To be baptized is to feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost out of your head

Auditorium 44, Brussels (Belgium)

1988-07-14 Public Program, Brussels Belgium DP-RAW, 185'
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Public Program, Auditorium 44, Brussels (Belgium), July 14th, 1988

By the people who themselves are corrupt, money-oriented, one gets disillusioned. Also, there is a category of people who find that in searching money and power they have achieved the joy of life, but there’s another category of people, who are aware that they have not been able to find the absolute truth. William Blake* calls them as men of God. And such people would be born in these modern times, has been predicted a long time back.
And when people discovered that there are such people available, they started floating market of false people. All kinds of falsehood started working out its manifestation.
A simple thing people should understand, that if you are trying to find the truth, it has to be through your evolutionary process. The evolutionary process has brought you to be human beings, and if you have to go into a higher state of awareness, it has to be a living evolutionary process.
For example, you can see me sitting here through your eyes, you know through your senses, I am sitting here, you can smell the flowers and through your nose you know there is a smell in the flowers, so your senses are the ones which are telling you the truth at the human level.

For example, if a dog or a horse has to go through a dirty lane, it cannot feel the dirt, but a human being cannot pass through that. So, it has to work out through your evolutionary process which is a living process. It cannot work out supposing you want to pay for it, you cannot. Because it’s a living process. How much money do we pay to the Mother Earth for sprouting a seed? In the same way, whatever you have to become further has to be spontaneous, ‘sahaj’, you cannot pay money for that, but when I say that no one likes it because there are big big organizations which are collecting money in the name of God.
No one should take money in the work of God, that is too much for people to understand. How much money did Christ take for preaching what he did? In the same way, we have to know that whatever living happens spontaneously, we cannot put an effort for it.

Many people starve and fast and do all kinds of harm to their body and they think that they will achieve their higher stages in spirituality. Now Christ has described that, “Yyou are to be born again”. That doesn’t mean artificially, you say, “I am born again”, and take a false certificate that, “I am a Christian, I am born again”.
Christ has warned, “You’ll be calling me Christ, Christ, but I won’t recognize you”. And that is very true today. Christ has said a very simple thing, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”, adulterous eyes, thou shall not have. How many Christians have innocent eyes? Now, when we talk of any higher thing, we have to see that the people who are saying they are something higher, have a life of that purity and innocence. If they themselves are not pure how can they talk of divinity and divine life? And if they make money and live lavishly at the cost of the money they take from others in the name of God, are sinners. But for doing this Christ was crucified. They crucified Him because He didn’t want falsehood to go as God or religion.

So the truth has to be seen as it is. Only through your evolutionary process you are going to achieve the state to see the truth, not by artificial say you are baptized, putting some water artificially, you are baptized, not so, cannot. Actually, when you are baptized, you must get the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head.

I have seen many paintings in Spain, I have seen even here, and so many where they have shown people who are standing before Christ with hands like this and have got the light over their head. We have got the photographs of Sahaja Yogis in India where all of them were sitting and we can see clearly the light on their heads. We haven’t got the photograph just anywhere but is to be seen for yourself how those people have got lights on their heads, they’re all sitting together, so many of them. It’s the truth that they are enlightened people, that could be just a visual proof. But as this happening takes place within you, so many things happen.

Firstly, your physical problems get solved, it cures incurable diseases like cancer and many others automatically. This power resides within you, and as this power is awakened, you just get cured. In Delhi University we have two Doctors who have got their doctorate as MD’s because they have written thesis on Sahaja Yoga. One has done on psychosomatic diseases and another one has done on the physical fitness of a person.

Actually, what happens when you get connected with the All-pervading Power of divine love and all the time that power starts flowing through you and there is a correction on your physical being. We have a Doctor who is called Dr. [Warren; unsure] in London who is looking after seven psychiatric hospitals and he is a great Sahaja Yogi. And he has cured many people who are suffering from mental problems and from alcoholism or from other drugs through Sahaja Yoga. We have five doctors in London otherwise who are doing now research on Sahaja Yoga. So many people have been cured of so many diseases and the best part of it is, it makes you a dynamic personality.

