You have to respect your Self-realization

Barcelona (Spain)

1988-05-20 You have to respect your Self-realization, Barcelona, Spain, 93'
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1988-0520 Public Program Day 2 in Barcelona, Spain

[First there is an introduction in Spanish by a yogi; then yogis sing bhajans; then Shri Mataji arrives and She speaks; there is simultaneous translation into Spanish; only Shri Mataji’s words are transcribed]

39:27 I am sorry for being late. [UNCLEAR] you have been happily entertained here. While these people they have come from all over the world. Some are from Switzerland [UNCLEAR some from Italy], some from France. And England too. I am sorry because of the traffic that you have here [UNCLEAR very funny thing]. I am sorry for being late. 

They have already explained to you about the mechanism that works out this wonderful thing called Self-realization. Also we have a book in which you can read about it, clearly. But all that reading is not going to help, it’s the happening that has to take place. If the happening does not take place, I am sorry for it, but it has to work out. One can sprout the seed, but you have to look after it. You have to respect your Self-realization. And you should allow it to grow. It happens, I don’t know why, in the West, because people do not have the background, that once they get realized they feel very happy, and live in that happiness for about three or four days, and then slowly they find they’ve lost their vibrations and the Kundalini has come down. 42:13 We like to change all the time, but it’s very different in your spiritual seeking. If you find the right person, like if you find the water under the Mother Earth, then you must dig it deep there, no use making holes all over. Yesterday I gave a lot of time for you people to ask me questions, and even now if you have any questions, you can write them and we’ll try to answer them in our centres. But the main thing is to establish your Realization. That’s the main job. And that we should work it out first. No amount of questioning and answering is going to help. You saw yesterday those who asked too many questions didn’t get their Realization. So don’t allow your mind to wonder [wander?] too much, but achieve the state of Self-realization first. And then like a small plant is to be looked after, you have to look after your Self-realization till you grow into a big tree. It hardly takes a month, but once you get it then you start giving it to others. It is like one enlightened light can enlighten many others. That is how we have to transform the whole humanity. That is how we are going to save ourselves. That is how we are going to enter into the Kingdom of God. May God bless you all. 

So we now have the meditation directly. Those who do not want to do it can go. You should not disturb others. There are sits here also. Some of you can sit inside [UNCLEAR]. Now, as I told you yesterday, to take the help from the Mother Earth we have to take out our shoes. You have to place your left hand like this. This is a symbol that you want your Self-realization, this is your desire power. And the right hand is the action power. So the right hand is to be used for releasing your centres. You have to sit with both your feet separated. Now, please put the left hand like this and the right hand you put it in the heart first. Now in the heart resides the Spirit. So first and foremost we put our hand on our heart. Then we put our hand on the left-hand side – all the left-hand side we use – put our right hand in the upper part of our abdomen. Now we put our right hand in the lower part of the abdomen. Everything has to be worked on the left side. This is the centre of the divine laws. So you have to have the pure knowledge, pure divine knowledge on your central nervous system. Now then you can move your hand in the upper part of your abdomen. This is the centre of your mastery. Again you move your hand on your heart. Then you move your right hand in the corner of your shoulder and your neck and turn your head to the right. Now this is the centre which is caught up or blocked when you feel guilty. So at the very onset you should try to feel very pleasantly towards yourself. Now you have to stretch your hand like this and put it on your forehead across, pressing on both the sides. This is the centre of forgiveness. Now you have to take your hand on the back side of your head and allow the head to rest on it. Now this is the centre of asking for forgiveness. Now you have to stretch your hand and put the centre of your palm on top of your head. Stretch your fingers and move it seven times, your skull. Push it hard. That’s all. 

