Shri Ekadasha Rudra Puja: Ekadasha Principle is built-in the Void

Moedling (Austria)


Shri Ekadasha Rudra puja, Moedling (Austria), 8 June 1988.

Today is a very important day in the history of spirituality. The Ekadasha Rudra Incarnation has been prophesised by every prophet, that the Ekadasha Avatara will be coming and it will destroy all the negativity, all the anti-God activities.

Ekadasha Principle actually is built-in [the] Void because when the saints wanted to cross the ocean of illusion through their meditation they were hindered, troubled, tortured, and slaughtered by negative forces. These negative forces came up through the failings of human beings. When human beings failed they saw other people who were so much better than them and they saw that they are nowhere compared to many other human beings, or sometimes out of anger and temper the villainous temperament grew into them and then it formed this anti-God negativity in the Void. So Void has given actually the villainy to come into form.

As you see, in Sahaja Yoga, we must have seen it many a times that, when you go to a wrong guru or to a wrong person or you do unauthorised worshipping your Left Void catches. So in the Left Void all those destructive forces acted.

Also, in the process of evolution, there were many plants, animals who were destroyed because they were not in the centre, because they were egoistical, some were cunning, some were too big, some were too small and they were all thrown out and when they were thrown out they felt that they must react. So they went into the collective subconscious and came as subtler entities to harm the people who were ascending. Like we see these days viruses that attack us: these are the plants which have gone out of circulation. After some time you will find tobacco will go out of circulation, many drugs will go out of circulation. All these can form a kind of a anti-growth, anti-development, anti-freedom forces within ourselves.

So, in the area of Void, these horrible negative forces were formed. In the same way many human beings who were born and tried to assert their ego went into egoistical processes and thought that they can control people, they can have their domain over all the human beings, they can overpower the whole world. All such people form a very powerful institution in the history. And today also there are many such forces coming into existence. These forces are building, are destroying every moment. They are building into our Void area and then they are destroyed. These people when they come from the right side, from the Right Void, we call them as supra-conscious and those who come from the left side, we call them as the subconscious entities. All these entities do exist. As human beings are the image of God as in the collective subconscious of God Almighty and also in the supra-conscious of God Almighty, these forces still remain till they go to hell. In the same way in us also, in human beings also, these forces exist and they try to overpower us.

It is very remarkable that we had this puja in Austria because, in the geography of this world, Europe is the Void and in that Austria is the one where we should have anti-negative forces built up to fight the negative forces. It is such a right place to have this puja and I am really thankful to all the Sahaja Yogis who have chosen this place for Ekadasha Rudra puja.

In the modern times, as we see today, these forces are acting in very subtler manner, in a manner that human beings cannot understand. And they are driven into it. If you see the way we are drifting from reality, the way we are getting tempted by superficial, nonsensical things, the way we have horrible diseases waiting at our doorsteps, we realise that we are standing on the verge of falling into a mire from where we may never rise, we may never come up.

So we have to understand what is within us, which can destroy forever this anti-development, anti-evolutionary, anti-constructive temperament of the nature.

In the nature if you see everything circulates in a very regular manner. For example in the winter time the leaves have to fall down because the nitrogen of the leaves has to go into the Mother Earth to nourish the trees. Moreover, the Mother Earth must get the sun’s rays, so there should be no leaves and the sun’s rays can penetrate into the Mother Earth to nourish her. Then the trees, when they are nourished, they again become green and lush so that they receive the sun’s light and make chlorophyll out of them. Also they suck in the water from the Mother Earth and throw them in the atmosphere to act as [a] catalyst for the rain to come. Then the rain comes during the rainy season, then again nourished with water the life. Again they lose all their leaves and the whole circle goes on in a beautiful manner. There is no reversion, it’s just a continuous circle going in a very beautiful manner to create and recreate. But with the interference of man, nature gets disturbed. Also you can enhance the nature, you can save the nature’s destruction which could be natural also.

But when you get your Realisation, when you get your Realisation, then, with your vibrations, you can save all natural things that are decaying under the modern influence. So first of all we see the effect of Realisation how it acts as Ekadasha Rudra. It destroys the negative forces which are trying to destroy the nature.