Recently, there was a gentleman who could not do much with his research, he was very confused and when his kundalini rose, he has now discovered a method of reducing the length of the microwaves through that, in London. So many doctors and so many architects and so many of the scholars have done so well in Sahaja Yoga that it is surprising that somebody should say that it dulls your brain, it’s an impossible thing. Now Relin, who is standing before you, before coming to Sahaja yoga, did not know anything about all these things and he never addressed any meeting or anything. Today you can hear him and see the knowledge he has.

This is what happens when your brain receives the light, there is so much knowledge in your brain, you know very little about yourself, till people are on death bed, they don’t know if they have got cancer. Till they are mad they don’t know they have schizophrenia. But in Sahaja Yoga, immediately you know there is something catching on your chakras. And if you know how to correct it, you are perfectly all right.

In London, when I started my work, I suddenly found a gentleman who was a hippy, very good clothes and having a very nice and everything in his house, I said, “How did you get the money?” He said, ” Mother whatever money I was spending on the doctors and medicines is all saved now, I am so very healthy, I don’t need any medicines any more, so now I have got all the money saved and I am making all these things”. And that is what one has to understand that we haven’t found the absolute truth, so if we have to find the absolute truth, we have to, first of all, have a very scientific attitude towards Sahaja Yoga. You have to keep your minds open, and whatever I say if it is proved, then you have to know that, that is the Divine law.

Christ was allowed only to live for four years. He was not given a chance even to speak or to say anything about the inner life of inner Christianity. Saint Thomas who went down to India, stayed in Egypt and he wrote lots of books and put them in a jar. It was found out forty-eight years back and they have decoded it, and what he is saying is the same as Sahaja Yoga. He says that, “You have to have the experience of the Self, otherwise you cannot follow God”. Then he says that, “God doesn’t want you to suffer at all, Christ has suffered for you, sufficient. You do not have to sacrifice anything or to become like some nuns or anything, that’s not needed at all. You have to enter into the kingdom of God. Your Father is waiting for you there and you have to enjoy”. I have also seen a television show about the man who has decided. I don’t know if you have that book here that is called as gnostic. In Sanskrit language, “Gn” means knowledge, “gn” means knowledge, so gnostic means the people who have knowledge. Knowledge, the pure knowledge, not the knowledge of the tree but of the roots. And that has been described by Thomas thousands of years back, thousands of years back when he went down to India.

Now we have before us an understanding that if we have to change this world if we have to improve the horrible shocking condition in which we are living. What are we to do? I have met people who have big peace foundations, big, big talks about peace and then the United Nations, I know all of them. But, I find that they have no peace within themselves. How can they give peace? They are either running after money or after power. There’s no question of ascending. So, for the emancipation of human beings, we have to transform human beings.
It is surprising that the knowledge which is of the roots existed in India, was never brought to the West. You have your science and other knowledge which are the knowledge of the tree, but you have to have the knowledge of the roots otherwise the tree will suffer. And this is what is responsible for not understanding that there is a life, an eternal life beyond this life.

Christ has said it, Mohammed Sahab has said it. He said that, “When the resurrection that is Qyama will come, your hands will speak, and give witness against you”. He has said these things so clearly that Qyama will, resurrection time has to come. But Islam doesn’t want to talk about it. They have organized it in such a manner that they can only fight among themselves. So, the true knowledge even there is written down.

We have to understand that today we are on the periphery of destruction, where children are taking to drugs because they are frustrated, there are diseases like AIDS and Cancer and so many others which are not curable. No married life is happy, society is disintegrated. There is so much of mafia going on, and the mafia is happy with all these institutions. We have ecological problems, we have social problems, we have economic problems. All kinds of problems we have, only reasons is that we do not know our roots.
We have no nourishment to cleanse and to improve our being. As a result of Self-realization, you become collectively conscience to become, it’s not just a certificate that is, as they say, it actually happens to you. Any doctor, if he is here, will know that these are the ends of the sympathetic nervous system, these are five six and seven. On the right-hand side is your mental being and on the left-hand side is your emotional being, and also your physical being on the right-hand side.

