You have to deserve it and you have to get it

Madrid, Colegio Mayor Roncalli (Spain)

1988-05-17 You have to deserve it and you have to get it, Madrid, Spain, 86'
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Public Program Day 1, Madrid, Spain, 17-05-1988

… It is going for you to be little bit better off materially so that you could seek something beyond. And I think Spain has now materially improved a lot. And the seeking of the beyond should be there. 

But very amazing thing I must tell you that first time when I came I was staying with the Ambassador of India and I met your Queen in a dinner party. And I was surprised when she told me at that time, “Fifty thousand young people of my country are being ruined by a fellow called Balayogi. He’s collecting such a lot of money from everyone and he’s buying Rolls-Royces.” And she said, “Can you do something to save these people?” So I just said, “The people who have gone to him are often infantile temperament, infants like.” Because they cannot think the person who takes money from them and buys Rolls-Royces for him, whose interest is so material how can he talk of God or anything higher. Now this gentleman Mr. Balayogi was 14-years for at least I think 4 – 5 years more. Till he was about 23 he was 14 years. And then he got married to a much elder American lady and he’s now settled down nicely with [UNCLEAR] Rolls-Royces in America. And I don’t know where those 50 000 young people have gone. 

There are so many like that from India and from everywhere. And I’ve been talking about them and telling people that you cannot pay for God. You cannot pay for your ascent because it is a living process of a living evolution within us which has to work out. It is not something that is artificial or mechanical, or mental, or physical. It is something within us placed for our final ascent. You cannot pay for it, you cannot demand it. You have to deserve it and you have to get it. 

Then another thing I was surprised that the last year the questions that were asked – I mean they just bombarded me with questions every year – but last year the maximum and of no value, and of no result I should say.

I have to, this time, request you to understand that it is high time that we think about our own benevolence. Every year the countries – there are fifteen countries I’ve been – everybody has progressed spiritually, thousands times more. They are all western countries. And India is very much progressed. So much so that now Sahaja Yoga has been a subject of research in the University of Delhi. There are two doctors who got their MDs on the research of Sahaja Yoga. And in England there are seven doctors who are doing research on Sahaja Yoga. I would like to ask you as good citizens of Spain, are you going to lack behind not to understand something which is your own? 

You have been already told about the power we have within ourselves and this power is your own. It is to be germinated, it is to be sprouted so that you get your connection with the Divine – that is yoga. And Sahaja means spontaneous, living process of union. It is a process built-in within us. Just like this thing [the microphone’s cable] is built-in within to be connected in the same way this is built-in within us. And during our evolution we are very beautifully programmed like a computer of the best quality. 

Of course, as you will see gradually I’ll tell you how Sahaja Yoga helps you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, in every way. But first of all I would request you to give some thought to yourself. Now in the West the knowledge is that of the tree outside but the roots must be found out. If you do not find out the roots of your civilization a day will come maybe you’ll have a shock of complete destruction. 

I went to America in 1973 and told them very frankly that they should not follow Freud nor they should follow these nonsensical ideas of promiscuous sex; and also told them that they will get this particular disease which they call as AIDS today. But they never liked it and they hooted me out so for nine years I did not go to America. But when I went to America later on they themselves telephoned to me and said that, “Mother, you had told us but now we are in it. But can Sahaja Yoga help us now?” 

It can, it can help. But people have no brain power left. So there are other diseases like cancer, so many other diseases which can be easily cured by your own power. You don’t have to pay me anything not you are obliged for it. Actually in the beginning we tell very few things about myself to anyone. Because anybody who says, “I’m this or that …” people can crucify them. What Christ said was the real truth that he was the Son of God. But he was crucified. Gradually young people see that in the name of great prophets and great incarnations they have formed religions which are fighting with each other, quarrelling with each other, destroying each other, they start wondering what is this religion. 

At this juncture when we at the crossroad of complete confusion we have to know that the One who has created us has made all arrangements for our ascent. But you have to keep your minds open like a scientist. This knowledge is unknown to you but accept it like a hypothesis and if it’s proved correct than you have to believe it. It is a very simple thing which has been explained to you, within yourself. This power which lies in the triangular bone is called as kundalini in Sanskrit language because “kundalini” is “coil”. And she has to rise through different subtle centers on our medulla oblongata – which is inside the spinal cord – to the brain and come out of your fontanel bone area. So then you become a subtler being. You become, I don’t have to say it, you yourself know and you can certify yourself. And you must have faith in yourself that you all can get it. As a result of that immediately you become, again I say you become, collectively conscious. Means on your central nervous system you can feel another person and yourself; means you can feel the centers of another person on your fingertips: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven centers. And on the right hand you can feel also seven centers like five, six and seven which are representing your physical and mental balance. And the left side is your emotional side. In the medical terminology it is represented by the right sympathetic and left sympathetic nervous system. But inside the spinal cord it is a very subtle channel, two channels: one is, as we call – on the left hand side – as the Moon channel and the right hand side as the Sun channel. 

