Imbalances within us

Munich (Germany)

1988-07-11 Imbalances within us, Munich, Germany, DP, 139' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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1988-07-11 Midnight after Public Program in Munich, Germany, 18'
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Public Program Day 1

(Sahaja Yogi talks in German)

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It is important for all of us to know that we do not know absolute truth. One person says something, another person says something, and we don’t know where to look. We don’t know whom to believe and whom to understand. Also, whatever I’m telling you, you need not take Me for granted. But keep your minds open, as scientists. In case what I say is proved, then you have to accept it as law, not because I say this is so, this is so. Now, you have heard about the chakras that are within us and the centers that govern us. Now, this knowledge is the knowledge of the roots. This instrument has come out of the knowledge of the tree. But there is another instrument within us about which you have already heard. Then one may ask: If there is such an instrument within us, why do we commit mistakes, why do we have collective mistakes also? And why it is that we all do not have understand absolute truth? And why there are so many different ideas and theories in this world? And why do we have this instrument within all of us? But this instrument, which is within us, is not connected to the mains. That’s why it is not working out. It has to be connected to the mains. And to connect it to the mains is possible today, may not have been few years back. So we have to get this instrument working all right. As you can see on both the sides, we have left and right side of energy flowing, which gives rise to imbalances within ourselves. These two energies of left and right side give rise to two sympathetic nervous systems: of left side and right side. But the central energy, which is looking after our balance, is the parasympathetic nervous system. For example, if you run fast, you can increase… you… you can increase the beat of you heart. But you cannot reduce and bring it to normal. So the first one, when we increase it, the sympathetic works; and second one, when it decreases automatically, is the parasympathetic. Now, this parasympathetic is beyond our control. Now, due to these imbalances within ourselves, we develop so many problems. The first problem we have is of physical being. When there is imbalance within us, [a center gets] blocked. Now, how the cancer is caused is when… this is the center in the… in here, in the centre, then it’s the left side and the right side sympathetic working. And who are in contact with the central nervous system, with the main brain. But when you start going too much to the right or to the left, these become smaller; [UNCLEAR] become smaller and smaller, till they break. As a result of that, you become on your own on your left side or on your right side. In the sense that your cells become arbitrary, start growing more than normal, so we call them malignant. YOGINI: Excuse me, Mother? Shri Mataji: What we call it — malignant. They… they start becoming bigger and bigger. When one cell starts overpowering other cells, they start becoming bigger and bigger. One part. Say, nose becomes bigger, eyes become bigger… And thus we say cancer is caused. There are so many physical troubles which are cause by imbalances. Even AIDS, AIDS and many other diseases are caused by this imbalance within us. Now, there is a solution. And the solution has been worked out now in Delhi University, people have… two doctors have passed PhD in their medical courses, which they call as [MD], with the subject as Sahaja Yoga. Now, they have worked on psychosomatic and as well as physical side. So, actually, what happens is that within ourselves lies the power to solve the problem. And when this power rises within us and passes through all the centres, opens this fontanelle bone area and becomes one with the all-pervading Power, the subtle Power, all of them get nourished and in balance. This power lies within all of us in the sacred bone called as sacrum. Now, the Greeks knew about it because they called it sacrum, means sacred. When this power rises, she passes through six centres within ourselves, who represent our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual beings. And she corrects, and she nourishes, and she balances all these centres. But that’s not the only side — is the physical, or the emotional, or the spiritual, or the mental side — but the greater than that is that you become collectively conscious on your nervous system. That means you become empowered. You get the power to feel the centres of other people and your own centres. You can easily discern and find out what’s wrong with other people and what’s wrong with yourself. It may be physical, it may be emotional, it could be mental, or could be spiritual. I call it the blossom