Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Intuition & Women

Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)


Informal Talk to women, Le Raincy ashram (France), 9 July 1988.

Shri Mataji: So, I hope you enjoy! [Unclear] are so nice! I should go for a wedding.
[A baby is crying] Leave him, it’s all right. Just come along. Why are you crying? You’re all right. Take my hand. All right? Come to take Me up.
Antonio [to the boy in French]: Help Shri Mataji to climb up the stairs.

Antonio. Lunch is ready.
[Sahaja Yoginis are serving food to Shri Mataji at the first floor.]

Shri Mataji: Hello.

[Cut in the video]

Shri Mataji: She’s married?
Patrick: No, no. She was on the list but she was not –
Shri Mataji: She’s not.
Patrick: She’s not.
Shri Mataji: Couldn’t get anyone. Sorry for that. Now the thing is, you see, mostly the boys are of a younger age and the girls are of an older age. And sometimes the difference is quite a lot. But still, we try, we try to accommodate and see if there is any way coming in and we find it. All right?

Why I asked him to talk to arrange a meeting with you people is this: because I’ve discovered that in Kali Yuga, especially in the West, the problem will be coming from the women. We have had a very bad problem in Australia, you must have heard about it. Have you heard about it? It’s a very serious problem. Now this wife has shown her ego so clearly. And She said, “I won’t listen to Mother, I know I’m bhootish and I can’t help it now anymore, and I want to disappear, with my parents I’ll live, I’ll take my children there, and do what you like. In case you want to have [the] children I will fight you”. Because of her, these children had meningitis, they were about to die, when I just was there I saved them. But when in a negative woman, the ego enters, then nobody can help.

I, being a woman, you see, I can come much closer to you people. And sometimes people start thinking that the ladies have a special relationship with Me. Same thing happened with James’ wife.
There is now a coming wife now, a new one who has come [Gavin’s wife]. It’s another horrible woman. And I don’t know what she is, how much she is going to destroy us and damage us. And she wouldn’t allow anybody to talk to her. She said, “I have a special relationship with Mother.” She wouldn’t listen to any leaders, nothing, and she did a horrible, horrible, horrible things. Still in the West, you see, all this ‘Women’s Lib’ and all these nonsensical ideas have gone into the heads of even Sahaja Yogis. It’s one of the conditionings they have: women’s lib, the liberation of women.
Patrick: Women Lib?
Shri Mataji: ‘Women’s Lib’, the liberation.

Now in Sahaja Yoga nobody can dominate you, because you are the Spirit and Spirit cannot be dominated. If you think you are dominated then know that you are not the Spirit. So now we have to understand we are women in Sahaja Yoga and we have to understand our balancing power.
As I’ve said many a time, there is a, they are like two wheels of a chariot, one on the left, one on the right. Now the left cannot be fixed on to the right, and right cannot be fixed on to the left. We are made like that, we are made by the Divine. But one should be very proud that you are women. I am very proud that I am a woman. Because women can perform so many things which men cannot do.

Woman is like the Mother Earth. So, and we can say, men are like the Sun. Both have to combine. But the Sun can be eliminated, but Earth cannot. The Sun is not there in the night, still we exist. But look at the Mother Earth, how much she can bear!
Shri Mataji [to Patrick]: So much she can bear.

See now, she is so sensible, she creates beautiful flowers, beautiful trees, everything for us with out any grudge. And moreover, that she nourishes us, despite the fact we are doing so many sins against her. But the Sun doesn’t want to become the Earth and Earth doesn’t want to become the Sun. Because they know they are stationed for a particular purpose.
Shri Mataji [to Patrick]: Again, bear.
Patrick: ‘De support’ [bearing].
Shri Mataji: Yes.

And also they should have lots and lots of love and compassion. Supposing without Me there was, supposing in My place, say there was Christ. He would have seen the condition of Sahaja Yogis He would have crucified Himself. Finished! Or if it was Krishna, He would have taken a Sudarshan in His hand and would have cut everybody ‘s’ heads. Finished! If it was Rama, He would have used His arrows and finished all of you. They would not have considered anything that you have to have patience, you have to look after, you have to bear, if you have to bear fruits.

So the women can only bear fruits. You can only produce children, which are Realized souls. But if you go on a ego trip, you are neither man nor woman, you become something in between, neither here nor there. You are good for nothing. So for a woman it doesn’t show, behove that she should be egoistical. It behoves better that she is more emotional. Like she could feel sad sometimes and sometimes the tears can come into her eyes. You see, even I start weeping sometimes when I am leaving you, I feel so sad. But I don’t take out My hand and say, “Sit down there, you do this, I don’t talk like that!” Do I? I never even raise My voices. That’s only men can do. Whatever they can do let them do it, what you can do, you can do. The absolute womanhood is the climax for you. The complete womanhood is the climax.

