Evening Program and Talk, Brotherly Love

Ganapatipule (India)

1988-01-07 After Weddings Talk, Ganapatipule, India, DP-RAW, 12' Download subtitles: ENView subtitles:
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1988-01-07 Evening Program and Talk, Ganapatipule, India, 101'
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Talk in Ganapatipule. Ganapatipule (India), 7 January 1988.

Today is the parting day. With all the joy and enjoyment of our personalities, it has become a beautiful painting in My memory. But for a mother it is very difficult to understand that everyday I have to think of leaving some of My children somewhere and going to another place. I wish a day should come when all of us should live together all the time. (Applause). In your love for Me you have lived in this partened conditions and have never complained about it. Whatever was possible the Indian Sahaj Yogis tried to organize. But it’s like one brother appreciating another brother and avoiding all the subjects which might hurt each other, which might upset another person. It is that beautiful love and affection among yourselves that has brought forth the success of this Ganapatipule station. I know there have been lots of, lots of, lots of inconveniences to both the parties. But the bliss of love covers everything. So nice to enjoy each other, each other’s company. Whatever may be the circumstances, the discomfort, one doesn’t feel hurt, one doesn’t feel in any way insulted or neglected. It’s such a beauty spread all over. Such beautiful waves of compassion and love among yourselves. It is nothing more I want, but to see all of you so nicely enjoying each other’s company, loving each other, being kind to each other. We have now started in a way that little world where peace, love and joy reside together. Please remember that we have to go much further with it. We have to build up many more Ganapatipule’s in the world and we have to work for it, in unison, in complete concord with the Divine forces. I have no doubts that My dreams are already visible and they will be completely fulfilled by My worldly children.

[Jaikaras from Sahaja Yogis.]

In the days where we were having presentations and this and that, I felt that some people were left out and I felt sad that some people are left out. It’s all by mistake or by some sort of a omission. And one should not feel in any way bad. Nobody has been deliberately left out. Everybody is there, whether they may not be remembered at that time of presentation. May be they are too close to remember. One of them I felt was Suraokar, as yesterday I felt very bad that Suraokar has not been called. He has done so much great work for Sahaja Yoga that I am sorry that I couldn’t get his name on the list somehow. And I wish there are many others who are like this, who will understand that I feel very much for all of you and I would like to do anything for you. But sometimes by omissions if something is left out, you should not feel hurt because I do not want to hurt you at all, by any way or by any say. I am a Mother and a Guru as you say and it is a very difficult task. I can go only upto a point, after that I break down. But we have achieved so much. So, one has to say that, that even a Guru is not so very strict, and so very strong. Things can be managed very well and I should request all of you, when you are dealing with other people. Pradhan is an example of that, I must say. When you are dealing with other people be very kind and nice. Not to be afraid that if you are nice and kind they might take advantage of you. I like the way Pradhan always sides with all the other Sahaja Yogis, with all the other people, everyone and he will always try to save them and to recommend them and ask Me that I should forgive them and that they are very nice people. I know they are nice. (applause).

We have most of our leaders are like that. That’s the thing I like. I take a test sometimes and I want, when they tell me that, “Mother no this may be alright, he might be good and we will work it out”. I said, “No, no, no, no, he is no good. I don’t think I will have him there”. But then they again come back and say, “no Mother, let us try, may be, see he might be, he might be, alright If he obeys he will work it out”. I like all these things to be said about your own brothers and sisters of love and of understanding. This is how the world has to be. And a day will come, it will be, I am sure in My life time. (applause)

It has been proved now beyond doubt that Indian music has come from “Omkara”, from “Chaitanya”. You have never studied about Indian music. You have no idea about ragas or talas or anything. But the way you enjoy shows that when you reach your spiritual heights, you become one with the music and the enjoyment of the spirit is felt within yourselves. Never before western people enjoyed music in this manner as you have enjoyed. And that is the reason I am thankful to all the musicians who are sitting here, that they have kept up the tradition of Indian music, which I always felt will unite the whole world one day, if we keep to the pure knowledge of Indian music. I am very proud of all of them and whatever is possible I would like to do for them. Whatever is so glorious and this music has been preserved by them with odds, I mean with so many difficulties of every day-to-day life. And it is very remarkable how, despite the fact that they are earning, they are working, they are doing all kinds of things, still they have maintained this difficult art and have given such heights to it and the way they have rendered it, is really extremely remarkable in these modern times.

Also one has to understand that there is no end to thanking, I don’t know how to thank all the people who worked it out, put up everything and they did everything. But as a mother I think you are not supposed to thank anyone. Only sadness, which is something like an ocean sometimes, covers Me up. I cannot express it in words but a kind of a sadness that makes Me feel that, “Now for next year when am I going to meet all of them again.” I am sure next year again you will be able to come down here. Also, I will be coming to your various countries, I hope all our plans will work out. As far as travelling is concerned I try My level best to do as much as possible. But still it’s your co-operation, it’s your understanding of this very, very subtle state, of this very subtle personality, is so important. I can only say I bless you all from My heart. I bless all the artists, everyone here for understanding this great work that I have taken over, for helping Me out and out to carry out this extremely subtle work for human mind.

May God bless you.

I am sorry, I can’t go on, but I was to feel about the weddings. I am very happy about the weddings, that you know what I am feeling it within Myself. So just try to feel Me. I cannot put everything into words. I was enamored the way marriages took place, the way they were looking so beautiful, just like Vaikuntha coming down on this earth. No doubt about it. The whole thing is so beautiful that you cannot describe it in one word, or two words or in many lectures also. Only thing is that we hope that we have it again more and more, and we create very good family lives in this world.

May God bless you.