time, for modern times. As if you all are ready to achieve that stage, the state of Self-realization, of your second birth. This have been described in all the religions, in all the… big books, or prophets, or saints. After all, they would not be telling us lies. We have to be born again. But it’s not like certifying yourself “I am born again” and doing all kinds of things which are absolutely destructive. But when this Kundalini rises — this power within you — you become absolutely a peaceful person within. I’ve known many people who form peace foundations, peace this, peace that — and they have no peace within. There are [UNCLEAR] [who won] Peace Nobel Prize, are such hot-tempered that you have to [UNCLEAR] [at] them with a barge pole. YOGINI: Excuse me? Shri Mataji: With a barge pole. You see, barge is a ship, a little ship, you see, you have to push it with a barge pole. You’ve got [UNCLEAR] at them, they are supposed to be Nobel Prize winners of peace. So all these artificial foundations are not going to help us. We have within ourselves this… innately placed, this power. And that power is… has been there all through your lives. You do not have to do anything about it. It is a spontaneous happening. Because it’s a living process. It is a living process, like a seed can sprout. And once it sprouts… when you get your realization, you are amazed at your own capacities. You become dynamic but absolutely relaxed. There are no tensions. There are no pressures. And you are amazed at yourself how many things you are capable of. Then you realize that the knowledge you’ve had was so limited and was a relative knowledge. It was not absolute. So, actually, what happens that when you are born again, your spirit starts manifesting in your attention. In the light of the spirit you just see the real truth, the absolute truth. But this cannot be, this absolute truth cannot be forced on you in any way. This happening cannot take place if somebody tries to force you or tries to discipline you. Also you can’t pay for it. Like the Mother Earth, Kundalini doesn’t understand money. It’s an actualization, is a genuine thing, and the innate thing within you. Even if you say, “Mother, give me my realization,” I may not be able to do it. May be, may not be, there’s no guarantee. You cannot become a member of a club of realized souls or cannot form a kind of an organization out of it. It is a happening within you, which you have to certify that you have felt the all-pervading Power on your fingertips. If you are honest and genuine in your seeking, I am sure you all should have it. As it is, we have two problems within us. Only two problems. One is that we have got certain conditionings. All kinds of conditionings we have got. Like, I can say I’m an Indian, and you are German, and you are English, and you are this, and you are that. Or I could say that I belong to this community, and that community, and that community. Or I may say I have read this book, and that book, and that book. All this is conditioning within us. You were born as a human being. And you have every right to get this union with the Divine, which we call as yoga. This is the real yoga. Because with that nourishment you just start getting transformed. You start seeing what’s wrong with you. And you start seeing what’s wrong with others. You develop a divine discretion by which you can see that this is wrong and this is right. It’s not the mental analysis, but if you have realization, on your fingertips you can feel it what’s the truth is. In these modern times, I would say your computer starts working. It’s already programmed. It’s all built-in. Only thing, it has to be connected to the mains. And then it starts working. And the programming is done with the absolute knowledge. So you make no mistakes. These are the minimum of minimum things that have to happen to human beings. If we have to save this world from further calamities, we have to get human beings transformed. We are so much worried of ecological imbalances — but not about human imbalances. And the second imbalance that we have is what we call as ego. That we think we have done this work, we have done that work… Is a feeling that we are very great. Now, for example, now we have very beautiful stage here. Out of the tree that falls dead, we have created another dead thing. Something from the dead do another dead. Have you ever done anything that is living? You can’t even make an atom of your own. You cannot create anything. Whatever is created, you may try to change it, but you cannot create any element on your own. I’ll tell you a joke, that sometimes some village people from India were asked to go by plane and were told not to carry too much luggage, because it won’t be all right and the plane will feel the overloading, so it is better to take little things, few things with you. So these villagers sat in the plane and put all their luggage on their heads. They did it in their ignorance. So people asked them, “What are you doing?” They said, “We