You should be an expert to be a woman, in cooking, in gardening, in looking after the people, in loving. And just that’s how you control everyone.
[To the translator who has difficulties to translate] Looking after – you see, you can be controlling everyone, not by nonsensical things as the men try to control, you see. Love is the best way to control anyone. But love means sacrifices. But after some time, you won’t feel any sacrifice. Once you start enjoying giving, then it is no more a sacrifice.

And this is what is very important, especially for French women, because they have been very dominating before. So, you have to now create a new tradition, a new age, a new personality.
[To the translator] A new personality. That personality that will give protection, nourishment, everything to children. And companionship and affections to your husbands. Women have been given so many qualities because their life style is more difficult than that of men.

So I have to make one request to you that you must try to make yourself into a proper Sahaja Yogini. I will say I’ll give all full credit to Indian women, because they have created a beautiful society. We have a Prime minister as a woman, but we had so many great warriors as women as leaders of the armies. But this was during wartime, not all the time, otherwise they were just housewives.

So, God has given you special qualities. If you want to improve on it, if you want to manifest them then you have to know that you are a woman and you have to be dignified like a woman. And that works out very well. Now supposing you are egoistical and you are quarrelsome and hot by temperament, then your children will take after you. They don’t, they don’t take after the father. They take after the mother. So that is why the Indian society is so good, society is excellent. But Indian men are hopeless. They have made a mess of our politics, mess of our economics. But at least maybe your [French] men are better, I don’t know that. I must say they are at least they are milder people than Indian, the men are very dominating, very dominating. But we just laugh, you know, we know that’s their nature is you see, just like a child tries to dominate, the husband also tries to dominate. And if they dominate somebody else they will be beaten up, so they want to dominate us. [Shri Mataji laughts] Or else, where should they take out their temper? Yes.

So, it’s nice that they are taking on us, otherwise outside they will be beaten up! If you find any man to be very quiet and nice then know that his wife must be having a bad time. [Shri Mataji laughts] [A Sahaja Yogini Marie translates this part because the Patrick has just become speechless.]
So, you should just make a fun out of it and shouldn’t take it so seriously and you should know that you have much more bearing power and you know how to handle the situation and you are much wiser and much collected.
[Shri Mataji to Marie.]
Will you do it Marie? You tell them. If he’s a little embarrassed, you’d better tell. [Laughter. Marie translates now]
So life becomes a fun. And you see men will remain men, women will remain women, whatever dress you may wear. You have to be what you are. But once you know what you are you will enjoy yourself. Men will always see the watches. Women will be always late.
Sahaja Yogi: The flight has been delayed of 25 minutes Shri Mataji.
[Laughter. Applause]
Shri Mataji: He was seeing the watch. [Shri Mataji laughs.]
Don’t keep it. I do those tricks with My husband also. [Shri Mataji laughs.]
See the fun.
You see, sometimes he is so particular. I am going and he is after My life, you see. “You better go now, better go now.” I say: “I am going, you are not going, why are you looking at your watches.” And whenever he goes with Me, he does the same. Then always the plane is 2 hours late. And he never knows. Then he goes to the airport. Then he finds out 2 hours late. Then we are hanging there in the air.
Yes, Yes, about My husband only.
And sometimes he is going with Me just to leave Me, you see, there. I tell him, don’t come. But he’ll come and he will go on after My life. “You’re getting late, you’re getting late.” Then the plane will be 3 hours late. [Laughter.]
It is like that. So, it’s such a fun. Life is, make it a beautiful life.
No use quarrelling, fighting, becoming obstinate. These are not good things.

And also it’s nice if some husband says that, “Do this”. “All right I will do it” say that. Now you do it yourself, you will like it to do something like that, no harm. Or even the leader says, “You should do something”. But if you go on saying no, no to everything, then he gets fed up with you. And there is no grace.
So, why to create problems? Now say, supposing somebody puts some paper [wallpaper] here, all right. Now supposing I put some paper, but supposing My husband doesn’t like it. So he will say, “All right please remove this paper”. Now wise woman will say, “All right I will remove it. When should I do it?” “Tomorrow there is a party, so you can’t remove. All right. Day after tomorrow we are going away, so you can’t remove. All right we will do it after three days”. Within three days the people who come to the party will definitely say, “What a nice paper!” All the ladies will say, because it’s a ladies’ taste. You see, men want to make an office, you see. So they will come, what a nice paper what a nice- then husband will say, “You better keep it, it’s very nice I think”.
That’s how they are.

