How to become a realized soul?

Hotel Dann Colonial, Bogota (Colombia)

1988-07-20 Public Program, Hotel Dann Colonial, Bogota Colombia, 82'
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Public Program. Bogota (Colombia), 20 July 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

When we talk of truth we have to know that the truth is, was and will be. We cannot organize it, we cannot change it and we cannot conceive it. We have to understand it as it is. But the truth that we know only through our sensitive central nervous system, like I see you all sitting here and also you can see Me sitting here through you eyes is the truth. Or the thing, you heard the music from your ears, through your sense organs. Whatever you have known through that, through your feeling is the truth. It cannot be your imagination or your ideas which you have got in your heads from your childhood or maybe that somebody has put it into them.

So we have to be honest in our seeking and whatever we have found to be of no use or which is not honest we have to give up.

Now whatever has been told to you about your chakras, about your subtle being inside, all this is the knowledge of the roots. We have through our science advance quite a lot. We know lots of things that are existing but this is the knowledge of the roots. Now as a scientist and as a scientific mind you should keep your mind open to see whatever I am telling you is the truth or not.

So when we became human beings we developed certain senses within ourselves in our evolution. Like if you take a dog or a horse and ask them to go through a very dirty lane, it will not feel hurt, it will just pass through. But for a human being it is very difficult. An animal does not understand anything that is beautiful. Now we have achieved a lot as human beings but still we have not achieved the absolute because there is so much difference of opinion, everybody thinks that he is correct and everything that we find is a chaos today. So to achieve that absolute state something more has to happen in our living evolutionary process.

What is that is already told to us in all our scriptures. Christ has said that, “You are to be born again.” Now when He said that, you cannot just take a certificate that I am born again and go about saying, “I’m born again.” But when you are born again, something has to happen within yourselves.

Today is your Independence Day and I congratulate you for getting your Independence. But still we have to have our full freedom. Because we succumb to temptations, succumb to falsehood, we are tortured by people, oppressed by people, so many problems exist. We have not been able to free ourselves of our problems either physical or emotional or mental, even spiritual. For this there is a very, very simple method of the last breakthrough.

For your evolution as human beings you did not pay anything, you did not put any effort. I have come here to give you the message that you don’t have to pay, you don’t have to work hard, it is just there, you have just to have it. You are all ready to get it, you are all ready to become that, there is nothing to be done anymore. Like one candle which is enlightened can enlighten another light without any difficulty; in the same way it will work out. By this you will become realized souls. Like this instrument (the microphone) is prepared and unless and until it is put to the main it does not work, it has no meaning. So you are perfectly made for that, only thing you have to be connected to the mains. You will be amazed by this connection; so many things happen that we can’t believe how we are so glorious and so beautifully made. This is our own, our own property which is not known to us, which you suddenly discover and you are amazed at yourself.

There is the power within us which I call as the power of the Holy Ghost, which is reflected in the triangular bone called as sacrum. Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother; how can you have a son and a father without a mother. So this Primordial Mother is reflected within us in the triangular bone called as sacrum. When it is awakened we get connected with the divine power of God’s love.

Many people don’t believe in God because wrong things have been done in the name of God. But there is God and we have just to reach that stage where we can feel His love, His all pervading power around us, like cool breeze of the Holy Ghost.

You get your real baptism and you find as cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood and the bone becomes also soft like a child’s bone. Then you start feeling the cool breeze all around yourself as very beautiful cool vibrations. Such a person becomes extremely powerful, he becomes powerful with his compassion. Wherever his attention goes he cures that problem and such a person has a personality or a temperament that when he is among the people who are disturbed and troubled, their problems disappear.

The attention itself becomes collectively conscious, means you can feel another person on your fingertips, the centers. You can feel it within yourself, also what is wrong with you on your fingertips. This is what has to happen to all of us when we become really peaceful within and when we are peaceful, the peace spreads everywhere.

There are great organizations who talk of peace, peace foundations, this peace and there is no peace within. It is all artificial, men-made. But when the human beings become peaceful within themselves, there is no problem and they start enjoying each and everything of creation, and the best thing, they enjoy are the human beings and one starts understanding how beautiful God has created these human beings.

