Evening Program, Tabla (Zakir Hussain), Harmonium And Santoor, Eve Of Easter Puja

Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)


Talk on arrival at Shudy Camps. Shudy Camps (England), 2 April 1988.

Shri Mataji: I have no words, really, to thank these great masters of music. They have given us tremendous joy. And I could feel all your hearts jumping and dancing with it and also your vibrations beautifully weaving beautiful themes around it. I always told you that Indian music is something very divine, but these personalities seem to be divine themselves. (Laughter) The way they created this beautiful atmosphere where we do not have to think anything, just we become meditative. That ascent, the rapport between you and them was so beautifully established – like a Mother, what should I say? I was so enamored and so proud of them, that at such young age they have achieved such great heights. I bless them from My heart. I bless them for their music – for the way they have been dedicated themselves to this great art of our country. I hope again and again you’ll have chances to listen to such great music.

Now, for Zakir Hussain Kanzaev, I must say, he is such a very great artist and though he’s so much younger to Me, but I think he’s quite a big elderly gentleman as far as tabla is concerned. (Shri Mataji laughing & applause)

As I told you, I’ve heard the guru of Ravi Shankarji also. And he used to play Mrudang. And when he started playing this tabla, I felt that he is here, just before Me, playing that Mrudang, the same style, the same thing. Sometimes I wonder, is he the incarnation of the same gentleman that I see before Me? The way you are playing. It’s tremendous, the way he has control, the way he has understood the rhythms and things. And the way he establishes rapport with you all shows that dedication and understanding is there. But he’s a genius, definitely he is a genius and specially blessed personality. I must say, his brother also is such a great accompaniment to him. Like, we should say, Hassan and Hussein. (Shri Mataji laughing & laughter & applause)

We are living in the days of Ghor Kali Yuga – the Karbala is really here, where we find such beautiful divine music being played, quenching our hearts – feeding us with such nourishment, such beauty. It’s not easy to express the joy, really not easy. I was enjoying the way you were enjoying and enjoying the way they were enjoying (Laughter) the beautiful ocean of enjoyment that was surrounding us.

I have to say that the way they have taken to this music also some Sahaja Yogis should try, learn. I’m happy that some of the Sahaja Yogis are in India learning tabla and the aryas and they are all trying to go to different places to learn other music also. Though they are not well-versed or not that they are educated in Indian music, but as I said it’s a Divine music, they understand everything that you play. They understand all your chakara, bowls and everything so well, because it – what you are doing, it is going in their hearts. They don’t have to understand from their brains, it just echoes in their hearts and they can feel it.

I’m also very much thankful to the Santoor-player – Mister – they told Me three names about him – Kiran Palsik (Shri Mataji laughing & applause) He is a – I can see, he is a great seeker, and his Kundalini rose suddenly as he was playing before us and that – his style is very great and it touches our hearts. He was beautifully playing with such confidence. And I think Santoor is something we should try also, Sahaja Yogis can try. It has got 100 strings in it and to organize 100 strings in such a beautiful manner and to play them in such tune is a very big thing. His guru has played before Me when he was very, very young. He came to our house. Perhaps, his first program was in our house in Bombay. So, you know I am a – quite an old lady (Shri Mataji laughing) and I’ve heard all these great musicians, but what makes Me really very happy is the young artists of today in India are still keeping up the traditions. I do not know how to thank their gurus, but really I must thank them for keeping up this tradition.

The music of Mr. Ajit Desari [?] and Misses was really very, very appealing to us – very much joy-giving. The main thing I noticed about him is that he doesn’t copy anyone. He is so original. See, I’ve heard so many people singing bhajans, this, that, but he is not copying one person and then they all sing the same way. It’s surprising I’ve seen some people in Poona who are classical music singers also. They try to copy some bhajans singers, because they are popular or they are very well known. But this is not the way Indian music should be. One should not copy anybody’s style. Everybody can have a new style, a new method of approaching the subject, because it’s such a vast ocean of beautiful themes. Of course, we have traditions and we have to take from the traditions, but the whole raga is to be built, whole theme is to be built on those solid foundations. But every building has to be different and beautiful. And that is what all this masters did. And if you have to be a master you have to be original. That’s why I must thank both, husband and wife, very much for being so original in their rendering, very original it was. (Applause)

Actually, in words we cannot pay any tributes to you. I tell you, you are such beautiful children, such beautiful people. Only thing we can say that, whenever it is possible, we’ll try to organize your programs and listen to you all. I must say I’ve never heard such beautiful solo tabla, though I’ve heard many masters, I must say. I have to confess it, I am sorry, without any offence to anyone, but I’ve never heard such beautiful solo tabla before. It’s such a beautiful way of playing so many types of things together and you all were enthralled. You can see, not one person moved – even the children, look at them how you just – as they say [chitra vata sei tarik ?] See, like pictures they were. I was looking at them – they were all – they forgot to nod even, (Laughter) to that extent you fixed them. (Shri Mataji laughing)

So, I say from all of us, we are very, very much thankful to you. Give us more chance sometimes to hear your beautiful divine music again and again. Thank you ever so much.

May God bless you all!

Song: “He danced in the morning when the world was begun…”

Part 2:
Shri Mataji: Thank you very much for such a beautiful evening. And we have to thank the children again and again for entertaining us so beautifully and making our hearts full of joy and affection for them.