are trying to reduce the weight of the aeroplane.” In the same way, we human beings feel that we are trying to reduce [the work] of the Creator. So this… this Mr. Ego from one side, and from the other side the conditioning creating superego; both of them meet and make a very hard nut here. And you become like a shell of a… of an egg, I should say. Now, in India, a realized soul is called as dvija, and… as well as the bird is called, called as dvija. Dvi-ja — means twice-born. Like the… like the bird is first born as an egg and then it becomes a bird. In the same way, a human being has to become a bird, in the sense he has to achieve his ultimate status, his ultimate destination. This is the epitome of evolution. At human level, we live relatively, but at this state we live in the absolute truth. When you achieve that state, then there is no question of understanding how we are related to each other. And the enjoyment that we get before realization looks like something artificial injections. Actually, in modern times, people are seeking joy, and when they don’t get it, they want to have some sort of a sensation all the time. Whatever they are doing is in the search of joy. But the joy is within yourself, in your heart, resides as the embodiment of spirit. Joy is not double-faced like a coin, happiness and unhappiness. Joy is absolute. So one has to achieve that state, but for that you don’t have to put in any efforts. It is like one candle which is enlightened can enlighten another candle very easily. In the same way, those who get realization can give realizations to others, transforming them into beautiful, wonderful universal human beings. There is complete freedom because no temptation can touch you. No one can deceive you. You understand each and every person inside out. In that state, you enjoy yourself and enjoy others who are like you. Unfortunately, in Germany, somehow, I don’t know why, but Sahaja Yoga has not taken its roots. There are fifty another countries who have got people who have taken Sahaja Yoga very easily. They were all attacked by fake gurus, by… man-made religions — all kinds of things. But they could see with their pure intelligence that this is the truth. So I have to request you to have a look at it as a scientist. Keep your minds open, and if you receive your realization, then you will realize that what I’m saying is the absolute truth. May God bless you all! For about fifteen minutes, you can ask Me some questions. But I have not come here to take anything from you. I have just come here to give you what you have, your own, give. So there is no need to be offensive with Me for nothing at all. It’s just what you have. I have come here to hand over your keys to you, for example. So, please ask Me questions, no doubt, but don’t be unnecessarily aggressive. Because we should not waste the time so much on unnecessarily quarreling. Actually, I don’t know how to quarrel, so it’s a waste. All right. So, would we have your questions? Yes, please. SEEKER: Do You have any previous [UNCLEAR]? Shri Mataji: All right. We have, we have, in so many languages, and in America we have lots of people. (A seeker asks a question in German) YOGINI: He asked why do we need Your photograph to meditate. Shri Mataji: That you will know yourself. That My photograph has got vibrations. And when you start using the photograph, you get the vibrations from Me. Because in the beginning you have to depend on something to get to the vibrations. But if you have something else which can work it out, I have no objection. But I haven’t seen anything like that. Is very big blessing, I should say. I should say, so it’s a big blessing. Because now there are people who are meditating in [Sierra de] [UNCLEAR], if you must have heard the name of that African country. And they… I can’t go there just now, so they can manage with My photograph. It’s something a very big blessing, I should say. But in the beginning, you need not if don’t want to. If you want, you can, it’s your… your lookout. SEEKER: Speaking of Your photograph, do You believe that stones and woods, different types of [UNCLEAR] from the Earth… Do You believe that stones, crystals and woods, things that come from the Earth and such, do they have healing powers in them that we can use? Shri Mataji: All right. Now supposing I say I believe, or if I say I don’t believe. You should not take Me for granted. You can find out from [your] Self-realization. I would not say anything I believe, because whatever I believe may not be the truth. So keep it open. So simple. It’s only the politicians say, “I believe, I believe.” Who are you? You see, I shouldn’t say such a thing. I would like you to find out yourself. SEEKER: What are… what are the real benefits of Sahaja Yoga? But the real benefits, and not [UNCLEAR]? Shri Mataji: What I told you are unreal according to you? SEEKER: A real benefit [UNCLEAR] of Sahaja Yoga, but what I mean, what is the real benefit [UNCLEAR]? YOGINI: What is the benefits of Sahaja Yoga.