It is very surprising that so far I have not been able to come to such a beautiful place for this work, but I have been here before for some official work of my husband. At that time, I did feel the beauty of this place but there was not time to do this work. I think this was the time I had to come and I am sorry for being so late in my coming here; because once you become that, you become the source of joy for yourself and for the others and the Joy does not have duality like happiness and unhappiness, it is an absolute thing; you become the witness and start seeing the whole thing as big drama as if when you are in water, you are afraid of getting drowned, but once you came into the beat you can see all those waves with fun. But when you are experts swimmers, you can save many who are getting drowned.

So this has been written long time back by William Blake*, that men of God that is the category of people who are seekers, will become so godly that they will start saving other people, So though we find that in modern time there is so much of chaos, so much of tensions, so much of problems, there is one thing definite in this special area only now people are seeking the truth.

I must have given many lectures on Sahaja Yoga and as you must have heard from him that Sahaja means spontaneous and Yoga means the union with the Divine. After the realization, you yourselves become the knowledge but before that you better get your realization first.

Because say there are beautiful lights here and if you have to put them on, I have to just say, that just press one button and all the lights are coming; if I have to tell you about the history and all the organization and everything of this electricity, it will be boring.

As a Mother, I would say, if I have done the cooking and if you are hungry, you’ll just say, “all right, Mother, now serve the food.” So there is no end to my talking about it, it’s better we should have our Self realization.

May God bless you all!

Question (Q): Has sexual energy something to do with the Kundalini?

Nothing. It has nothing to do, is a wrong idea. You see (on the Chakra chart) the red chakra is the chakra for our excretion, for our sex energy. The Kundalini stops at the gate of Christ, at the Agnya chakra because if your eyes are very much wobbly then the Agnya chakra gets blocked. But in Sahaja Yoga, we believe in beautiful marriages, but not in funny type of perversions, but we don’t have to tell you anything, because you become your own guru, because Spirit is your master and once you start seeing everything in the light, you yourself drop out.

For example, you are holding a snake in the darkness, you can’t see it and if I say drop it, you will say, no I am holding a rope, why should I drop it. But if there is light you will immediately drop it yourself. So with realization you develop your divine wisdom as well as your divine discretion.

Q: Are Sahaja Yoga and other types of yoga more or less the same?

You see every yoga that they talked of, was established thousand of years back in India; like you can say Hatha Yoga or Raja Yoga; but the way these things are practiced today are very unscientific, because unless and until Kundalini starts rising you cannot say where is the problem and if you do any exercise indiscriminately, is going to harm you.

Q: Is the awakening of the Kundalini, that we shall get tonight, something permanent, something that will occur just for a moment? And what should we do to keep it?

Good question. It happens spontaneously and it just works that moment but the Kundalini is the one that emerges though your system, from your fontanel bone area and She finds that there is a problem, say in you liver, then She goes back there and starts working there on the liver to cleanse it. So with the experience one start knowing how the Kundalini works on the various centers then She starts establishing and is established in a permanent way. As we can say when a seed is sprouting the little (premune?) sprouts and then you have to look after the little tender plant for sometimes, then it becomes a tree. Within one month time you become an expert and here you have a center open every day where you will come to know everything.

Q: Kundalini is a force in itself, what is the way of increasing the power of Kundalini and what is the relationship between Kundalini and the Spirit?

Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty and His Power is the Holy Ghost. When He (the Spirit) and the Kundalini both of them meet then it is like a little flame which burns within our hearts as Spirit, gets the force and the whole thing becomes enlightened. It is such as vast knowledge … once you have your realization, it is better to understand these things in one light then to understand it without lights: when we are in darkness, we cannot talk of the colors, in the same way, let there be light, then we can understand it better.

Q: It’s quite a new knowledge; it is said it is dangerous to wake up Kundalini when the chakras are not purified; it is a fire that is burning. What is your spiritual power that makes that the Kundalini can come up and not damage us, and why is the time so short?