One day I am sure you all will evolve to such a state that even your glance is sufficient to make the trees grow, to make the fruits sweet, to make the flowers fragrant. That’s possible because our growth is showing results. Slowly, slowly, it is showing results, because you should not be stunned, you should not be shocked, so that you can see for yourself what you are and what you are achieving.

But to allow this force within us to grow first of all we should be very introspective, we should try to see ourselves, what is happening to us? We must watch our steps. Are we moving towards our construction or towards our destruction? What are we doing? This Ekadasha Rudra force which is within us is so powerful, is so very powerful that not only in nature but also in human beings it acts. It acts in a way that you are shocked and surprised.

There is a gentleman whom I had given Realisation, he’s very dedicated but he is not in a place where he can come to Sahaja Yoga. And some people tried to trouble him very much. And he told me they all met with an accident and all of them are now lying in the hospital. So I said, “I didn’t do anything!” By their own doings they have crossed the limits, and if you cross the limits of goodness naturally you go [to] something, what we call as evil. And if you fall into the ditches of evil you have to suffer.

But also it acts on Sahaja Yogis. I have known of a Sahaja Yogi who tried to be little funny about money. I didn’t think that he should be punished. I never thought of such a thing, that he should be punished, really. But they acted. His own forces acted against him and he got so sick, so very sick, that in my presence he used to just shake like a dried leaf. I never even told him that, “I know what you are doing.”

In Sahaja Yoga when you enter, we have to know that, slowly and steadily you are climbing up a very steep road because it has to be very quick, so the rise is very steep. And when you are climbing up that rise you have to know, if you don’t go further, you will slip down. But if you move sideways you will fall down. You may say that, “Mother we are moving sideways so there is a movement.” Because you’re falling down also one may [be] feeling the movement. That is the movement of destruction.

So you must have proper discretion about yourself: Are we ascending or descending? Are we losing our steps? Are we going higher in our steps? Which sometimes we do not realise that we are amidst the worst possible negativity in the history of this Universe. In the olden times there would be only one rakshasa at a time one had to deal with. It was so easy to deal with one rakshasa. But to deal with so many of them already needs lot of work. But the worst part about it is that, in the modern times, these rakshasas have entered into the brains of people. Because of their teachings, because of their delusions people have accepted them and these people are my children, they are seekers, they are seekers of Truth. It’s like people using children for a ransom. They put the children before me and I don’t know what to do. If I try to kill the devils, then the children are in front.

So which is the best way is to destroy in modern times? Of course they can be killed, they can die, but how am I to save the people whom they have polluted, whom they have wronged? It’s a very, very difficult and very delicate work.

For that there’s only [one] way is to bring them to a point where they get completely exposed, they are debased and the whole world knows, who are they, how they look like. So instead of fighting them from outside or just asking Yama (the God of Death) to go and kill them, it’s best is to make their own being caught into the web of Ekadasha Rudra, so that they are exposed to people by their misdeed. That is the advantage, I should say ‘a part’ of the ugly game of falsehood.

Falsehood always gets exposed. You can see writ large on their faces their hypocrisy, their evil intentions and their satanic schemes.

As I said that, modern times are the worst for these attacks [so] we have to be more alert, more aware, more understanding. As Sahaja Yogis you all are very well equipped. But we all the time forget that we have got our vibrations, that we have got a new awareness of vibrations. We have got vibratory awareness. And these vibratory awareness are a kind of a messenger which is absolute, which communicates and which tells us what’s wrong with others, what’s wrong with us.

But if you start taking your decision through you mental, emotional enterprises then be sure that you’ll be misguided because all these endeavours are one sided. Like a mental projection goes like this in a linear way, falls upon you and also an emotional one does the same. Even the physical is just the same. But when you start seeing through the vibrations, what do you do is to ask your Spirit to communicate to you and the Spirit is the absolute knowledge. So you do not succumb to your conditioning or to your ego or to any other training or any other guru but yourself. So it is very important for all of you to understand that we are not going to take any decision on our mental level but on our vibrations.