Shri Mataji: Eh? YOGINI: He is asking what is the benefit of Sahaja Yoga. Shri Mataji: All this I have told you. Are you an Indian? Do you understand Hindi? Should I tell you in Hindi language? (Speaks in Hindi) Have you understood now? (Repeats in English) When you tell the whole Ramayana, the question is asked who is… who… what was the relationship between Rama and Sita. YOGINI: Sorry, what…
Shri Mataji: What was the relationship between Rama and Sita. SEEKER: [UNCLEAR] all sane people who are doing at this time Hatha Yoga in Germany and the world and trying to find themselves… to reach the place… Shri Mataji: I can’t hear you.
Yogi: Can you say it again? SEEKER: When you start going… Shri Mataji: You see, this is your heritage. You all Indians should know this is your heritage. And all the saints have described it. And now you are in the German country; you should understand that here it is you have to show them what we have in the [UNCLEAR]. SEEKER: No, but we have… (continues in German) Shri Mataji: What he’s saying? What’s it? What’s he said? Have you written there that My photograph should be used? You shouldn’t have, I think. You see, they are the people who just get stuck on these points. What does he say? Oh, I see, that’s what. Now, Hatha Yoga was a time… it was practiced at the time of Patanjali. Patanjali lived thousands of years back. At that time, if you are an Indian, you will know that we had a system of four ashramas. At that time, when the students were children… Please that… I mean, if [UNCLEAR]. German you translate this. And the first one was of a brahmacharya, meaning celibate… celibacy, complete celibacy of the students. About twenty-five years for boys or twenty years for girls. So much so that belonging to the same university you could not marry. The universities were the gotras [families]. Even take today, we cannot marry in the same gotra. Till today. So, at that time, they used to teach boys at an younger age how to get their physical being all right, Hatha Yoga. And they were very great realized souls. And tell them what… what asana, what style of exercises they get for a particular personality. In Sahaja Yoga also we have asanas. We use. But when the Kundalini rises, we know where it is obstructed. Then we correct that particular chakra, that centre by… may be by asana if it’s a physical obstruction. It is not just by blindly following every kind of asana, because it’s like taking the whole of the medicines out of the medicine box. Now, ha and tha means the right side and the left side, is the Surya Nadi and the Chandra Nadi, is the Sun and the Moon channels. And these were meant to give a balance to a personality by giving them precise asanas. But this balance for what? The balance was for the ascent. Like, when making aeroplane, we have to see its balance. In the same way, a human being was balanced, and the ascent was given. But in Sahaja Yoga, we have discovered a method by which, even there is no balance, you can ascent. Right is the speciality. SEEKER: Thank You very much. We have people… there was one gentleman who came to My program, who was a drug addict. He came in a coma condition. And he got his realization. And next day you could not recognize him; he had given up everything, he said, “Now I’m different.” So many things we have noticed, that it’s amazing how the desire to become one with the Divine is strong in people. That it works wonders. Whatever may be the condition of the seeker, it just works. Only problem is that, after getting the first breakthrough, you have to slowly try to balance it and make it a permanent thing. Because, supposing you have some disease. Then the Kundalini goes back to that part and looks after. You can see with your naked eyes the Kundalini pulsating there. So you have to understand how to raise your Kundalini, how to fix [UNCLEAR], and how to raise the Kundalini of others. Also, you have to know how to decode, on your fingertips whatever you feel, what is the centre. Now what is this centre, what is this centre, what is this centre — you have to understand it. But one thing has to be understood that if you are superficially seeking something and mentally trying to understand, this is beyond your mental ability. It doesn’t work out for such people. All right. Let’s have another. SEEKER: How old one has to be to get realization? Shri Mataji: Aah, you are a real seeker I was telling. That’s what we are going to do now. We have to permit you. So may God bless you! That’s the question. All right? So, are you… all of you would like to have your realization? Let’s see how far it works out. You have to do few things because I would like also you to know how to raise your own Kundalini. Which is a very simple thing. And which can be achieved without [UNCLEAR]. But those who do not want to have Self-realization should please leave the hall. Because all of you should get your realization, but by your not doing it, you could be obstructing others. And it is not civil to disturb other people by your presence. Now, one humble request is that you have to take out your shoes, which is, I think, is not very difficult. And put your feet on the