Evening Program, Sahaj Yogiyon Ko Upadesh

Ganapatipule (India)

1988-01-02 Evening Program, Ganapatipule, India, DP-RAW, 210' Chapters: Marathi talk, English Talk, Evening Program, Master is a master
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Evening Program, Sahaj Yogiyon Ko Upadesh

[English translation from Hindi]

0:00 – 0:07[Marathi]

0:32 – 2:07 [Hindi]

Firstly, the Sahaja Yogis coming from Delhi and Mumbai are not our guest. 

Our guests are the Sahaja Yogis who have come from abroad. 

The buses were funded by them for their conveyance from Mumbai to this place. 

It is unfair that you all have used their conveyance to reach this place and all of them (Sahaja Yogies from abroad) are stranded and waiting there. 

Kindly be aware that all of you are not guests but are here to serve the Sahaja Yogies who have come from abroad. 

Kindly improve your habits. Last time, I had to personally pay Rupees 35000/- for your transportation. 

It will be better if you come walking to this place or else only one bus will be arranged for your conveyance. 

I hope I have made myself clear. It is absurd that all of you conveniently used their transport and left them stranded. 

They are the ones who have paid money for these buses. They are helping Sahaja Yoga. 

2:12 – 3:39 [Hindi] 

Please send all the buses right away to get them. 

Also, only one bus number will be announced for all of you present here. 

Except for that bus, no other bus shall be used by any Indian Sahaja Yogi for their use. 

Only one bus shall be arranged for your transportation throughout the day.

Learn from these Sahaja Yogis, to be disciplined. 

Also, how they look after to comfort others than to comfort themselves. 

Only one bus can be allotted for your use. 

We cannot make provision for any other bus or else who will bear the cost. 

Only one bus number will be shared here with you all for your use. 

Or else, prefer walking. 

It is good for our health. 

One bus shall come to pick you all in the morning. 

It is my desire you stay there in the morning. 

Get ready there itself. 

Breakfast provision will also be made there. 

Or else, you all come here on one bus. 

You all are 110 in number and can be accommodated in one bus which shall come twice in the morning. 

Apart from that one bus, do not consider taking any other bus. 

Kindly be disciplined and follow the regulations in place. 

Kindly be considerate for other Sahaja yogis who have been stranded for the past 4 hours to come to this place. 

None of you have bothered to ask about their well-being. 

You all are not guest here because this is your country ‘Hindustan’. 

They are the once who have come from abroad. 

I am feeling bad for them for they have been stranded there for the past 4 hours. 

We are Sahaja Yogies and let us not behave otherwise. 

Kindly from now on board only the bus being provided at your service and not any other. 

06:35 – 06:42 [Shri Mataji talking in Marathi]

06:43 – [Hindi] 

We have come to a place where it is tough to get any facility or provision for food or transport. 

The provisions are being sourced from Kohlapur (place in Maharastra, India). 

We have come here as part of our journey/travel. 

In this place, we are not guest, but they are the once who are our guests. 

At times I have noticed that people from Delhi and Mumbai sit at the front and they are left to settle at the back. Having food before them? 

Is this the way to behave with our guests? 

We have been famous worldwide for our hospitality towards our guest but why is it the opposite after we come to Sahaja Yoga? 

From now on do not dominate your way out on them or get into their buses; rather cooperate and follow the regulation in place.

07:42 – 07:46 [Hindi] – Unclear

 ‘Otherwise I do not have enough money to be given.’

07:49 – 07:54 [Shri Mataji calling a Sahaja Yogi]

07:56 – 08:14 [Hindi]

You must learn a lot, and you are here to learn. 

There is no harm for young people in walking.

You have too many tantrums to the extent that ladies and gents are taking 4 hours to get dressed.

08:16 – 09:08 [Hindi] [Shri Mataji talking to a Sahaja yogi]

09:10 – 11:31 [Hindi]

I am upset for they (Sahaja Yogies coming from abroad) have struggled a lot to be here.