51:33 Now we close our eyes and we don’t open our eyes till I tell you. So the attention is inside. Mesmerism is just the opposite. Translate: mesmerism is just the opposite of [UNCLEAR]. All right. Now put the left hand please like this. Put both the feet like this and close your eyes. Put right hand on your heart. Here now you have to ask me a very fundamental question: ‘Mother’ – you can call me Mother or you can call me Shri Mataji – ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’. Three times. Please keep your eyes shut. Now, if you are the Spirit you are your Master. Nothing can dominate you. So Spirit is your guide. So please put your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press. Now here you have to say another question you have to ask me: ‘Mother, am I my own master?’ Ask this three times. Now please put your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen in your left-hand side and press it hard. Here I cannot cross over your freedom, so you have to ask ‘Mother, please may I have the pure knowledge of the Divine?’. Please ask this six times because there are six petals to this centre. 55:26 As you start asking this question or this request then the Kundalini starts moving upward. So now you have to help the Kundalini by relaxing your upper centres. So raise your right hand into the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. Now here you have to say with full confidence ten times ‘Mother, I am my own master’. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel guilty. Have confidence in yourself. You are at the epitome of evolution. Now raise your hand to your heart. And now with full confidence again you have to say the greatest truth about yourself twelve times: ‘Mother, I am the Spirit’. Now you have to know that the Divine is the ocean of love and bliss. It is the ocean of grace. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So what can human beings do as mistakes that this divine ocean of love cannot dissolve? So please raise now your right hand on to the corner between your shoulder and your neck and put your head to your right. Here please with full confidence say ‘Mother, I am not guilty at all’. After all you are entering into the pure Kingdom of God, and how can you be guilty? Even if you now feel you are guilty, then you can say it hundred and eight times, just to please yourself as a punishment. Now take your hand on top of your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Now take your hand on the back side of your head and say that ‘Oh Divine, if I have done any mistake, please forgive me’. Now again I would like you to put your hand in the front side because yesterday I found that people did not forgive everyone. So please again put it on your forehead and say ‘Mother, I forgive everyone’. To say that it is difficult one must understand that it is a myth. Whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, you do nothing. But if you do not forgive you play to wrong hands. So again and again please say from your heart ‘Mother, I forgive everyone’. Yesterday I had to correct everyone on this point. Please, please, forgive everyone. Now stretch your hand fully and put your fontanelle bone area in connection with the centre of your palm. And press it hard and move it seven times. Stretch your fingers, press it hard, very hard. Now again I cannot force Self-realization on you, you have to ask for it. So please say ‘Mother, please may I have my Self-realization?’ or ‘Mother, please give me my Self-realization’. Now please take down your hand. Put them like this. Open your eyes. Now put your left hand towards me. And right hand on top of your fontanelle bone area [UNCLEAR] and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze of the Holy Ghost is coming out from there. Now put your right hand towards me. Bent your head and see with the left hand if there is a cool breeze. Some people get it higher. Now put your left hand towards me and see with the right hand [UNCLEAR] bent your head. Now raise your both the hands. Push back your head. And ask a question ‘Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?’, ‘Is this the all-pervading power of God’s love?’. Please ask this question three times. Now bring down your hands. Now see for yourself. Watch me without thinking. All those who have felt cool breeze from the fontanelle or in their fingers please raise both your hands. Most of them. Oh, may God bless you. [UNCLEAR] 

[Now Shri Mataji talks to different members of the audience about their experience]

1:08:48 Now, we have done the job. Most of you have felt it. This is the all-pervading power. And first time you have felt it. Now you have to know that it has to be established, that your Self-realization must be fully matured. That you have to become your own master so that you can enlighten other people. No disease will touch you. If you have diseases you can be cured. If you have mental problems they’ll be cleared out. Your tensions will go away. And you’ll become very dynamic. Some of you will be blessed with money, positions, anything. But that’s the temptation. Don’t fall a prey to that. Keep to your meditation, for which we have books here. And in the book they have told you how to meditate. But today in the modern times Sahaja Yoga is a collective happening. You cannot do it alone single in the house. 1:10:52 You have to be collective. Because you have become part and parcel of one body. The microcosm has become the macrocosm. Like one drop has become the ocean. Now the drop that keeps out of the ocean gets dried. So we all have to be [UNCLEAR meeted] in our centre every week. I am sure you will see the benefits very soon. May God bless you all. 

[Now Shri Mataji talks to a person in the audience who felt heat in his hands, and asks that those who did not feel the cool breeze come close to the stage. She tries to establish Self-realization in them working individually with the help of the yogis]