So, you understand how, you must know how to handle. That’s, that’s a beauty a woman has, she knows how to handle the situation. If she does not know how to handle the situation and then she just starts just jumping at husband, jumping at children, that that shows she is not capable. And the capacity of a woman is how she handles the situation, brings for the peace in the family, how she makes everybody feel comfortable and happy. You see how she we can say articulate with other people, how she makes them feel comfortable, her home is her domain. And in that, you see, some women are experts. And that’s what you have to make your daughters also. This is how we are going to have Sahaja Yoga women.
We don’t want Joan of Arcs just now. But they have to be very brave, courageous, and compassionate personality.
And you must listen to your leaders. I have so many complaints sometimes. I cannot attend to you directly. We have tried leadership with ladies, doesn’t work out. Marie herself [the translator] was a leader, she gave up. She said, “I don’t want to be a leader, give it to any one.” She gave up. Now we have one Christine as a leader. The other day only she telephoned to Me: “Mother will You please give it to somebody else.” [Laughter.] Because she realizes, you see, that to handle these men is better to have a man, only to handle them. [Shri Mataji laughs.]
Now, men are more intelligent, no doubt, but women have intuition. But you don’t have to argue. It will happen, the way you have intuition will happen and they will learn a lesson. So, that you don’t assert yourself, it will all work out the way you like, because you have intuition, you have understood what’s going to happen. And you’ll be amazed how it will work out. All right, So now any questions.

Sahaja Yogini: [Inaudible.]
Shri Mataji: What is it? Ask Joseph [?]
Sahaja Yogi: She would like to know what You mean by intelligence.
Shri Mataji: Intelligence.
Intelligence is gross. Say for example, with intelligence they will say that we are getting late, we have to go, with intelligence [rationality], with the watch and all this. But by intuition you will know we are not going to be late. So you develop your intuition, not intelligence. You see the trouble is, you try to compete them with intelligence. By argument you will say, “No there are three minutes”. They will say, “Two minutes”. You will say, “Three minutes”. “Two minutes”. Yes, that’s it.
But actually what you should say, “All right lets see, three minutes, all right, lets see, lets see”, like that. And then he finds really what you said is true!
You just have to say once. Finished. After that he says, “All right, all right”. You should say, “All right we will go this way”. He’ll go further: “I think we are going wrong, I think what you said was right, we had to go this way”. [Shri Mataji laughs.]

In Sahaja Yoga, all these men and women, I have managed through My intuition. But the intuition of women in the West is very poor I must say, because they are very argumentative. So, you see, the special quality with this intuition must be developed. All right? Now see the difference, because you are deep, you are much deeper. In evolution you are higher, no doubt. But you start competing with them and also enslaving them quite a lot. Like this culture in this, where we see all the women exposing their body just to attract men, all the time attract the men is what? Why should you attract men?
Always trying to have your exposure of your body just to please men, why? Why should we do that? Why should we expose our body?

There’s a story Ravindranath has written where there is a writer, you see, he was writing a story, a love story. So he asked his wife, “Supposing before marriage if I had come and asked you that you elope with me, what you would do?” She said, “I will, I would have reported to police immediately”. [Shri Mataji laughs.]
Ravindranath Tagore writing this story about a writer. That’s what it is. You see, so you keep your dignity.
You see the way women expose themselves, run after men, then how can we complain there is rape and all that, I mean we want it as if it’s the way we want, as if we want all this attention of men, dirty attention of men.

