Absolute truth can be found after Self Realization

Maison de la Mutualité, Paris (France)

1988-07-08 Public Program Day 2, Paris, France, Opt, 86'
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1988-07-08 Public Program - Shri Mataji Working on seekers, Paris France DP-RAW, 33'
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Public Program Day 2, Paris (France), 8 July 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

As I told you yesterday that truth is truth, and cannot be changed, or cannot be molded and cannot be organized. And if we are the seekers of truth, we have to keep our minds open about it. Absolute truth you can only find after Self Realization. Because the self itself, your Spirit itself is the embodiment of truth. When you achieve your Realization as you did yesterday so many of you, you felt a cool breeze in your hand, and you felt the cool breeze all over.

This is the subtle cool breeze or the subtle All-pervading power of Divine love. It’s described in all the religions. But you have to establish yourself in your state of Self Realization, so that you can feel it all the time. Also you should know, what all this fingertips when they emit a kind of a sensation maybe burning, maybe cool, maybe frozen, what does that mean.

Also one has to know that your vibrations, your personality, is to be felt on your fingers. Also the personality of others is to be felt on your fingertips. So how to differentiate, this also you have to learn. Once you know what is the problem with you, what is the center catching in you, you should also know how to correct it. Also you should know how to raise the Kundalini of others, how to give them Realization. Also you should know how to use your enlightened attention in a proper way.

Then you rise in your innate morality, nobody has to tell you, “Do this or do that.” Your Spirit becomes your guide. For example, somebody will come and say, “Mother, I don’t know what to do, my right Agnya is catching here, on the fingertip here, right Agnya, here.” Now that means, that means that this gentleman is suffering from terrible ego. But normally, nobody will go and say, “I’m suffering from ego,” to a doctor. But [there/they] are problems of ego, and once you start seeing them clearly, then you understand that it’s better that you get rid of it. But in Sahaja Yoga, we do not fight with the ego. There are very simple methods of moving your hands, by which you can [inaudible], and thus come to a balance. So balance is very important, and balancing yourself means you become innately religious.

Now, most of the diseases are caused by imbalances within us. Human nature is such that we go always to extremes. So in Sahaja Yoga, you yourself understand how to come to balance. And you love to do that, because then you can enjoy the cool breeze, and you can enjoy the joy within yourself.

Today let us see the physical side. On the physical and emotional side, we have two channels as you can see clearly, one is the blue, another is the yellow. Now on the – if you see the center which is yellow, there of the Swadishthana Chakra, this is in modern times, very much in imbalance, this is the center which looks after on the gross level, to the Aortic plexus within us. Now this center has a very important work to do, and the important work it has to do is to convert the fat cells from your stomach, to be supplied for your brain gray cells. And the other things it has to do, is to look after your liver, your pancreas, your spleen, your kidneys.

Now, those people who are thinking too much, planning too much, are of a futuristic nature, use their right side too much. Because this right side caters for the future. So as a result of that, the brain cells, which are used for thinking, are to be replaced. Now when they are to be replaced, this Swadishthana Chakra has to work it out very fast. Now, when you have to do one job too much, other jobs are neglected.

Right side, or we can say the right side channel, of Pingala Nadi, looks after your future, looks after your physical and your mental activity. Now, due to this imbalance a person who is very futuristic may suffer from very severe liver trouble. [Our/Ah] liver trouble can be of two kinds, one when it is a lethargic liver, or it is an overactive liver. When the liver is out, you develop so many symptoms and doctors cannot cure it.

Now this is the sun light. And when it gets exhausted, you don’t like the sun much. But out of fashion you may go for sunbathing. Actually your body can’t bear it. And that’s how you develop the skin cancer. What is important is to keep a balanced life, in relationship to what problems you have.

The problem also we have is this that, anybody who suggests to us that going out and see if something’s good, everybody must go. It won’t suit some people at all. Also there is no need to burn your skin, but we go to extremes. This liver problem can end up with a cirrhosis of liver. But it doesn’t finish there, because once the liver goes out, you get heated up. There’s too much heat in the body. All the poison of the body becomes the heat which is absorbed or which is sort of neutralized by liver. But as it gets heated up, this [?] this liver does not have time to do any of these things.