To favour luxury is not a sign of a Sahaja Yogi. 

He who favours comfort cannot be a Sahaja yogi. 

Then they crib about their problems. 

The one who faces uneasiness is not a Sahaja Yogi.

In Sahaja Yoga, you experience the comfort and pleasure of your spirit. Then you do not experience any uneasiness. Thus, enjoying spiritual bliss all the time.

Here, I have been hearing about quarrels on who wants to stay in the dormitory or elsewhere.

This is wrong!

In case, older people are staying in a tent, they can stay in the dormitory, but rest people staying in tents should stay there itself.

Or else if your body is troubling you then you better correct yourself.

I am not telling you to go to Himalaya and face the odds. However, do not have unnecessary tantrums and excuses.

Here, there is no such trouble compared to visiting other religious places where you may be required to climb 7 miles uphill.

It is no trouble to let your body exert a bit.

And, there is not much of an exertion. It is pleasant weather out here.

Also, there is no need to be overly dressed for the occasion. There is no puja today.

I have been hearing that people do not come on time.

Buses keep waiting for you all.

You all wanted to be here at first.

We are happy to have you at first but does not mean you are coming here as a guest.

If you are coming here at first, then you should have made all the necessary arrangements for your arrival. 

Rather, look forward to be volunteers in helping us with the arrangements here.

11:33 – 12:05 [Hindi]

These people have given much more financial contribution compare to you all. 

And, this time we may roughly save 8 Lakh rupees. 

Every year we are benefited from there financial contribution. 

I am not saying money is everything but, they are our guests. 

If you visit their nation, they shall not behave this way with you.

Rather, they will first plan arrangements for you.

12:12 – 13:28 [Hindi]

Now, all of you should be up in the morning and get into meditation by 08:00am.

Be in meditation from 08:00am till 09:00am.

At 09:00am you all will get your breakfast there.

You all need to do is be present on time for your breakfast at 09:00am.

Thereby, ensure you all come here by 10:00am.

09:00am till 10:00am is your time for breakfast post which takes the bus allotted for your conveyance to come to this venue.

This way travel via one bus for coming and going back. 

We cannot afford to give money for 6 buses for your commute.

There is one more point to consider that there will be double expenditure if bus drivers work for more than 11 hours.

13:29 – 14:34 [Hindi]

Tomorrow, the program will start here by 11:00am.

By 11:00am everyone should reach here.

The program will be from 11:00am till 01:00pm.

After the program, you all can have your lunch here. 

Post lunch, you all can relax here itself.

Have your evening tea here and then you all may leave back to your venues.

After reaching your venue, get ready for the evening program. 

You may start from there by 06:00 pm.

The program shall start here by 06:00 pm till 08:00pm.

After Dinner, there will be a musical program for 2 hours.

14:35 – 14:44 [Marathi] (Shri Mataji speaking to a Sahaja yogi in Marathi)

14:46 – 15:18

This way the things will work out for good.

The walking distance from here till there is merely half an hour. 

But we all have gone habituated of sitting that we hardly can walk that much of distance.

I am not saying here that you walk that much but at least understand my situation. 

Last time I had to bear your extra travel cost.

15:18 – 15:39 [Marathi] (Shri Mataji speaking to someone)

15:40 – 15:46 [Hindi]

Okay, the bus number is 7969 and the driver’s name is Mr. Pathil.

15:47 – 17:12 [Marathi] (Shri Mataji talking to someone)

17:13 – 17:53 [Hindi]

We should not upset the Devi but make her happy.

But, happiness comes only if we humans practice some penance.

People seeking comfort cannot practice Sahaja Yoga.

They may fight, argue, may put allegation on others but, the one seeking comfort will not be able to practice Sahaja Yoga.

After coming here, you should all rest here. Especially, if you wish to drink tea in the evening.