Once you start your feeling the Divine, around you on your fingertips you become sensitive and you can tell what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong with another person. Every Sahaja Yogi can tell, this is what Hume had said that you have to become collectively conscience when you rise higher when you get your self-realization. Sahaja Yoga explains all these things very clearly to you, so many scientists are in Sahaja Yoga, and they are surprised at the science of the Divine which is so accurate. You just become like a computer which is accurate and absolutely, clearly programmed. And temperamentally you become a very compassionate and a kind person.
It’s very difficult these days to find somebody very kind and compassionate without expecting some reward, expecting some rewards, ya, always you are kind to a person if you want to do some business with him or you want to gain something out of that person. But the innate kindness and the innate inner Christianity that Christ preached, is not there. People live superficially, without any values, without any depth in them. But when through your Self-realization, you touch your Self. You realize how beautiful you are, how peaceful you are. And the amount of joy that trickles down from you, you have never experienced that before. The amount of dynamism you can have is surprising.

Now you know that I am sixty-five years of age, and I travel for three months for Sahaja Yoga and nine months with my husband all over the world. I have travelled all over, Russia, China, everywhere. What I find is that I am never tired. Last night, I slept at 4’0 clock in the night, got up at 6’0 clock in the morning. And today, I flew back from Frankfurt and I am here with you. You see it’s so dynamic that you don’t feel you are doing anything.
It is like the Sun when it shines, it doesn’t know it’s shinning, it just shines because that’s its nature. This gives you that peace within, that complete integration within yourself that you don’t fight with yourself, there is no conflict. Of course, one can say that there are funny people also, who cannot understand this, who are like the terrorists in a plane, one terrorist thinks that he has the right to kill all the rest of them into the flight, so there are some terrorists like that who try to sometimes try to trouble us. Like in Australia we had a lady, she was leading a very dirty life and still, she was in Sahaja Yoga. So,, we had to ask her to get out. And she got after us, but now it is all right, so you see such a woman because we do not want people to come in, we want them to transform themselves. On the contrary, there are so many people who are asked to get out of Sahaja Yoga. There are so many people that we ask them to get out of Sahaja Yoga. They create trouble but we want them to get out because unless and until they lead a proper Sahaja Yoga’s life we don’t want such people with us. We don’t want hypocrites, we don’t want evil people.

It is said in the Bible that there will be only 144 thousand people who will enter into the kingdom of God. I do not know but perhaps we are reaching that number. It is very surprising that it is so limited. But, everybody should get Realization, that is my desire, they should all achieve that state because that is their right as human beings. Maybe it is my love that I feel everybody should achieve it. Now they ask Me what is my gain, they can’t understand somebody who does something just for love, it is very surprising like there has been Christ for you, you see, still, why can’t you understand somebody who is doing this work for no gain at all? Not only I, but sometimes my husband says, “I’ve never met a Guru like you”, that who spends money from my own pocket to spend. He is a very clever man, he knows that I am doing such great work, that he feels very satisfied and maybe proud. As he thinks he has no time, so he should try to help Me to do this great work.

Now I have to tell you in Belgium, that I have a feeling that there are many, many people who are seekers. So, we should come out of the well and see for ourselves what happens everywhere and how people are gaining through Sahaja Yoga. I am sure that one day Belgium will become a great powerful country of emancipating great people and great ideals of leadership.

I will spend sometimes asking their questions for a while. For about ten minutes at the most.

Question: In Sahaja Yoga is there some breathing exercise?
Shri Mataji: No, no exercise. But when your kundalini starts rising then – supposing we find that something wrong in the centre here, we call as the Heart centre, ‘Anahat’, then we tell you some exercise to be done, in that case precise. It is not like taking all the medicines together. But that is, later on, first you have your first awakening of the kundalini and piercing through the Brahma Nadi, as they call it, the first piercing. Then if the kundalini goes back to a chakra, indicating there is a problem there, then if it is physical, we will tell you exactly what is to be done. In a very simple method, very very simple methods by which you can raise your own kundalini, which I will tell you just now after this.