So those who have a bad liver, are very irritable, hot temper people. They don’t know how to smile. You have to go near them with a barge pole, because you don’t know when they will jump at you, or at least bark. They have no patience. This is the minimum. But then you have another problem, which is much more serious. That this heat melts your phlegm, as a result of that you get a permanent cold and hay fever. Also the heat can get to the lungs by which you might develop asthma. You get sinus, you get sneezing, some people can get up with at least twenty sneezing in the morning. And there’s a very simple way of curing all diseases in one shot.

Now if it’s a lethargic liver, the other way on the left hand side, then you develop a kind of personality, which is very allergic. And all kinds of allergies come in. I’ll explain to you little later how allergies come in. These imbalances within us, on every center create problem.

For example a person is a very active person, overactive person. And also he is very hectic, then the organ what we call as spleen, becomes also very nervous because it has to produce red blood corpuscles to attempt to your emergencies. Any emergency you create, the poor spleen has to start pumping the RBCs (Red Blood Corpuscles). But if you are hectic, it does not know how to act at what time, it thinks it’s a crazy person with whom it’s dealing. And then you develop a serious disease called leukemia. you’ll become vulnerable first and then you’ll become a patient of leukemia. Now Sahaja Yoga has definitely cured many leukemia patients.

Now, in the modern times, we are seeking joy, and we don’t get joy, because we are not the Spirit. It’s only through Spirit, you can really enjoy, and get the satisfaction of enjoyment. But as we are not the Spirit, we are seeking the joy everywhere. We get desperate and we look out for sensations. We like to read news, which is very sensational. But you might end up with leukemia. We get very attractive towards things which are sensational, the music, or may be the kind of we can say, the kind of life which is sensational which gives you sensations. Even injections and things people like to do, or want to pierce their noses with the pins or all these things. They don’t know what to do with themselves.

They cut their hair half way, they paint their hair, I don’t know, they shave themselves up, they look like pantomimes. They do all kinds of things just to get sensation. I mean there’s no end to it. Then they also are busy with the different fashions, people are producing. Now this is another madness, because the entrepreneurs have to produce fashions, because they’ve got machines, and they don’t know what to do with their machines.

So I think they are hand in gloves with the doctors, because they produce dresses which will definitely give you diseases. That’s a racket I think. They give, I mean, a sort of a – something for the hair so you become bald, so then they can sell their wigs. But we should have our own personality.

If we are like, just like a grass on the surface of the sea moving. If somebody comes and hit, you go that side or that side all the time moving like that, then where is your personality? Now for example, these days the fashion is not to put the oil in the hair. This is definitely going to make you mad. Because either you loose your hair, and there won’t be anything that will soothe the heat of the head. And ultimately, you’ll find you are crazy.

I mean, about twenty years back, or thirty years back, all French people used to put lot of oil and make nice hair. I belong to that generation. So like that, so many things we must understand, are just to sell things. So we have to scrutinize and find out what is what, why should we do this?

So we go to another organ called the pancreas. Because of our over activity of the Swadishthana to transform the fat into gray cells. What we find that our pancreas is neglected. As a result of that, you get diabetes. You don’t get diabetes because of sugar. Not at all. In the Indian villages, the farmer, will see that his spoon should stand straight at right angle in the sugar before he takes his tea. And they never get diabetes. The reason is they don’t waste energy in thinking, thinking, thinking. They only accept life as it is, and live very happily.

So it is avoiding sugar, which is another nonsensical idea. Specially for a liver patient, it is important to take sugar. We have cured so many people’s liver by just giving them sugar. Now, there are so many such ideas, which are pushed into the society, and people start accepting it by which they lead into troubles.

Now the other problem that you get is the kidney problem. The kidney problem comes in because of the same heat. Because of the heat, the kidney becomes constricted and you cannot get any urine. This is in the extreme case, but even earlier, you get high-blood pressure. But in the extreme, when you cannot get any, what you call urine, then you are on the machines. Now so many doctors supposing have purchased the machines. They’ve purchased expensive machines, so now, even if you are all right, they will put you on the machine, because they have to make money. They have spent so much money buying the machines. There is no need to go on to any machine if you know how to work it out.