So when this power – the kundalini, is from our triangular bone – rises she goes through these six centers which are supposing placed like this within us. [Shri Mataji shows with her hands]. This is supposing the spinal cord. So what happens: whenever you have any disease it is because of the problems of these subtle centers within you. If it is a physical problem, if it is a mental problem, when it is a material problem, it’s a family problem – all problems come from these centers. Now when these centers get disturbed the central line, the central area becomes shocked and sometimes it completely breaks and there is no connection with the whole, with your brain. At this time all kinds of psychosomatic troubles like cancer, angina, so many problems, start. Also you get tension, high blood pressure, diabetes, all kinds of things due to one more activity, that is the right side activity’s more. And due to the left side activity you get allergies and mental problems. But when the kundalini rises she passes through your central nervous system in such a way that it gets those chakras back in their own positioning, from here to here, like a thread goes through the pearls. And then when it comes out from here you get connected with the All-pervading power of love of God Almighty. And then that power starts flowing through your hands and you can feel it all around you – what we call as the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. Sometimes it takes little time when it breaks and when you really establish yourself, like a new seed sprouting and establishing itself. If you have little patience with yourself it works out. 

For any problem whatsoever today is a war. What is the sense? We talk peace, peace, peace but those who talk of peace have no peace within. To achieve that state of peace what we need today is the transformation of human beings into beautiful beings who have collectively consciousness. And you don’t have to leave your family, you don’t have to leave your job, you don’t have to change your clothes – nothing outside. Everything works out within. We have gone intro extremes in everything, in all our mental projections. 

For example we have democracy, so we went to extremes of democracy and gave so much importance to the individual. The another side is that we have become communists and paid only attention to the collective. So here we have sacrificed the collective for the sake of individual and that side we have sacrificed the individual for the sake of collective. Now how can collective exist without individual and how can individual exist without collective? That is why we find that none of these things have worked. 

So the other day I met a very big, a great [UNCLEAR] politician from England and he said that, “We are starting a party to be in the center.” So I said, “What’s the use? Because either you move to the left or the right; if you are in the center you are static. What should be the policy of the center?” So he said that, “It has to be ascent only.” For democracy is money-orientated and communism is power-oriented. And there is no end to madness. You can go to any extreme and ruin yourself. 

So now the time has come for us to think of our ascent because at this state of human awareness we do not know the absolute truth. So we have to understand in our humility that we have to know a method by which we can know the absolute truth. And there is a method. You have to have your Self-realization, your Self has to manifest in your attention. And when that light comes in then in that light you know what is the truth, what is not the truth. We can call it as a Divine discretion. But above all this All-pervading power which organizes, which operates so good and efficiently it’s really the compassion and the love. It’s not some sort of a military rule or it is not some individual abandonment but it’s rule of the encompassing understanding of the Divine which wants you to get your benevolence.

I started my work now 18 years back; I mean this is the 18th year as you say. And I started with one lady. In India it is not difficult because people have the background, they know what is to achieve. But we have had sort of influences from outside so people are also in confusion. But things have been working outside India also. I find there are many, many, many people who are sincerely seeking the truth. They are seriously doing it and they are not frivolous. It has to work out in Spain and I’ve been coming here in my love; I’ll be coming again and again. Tomorrow again I’ll be here, again I’ll explain to you more how it works.

As we have electricity here, we have to just push a button and you get the light because it is all built-in. In the same way it works out. No use telling you all the history of electricity and all the details about the organization. First get the light and then try to understand all that. 

So for today I think we should do because you already know quite a lot about these powers within us. And I don’t mind if you ask me few questions but not so many like last year; and also useless questions which are of no value at all. So please, if you have any real, genuine question, please ask it.

Question: If you don’t take money how do you manage to pay for the hall?

Shri Mataji: We must have stolen, I’m sure. [Shri Mataji laughs]. I’ll tell you what. With this little money we get, these boys here, we have some people here all over the world, they send money and buy these things for your good and also pay for this hall. I don’t know anything it because I don’t need any money [UNCLEAR]. But they have to contribute. I travel mostly with my husband’s money. And also sometimes the boys who are here, the ladies who are here, those who are here concerned for the emancipation of Spain try to go and earn a little money and that’s how they do it. We do not [UNCLEAR] too much money. We don’t buy Rolls-Royces.