Otherwise, who will bring tea to your accommodation from here?

17:53 – 18:00 [Marathi]

18:01 – 18:53 [Hindi]

Okay, he is saying that after lunch one bus will take you all back your venue in 2 turns.

The tea provision will be made to your venue. After having tea, come back to this place on the same bus.

It is my humble request that all Indians shall use only one bus being allotted to you all.

Otherwise, we will have to pay a lot to these drivers.

This is your Government and your expenditure. 

What shall I do, when everyone come with a big expense list.

From now on, do not sit on any bus you like. I will bear the expense of that one bus allotted for your convenience irrespective if you all pay for it or not.

18:54 – 18:58 [Hindi] (Shri Mataji talking to someone else in Hindi)

There is no need to take one rupee from everyone. It is useless to do that. I will take care of that expense.

18:59 – 20:03 [Hindi]

However, the one who has not boarded the bus shall remain there than taking anyone’s bus.

Otherwise, it will cost me a lot. Therefore, please be kind to me.

Last time, it was the same situation as how is it now.

The old people should shift to dormitory apart from others who shall be staying there. 

There will be only one bus for you all which is enough.

Even in Delhi, you wait in line for hours. How is it different here?

Whatever! Today has not been a happy start and I am terribly upset for our guests who have been waiting for hours to come here.

It will be better to ask for forgiveness in your heart. And, promise not to repeat it again. Kindly forgive us, mother!

20:04 – 20:58 [Hindi]

Now, I shall share the details of other programs. 

The other programs will happen in the same manner as I have shared details with you. 

In the morning there will be meditation.

And, come here by 11:00am after your breakfast. Be here until lunch.

After lunch, go back to your shelter and have your tea. Refresh and be here for the evening program by 06:00pm. 

We shall start the program by 06 – 06:30 pm. In this manner, it will not take much time. It is not about time, but you all do not bother for others. Kindly be respectful to other Sahaja Yogis. Look after their well-being.

20:59 – 22:36 [Hindi]

From tomorrow we shall have our programs like this.

Tomorrow is 3rd January and more people will be joining us.

There will be some of you who will be shifted to this place. Your tents will be shifted.

For tomorrow, I request you all to stay in your respective venue post breakfast.

It is because your tents will be shifted.

All Sahaja yogis coming from abroad carries their own luggage. However, for you, we need to provide tempos because you rather find it difficult to carry your luggage yourself.

Therefore, for your convenience, put your bags on your bus and reach here to the venue.

Here, tents shall be shifted from there to this place in the morning.

Before you all will get into meditation, the tents shall be shifted for your convenience of wash and change.

Tomorrow, after having your breakfast, stay in your respective tents.

You will be required to shift your luggage to your tents before you have your breakfast.

So, tomorrow have only one program in the morning of shifting your tents.

22:38 – 23:01 [Hindi]

So, tomorrow all of you must shift your luggage to this place. 

There are many bathrooms here for your convenience. 

You will not face any problem here. 

23:04 – 23:30 [Hindi]

Will you be able to lift your luggage or not?

Okay, all of those who can lift their bags, raise your hands!

Only two men.

No, women?

Come on! 

There is no provision here.

What shall we do? We do not have a provision to lift luggage.

23:36 – 23:43


Okay, one tempo can come to help those who cannot pick up their luggage.

Even, foreigners will also be able to assist you all.

23:44 – 23:59 [English]

I have to request to all the people who have come from all the way from all other countries for one thing that I am sorry. 

You see there has been no proper direction to these people and they occupied all the buses and so many foreigners were left behind. 

24:00 – 24:04 [Eng]

There are 5 buses for the foreigners and only one bus for the Indians. 

24:05 – 24:09 [Eng]

Five bus for foreigners, except one bus which is..

What is the number? 

24:10 – 24:17 [Shri Mataji asking someone in Marathi]

24:18 – 24:38 [Eng]

7965 (Bus Number being announced)

That is the only bus for Indians.