But Sahaja Yoginis are not like that. They are dignified. They have their own, they have their own poise and they have respect for themselves, because they are Yoginis. They have light above their head. They are special people. So we have to really de-condition ourself a little bit. Especially the ego part, which is very, very developed in the West should be brought down by women.
I’ll tell you one incident how I brought down the ego of a saint once. Once, you know, I went to see some saint who was living in a very high mountain. He was an evolved soul, but a man, you see, so he had some ego I think in him. [Shri Mataji laughs.]
So it started raining very heavily and it would not stop. And it was said that this saint could control the rain. And he got very upset when I went up there, he was just going on like this, like that, feeling very bad about the whole thing that he could not control the rain. So he came later on, when I went and sat down I was all drenched, you see. So he came and he touched My feet, of course that he did. But then he said: “Mother why did You not allow me to control the rain? Is it that You wanted to control my ego?” I said, “No, not at all. I didn’t want to control your ego by any chance.”
“Then why did You not allow me to stop the rain?”
So I said, “The problem is like this. You are a saint and a sanyasi you see and you bought a saree for Me and I can’t take a saree from a sanyasi. But if I get drenched then I can easily take the saree.” Very sweetly I told him. So he said, “You know I have a saree for You.” And he didn’t know what to answer. Then I told him that, “You regard Me as Adishakti, isn’t it.”
“Yes, yes,” he said. “Yes I do. You have greater powers.”
I said, “That’s not the point. But when I was coming I thought if the rain flows over My body then the whole thing will get vibrated and you will have a very lush area here. That’s why I wanted to do that.” And he was completely paralyzed down below, you see, but he got hold of My feet and started crying. He said, “My Mother, please forgive me.”

See this is what intelligence is and this is what intuition is. All right? So try to develop your intuition and always say yes to every thing, but whatever you know will happen. But we, if we decide:” No this should happen like this, it must be like this, it must be like that”, if you go on like that, you see then you will make everybody miserable and you will be miserable. Now if you have kept the cup like this, then you will say no like this. Then husband will come and put like that. Then you will keep it like that. Go on like that, you see. But if you are a real woman you said all right keep it like that only, all right, keep it. So immediately all the Ganas will come to help you. Either he will spill the whole tea on himself or he will break the ear of the cup. That’s how the Ganas will help you. [Shri Mataji laughs.]

So you are the Devis. You see they will all look after you. If you want to be men, half way and there, why should the Ganas be bothered about such half people? I’ve tried that, many a times I’ve tried that [Shri Mataji laughs.] And I’ve seen people, you see, try to show off too much and they just don’t know how they get lost ultimately, you see. So the main thing is, that you develop your intuition and leave it to your intuition and whatever is your intuition will come true, because intuition is coming from the Ganas. So the left side is to be developed in a way for Ganas to be pleased. And once you develop the Ganas with you, no body can touch you.

See today we had gone out and the car was kept there, it was all locked. And I had a very expensive sweater and an extremely expensive shawl inside the car. And suddenly intuition came into My head and I asked them, “Have you really locked the car properly?” They said, “Yes.” I said: “Better see.” But they said, “Yes, all right.” But, when we went into the car they said, “Where is the Radio?” So Patrick started looking in his pocket you see. [Shri Mataji laughs.]
They started searching here and there. I said that, “The thief is not going to leave it in the car. He must have taken it away”. But all My things were intact. [Shri Mataji laughs.]
Ganas must have beaten them, “Don’t touch this.” Because these are much more expensive than that, but still nobody touched it.

And they [men] have many deficiencies, which are very interesting, like they always forget things. Always! [Laughter.]
Forget, this they will leave there, this they will leave there, that they will forget. You see that’s their specialty. You give them the key, “Oh you never give me the key!” they will say. “All right. I never gave you the key”. All right? So then he- now My husband is very tall. So I see everything above [below] six feet: “and there it is”.
So, it’s very interesting, isn’t it? So you should be calm and quiet and collected. Collected together. And then you will see how all the Ganas are with you. And after sometime, your husband will be walking behind you in every way, in money matters, in everything.
Right, we had lots of profit in our house, you see. So My husband gave Me some money and kept his money very nicely, some sort of a God knows, he said, “We’ll get a big interest this that”. I said: “All right. It’s all right”. And I bought a house a little, small little part of the Hounslow house. And the house has now achieved the price seven times. And his savings now are not even one fourth of what I have. So it’s not even one fourth now his savings are.
So now he is saying, “Should I buy a house? If You say I will buy a house.”
I said, “Not now, because it’s the highest price. It is the highest price now.”
He said, “How do You know economics?”
“Just intuition.”
He is an honours of economics and he’s got gold medals, imagine!
They are so intelligent that they lack common sense and practical sense. See they have one type of a dress they go on wearing it. You can change so many times, do this. They have no time. They are gross people.
Common sense they don’t have. So you are a complement to them. They are good at laws and regulations and things. There you must accept what they are saying. And if they say: “Do this and do that” you must accept, because they know that part. They are conversant with that part and should never argue. You cannot achieve anything after with arguments. All right?
Now this is for one question. Now which is the other one?
Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. All right? So everybody seems to be happy now. We have to get the Ganas on our side. All right?
May God bless you.