Question: Question is about loops of kundalini will drop down. So, after we go home how’s it will stay here?
Shri Mataji: I know that there are so many books written about kundalini. Actually, I have seen that so many of them are shocking, so ignorant, very ignorant, because they do not know kundalini is your Mother and like your Mother takes over all the responsibility of your birth on her. Your own individual Mother kundalini takes all the responsibility. A very ignorant, they must have taken some text from here the text from there, they are people mostly without any experience. Moreover, this Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost within you. Holy Ghost is the Primal Power of the female Primal Power, also described in gnostics. When we talk of the Father God and the Child God, or you say ‘God the Father’ and ‘Son the God’ like Christ, you can say, then what about the Mother? How can you have a child without the Mother? Holy Ghost is the Mother, is the Mother power. And She is reflected within you as the kundalini.

He’s asking something.
Does he say he just wants to know what is your place in this teaching of Sahaja Yoga?
My place? I am your Mother that’s all. I don’t want to talk about myself, Christ was the son of God. He was the Light and He was the gate, no doubt, .but when He said it He did not know what sort of human beings He was facing, and they crucified Him, I don’t want to get crucified, you better find out yourself after your coming to Sahaja Yoga.
This is the gentleman, he wants to ask something.

Question: This gentleman knows You were close to Gandhi in your childhood and he wants to know that if Gandhi-
Shri Mataji: No, no Gandhiji was a Realized soul no doubt, but at that time we were not free people, and the most important thing was the freedom of our country. Without freedom how can you talk of anything, whatsoever? But I had a great rapport with him because I was a child brought up with him, he uses to call me Nepali because my cheekbones are high. And also the prayer book which he wrote, in that, the sequence I told him what to put the first prayer as per the chakra and he has put exactly according to chakras. If he was living today he would have out and out talked about Sahaja Yoga, no doubt. In our family, Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri clearly, he was another Realized soul, he would have gone all out and talked about Sahaja Yoga. But it all happens like this that all such people who are trying to do good, are murdered or killed or something happens like that.

Question: Is Awakening of kundalini and state of holiness always together?
Shri Mataji: Of course, of course, Saints are all awakened people but not artificially certified, you have to be real saint, of course.

Question: In Christian scriptures, they don’t say about Kundalini.
Shri Mataji: Oh! They do say about the tree of life, tree of life is described very clearly. Moreover, you gave four years only for Christ to live, four years in London, when my husband got elected, I was struggling with seven hippies, four years. And they were all very well educated from Oxford, Cambridge and all that, but hippies. And they were the foundations of hippies. Christians, but as you know English is a hard nut, they are very scholarly people, very scholarly. Once they found the truth then they got after it. Today they are like a foundation for us also. So in four years what could Christ talk, but he did say that the seeds falling in the barren land, said so many things. He has also said about the Holy Ghost, but it is for you to locate it.

Question: Her sister has epilepsy, can epilepsy be cured?
Shri Mataji: Yes it’s absolutely curable, absolutely curable, epilepsy is easily curable. They are many who are cured of epilepsy, but you have to come to our centre and they’ll tell you, what is to be done, it is absolutely curable, please come. One of the diseases about which this doctor has dealt with is epilepsy. Like they have recorded the patients and their cures. Also, we’ll tell you once you are cured, what is the source of epilepsy and how you get it. And also if you get your Realization we’ll tell you how to give Realizations to others. One light can enlighten another. In the same way, anybody who is enlightened in Sahaja Yoga knows how to give Realization. The only problem is we have kept our doors open to everyone, and sometimes we get funny people coming in, sometimes we get problematic people coming in, but you should not judge Sahaja Yoga because of them but what you are going to achieve.

Question: In short, this guy says it is a long way, its a hard way and a small gate.
Shri Mataji: Yes it’s correct. It is a very small gate, it is correct, no, no no no, you see what he says it’s correct, a small gate, no doubt. But I’ll show you which is a small gate, all right? Have patience. But why only three weeks? It cannot be done in even in years. It can be done also in a split of a second. There was a great Saint in India and they were, they asked him, “How much time will you take?” He said, “Tat kshan, that moment”. But depends on the seeker and depends on the giver. How he is saying three weeks? I don’t know, I have some people, I have been working on them for the last year, they are not getting it. Three weeks is a short period otherwise. It’s a headache for some people. I told them that, “Forgive, I can’t give you Realization”. They are after my life, every meeting they are there, I can’t give them Realization, what can I do? Three weeks is a short time sometimes. There’s one gentleman who said, “You can cut my throat, do what you like but give me Realization”. I said, “Sir, I am sorry, it has to work, nobody can give you Realization if it doesn’t work. What can I do?” And the narrow gate is here at the Agnya chakra, there resides Christ. And when you raise the kundalini, Christ is awakened in you, and it sucks in both these institutions of ego and superego, your conditioning and you get this opening.