On this point I would not like to hurt these people at all but when you have asked me I better tell you that from all over the world people send money for this work in Spain because Spain has very few Sahaja Yogis. They all try to help. So far Spain has been always helped by others; they could never stand on their feet so far; I’m sorry to say but this is the situation. They have been patronizing, all of them are worried about Spain and always they try to send money for Spain. Spain is the most backward nation we should say as far as spirituality is concerned and they are worried. So I am sorry, I don’t want to tell this but as you’ve asked me the question I’ve said it, sorry. 

And for the first five years I paid the money for the hall and everything from my own pocket. 

Question: After the material question I want to ask you how do we get the balance? How do we get the Realization?

Shri Mataji: It’s not important for you. Have you paid any money? No. So when you pay money you ask me the question. This is not important. See now, this is the level of people in Spain. What to talk to them? He’s not paid any money. Supposing he has paid any money he could ask the question, isn’t it? Otherwise he’s unauthorized. You have not paid any money, have you? When you pay the money then you ask. You have no right, so sorry but we are not interested. 

Now who is next please?

[The gentleman clarifies his question didn’t have any bad intention, just curiosity.]

No, but this is not something of any value, again. It is of no value and you should be authorized to ask a question. Supposing you had given money then you can ask. Because people are waiting for something higher, you’re talking of something nonsensical. It has no sense. It is not harmful, I see, but it has no meaning. This is what it is. “How do you get money?” And now the problem is that it is not question of money. Supposing even if I take money from you, what’s wrong? Nothing wrong. I’m curing people, I’m doing so much work. What’s wrong? But I don’t take money for one reason: that you cannot pay for God. You cannot pay me, you cannot purchase me. 

But here these people who are living they can take some money, they collect some money and they buy these things, you get the hall here, what is there. But when will be many people then you can gather some money among yourselves and can do something, it’s not so important. Not important. It’s not important. For a change, ask me something sensible. See all these questions have been asked ten years. What have you gained?

Question: I want my Realization and I want you to give it to me.

Shri Mataji: You are a sensible boy, sit down. May God bless you. That should be the case. What is this? Where are we paying our attention? Look at these young people, look at their ideas, look at them – what they are thinking.

Question: Many of our behaviours is related to people who we work with, who we ….

Shri Mataji: Correct.

Question: But the energy is only in me.

Shri Mataji: No, never, the whole, it affects everyone. You become a peaceful, sensible, wise person and a fearless compassionate personality.

Question: How can we avoid that persons or environment block our inner ascent?

Shri Mataji: It works, you become very powerful – you change them. Like a bad apple cannot be changed by many good apples but the other way around – many good people can change a bad man. That’s why they want more Spanish people to have Realization so that the whole atmosphere changes. They speak the same language and they understand – such a brotherhood, all over the world, such a brotherhood, such love. 

You transcend the limitations of your country, race, this, that, everything and you just become a universal being. And you have the powers. Anyone you touch you can cure. If you talk to someone that person can also feel your love and can be transformed. Only thing, you should know how to handle these power of love, that’s all. That’s what we are going to make you expert. It is not mesmerism, it is your own power. It’s scientific, very, very scientific.

That’s a question.


Shri Mataji: Little loudly would be better. Of course, of course. You are an Indian? It’s already predicted about 14 000 years by Guru Nanak it is going to happen, [UNCLEAR] that’s right…. You see, after all Our Creator is worried about us, he has to look after us, he has created us, isn’t it?

Shri Mataji: But how many people will be in it and how many out of it, that I can’t say. 

Question: Why can’t you save the whole world?

I wish I could. That’s my ardent desire. But you ask why. Because people like each other, they like to be that, that’s it. I can only say they want to enjoy their destruction, what can you do? This is Kali Yuga. Can you rise in modern times? It is described long times back. 

Question: Do you have any relation to the Transcendental Meditation?

Shri Mataji: Oooh, TM has made so much money. It is nothing. You see, I don’t want to discuss it but it has nothing to do with us. It is very different, it is just the opposite of us. Very unscientific and disturbed. 

Question: What is the most important thing for inner evolution?

Shri Mataji: The pure desire, it is the power of pure desire. All other desires are impure because they are never satiable in general. 

[A gentleman from the audience thanks Shri Mataji for what she brings to Spain.]

May God bless you. Thank you. 