So now, I’ll have to tell you, in general about the psychosomatic diseases we suffer from. Psychosomatic diseases, I would say will be, one of them is cancer, which they say is not curable. Now to tell you the truth, it is like this is our spinal cord. This is the left, this is the right, and in the center here, is the Chakra. Now when you start using your energy too much, it goes to the left or to the right. Supposing you start using your right side too much, so what happens, it just get separated, or it becomes constricted. And when it becomes constricted, there’s a very little space in between. Sometimes it’s completely closed. So there is no relationship with the whole, so the cells start working on their own, they become arbitrary. They start growing without any relationship to other cells. But this doesn’t happen only with the right side. With the right side activity, you become vulnerable.

But now from the left side, from the collective subconscious, there are proteins, which enter into your system. Doctors as usual give them names, you see. They say protein 53, protein 58. But these are all the dead things, which lie in our collective subconscious.

Even virus is the same, is the dead vegetable which has gone out of the circulation of human being. It is the dead plants, which has gone out of the circulation of the evolution. Now, this, all these things can enter into your system and can activate all kinds of psychosomatic problems, which are not curable.

Also the people who suffer mentally, are left sided people. I don’t know, you see this English language is funny, because mental also means mad, people who are suffering from the [], we can say from the manas, and another is that it is also an intelligent people, also do mental work, I don’t know how it is, but both the same are the same in English language. I don’t know about French, but in English, Spirit is the Atma is the Spirit, a spirit is alcohol, spirit is a dead body, dead identity.

So I mean, the people, when I say, those people mentally means those people who are sick in mind. Now those people who goes schizophrenic or mad, all of them have moved toward the left side. On the left side resides the subconscious of today, the subconscious of yesterday, the subconscious of previous lives, and the collective subconscious.

And the right side, you have also the same way, the supra-conscious, means the future of today, the future of the past, what you thought in the future, and also the collective sub conscious [sub-conscious or supra-conscious?] where all the futuristic people have died, are there. So all these people are, I would say all this identities are there within us.

So when you go to some fake Guru, what he does is to tell you a name. Now you start taking the name, and you are driven to your collective sub conscious. Because that might be the name is one of the dead entities whom this Guru knows. Or he might have controlled through his science of the death. And he may just mesmerize you. And you just go on giving money to him, go on giving your wife to him, your house to him, children to him. And you are, and you are ending up as a recluse. They may say anything, they may have any brand, they might say, “It is a spiritual music.” They may say that, “We give you this power of flying in the air.” They may tell you all kinds of stories. Somebody might say, “I’ll give you diamonds.” These are all mesmerism, and that is how we get lost. And end up our life without having any knowledge about yourself, or about reality.

There are people who are honest, who call it a witchcraft, they call it a voodoo, and all that, but these are dishonest people, who are very clever and they camouflage. And in the west, they are very vulnerable. They get so enamored, by all these nonsensical talks, and the funny rituals.

It has to be understood, that all the saints in the past have described who is a realized soul. And who is a Satguru means who is the real Guru. The one who makes you meet [Hindi or Sanskrit word?] Divine, who makes you meet the Divine is the one who is real. I know they have used your ignorance to built their mansions and palaces and billions and billions of their money. But you had Christ before you, he never took any money. He was the son of a carpenter, he lived like a carpenter. If you are a king, you live like a king. You don’t take others money, and live on other people’s money and befool them. But they do not end up there. They give you diseases, they give you heart attacks, they give you ulcers, stomach pains, cancers. All those psychosomatic diseases can come through them.

So you all have to be very careful, and when you go to anyone of them, you should really verify what have you got out of it. I am a Mother, so I’ll say, “My child, what did your Guru give you when he took all the money?” And then you’ll say “nothing, he’s emptied my purse, that’s all.” So be careful, I’ve told this many a times before, from 1970 I’ve been telling their names even. You’ll end up with horrible diseases.