Mother Earth. Because that will give you help from the Mother Earth, who sucks in our problems. Better sit with parallel posture of both the legs, in this manner, because these are two different energies which are to be cleansed by the Mother Earth. Before you close your eyes, I have to make another humble request. Firstly, you have to know you are the temple of the Divine. And also that you are not to feel guilty about anything. I can feel from the chakras that you feel guilty for nothing at all. So, you should not feel guilty at all. On the contrary, you should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. And understand that you are about to enter into the kingdom of your own glory and beauty. So please don’t count your mistakes and don’t blame yourself for anything. So with all confidence we’ll have to close our eyes, but before that I’ll tell you how to use your left hand and right hand. You have to put your left hand towards Me, expressing the desire to get your Self-realization. This way. You [can put it] on your lap or on your table, is better; if you have a table, it’s good idea. Open like this. [UNCLEAR] should not be tense or anything, but should not be like that, should be like that. These are… are the ends of sympathetic nervous system and are represented in all of your centres within you, chakras. The another thing is, you’ll use your right hand. Right hand has to be first put on your heart. Please all of you put your… on your heart, it’s simple. Now, this is the place where resides the spirit. Then you have to put your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. We are working on the chakras on the left-hand side. Now, this is the centre of your mastery. Because if you are the spirit, also you become your own master. Now you put your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen. Now, this is the centre by which the divine laws work. So this is the centre which represents the pure knowledge. Now you’ll go back again and put your hand on the left-hand side of your abdomen, in the upper part. Then you put your right hand on your heart again. Now you put your hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and put it to the right. [UNCLEAR] And put your head to the right. Now, this is the centre usually is catching today much more because this is the centre you catch when you feel guilty. Put your head to the right please. All right. Now, please take your hand on your forehead across like this and press it on both the sides. Press it on both the sides here. Press it on both the sides. Like that, on both the sides, with finger and this side, just press it like that. This is the centre of forgiveness. Now, you take back your hand and put it on the back side of your head, and put all the… whole of your head on your hand. Now, stretch your hand. Fully. Stretch your hand fully with the fingers backwards, and the centre of your palm you have to put it on your fontanelle bone, which was a soft bone in your childhood. And press it hard. Move it seven times, your scalp. Clockwise. That’s all you have to do. Now we will have to close the eyes. You can take your spectacles if it is disturbing you. Also helps your eyesight. Also, you can… if there’s something tight on your body, you can loosen it. You have to be comfortable. You have to be comfortable… Now. Comfortable doesn’t mean you should slump. But you should be straight, not pushing your head backwards or forwards but just straight. All right. Now close your eyes. This is how you take off, we can say. All right. Please close your eyes. I want you to be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Not to allow ill feeling towards yourself or anyone. Now please close your eyes, don’t keep them open. Please close your eyes, all of you close you eyes. Now. Put your hand, right hand on the heart and left hand towards Me. Here you have to say, or ask a question which is very fundamental — you can call Me Shri Mataji or you can call Me Mother, whatever you like — “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask this fundamental question three times. Please. This question takes you to an another question, because if you are the spirit you are also your master. So now take your hand down onto the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it. Now, here you ask Me another fundamental question: “Mother, am I my own master?” Three times please. Now take your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Here is the centre of pure knowledge. But I cannot force on you, so you have to ask for it. You have to say, “Mother, please, may I have the pure knowledge?” Or: “Mother, please give me the pure knowledge.” All of you should put your left hand like this, not… some of you are just holding like that, that’s not correct. Don’t open your eyes, but she… somebody will come and correct you. Now… please don’t open your eyes, please don’t open your eyes. Ask this question, ask Me six times: “Mother, may I have the pure knowledge?” — because there are six petals. Now. When you say that, your Kundalini starts rising. To clear the way for the Kundalini, please try to put your right hand in the lower part of your ab— upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it, that centre of mastery. Here, with full confidence, you have to say, to open the centre you have to say, “Mother, I am my own master.” Please say it with full confidence: “Mother, I am my own master.” You have to say it ten times. Because there are ten petals. Now raise your right hand and put it on your heart. Here you have to say, again with full confidence, twelve times: “Mother, I am the spirit.” This is the greatest truth. You have to know that the Divine is the ocean of love, grace and bliss. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever mistakes you must have committed — or you think you have committed — can be easily resolved by that ocean. So now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right side. From the… from the front side put the hand, not from the back side but from the front across. Here… Not from the back side please, put it from the front side. Here you have to say sixteen times with full confidence: “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” “I am not guilty at all.” Say it sixteen times. And if you feel even then guilty, then better punish yourself by saying hundred and eight times. You have to be pleasantly placed, as I have told you. Now please put your hand across over your forehead and press it on both the sides. At this point, you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Sometimes you feel it is very difficult to say. But whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, it’s a myth, you don’t do anything. But if you do not forgive, you play into wrong hands. And you get emotionally disturbed. So say it from your heart, not how many times, say it from your heart. Now. Please take your hand back on the backside of your head and push it back, your head, on it. Just for your satisfaction — not to feel guilty, not to count your mistakes — you have to just say that “O Divine, if I have done any mistakes, please forgive me.” But not to feel guilty at all. Now stretch your hand. Stretch your hand fully. Push back your fingers and put the centre of your palm on top of your head where there is a soft bone. Press it hard. Push back your fingers. Push back your fingers. Press it hard and move it seven times. At this time, you have to again ask for Self-realization because I cannot take your freedom. So you have to say it seven times: “Mother, please give me my realization,” and move your hand with the pressure seven times. With the pressure. Move your scalp. Move it seven times with the pressure. (Aside) It’s a [UNCLEAR] is coming out. May God bless you! Please take down your hands. Now open your eyes very slowly. Now put your right hand towards Me like this. Like this. Right hand. And bend your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Maybe some people get it very high. Not right. Right hand towards Me, right hand. Now with the left hand you see. Bend your head, you see? Bend your head a little, then you’ll see better. Little higher, bend your head. With the left hand, see it with the left hand. Ah. Bend your head, it’s better to see it with bent head, you can see it better. Put attention here, you see? Now put you left hand towards Me. Left hand. And now see it, bend your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze. Bend your head. Now again, put your right hand again, once more. And see it for left hand. Bend your head again to see it. See higher. Now raise your both the hands towards the sky. Push back your head and ask a question to Me: “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the Chaitanya? Is this the Power of Divine Love?” Ask this three times please. Now bring down your hands. Now those who have felt the cool breeze in the hands or on your forehead or on your top of your head, please raise both your hands. [UNCLEAR] Should? SEEKER: I know it’s where it should be. Shri Mataji: Should [UNCLEAR] here. It’s there, I can see it. May not be in the hands, but it’s there. So, may God bless you! All of you [have got it]. Most of you. I bow to you. May God bless you all! And that you develop your realization and settle it once for all, become the masters yourselves. Tomorrow I’ll be again here and explain to you all the details about the left and right side problems that we have. Please come back, and I’ll meet you all individually. Also bring your friends. Tell them about it. Those who haven’t got it will feel it tomorrow. And those who have got it will fix it properly. But there’s one thing that whatever you’ve got is beyond thinking. So don’t start thinking about it, because if you start thinking about it, tomorrow you’ll come and say, “Mother, I’m lost.” So when you come tomorrow, you’ll be again fresh and you’ll feel your oneness with the Divine. Also, if you have any questions, please give them at the beginning of the program, so I’ll try to come earlier. Thank you very much. You got it. She got it, [UNCLEAR] got it. May Gob bless you! Enjoy yourself. What’s the matter? You’ve got it. She’s got it too, but she… she is… her Vishuddhi is… this is not all right? She smokes? Aah. That’s why she can’t feel. But it’s all right, [UNCLEAR].