Rest of the five buses are for foreigners.

So, you please don’t get into that bus.

And, the driver name is Mr. Patil.

Maybe some other is Patil, I do not know. But this number you remember.

So, this is the bus…so, there are five buses for you.

24:39 – 25:25 [Eng]

So, tomorrow these people have to shift to some another place. 

There tents we have to shift to other places.

So, they will be moving from your place to this place and if you could help them with their luggage, it will be very kind of you. 

After the breakfast they have to move from there and come down to this side.

Please also help them because we tried to get a tempo and all that, but you know this is the place that where we are actually in a Jungle.

And, here we have to help each other. 

So, you try to help them.

Bring all their luggage and put them in the tents and that is how we become friends and that’s how we become collective. 

So, to get to collectively we should try to help each other. 

See, what is wanted and what they need.

25:26 – 30:06 [English]

Now, It is the duty of all the leaders to see that all the people get into the buses and they are here in time. 

The first program tomorrow will be for foreigners.

Will be to get about say 07:30 or soor 08:00 o’ clock if you want. And, then to sit for meditation and then go for breakfast. 

Finish the breakfast and go to the Sea if you like. 

And, go back to your tents and then tomorrow you if can avoid swimming to help them carry their luggage and things.

I mean, you have been doing swimming quite a lot. 

It alright if you could avoid it tomorrow for a while to settle them down and, to help them with the tents. 

They are not so much use to tents. If you can help them with the tents will be a good idea.

How many of you know how to pitch a tent?

Haah..Great number. Alright!

So, you all have to help tomorrow to pitch the tents. 

It will be a good idea.

If you want, I will also come to help you.

I know how to pitch. I really know.

My father was a hard task master.

We could never say, “I can’t do something.” He would say, “Why can’t you do it?”

I know how to pitch a tent; it is not quite so difficult. 

But I don’t know now if you would like me to do it or not.

But, in any case request you to help them to carry their luggage and pitch their tents and transfer them from that place to another place where we are going to pitch the tents.

Let’s have it a very co-operative business.

And, then if you want you can go for swimming or anything till about, I think 12:30. 

The buses will be there about 12:30. They will start plying. 

You all come along here and settle down here for your lunch tomorrow. 

This is only for tomorrow.

This is the programme tomorrow.

Then you have your lunch. 

If you want you can rest here, if you want you can go back in your buses and rest there. 

And, the tea will be sent to you. 

Have your tea and be ready and you can come here tomorrow by about 06 – 06:30. 

We will start the program by 06 – 06:30pm.

06:30 to about 8’ O ‘Clock we will have something about Sahaja Yoga.

And, then you can have your dinner. 

After dinner, we can have some music. 

And, after the music you can go back and sleep.

After that every morning we have to get up and have our meditation in the morning. 

Proper meditation. 

And, then we can have our breakfast. 

Or, the other way around. Whichever way you like. 

That you can decide with Mr.,…anyone of the trustee who are here organizing and you know Mr. Pradhan is doing everything but whatever it is your leaders must talk to them and decide what is to be done before breakfast or after breakfast. 

Then you go for your swim.

Come back. Have your bath and everything and be ready and you should be here by 10:30 or 11 O’clock at the most.

Then we can have some program in the morning or so.

11:00 to say 01 o’clock we have our lunch.

We go back. Take some rest.

And, then we come back again in the evening time about 06 – 06:30pm.

Is it clear now!

Because, otherwise we will be just swimming and singing, nothing in between.

We are here for a seminar.

At Seminar, one has to learn a lot.

Moreover, there are inconveniences I know.

And, there are problems because it is such a far-fetched place and this time, we have tried to organize through the Sahaja Yogis all the things.

But, does not matter. 

Things are working out.

And, it is quite nice. Nobody is going to starve.

