Eyes can cure

Maison de la Mutualité, Paris (France)

1988-07-07 Eyes Can Cure, Paris France DP-RAW, 46'
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Public program, Maison de la Mutualité, Paris (France), July 7th, 1988

[First, last part of Realization process done by a French Sahaja Yogi Michel C.]

[Shri Mataji’s arrival at 10:43]

[Talk starts at 15:20]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, I would like to apologise for getting late but I think Paris is a place where you can never reach on time, because of the traffic. My visit to Paris has been so many times and I have met really very wonderful people who are seeking the truth.

But I think the problem is, we do not know what is the truth, what is the reality. We have certain concepts in our mind and we believe that must be the reality. But the truth is truth, it is no concept. And a scientist would keep their mind open. So, I would request you to keep your mind open to what he has told you about. Because if what he has told you can be proved, then you can accept it as something fundamentally true. But before that, it is hypophysis.

As I’ve said many a times, the knowledge of the West has been like the knowledge of the tree. But one has to know the roots. Because if we do not find our roots, the tree will collapse. This mechanism that you saw, within you, is like a computer being made within you, during your evolution. Only thing, it has to be connected to the mains. That is yoga, that’s the union.

It is said that there is a Power of divine love which is all-pervading, in all the scriptures. In the Quran, we call it ‘Ruḥ’. In Sanskrit, they call it ‘Chaitanya’. In the Christian religion also is said that there is an ‘All-pervading Power of God’. In the same way, in all the religions it has been said that you have to have your second birth. But second birth is not an artificial thing. If you are believers of reality then you must know that really there should be a second birth in you. Like a little egg becomes a transformed bird, in the same way, we have to get our transformation. If somebody says that, “You are a person who is twice born” or announces that, “I’m twice born”. You must verify.

What is the speciality of a person who is twice born? The first and foremost thing of a person who is twice born is, that in his awareness, he is collectively conscious. That means on his fingertips, he can feel the centres that are described here about himself and about others. Now, if that is so, then one has to know through the fingertips what the situation is within yourself and without.

Now such people who say they are twice born, have not such knowledge. They just certify themselves that, “We are baptised” or “We are twice born” or “We are brahmin” but they are not collectively conscious. So, in the human awareness itself, a new dimension is manifested. That manifestation of the human awareness is something which you can find out, you can prove it, you can see for yourself. It is the last breakthrough of our evolution. And when it happens, then you find within yourself a kind of a peace trickling down onto your nerves. You become a witness as described in the Bible. You become- you become! Again, it’s not just a certificate or a kind of a feeling or a mental projection. But you become a witness. And by that you start seeing the whole thing as a drama. Because your Spirit is the one who comes into your attention.

Now this attention becomes effective. A person who is a twice born person can with his attention do lots of benevolent things which we cannot do normally.

As Christ has said that, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”, your eyes become so pure and so compassionate that if you look at someone with those compassionate eyes, you can cure that person. You can give peace to that person. And you can also give Realisation. This is the time when it has to happen for us to find out the reality about ourselves. So the truth is we are, we are the Spirit. And all the beauty of the Spirit and the glory of that Spirit, we have to experience that.

So, this is the time we don’t have to feel guilty about anything. Not to feel that we have done this wrong and that wrong and count our mistakes. After all, God Almighty is full of compassion. He is the ocean of compassion. And what mistakes can you commit that this ocean cannot dissolve? You are, after all, human beings and if you commit mistakes, what’s wrong with it? So, first of all, before getting your Realisation, I would request you to have a very pleasant feeling towards yourself.

I can’t forget the first time I addressed the people of Paris. They told Me, “Mother, never say that you are a happy person, that you feel the joy. Because here everybody thinks they’re miserable”. So, I addressed them as ‘Les Misérables’ [Laughter].
This is a wrong idea we have about ourselves. Actually, we are just on the threshold of entering into that beautiful area of God’s realm. But when we see all around us, all kinds of horrible things, we just don’t understand how can we be near God.

Actually, in these modern times, it’s predicted that people will be so frustrated and so unhappy, that earnestly they will seek the truth and they will find it. And that time has come. And that’s how I call it the blossom time. And so that, you all have to have your Self-realisation. That is your right to have it.

Of course, this is a living process of a living energy and you cannot pay for it. It is your own right to have it and you should have it! Why should you pay for something which is your own right? Also, because it is a living process, you don’t have to do any effort about it. It’s spontaneous. Just like these flowers we see they’re so beautiful, how spontaneously they have come out! In the same way, you have to get transformed into your own beauty and glory spontaneously. That spontaneity is called as ‘Sahaja’. ‘Saha’ is with and ‘ja’ is born, is born with you this right, it’s your birth right! It is your birth right to get your Realisation.

[Cut in the video]

At the very outlet, I have to tell you, that you have to be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. We’re not to find faults with ourselves, but know that you are the temple, only the light has to come through. So, in no way we should feel degraded. Or in any way that you cannot get your Realisation, a kind of a diffidence. And just forget the past because it doesn’t exist at this moment. It’s now finished.

It’s the most important time and you don’t have to worry about things that have happened before. Nor will you think of the future because the future doesn’t exist. So, the present is the point and whatever has happened, has happened and whatever is going to happen, will happen. At this moment, what’s going to happen is your Self-realisation. That is what you have to achieve. That is what you have to get.

I will of course tell you now, how you can also raise your own Kundalini. Because if even the kundalini pierces through, you have to look after it and keep it along there. [Above Sahasrara].

So, I will tell you how you can also raise your Kundalini and while doing that, you will get your Realisation. Now a simple thing I would request you, if you don’t mind, we have to take off our shoes because we want to feel the help of the Mother Earth, if you don’t mind. This Mother Earth is so kind that she sucks in our problems, very fast.

[Realisation starts]

Now, you have to put both your hands on your laps. Your right hand is the hand for your power of action. But the left hand is for your desire. You put the left hand on your lap like this, expressing your desire to get Realisation. Comfortable, you have to be comfortable. You need not raise your head up very much or low. Just be comfortable.
If you find anything tied or anything you find uncomfortable, you can just loosen it out.

Now the right hand is to be used for releasing your centres. Left hand is all the time like this and the right hand is to be used on the left-hand side of your body. So, to begin with, you have to put the right hand, first of all, on your heart. You are good, on your heart. Now, in the heart resides the Spirit. So, the first thing we do is to put it on the heart.

Then we put our hand on the upper part of our abdomen, on the left-hand side. Here is the centre which is for the mastery.
All the masers have created this centre for you. It is to be awakened so that you become your own master.

Now the same hand has to be taken down below on the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard. This is on the left-hand side. Now this centre is for the of the laws that are divine. So, you have to have the pure knowledge about them, not mentally but on your nervous system. As you can say this is hot or cold, you will be able to say whether this is good or bad. So, you have to have the pure knowledge of the Divine.

[Cut in the video]
[Shri Mataji receives the seekers individually].
[41:35 Shri Mataji leaves the hall].