Many people think that if I say something about someone, [it] may be because they have reported it to me. But supposing if I am the source of all the vibrations, what is there for me to get reported? Why should anybody report to me? If they want to report they may but I know what exactly is the situation. Once in Rahuri I was waiting in the Guest House and about five, six professors came on their bikes. [They] came and told me, “Mother, we have come to warn you about a particular gentleman.” I said, “Who is this gentleman?” They gave the name of this gentleman. They said, “You have to be very careful, he is a politician.” I said, “Alright, that’s all you know about him?” They said, “Yes. So you have to be very careful.” I said, “Now I’ll tell you about him,” that, “this man has not married his ‘wife’. She is the wife of somebody else and he has eloped with this woman. And the child is his, but this lady was raped by him that’s how he’s got the child.” When I started telling them you know they all started raising their eyebrows and opening their eyes. They said, “Mother how do you know?” I said, “You go and find out, whatever I am saying, it is true or not.” They were completely stunned! They went back and then reported to me that, “Mother, it’s surprising, what you said was the truth.”

So on vibrations you can know everything, but those who try to decide things without vibrations can make mistakes till you reach a certain stage where you don’t have to spread your hands to ask, just you will know. But to go to that stage you have to first of all surrender your discretion to vibrations. Now some people don’t have proper vibrations, maybe their Vishuddhis are bad. They should take proper care of their Vishuddhi. Even then, if they don’t have some physical problem on the Vishuddhi, they can feel it within themselves, what chakras are catching, what is happening to this gentleman.

Normally, because we are in modern times, the people who are possessed appear more beautiful than the people who are not possessed. Once we had a lady who came to us in our programme. She was completely possessed, thin like a beanstalk, absolutely, and everybody – that was the beginning of Sahaja Yoga – felt that, “What a beautiful woman has come!” And I told them to keep her out of the hall for the time being. They couldn’t understand. Then she got cured and she looks very different now. To me she is very beautiful. The beauty that was seen at that time, must be the camouflage of the negativity that people saw. Like as you see these cinema actresses, cinema actors and some of the clowns who move as presidents this, that, you can see it writ large on their faces how horrid they are. But unless and until you yourself are of that level and sincere you won’t be able to make it out.

Today what we are doing is to awaken within us this Ekadasha Rudra force, which will help you to fight your own negativity and fight the negativity of the whole world. Now we have so many hands, so many people with different what we call them ayudha, means the weapons. All these weapons are within you. They are within you and you can definitely use them but first you must know what weapons you are carrying and how to use them. There’s so much blind faith. There is so much of wrong ideas. So much of organisational fortresses they have built. All kinds of nonsensical things are going on in this world. But they’ll all be finished. Nobody will know anything about them except that they might know [them] as some villainous creatures on this Earth. Ultimately the living will exist.

We have to know that we know the Living Force and we have to be very sure about it and we have to be proud about it that we know what is the Living Force. Then this Ekadasha Rudra within us becomes very strong. Anybody who tries to trouble you will have a nice punch! Any organisation which tries to subdue Sahaja Yoga or in any way harm it will have a nice time. Like you know I went for [The] Merv Griffin Show and he misbehaved. [The] Next week that show was closed down. No more.

In India there was a newspaper which tried to make a funny article out of me: the newspaper was closed down for months together! Just it happens. I don’t say anything of the kind, but the way things happen is very surprising how this Ekadasha is now acting.

Also the most significant thing is that this Ekadasha is going to act only in Kali Yuga, in these modern times. Earlier it was not going to act because there was hardly one ‘guru’, who is today a ‘guru’. Must have been a satan last time! Only one horrible rakshasa there. So it was very easy to kill them. To kill Kamsa it took no time for Shri Krishna, or to kill Ravana it took no time for Shri Rama. And once they are killed the whole thing becomes a clean start. But here they are like mosquitoes! So many of them! One after the another. There’s no end to it. And they have entered also into the being of human beings giving them diseases, all kinds of problems and tortures. So the problem is much more, deeper and very, very complicated that is why the Ekadasha Rudra, which has got eleven destroying powers, we say that there are ten directions, you can say, and this is the eleventh. So ten from outside, one from inside.