You see it is very surprising how people like falsehood more than reality. It’s very surprising. Like we can create many plastic things but to create one flower it takes time, real flower. 

Question: There are many ways to meditate. What is meditation for you?

Shri Mataji: There is no way to meditation but to be in meditation. There is no [way] that you can walk into meditation, you have to be – it’s a state. It’s a state of mind when you become first thoughtlessly aware and then you are doubtlessly aware. There is no way to be but it’s a state in which you have to become. You become that, as you are a human being, you become that Self-realized soul, you become.

Question: Last time she got her Realization and after few days she lost it.

Shri Mataji: Because I’ve told you that you must know that there must be some problem within the body and the kundalini goes and attends to it. Right now you have a little liver problem, I can see it. So the kundalini has gone to your liver. Now if you had come to our center you would have established it. So there is a little time needed between getting your Realization and establishing it. But if you are careful you can do it. That’s all. I’m sorry that you lost it but you still have that liver problem. So I think you should be alright. You will establish it.

It is like a small seed when it sprouts you have to look after the little plant. Then when it becomes a tree it gives shade to everyone, simple as that. 

Question: I am a healer. But when I cure I get all the negativity. 

Shri Mataji: So you must know how to protect, you must learn how to protect. And you must know scientifically how you cure, know exactly how you cure. You must know exactly what is the center that you are treating. But first of all there is no need to cure everybody. First of all you get alright, you get your immunity. 

Question: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: But what has he done? Has he given Realization to anyone? He just talks. Anybody can talk. Now I say I can help you to get your ascent, I say it openly. Of course, they are honest because they don’t know any methods so they are saying so. But they don’t know what to do. Alright?

Those who want Realization now, you come here. That’s a good one. Come along. Sit down. Take out your shoes, be comfortable. All of you, all of you will get it wherever you are sitting. But if you like, if you want .. [come to the stage]. Good, see. I’m very happy. 

And one thing, as this lady has said, I would request you that at least for a month you should come to the center, not every day, when there is center, and then you perfect yourself. So next time you have, all of you in the same way. 

Sit down, sit down, sit down. Better sit comfortably. 

So like this I am saying that after getting Realization you feel extremely fine, you feel absolutely in the heaven. Everything will be there. But please remember that you have to be established. 

Now one simple thing I have to ask you which I hope you won’t ask questions about it that we have to take the help of the Mother Earth so we have to take out our shoes. I know you have no objection to that. See, the mother has to work very carefully with her children. Just take out the shoes.

Now those who don’t want to have Realization should leave because it is not proper to disturb others. 

It’s informal, absolutely informal. You have to sit just straight, not too much like that or too much like this, just straight, that’s all. And both the feet should be away from each other. That’s all. 

You are alright, you can sit. You are alright here, it is perfect here. That’s the perfect place. You’ll get it in no time. Alright.

First thing we have to do is to give vibrations to our different centers so that we make an open space for the kundalini to rise. That I’m just doing because you will know for future also what is to be done. 

It’s coming, isn’t it? Feeling the cool breeze in the hands. 

Just put your hands like this to begin. Just like this, it’s not difficult. Some of you will start feeling the cool breeze already.  

And you feel very relaxed. But now to establish it better let us start a little relaxation on our centers. 

You’re to put your right hand …. I’ll just tell you first and then we’ll do it – right hand on the heart, you can put it under your coat; left hand towards me. In the heart resides the Spirit. Now we work with right hand only on the left hand side and the left hand is towards me because I’ll tell you tomorrow what is the significance of right and left. Then you please put your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen. This is the center of your mastery. Then you have to put your [hand] in the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side. Everything on the left hand side. This is the center of Swadishthana which works the Divine laws. So you have to have the pure knowledge. This pure knowledge is not mental, it works through your hands, your hands get the this is hot or cold. In the same way your hands get the knowledge, the pure knowledge. Again raise your hand and put it on the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side. Again you have to take it to your heart. You have to put your right hand in the corner of your neck here and turn your head to the right. Now this center is very caught up because we feel guilty, this is center called as Vishuddhi, we feel guilty for nothing at all. So please forgive yourself, respect yourself because you are the temple of God. Then you have to take the hand, place it across your forehead and press it hard on both the sides. This is the center of Agnya for forgiveness. Now you put your hand on the backside of the head and rest your head on your hand. This is the another part of the Agnya – this is for asking for forgiveness. Now stretch your hand fully and the center of your palm please put it on top of your head where was a soft bone in your childhood, stretch your fingers and stretch your scalp and move it clockwise seven times. That’s all we have to do. 