We have to learn a lot from children. They are not only spontaneous, but they are very confident. And the way they were anxious that we should all be one with them. They tried to act so well as surprising and do their level best to make it a success. I don’t know how to really express My thanks to them in their childlike language. This is the era where children are going to be born of a very high quality. And we all have to understand that we have to have full understanding and awareness of these great people being born on this Earth and also that we are the people who are trustees of these children. We have to look after them as trustees and to guide them properly. Our own lives should be such that the children should understand that, “This is a different type of family we are born into. Our parents are different and we are in a very dharmic areas.” As you have seen today how they were guiding each other and looking after themselves and how they were behaving in such a systematic manner. You seldom find children behaving in this way. Normally, if you put them on the stage, I’ve seen children start fighting. They’ll hit each other or they’ll do something like that. You have to have a very strict teacher to control them. And the spontaneity and the spontaneous effort with which they have entertained us, we have to really understand that such living force is acting through them.

I have to thank others also – the big children, I should say, (Shri Mataji laughing) the way they showed about the Shudy Camp and then later on about the India tour (Shri Mataji laughing) and the problems we face in the weddings. (Shri Mataji laughing) (Laughter)

And that’s really My problem – with 62 people and 75 people to match the people in such a manner that they do not garland somebody else. (Laughter) (Shri Mataji laughing) We have to give them really numbers, as you give to the horses, you see. (Laughter) (Shri Mataji laughing)

But the greater problem is that at the last minute, when all the bridegroom have arrived, all their Aarti has been done they’re standing in the line, there are still three, four more trying to wear the dhotis. And then I have to rush to the spot to see that the dhotis are worn properly.

And all these things create such fun and such beautiful intricate joy-giving, gentle touches to the ceremony of the marriages. There’s no – that seriousness as if we are entering into the trap of death, (Laughter) (Shri Mataji laughing) but a kind of a very light and beautiful understanding that here we are entering into the new life which will open gates for our heavenly married life.

Now we see the result of those marriages, but one must understand – these marriages are done by divine forces and these divine forces are with you till you behave yourself as married couples, understanding your responsibilities. Also the dress and the relationships you have there and the way everything is brought into ceremony is because it makes you feel the significance of the whole protocol of this marriage. Supposing we just bring you down and say, “Now, sit down and sign here.” You’ll forget that you were ever married. You have to have all these events – sometimes of the dhoti, sometimes of the saris. All these events have to be there all the times to remind you how you got married and to make it look very important for you.

I wish I could show you the photographs that have come of the last times’ marriages – something so wonderful. I’m sitting like this and behind Me are all Gods and Goddesses sitting and pouring vibrations on all of you. There are photographs where you can see the boys getting married. And the boys – on top of their head is complete light. And then there are brides who are standing and on them the flowers are showered by these Deities.

It’s really worth seeing those photographs and I wish we had them, but somehow they have not yet been printed and I’m sure you’ll have them before you go for your second India tour.

India Tour is made very interesting, because you take it that way. Sometimes, I feel that it’s very uncomfortable, it’s not convenient the way we move about and the way the arrangements are. Sometimes, I feel very disgusted also the way the arrangements are. But despite everything, in this joy of collectivity, you people don’t make Me feel that you are unhappy or anyway disturbed or upset. On the contrary, you all look so happy and joyous.

This time, of course, I must promise you one thing: That we’ll not have very late nights. But the bhajan people can have, if they want – to keep awake, because there are people, who can keep awake with the bhajans and some people doze off. Those who feel sleepy are allowed to go and sleep. And those who don’t feel sleepy can sit down and sing bhajans, you see. So, everybody has freedom to do whatever they like. But it’s not proper to sleep in the front row when the bhajan is going on. (Laughter) (Shri Mataji laughing)

So, the whole thing is full of frolics and beautiful entertainment and everything is a drama, we are passing through that. But all this is just to make every event a memorable event, a respectable event. Above all, all these events have a protocol and all these protocols are looked after by the Deities, who are sitting just there – here also they are sitting. You can’t see them, but I can see them – all of them are sitting on top of us here, looking after us, all of us. And they are watching you all and they are wondering what gifts they are going to give you next time when you come out with all these beautiful things. This time of course I think they’ve forgotten, but next time they’ll have something nice for all the children.

We have to understand that every step that we take, every movement we do there is the divine help, that we are surrounded by the ocean of bliss, ocean of forgiveness, the ocean of compassion and love. Please, remember that you are not alone.

Now I have to leave, I have to go to India. I have to travel a lot, you know that. I have to go back and I have to come back. This will go on and on, I don’t know how many years. Whatever it is – know that I’m always with you, every moment – whatever you need you just ask for. Whatever you want you just desire it – it will work out. But have faith – faith that I’m with you all the time, I’m thinking about you all and how you are transforming I see you, I’m amazed how your potential is expressing itself by itself. Just have faith in yourself and faith in Sahaja Yoga. I’m sure these vibrations will transform the whole of this universe into a beautiful play as we have seen today. Thank you very much!

May God bless you!

Thank you!

Now, the presents you have given Me are so many that I don’t know when will I open them and see them all – it may last till next year, till I have My another birthday (Shri Mataji laughing) I think, the amount of presents you have given Me. And I have to thank you very much for all of them and the greatest present is to see you all so beautifully growing up into such beautiful citizens of heavenly, blissful kingdom of God.

May God bless you!