Question: Is it necessary to believe in God to get Realization? Or when we have our Realization we can know God?
Shri Mataji: There is no need to have any blind faith, whether you believe it or not it is there. So when it works out you can ask a question, Is there God? And you start getting tremendous vibrations. They are Realized souls, so they all want this channa. She wants more. So sweet, I wish we could be like them. I am sorry, what was the question?

Question: Where is the Holy Ghost? Where is my soul?
Shri Mataji: This one, this one. The Spirit is here and soul exists after our death, but just now, I’m not going to talk about death, all right?

What else?
Do you want this one? What did she ask?
Sahaja Yogi: She wants to know is it necessary to believe in God to get Realization?
Shri Mataji: No there is no necessity at all, believe an all is mental, it’s not reality, you believe in God because you are born in a family they will teach you there is God, there is God, those who do not believe in God because something has happened in their house, something has gone wrong, so they don’t believe in God. There is no rhyme and reason, you see tha. Actually, after experiencing, you know what’s the truth. So, I never talk of God before giving you Realization. And Buddha also said, “Don’t talk of God, only talk of Self-realization, because as soon as you start talking of God, there will be a big problem”. What’s the use of discussing the colour of this carpet when there is no light? Let there be light then you can decide for yourself. All right?

Question: Shri Mataji is there any comparison between Sahaja Yoga and Mysticism?
Shri Mataji: All right.

Let’s have the Realization. Now, if you are hungry and if I have done the cooking then there is no question. So let us have it but before that, I have to tell you how you will raise your own kundalini also. You have to, first of all, take out your shoes to take help from Mother Earth. You have to touch the different centres, and I’ll tell you, but those who don’t want to have their Self-realization should leave the hall because you cannot be forced I have told you.
All right.

Now please put your both the feet on the ground and parallel to each other because they represent two (). I am sorry I am here for one day so I could not explain everything well, but you can always go to the centre and get all the knowledge from there.
Now the left hand is the power, represents the power of desire, so you have to put the left hand on your lap, very comfortably like this on your lap. And you have to use the right hand for touching your centres on the left-hand side.

First and foremost thing you have to know that you are at the end of your journey. And this is the last breakthrough you have to have. You have to achieve the epitome of your evolution. So you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Forget the past, forget all the mistakes you might have created. Maybe in my lecture, I might have said something that might be reminding you some past, so forget my lecture also. The main thing you must get your realization, so be happy with yourself and forgive yourself. After all human beings can only make mistakes, you are not Gods, so you please don’t judge yourself, your kundalini will judge.

Now with the right hand first we will be touching our heart. Here resides the Spirit. Then we will be touching the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side with our fingers. Then we’ll be touching the lower part of our abdomen on the left-hand side. The upper part of the abdomen has the centre of your master and the lower part of your abdomen has the centre of the pure knowledge of the Divine laws. Now when you touch the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side the kundalini starts moving. Then you have to move your right hand on the upper part of the abdomen to open the centre of your mastery, then you have to touch the heart, to open than chakra. Now here we have to put our right hand in the corner of our neck and shoulder and put our head to our right. This centre is caught mostly because we feel guilty. It is very much caught today, that’s why I am requesting that you forgive yourself. Now you put your hand on the forehead across and press it on both the sides. This is the centre of forgiveness because it is the centre of Christ. Now put your right hand on the back side of your head, this is the centre for asking forgiveness, push back your head. Now stretch your hand, push back your fingers, put the centre of your palm on to the fontanel bone area, and press it hard, now move it seven times your scalp, in a clockwise manner, slowly, that’s how we’ll be doing.