But one has to be careful, you have to use your discretion. Now in life also, as it is, we always go into terrible hectic, and sensational and I would say extreme lives. And in moving in that extreme manner, what do we do? We try to harm ourselves. This is also about all the religions, which are man made. All the religions are man made, they are not made by God. God came, in a way, [he/they?] came as incarnations as we can say, Christ came as son of God. That’s the only truth they tell. But they have nothing to do with Christ at all. They never tell you the truth, what they tell you, what they want to tell you to make some money out of it.

Nobody has to live on the earnings of anything in which you are talking about God. But what you have to understand, that if you are doing God’s work, you have to do it free. Because God’s work is living work. But if you are not equipped, you cannot certify someone that now you are the Mullah, you are the priest, you are the Brahmin. That you cannot do, that’s false certificate. The authority has to come from the Divine.

Now in religion also when we go to extremes, we become quite mad. Like in the protestant religion, they have so many things like Pentecostal where people are really mad. In Catholicism we have got something that we call as rosicrucian. I’ve seen those mad people, and also the other one is charismatic. When they come in the program, they start jumping, they start crying, weeping, they faint. It had happened here in Paris once.

If you become a Divine person, you are very normal. You do not behave like a stupid idiotic mad fellow. You don’t jump and gesticulate, in a manner that anybody can do who becomes mad. God is sensible, He’s not nonsense. So those people who try to impress you by their all funny gesticulations and things like that, and say they are Godly, don’t believe these stupid fools.

Also there are people who are calling themselves .., they stand on Oxford street and are singing songs and things and wearing these dhotis is all falling out, and the saris falling out and everybody laughing at them. And then they shave their heads and put that, what you call is the [shindi?] see the [bhodi?] we call it, that you get it in the supermarket you just stick it. You cannot stick Divine, with these artificial things. But if you are identified this with this kind of a thing, then how can anybody tell you about reality.

All such extremes make you really very sick. A fellow came to Me and he was saying hare Rama, hare Krishna, and he had cancer of the throat. So I told him that now will you tell Me how when did you get it? He answered hare Rama, hare Krishna. He says, he didn’t say anything, he wrote it, “I cannot say anything else but hare Rama, hare Krishna, that’s all.” He has forgotten everything else. This is such a bad name in the name of Divinity. Is really a kind of a craze is a quite a Mafia I think, the way people are taking to these false things.

I know they are so many from India, and I’m really ashamed of it. They came in the West because you have money. Thank God Indians are poor but sensible. They knew they cannot prosper in India.

All right, so now we come to the extremes of religion like you can see the Islam’s fighting each other, the Christians fighting each other. Everybody fighting in the Name of God. The Sikhs are fighting the Hindus, the Hindus are fighting the Muslims. All the time they are fighting in the Name of Divinity. But when you become a Divine person you become, you become again I say, collectively conscious. That you can feel others and you can feel yourself within yourself. Then who is the other to fight? You don’t fight with your nose, you don’t fight with your ears. When you become part and parcel of the whole, whom do you fight? Then again in the same way we have all kinds of theories to fight.

When human beings are very clever to find out theories how they can fight. Animals also fight but they don’t have theories. Human beings Now for example have got democracy and communism as a theory. Democracy is left sided and communism is right sided. Democracy is money oriented and communism is power oriented. Now one wants power another wants money.

So in democracy individual is important and not the collective. So you go on indulging into your individual desires and you can make the money the way you like. After all money is most important. Even if the women have to sell their bodies, is all right after all they are making money.

I heard a horrible thing today that there are 8’000 children who are selling their body in Paris. But once you accept that money is so important, you start using any method to make money. There’s no value, there’s no reason, there’s no idealism. Also there is no consideration of others. There is no sharing, and such an aggressiveness. If somebody has money, he thinks he has a right to [be aggressive/aggress ?], and that is how the collective suffers. Everything has individual freedom.

I went to America in 1973 first and told them that you are going to get AIDS. And nobody would come to My program. Because I said this unbridled movement towards immorality is going to ruin you. Because in democracy you must pamper their ego. Now somebody is say, eating the poison, you must say that’s very good you can go on, eat the poison. You should never say something that would challenge their ego. Because you won’t get any votes. So go on pampering their ego till they are finished.

