that, they described the whole thing, series after series, how people helped them to come and just at the time when they needed help.

But if it’s a negative person, that person says, “Oh God! I got into the bus and the bus driver said to get down. Then I was standing there for two hours, I didn’t know what to do. Then one car came, I requested and requested, he refused to take me. Then somehow or other another bus came which failed on the way.” I mean, it went on like this, you see. “So, ultimately, how did you reach?” “Oh God! I don’t know how I reached here, this thing.” So the whole story of the misery of one person, so boring, you know. But the main thing is, there is a bhoot in that person.

Thank God that person is not killed on the way. Could have been. Could have got some or other disease. Could have been in trouble. But nothing happened, thank God for that. Maybe the badge you were carrying has helped. But if you think you have been very miserable, you have not been, sort of, very comfortable, you have not been able to enjoy, then know something wrong with you. Something wrong with you and not with Sahaja Yoga. This is the difference between a Sahaja Yogi and a non-Sahaja Yogi. Sahaja Yogi will say, “Mother it’s so simple. We came there, and this happened, and then just… We got a car and we reached there. This worked out.” And then the miracles go so far, so far, that you cannot explain them, you just cannot explain them.

I’ll tell you about Mr. Pradan who was going back to Bombay. And that time it was raining heavily, and in that, you have seen that cart. And his car just slipped down. And he was going in the big valley down below. He didn’t know how he was going to be saved. His son just said, “Jai Mataji!” And suddenly they felt, like an elephant, that car was pushed on sides and there were these speed breakers. They broke all these speed breakers and they were on the street. They stopped the car. The car wouldn’t move.

So, immediately, just as they stopped the car, another came, a white car came in, and in that car there was a lady sitting with all diamonds and everything. At about 2 o’clock in the night, imagine. One lady sitting with all decorations, and all that, a very powerful woman. They couldn’t see the face. And they just saw the ornaments. And that driver got down. He was wearing a white dress. He came down. He said, “Where do you want to go?” And then he took all their luggage, put it there. They said, “We want to go to Washi.” He said, “Alright.” He took them down to Washi and he dropped them at the house where they had to be dropped.

So these people went and told, “See this is what has happened!” So they said, “We didn’t see any lady!” “Yes, there was a lady sitting there.” And the son saw a vanity case just like mine, kept there, behind. So he started wondering, “Who is this lady sitting in front?” And then the car had to go and come back by the same road. And that car never came. They never saw any car! It’s quite possible… I can believe it…

But for you to believe it is first of all become that Nirvikalpa. Anything is possible under the sun. That is Nirvikalpa. And secondly, to have the blessings, also, you have to be in Nirvikalpa. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t doubt Sahaja Yoga, and don’t doubt Me. Just have faith. It’s a complete faith of understanding, not a blind faith, and everything is going to work out.

You are chosen people, you are special people, you are yogis. So I bow to you all and I hope we’ll have a nice time now. After this I don’t want to give any more lectures. I’ve had enough of it.

Now, I would say we can have some music from you people and then they are preparing to give us some sort of a … [HINDI ASIDE]