The first thing is absolutely wrong and false that the Kundalini gives you problems; because people who do not know, who have no authority from the Divine try to try some tricks on people; as a result of that the deity of innocence gets angry and you get the result as heat in the body.

Now the Kundalini is the Primordial Mother, your own individual Mother, your own Mother; when your mother gave your birth, she took all the trouble upon herself and she did not give you any trouble, did she? And She knows everything about you. She knows your past, She knows all your weaknesses and She is so kind, so gentle and She some way or another manages this second birth. As far as Myself is concerned I don’t want to say much about Myself because Christ was the Son of God, He was the Path and He was the Gate and when He said that and people crucified Him. That was the truth but people can’t bear the truth without realization. I don’t want to get crucified because you know the time is so short.

Q: Is Sahaja Yoga the only way and what is the function of trantra yoga?

Tantra means the instrument, actually in the pure sense of the word. But those who called themselves tantrikas are just the opposite of what is the tantra. They know how to spoil your instrument, just to capture you, it gives you the negative forces, just to take away your freedom. They try to control your money, they try to control your family, this is not divine. It’s black magic in a way, in a western language is black magic.

Q: Does the Word of the Holy Scriptures have something to do with the Kundalini?

Yes, yes and the description of the Kundalini, of all this instrument is the Tree of Life …

Q: If the Kundalini has been, is and will be always in connection with the Spirit, then why does the Spirit incarnate?

But the Spirit does not incarnate. It’s quite a good question that we should have been born as realized soul, what was the need to have the separation, is the correct question. That’s what you mean? The answer is very simple, you know the story of Adam and Eve, everything was done so well; if they had listened to God, we would not have gone through all the problem. But they did not. They made a mistake; this is the main original problem they created for us. So we had to go through everything so called knowledge which is not real knowledge and then come to this.

At human level you are given freedom. But they never wanted to use the way God wanted them to use, so they went in a roundabout way. So God said alright, go ahead, find out for yourself and then He’ll come and give at the last when you will be ready to receive the Truth. And even now I am telling you can get it without any difficulty, it’s your own right, you have it, it’s your own, still people are finding it difficult in their freedom. So that is human being you see. He can’t accept anything. They have to learn though making mistakes, going into problems, then they learn it. Sometimes they are too conditioned, sometimes they are too egoistical and they cannot discriminate between the Truth and untruth.


Now is the realization


Please don´t ask me aggressive question, as I am not here in any way to take anything from you. You can no pay for your realization, you cannot pay for your curing and you cannot pay for anything that is good and it is expressing in yourself.

Maybe it works in most of you I can see that, but maybe don´t work, but that so matter it will work ultimately. And we have here some very good people Sahaja yogis who are here and they can do marble and they are very equip people, very powerful people.  The change is within you not without and that is why they, just like you, look out, but they are very powerful.

let they ask some questions.

Do you have questions?

Seeker 1: Do you have the kindness to tell us if the sexual energy has any relationship with the kundalini?

Shri Mataji:  Nothing, it has nothing to do, that is one wrong idea. I don´t know. Have you put in the card paper? Here You see there in the lower portion you will see the red chakra,  is the chakra for our expression , for our sexual energy it looks after our sexual and for others expression functions and  the kundalini is above of that, secondly as Christ as said very pointily that now should not have  adult eyes, because the kundalini stop against Christ, here in the agnya chakra because if your eyes are very much bobbling then the agnya chakra gets clock , so hon clear said much about the agnya chakra now we should not have adults eyes . but in Sahaja yoga we believe in very good marriages but not in a funny type of perversions. but we don´t have to tell you anything, because you become your own master, you become your own guru, because spirit is your master and once you start see everything delight, you will see properly. For example, you are holding the snake in darkness you cannot see, and I say dropping and you said I am holding a rope, why should I dropping it, but if there are light, immediately dropping it yourself, so with the realization you develop your divine wisdom and as well like your divine discrimination,

Shri Mataji:

What is other question from the gentleman.

Seeker:   Are the another’s yogas the same that Sahaja Yoga? Hatha, raja and others?