On the contrary, on the other side that is communism, what they do is to neglect the individual. Individual is not important, the collective is important. And under that theory they try to manipulate, they try to overpower the individual. Both things are equally wrong. Because if an individual is so arbitrary and so malignant he can ruin the whole society. He’ll ruin the collective. But if the collective is so important, the individual will be ruined.

But in Sahaja Yoga you develop your individuality. [a part of the talk is not registered]

But in cancer at one part say a nose will become like that big. So the balance is established between an individual and a collective. So apart from one thing that you improve physically and mentally, you become a very peaceful and a wise person. And you understand your relationship with the collective. And you work very hard to improve the collective.

I must say in France the work started in a very slow phase. And I have never visited any city more than I have visited Paris. The reason was the people from Paris who became Sahaja Yogis were so intense and wanted more people to get Realization. Why should we only few persons have it. All the time they were anxious that more people should get Realization. So I asked them why do you so much worried, it will take its own course. They said Mother in the Bible it is said only hundred and forty four thousand. And may be there’s no place left in the heaven for people from Paris.

And their anxiety, their intense feeling of the collective made Me really so much attached to Paris. All that has brought us today to so many people that have here. I am really overjoyed to see you all here. But if you have to seek the deep within yourself, you have to dedicate little time for that seeking. Of course no money is required. But you have to touch your depth within yourself.

Sahaja Yoga is not meant for frivolous people, nor for stupid or idiots. Is meant for people of courage. People of dignity. And who are honest and truthful and want to know the truth. So I have to request that even now if I get Realization – today you might get all of you Realization as you got yesterday and you might touch again the heavens, but you have to establish yourself very well.

Unless and until you have established yourself we do not even tell you the full truth. Because human beings cannot bear truth. They like falsehood but not truth. For example Christ said that He is the path and He is the light that He is the son of God. Which He was absolutely He was. But what they did to Him was to crucify Him instead of a robber. This is human beings are. So be careful, [when?] I would request you that only through transformation we can change this whole world.

It’s the human beings who have to change. No use changing clothes or anything. No need to wear any funny dresses. Or to announce, “I’m such and such.” It’s the inner transformation of reality where you are so beautiful, where you are compassion, you are true love. And you enter into the kingdom of God, where you are looked after, nourished and guided.

May God bless you all!

Yesterday we had too many questions and I think today we shouldn’t waste much time in questioning and answering. If you have any questions you can write them down and you can send it to our address and we’ll try to answer them. Now we should have another session of Kundalini awakening. Which will reestablish what you got yesterday. And those who have come for the first time will also get their Realization.

But when do you have your workshop? You could get address from them. And you could contact and meet them. In the beginning I feel that you people always find the Sahaja Yogis little.. sort of.. I should say much better than them. So we don’t like it that way. So I have to request all the Sahaja Yogis to be extremely humble and kind and nice to them. And explain things properly. Also we have a leader here, and you must learn to obey your leaders also. There are some young people who might be on an ego trip in Sahaja Yoga, you see because the door is open to everyone. Some of them are very right and matured, some are still getting matured. So I would request that new people not to get upset with them. But listen to the leaders and go ahead with your progress. Because what is important is your ascent.

So now I have to make a humble request that you people take out your shoes and put your both the feet on the Mother Earth. Those people who want to go can go. There’s no need to stay on. If you want to stay on, you please have your Realization. It will take about half – ten, fifteen minutes I think. Actually you cannot force it to anyone, you cannot force. It has to be done in your own freedom. Because you have to get the ultimate freedom, where you are not dominated by anything. No temptations, no habits, you become a free bird. So first of all your free will has to be respected, so that you get your wise free will later on.

All right. Now simple thing as we did yesterday, same thing we are going to do. And now as you’ve said, the left side is the power of desire. The left hand side, the emotional side, so you put your left hand on your lap like this and the right hand you have to use for the action.

So first you have to put your left hand like this towards Me and the right hand on your heart. As I’ve told you that Kundalini awakening cures all the diseases mental, physical. When the Kundalini goes in the Nabhi Chakra there, you see, your material problems are solved. All these problems are solved one after another as it pierces trough this Chakra.