Nobody is going to be harmed in anyway. 

But, we have to know that we are in a pilgrimage. 

So, be in a meditative mood and enjoy all that.

Don’t worry about your physical discomforts or troubles. 

And, if there has been any problem so far, that will be solved now. 

30:06 – 30:47 [Eng & Hindi & Marathi] (Shri Mataji talking to someone)

30:48 – 31: 22 [English]

You should organize also.

There are five buses. Somebody should be in-charge.

See, that you make all of them sit there, bring them here. 

If somebody is left out, you can send the bus back. 

Now, you are all sitting down here, and they are all standing in there.

For four hours they have been standing.

You should find out if they have arrived or not, where are they?

At some of them were really looking very angry.

I just ran away.

Legitimately you see.

31:23 – 32:14 [Shri Mataji talking to other Sahaja Yogi in Marathi]

32:19 – 32:58 [Other Sahaja Yogi addresses the gathering]

I profusely apologize to all the foreigners and especially to those who have stranded and apologize to our Shri Mataji.

I also apologize to Dr. Nigam and all Delhi Sahaja Yogis, if any inconvenience may have been caused maybe because of some irregularities. 

I apologize to Shri Mataji and assure her that right from this minute everything will be regularized. 

And, now that we have been blessed.

Jai Shri Mataji!

33:05 – 33:44 [Shri Mataji addressed in English to the gathering again]

Poor man! He is doing all the work by himself. 

24hrs he is working. 24hrs is organizing, why should he apologize?

Those who have done nothing should apologize. I think!

Things are alright! Only thing we must see that others are in convenience, others are looked after, others are in time and we are all together.

You cannot leave your hand behind and come here can you.

So, now they want to do a welcome song for me but I do not know where are the musicians.

We can have some foreigners 

33:44 – 33: 47 [Shri Mataji addressing another Sahaja Yogi in Marathi]  

33:48 – 33: 53 (Shri Mataji addressing gathering again) [English]


Come along!

Come along! We will have ‘agat-swagat’ till they come.

33: 55 – 34:02 [Marathi – Shri Mataji speaking to another Sahaja Yogi]

34:06 – 34:08 [English]

Come Along!

Come up to here.

34:10 – 34:40 [Marathi – Shri Mataji is speaking to another Sahaja Yogi]

34:41 – 34:54 [English]

Now, come up fast!

Swiss speed needed. 

Swiss Speed!

Some here and some this side …
Let the ladies sit here and you sit there …
And you can remove that pot on the sides …
The ladies sit this side …
So Indians ousted you on the Buses …We will oust them in the Music…:)
Come along come along fast Otherwise dangers will be coming now …
Come here come here…Are you alright! You like it! han…You went to the sea…Good …
How is that boy who is suffering from that kind of a …
Han…No body has to go to the sea, in the afternoon…If you go Shri Ganesha is sitting there …With the big …What you call …in English
The one who has got…Axe …
He is sitting with an axe if you go there I don’t know I am not responsible …I am telling you…Nobody should go …after 12:00 o’clock…You can go in the evening …Do you want to go? My responsibility is till 11:00 a.m…:)
Not at 4:00 or 5:00 o’clock no, no
5:30 alright!
5:30 you won’t have time …
Weather is too much …See Weather…
Just imagine that you are sitting in the sea that’s all.
Alright! Let’s have it!
(Then Shri Mataji enjoys the Music )
Shri Mataji: Now we can break for dinner! Though foreigners have to go! I am sorry Foreigners and Indians are regarded as a respectable term I hope you don’t mind …Its regarded very respectable in India …If somebody is foreigner you must treat him with great respect and love and he is like a guest …He is like God…in the country…See that’s what our ideas are …So when I call you foreigner I am actually …It’s a very honourable position to be a foreigner in India…So I would request all of you to go and have your dinner and then the Indians can go later on …
You are our guests according to them …
Thank you very much!