A Sinless Life, Evening Program

Ganapatipule (India)

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Talk on New Year’s Day, Ganapatipule (India), 1 January 1988.

Happy New Year to you all!

May God bless you this year with all His divine powers. May all the choicest flowers of joy and happiness be showered upon you. May God give you wisdom to become great Sahaja Yogis, so that a new world can be created beautifully out of you.

Very happy to meet you all today here. First day, I am sure there must have been lots of inconveniences. But Sahaja Yogis don’t feel any inconvenience.

It’s important that you all are here, should meet each other, talk to each other about Sahaja Yoga. Try to understand what’s going on in the other parts of the world. There are certain problems which arise sometimes when you don’t listen to Me. So whatever I have said about swimming, the timings, please keep to it. We have to give up our old conditionings, and we have to start a new life of understanding and wisdom.

Today is a day when we should decide, take some vows in our hearts, what we want to do for our future, for Sahaja Yoga, for building of our lives. You know all the programs we have. Tomorrow we’ll be giving you the final list of the people who are getting married. And, also you should meet people whom you are getting married to. Talk to them and find out about them.

Today, I don’t want to say much. They say, “Whatever you do on the first, it happens to you all the year round”, and I don’t want to speak like this all the time. [Laughter] I’ve been speaking too much.

So, best way to enjoy New Year is to decide as to what we are going to do now, further. What are we going to achieve next year so that we can look back and say that in one year we have done this job? So, forget the past, and think of today which is an important date, we are here, that we have to decide about ourselves. Let us decide that we’ll have sinless life. We’ll have a sinless life and complete obedience to Sahaja Yoga.

Forget the past. Past conditionings.

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