So you put your hand on your heart where resides the Spirit. Then you put this hand in the upper part of your abdomen, which is the center of mastery. Then you put this right hand in the lower part of your abdomen, which is the center of pure knowledge. Then you go back put your hand again in the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side. Then you put it on the heart. And then you put it in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and put your head on the right hand side like this.

Here now when you put your head on the right, actually this is the center, which is caught when you feel guilty. Then you put your hand on your forehead across like this and press it on both the sides. This is the center of forgiveness. Then you put this right hand at the back side of your head and push back your head, let it rest. This is only for your satisfaction you can ask for forgiveness.

Then you stretch your hand like this and put the center of your palm on the fontanel bone area bend your head. And press, press the scalp, move it seven times. Stretch your fingers. That’s all we’ll have to do.

But now you [all?] have to close your eyes. I said the left hand should be towards Me. And the right hand to be used. The left hand towards Me. And the right hand to be used. Now please close your eyes but don’t open them till I have told you. You can even remove your spectacles because eyesight might improve. And if you have anything tied around your neck or around your waist or anyway makes you uncomfortable please try to be comfortable. You have to be comfortable.

Now don’t push back your head too much or push it back in front. Just be straight in a very comfortable manner. I have to really request you that you have to be very pleasantly placed towards yourself.

[Shri Mataji talks to the translator]

I mean you must love yourself. You must respect, and you must know that you are going into the most glorious state of your being. So there’s nothing to condemn yourself for anything that you have done. Now whatever you have done in the past is finished. At this time you are going to take off. So you don’t have to worry about your past forget it, forget it, forget it.

All right. Now place your left hand like this, right hand on your heart and please close your eyes. Please all of you close your eyes. Now please close your eyes, please close your eyes. All of you, please close your eyes. Put it on your heart. Here resides the Spirit. So you ask Me a very fundamental question as you would ask a computer. You may call Me Shri Mataji or you may call Me Mother, whatever you like, or whatever suits you. Now you ask Me a question, “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask this question three times. “Am I the Spirit? Am I the Spirit?” Three times.

Now please bring down your hand on to the upper part of your abdomen. On the left hand side. Now at this point you have to ask another question. If you are the Spirit you become your master. So ask Me another question, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times.

Now take down your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side. This is the center, which is for the true knowledge of the Divine. Here you have to ask for pure knowledge. Because I cannot force on you, I have to respect your freedom. Here you ask or you can say, “Mother, may I have the pure knowledge of the Divine?” This you have to say six times, because there are six petals to this center.

Now raise your hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. Here you have the center of your mastery. So please ask, or you can say with full confidence to help the Kundalini to rise, to open your center here, “Mother, I am my own master.” Please say this ten times.

Now raise your hand to your heart. Here resides the Spirit. With full confidence please say twelve times the fundamental truth about yourself that, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.”

Now please raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and the shoulder. And turn your head to the right. We have to know that Divine is the ocean of love and compassion and grace and bliss. But above all It is the ocean of forgiveness. So any mistakes you have committed can be dissolved into that ocean. Please turn your head to the right and say sixteen times with full confidence in yourself, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Please say sixteen times.

Now raise your hand onto your forehead please. And now press it on both the sides. And here you say from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Some of you might say that it is difficult to forgive. But whether you forgive or you don’t forgive – it’s a myth. So, it’s better to say, “I forgive,” so you don’t play into wrong hands. Please say it from your heart, it’s not how many times.

Now, please put this hand on the back side of your head, and push back your head. Here you have to say for your own satisfaction. Not to feel guilty, but for your own satisfaction, please say, “Oh Divine, if I have done any mistakes please forgive me.” For your own satisfaction again I am saying.

Now stretch your hand and put your center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area, bend your head and turn it with pressure seven times your scalp in clockwise manner. Slowly, very slowly. Press it hard, press it hard. Stretch out your fingers. Press your scalp. Here now again, I cannot take your freedom. So you have to say, “Mother, please may I have my Realization. Mother, please give me my Realization,” seven times. This you are asking the real baptism, not artificial.

Please take down your hand.