Now after closing your eyes, I find some people have done some mistakes. First is to use the left hand like this and right hand for the action, right hand for the action. Everything has to be on the left-hand side, also when you put your hand in the corner of your neck the hand must come from the front, not from the back side. You shouldn’t put your hand towards me like that, but like this. And you should be comfortable, just put it like this wherever you are, be comfortable, you need not slouch, you need not strain, but just comfortable straight. That’s all.

Please now close your eyes, don’t open them till I tell you because your attention is being taken inside. Also, you can take out your spectacles if you want because it might improve your eyesight. Now please close your eyes and put left hand towards me, both the feet kept parallel lines on the ground and put your right hand on the heart. Here you now, you have to say or ask me a question, if you want you can call me Shri Mataji or you can call me Mother. You have to ask me a question, a fundamental question. Please ask three times in your heart “Mother am I the Spirit?”

Now this question leads to another question that if you are the Spirit then you are your master. So please take your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen, and ask the question three times, “Mother am I my own master?”

Now take down your hand to the lower part of your abdomen and press it hard. Here you have to ask because I cannot take away your freedom, in your freedom please ask me, “Mother may I have the pure knowledge of the Divine?” or “Mother please give me the pure knowledge of the Divine”. Please say it six times because this centre has six petals.

Now please raise your right hand up in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it, and the kundalini has started moving, to open this chakra you have to say with full confidence in yourself, “Mother I am my own master”. Please say it ten times.

Now raise your hand to your heart. Here you have to say twelve times with full confidence the greatest truth about yourself, “Mother I am the Spirit”. Please, say it twelve times.

Now you have to know that the Divine is the ocean of compassion, love and bliss, but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, what mistake can you commit which cannot be dissolved in this ocean? So, please raise your hand on to the corner of your neck and your head and turn your head to the right, nowhere with full confidence say “Mother, I am not guilty at all” with full confidence. Say it sixteen times.
Now even then if you want to feel guilty, punish yourself by saying it 108 times.

Now raise your hand to your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Here you have to say from your heart, “Mother I forgive everyone”. It is a myth whether you forgive or you don’t forgive. If you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. But many people don’t forgive and that’s how they don’t get Realization. I have seen it very common. Say it from your heart.

Now take this hand on the back side of your head and push your head on it and you put your head upwards, here you have to say for only for your satisfaction “Oh Divine if we have done any mistakes please forgive” but don’t count your mistakes and don’t feel guilty. Now stretch your hand and put the centre of your palm on to the fontanel bone area where it was a soft bone in your childhood. Push back your fingers and press it, press the scalp hard and move it slowly clockwise seven times. Here again, I cannot force you, so you have to ask it in your freedom, “Mother please give me my Realization” Seven times.

Now take down your hands, please.
Now put your right hand towards me, open your eyes, put your right hand towards me and don’t think. Bend your head and see for yourself if you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head, some people get it much away from the head, some people might get hot, doesn’t matter, the heat has to come out.

Now please put your left hand towards me like this, bend your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Hmm, again put your right hand once for all, bend your head and see for yourself. Now raise your both the hand towards the sky like this, towards the sky, now ask this question three times, “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” or “Is this the Chaitanya?” or “Is this the All-pervading Power of God’s love?” .Ask this question three times.

Please put down your hands. Those who have felt the cool breeze on the fingertips or in the hands or through their head, please raise your both the hands.
You didn’t feel it? Did you forgive? Did you forgive? Did you really forgive from your heart is the point. May God bless you all, May God bless you all.
So many have felt, some have not, it’s alright, I’ll like to meet you all, if possible come down, I’ll like to see you before I go, I’ll see maybe you have not forgiven that’s why you haven’t got. Most probably. So I have to see you, please come.