Now, let us see. Please close your eyes. Don’t open until I tell you because the attention has to go inside, automatically. You don’t have to do anything; you don’t fight with anything. Don’t worry about your thoughts. Automatically it will work out. Please don’t clasp your fingers or palms, just put them straight. 

Please put your left hands towards me, both the feet apart and close your eyes. And right hand on the heart. Here you ask me a very fundamental question three times. You can call me “Shri Mataji” or you can call me “mother”. Ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Now this is like a computer, we are asking the question to the computer. Ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” 

Close your eyes, close your eyes, don’t open them because the attention won’t go inside. 

Say it three times, on the heart please. 

Now take the hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side but don’t open your eyes. Here you have to ask another fundamental question because if you are the Spirit you are your master also. So you ask me the question, “Mother, am I my own master?” three times. From your heart ask the question, be sincere. 

Now take this hand down to the lower part of your abdomen and press it with your fingers. As I’ve told you this is the center of pure knowledge and it has got six petals. So you have to ask six times for this pure knowledge because I cannot force upon you. In your freedom you have to ask. Here you just say, “Mother, may I have the pure knowledge.” Shuddha vidya. “Mother, may I have the pure knowledge.” Please ask six times. Six times please ask this question and now the kundalini will start moving. You should not feel till you reach the fontanel bone area.

Now raise the hand again on the left hand side of your abdomen in the upper part. This is the center of your mastery. Press it hard with the fingers. And now here you have to say with full confidence to allow the kundalini to move by opening this center. With full confidence please say, “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it ten times because it has got ten petals. 

Now the greatest truth is that we are the Spirit. So now please put your right hand on your heart and say with full confidence again, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” You have to say it twelve times because this center has got twelve petals. 

Now you have to know that the Divine is the ocean of compassion and bliss. It is the ocean of bliss but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever mistake you commit can be easily dissolved into this ocean. After all only the human beings can commit mistakes. 

So now raise your hand in the corner of your shoulder and the neck and turn your head to the right, put it on the shoulder and put your head onto the right. From the front side, get it from the front side, press it hard. So now please forgive yourself. And you have to say 16 times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Sixteen times and even if you feel more guilty than it’s better to punish yourself by saying it 108 times. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. 

Now you have to place your hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Here you have to say from your heart, not how many times, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Now many people think that it’s difficult to forgive everyone but whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. Only thing when you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands. 

Now without feeling guilty, for your own satisfaction please put your hand on the backside of your head and put the load of your head on it. Now here you have to say for your own satisfaction, “Oh, Divine, if I’ve done any mistake, please forgive me.” but don’t feel guilty. 

Now stretch your hand and put the center of your palm on top of your head on the fontanel bone and press it hard. Here also I cannot take your freedom, you have to ask in your freedom, “Mother, please, may I have my Self-realization.” seven times. Press it hard. Press it hard and move it seven times. 

Now please take down your hands. Open your hands like this and your eyes slowly. Put your right hand towards me and left hand on top of your fontanel bone area and bend the head and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head. Open your eyes and put your left hand above your fontanel bone area and see if there is a cool breeze coming out.

Now please put your left hand and feel with the right hand, bend your head and feel if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. 

Now put your right hand again and see with the left hand.

Now put your hands up in the sky and put your head up and ask a question, “Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Brahma Chaitanya?” Ask it three times whatever way you like. 

Now bring down your hands please. Now see, are you feeling in the hands?

He’s alright. Feeling the cool breeze? He’s fine now, he got it. This lady, you’ve got it, cool breeze in the hands? 

Now those who have felt the cool breeze in the hands or in head raise your both the hands, I would like to see. Many, many, many have felt it. 

You have felt. You did feel? You’ll be alright. 

Little bit, you have not forgiven. True? Now just put your hand like this and say, “I forgive.” in your heart, say it. Left hand like this. Now say it from the heart, say it. Now feeling? See now.

If you don’t forgive then it stops. You must forgive. What’s the use of not forgiving? Let us see now, how many people have now said it, “I forgive.” and then we see again. Say it from your heart, “I forgive everyone.” Now raise your hands, let us see how many have felt. Both the hands. 

Yes, you got it. So most of you have got it. You didn’t get, both of you? This lady? This lady has been coming. Behind that, these two ladies there. Come. 

You didn’t get also? Did you say, “I forgive.”?.

Alright. Tomorrow I’m going to tell you how to master it. 

Come along, come, come. Come here. What’s the matter? Did you say, “I forgive.”? You must forgive all the time.