You have to deserve it and you have to get it Madrid, Colegio Mayor Roncalli (Spain)

Public Program Day 1, Madrid, Spain, 17-05-1988

… It is going for you to be little bit better off materially so that you could seek something beyond. And I think Spain has now materially improved a lot. And the seeking of the beyond should be there. 

But very amazing thing I must tell you that first time when I came I was staying with the Ambassador of India and I met your Queen in a dinner party. […]

Conversation Before Public Program Madrid (Spain)

1988-05-17 Before Public Program, Madrid Roncali, Spain

Shri Mataji: Yes, Good, Let us see- If my sound also comes into it…That would be best if the sound is there …Because the one Ganesh has done was very beautiful, very nice, beautiful photographs…I think you have to be a good Sahaja yogi to get good photographs… Is it? That’s important …Is that send you this? This thing …Garland …Sahaja yogi: No idea, I don’t knowShri Mataji: Ganesh did …He said it …Give them all the things …Beautiful…See the light at the top of the Agnya …Sahaja yogi: HmmShri Mataji: Very beautiful photos has come …Very Motherly!This is the another one …2 of them are shining …[unclear]Very beautiful! […]