[Shri Mataji meets individually to heal people, the talk during healing was not very clear at some parts, so the complete audio could not be transcribed.]
He’s done some spiritual healing.
Now you come to our centre and master it, next year I must see you as a master.
You really forgive. Now forgive, forgive everyone, forgive everyone, just forgive. Forgive everyone, forgive, forgive forgive forgive, forgive. Now better, now you feel it? Wow!
What’s the use of bearing the load of not forgiving my child. It makes you unhappy. Hurt is alright, forget it, but you are hurting yourself by not forgiving, you understand my point, don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt. Now you’ll find love everywhere, you don’t hurt yourself, alright? May God bless you. You’re better just say from your heart “I forgive”, “I forgive”, ha! Now better, forget the past, now better. Some Sahaja yogi please look after her.
Now how are you feeling?, Thinking too much? What do you think? Aww!
Now? Alright?
Forget the past, you can’t forget, so what you blame yourself too much, why blame yourself too much, forget the past, forget the past, don’t blame yourself, remember something nice. Count your blessings one by one, alright? Good now. Don’t try to remember the past. We should remember something good, why should we remember?
So how are you? Now she’s feeling it. Alright, just see her.
Alright, put it here. You have to forgive, then you’ll get it. Just look after her. She’s the right side.
It’s just a myth, just a myth, just a myth. Look after the baby. Now please forgive even that person. Look after the baby I don’t want the baby to fall down. Better now? It is better now, better now, it is better now you see.
Now? Alright? may God bless you.
What work you do? You become a servant in the office of God. Started now ha, started now. Exhausted hands. Giver her, she’s also right sided.
She can be cured, take her there.
Did you feel the cool breeze? No No don’t worry, I’ll put her alright, I am also a grandmother. Don’t worry, I’ll look after her, I’ll manage her. Don’t cry.
You’ll be fine.
Again ask the question. Once more. Are you feeling the cool breeze? Better now? Feeling fine? May God bless you? Alright? Try to recognize. Christ has said I’ll send the Holy Ghost.
She’s alright? Now her Agnya, just put her right otherwise, Hamsa.
Please forgive, that is the narrow lane, you don’t forgive. Aha! Forgive. Or just say for saying. Now you are better? Alright, just see if you can give her realization.
Thank you, come to the centre, you have to help them out, you have to help so many people. Thank you.
That is horrible. The whole thing is shrinking. There is a problem. You have a problem in your stomach. Now, you just say “Mother I am my own master” Again say it ten times. Better now, Just now, just now, we are working it out. Now somebody please give realization to this child, go, you see there has been a Tibetan Master, don’t get upset, you’ll be alright, you don’t get upset, you are a seeker and a seeker of truth has to find the truth, alright? don’t worry everything is going to be fine all right? They’ll put you all right. Don’t worry, you’ll see.
Does the child ask if he has to see the Tibet Master?
Shri Mataji: Over you just see yourself, you are the master, you are the master. I’ll make you the master. You see, now go and get.
Now all your Tibetan Masters I better eat.
So how are you?
Small child, what’s the age?
Sixteen years. Shouldn’t go to Tibetan. Parents must be told.
Tingling in your hand? You’ll feel it. What work were you doing before? Ask Mother, “Are you the teacher of all the teachers?”
Say this, “You are the teacher of all teachers”. That’s the truth, see it comes in your head also nicely now, that’s the truth, now learn everything and teach again. May God Bless you. There’s a teacher sitting there, talk to him.
Nice people in Belgium, beautiful people in Belgium.
It has to come out. Ask the question about the computer, yes yes yes, just ask the question, just ask the question. You see if I am the computer I’ll answer it. Started? Again say. Just say “Mother you are the computer, Mother you the computer of all the computers. Now say, it’s all programmed. See. Now, better, raise his kundalini. You don’t have to try, we have tried and haan now it’s there. Warm, think, think like a mad, very very thinking man, too much thinking.
Too much, here in this centre, you are catching. A lot of smoke is coming out. Feeling better now? Better now? Much more relaxed. They can see. She has a Vishuddhi. It has come up. Better now?
Because of right Vishuddhi. Right Vishuddhi, can you cure her right Vishuddhi. Cure her right Vishuddhi, she has a right Vishuddhi because she’s a painter so just cure her right Vishuddhi.
You also? It’s your own. Friends? Now you are feeling it? Now you must start ……
Say that “Mother I am my own master”, say “I am my own master”
Better Now?
Left to the right.

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