All these eleven forces can act on to anyone who tries to hamper the progress of Sahaja Yoga or even to say something against me or against you people. Anybody who tries to trouble you it will act. On the physical level it appears on your forehead here. The Ekadasha Rudra shows on your forehead (indicates area across the forehead right above the Agnya), and you get a swelling over here. Some people you must have seen have a furrow here and a huge, big thing coming out.

Mostly the cancer patients, if you see them, they have from left it rises to the right side, quite a lot, a bump there, on the right hand side, and there are some who have got on the left hand side. So from the left hand side it rises, goes to the right side and the one which rises from the right side goes to the left side.

So the more dangerous ones are [the ones] which go to the right side because they are the ones who are very sly which we cannot see, which are hiding, which can harm you very much.

So all these horrible things that are acting today can be completely destroyed if we develop our Ekadasha Rudra within ourselves. They are not so powerful. One Sahaja Yogi can kill thousands of them, while they cannot harm even one Sahaja Yogi. So they are really powerless before you. They have no way of torturing you. In case you are a powerful person they will all disappear and disappear forever. I remember once there were three Sahaja Yogis in India who used to go by a particular road in the village. So one lady got possessed and she started doing, “Ho, ho, ho,” like that. So they said, “Why are you here?” She said, “We are here in this lady to tell you that please tell these three Sahaja Yogis not to go by the road because now we have run away from all the villages and we are just residing in that area, and if the Sahaja Yogis go through that also the whole night we’ll be jumping around. So better ask these three Sahaja Yogis not to come that way so that at least we’ll have some place to reside.” These are, as I told you, gone out of the circulation of evolution.

So these are dead, dead people. And these dead people can in their subtle bodies enter into us and form entities and those entities can grab us and can possess us. Such possessed people look quite normal. As I was saying today homosexuality, over sexuality, no sexuality, then we can say no aesthetics, or too much of artistic tendencies, then we can say too much of eating and hunger or eating nothing at all, fasting, then not afraid of anyone, “What’s wrong?” for everything, “What’s wrong?”, not afraid of God, or afraid of even an ant. Then there are people who feel guilty all the time or those who make others feel guilty as if the other person is good for nothing – they too. Plus we have another kind who are very, very cruel, that they can entrap people, can make their own slaves, can work out anything horrible, wars, by their own talking. And there are others who subjugate themselves to these evil people and accept their dominance and try to destroy other people in the glory of these dominating personalities.

Then comes the area of Sahaja Yoga where nobody can enter into, you are perfectly happy there. Ekadashas are standing round you on your forehead to look after that area, they are watching you, they are guards. And nobody can harm you. You are very nicely settled down there in the Sahasrara, and nothing can touch you, nothing can even bring a slur on you. They are very alert and they have many facets. Each Deity has many facets and all these facets are all the time throwing light in that area so that there is no intruder to enter in.

This is what you have got within yourself and when anybody tries to enter into this area of Sahasrara immediately they react and can harm the other man to such an extent that you are yourself amazed and you don’t know how it has happened.

But to develop this force we have to meditate with sincerity, with understanding. Not with just words before the photograph to say, “Mother, I surrender myself to you.” Sincerely. Because the Deities know who is sincere, who is innate, who is the one who is really trying to rise and ascend. It is a struggle in a way. It is a struggle but it is not the struggle which will not bring you any fruits. Otherwise all other struggles give you no fruits. But this struggle is so simple and so already explained and worked out that you don’t have to worry too much.

So today we have to invite all these forces of Ekadasha Rudra to destroy the negativity in this Kali Yuga completely. Also to pray that if there is any negative within us it should be destroyed. If there is any negativity against Sahaja Yoga it should be destroyed.  Anywhere in our character and in our understanding, if there is any negativity, it should be destroyed. This is today’s message for you on Ekadasha Rudra.

May God bless you all.