Akshaya Tritiya Puja Talk: Pray and ask for that eternal love of God

Pune (India)


English part


There are some foreigners also, I will just explain to you. Today is the day where, whatever you want to know of eternal nature, you can ask Me and will last for eternity.

But many people think that today is the day where, whatever you ask, God has to give you. It’s true, whatever you ask, you’ll get it. But it’s just a temptation. Beyond that is eternity.

So, whatever you have to ask, you should ask for something that is eternal, indestructible.  

That higher state which is called the permanent state of joy and bliss is to be asked today because all other askings are wasted and you again go back to the position where you were. It’s important to understand that this time, today, you have to ask something eternal for yourself, something eternal for your family, something eternal for your country and something eternal for this world and universe.

You all are Sahaja Yogis and of a very high level and I’m happy that the whole of you have come here for that eternal state of Devi.

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And if it works out, you should get that eternal state within yourself. You should get that state where you don’t want anything anymore and reside in that beautiful condition of complete peace and bliss. That’s what is available to you and you can easily achieve it.

I cannot say this to people who are not Sahaja Yogis. But I can definitely say this to people who are Sahaja Yogis and who have achieved already Self-realization.

So, today, I hope you, all of you will pray and ask for that eternal love of God. It should flow to you all the time.

May God bless you all