Shri Mataji: You see every yoga that they  talk to, were established a thousand years     back in India, like we can say, hatha or raja yoga and all that things, but the way of that things are practice today,  they  are very unscientific, because unless the kundalini starts rise , you cannot see where is the problem and if you do any exercise indiscriminately, it is going to  harm it.

Now for example you have problem in your trough chakra and you start said mantras which are related to your heart chakra you will spoil your trough completely.

So, you have to know exactly where the problem is, and which you can find very easily after the realization if you already know what the centres about are and also you know how to correct them so, you are alright.

Seeker 2:

The awakening of the kundalini force or whatever we will do today can be permanent and what we have to do to keep it?

Shri Mataji: That is a good question.

It happens spontaneously and it just works that  moment, but the  kundalini is the one that emergence to your centre from your fontanel bone here  and then she finds that there are  problems here in your lever, then she goes back there works there so you must to know how to organise her movement and ones you know that you permanent fixing so that is permanent

As we can said that,  when a seed is sprouted, the little premiere sprout and then you have to look out after the little 10 year plant, but sometimes barely  early become a tree, by in one month you can be one expert and you have  centre here as I was told, where they hold linking  every day and they going to have a follow all where it coming about everything

Seeker 3: Kundalini is a force in itself; separate or united?

and is there a method to increase the power of the Kundalini?

What is the relationship between the kundalini and the soul?

Shri Mataji:  Spirit is the reflexion of God Almighty and his power is the Holy Ghost when he the spirit and the kundalini, both of them, meet; then is like a little play which burning in our heart, the spirit, gives the force and then the whole thing become enlightening. 

You see about all this thing … I will says such a whole knowing, but when you will see all this people they will give you all the details about it, but if you have any problem just now about getting your realization is better that talk,   they are 3.000 lessons that I had been doing in English languages and some and another languages but the knowledge is not enter, but you found down each of everything, they are not mystery, no secret.

And there are so many tapes, and audio tapes, and all those things are able to you, you can always listen to them, and you can talk to them and found down. But once you get the realization, is it better, to understand all of this things in one line, that you understand in light. Like when we are darkness we cannot talk of the colours. In the same way let be the light first then you can understand it better.

Seeker 4; This is truly novel, because as you said before, it has always been said that it is dangerous to awaken the kundalini, without having the chakras clean, that it is a fire that burns, that it hurts, if, thanks to what she says, you can have that here, Even that we have short time.

Well, we’ve all come to talk about all that.

What I ask is: for one hand, what is the spiritual work that she will do on us without damaging us? and why is the time running out?

Shri Mataji:  Now, the first thing is absolute wrong and false that the kundalini gives you problems, because people who do not know, who have not authority from the divine, try to try tricks on people, as the result of that the divinity of the innocence get angry and get, as the result, hit in the body.

Now the kundalini is the primordial almighty your own individual mother, your mother, when your mother gave you birth she took all the trouble in herself, and she did not give you any trouble, did she?

She knows all about you, she knows your past, your weakness, and she is so kind so gentile. And she knows how can manage your second birth.

As far as myself is concern I do not want to say much about myself, because Christ was the son the God, he was the god, he was the kind. And he said that, and he was crucified, that is true, but the people did not want to see the truth without the realization. I don´t want be crucified, because the time is so short.

Seeker 5: Sahaja is the only way to feel the vibration of the kundalini? The tantras yogas what work have them.

Actually, tantra mean instrument, but them that who are called tantric are the opposite of what tantric is.

, they know how spoil your instruments just to catch, to use all the negatives forces just to take away all your freedom they try to control your money they try to control your family. Theses cannot be divine. It is back magic, in western language is back magic.

Seeker 6: What if the kundalini has any relationship with what the scriptures speak, in the bible? What Jesus spoke about: the holy beard

Yes, and the description of the kundalini and the all the instrument is the tree of live, also even in Koran, it is descripting, the ascent, even in Koran, they say at the time of resurrection your hands will speak and we give you test against so. of course, in India scriptures I mean are so vivint giving. but mostly of the knowledge of kundalini has come for very superficial roots, people has no going deeper into, find down what them are writing about kundalini.

Seeker 7:  If this kundalini´s energy has been in union with the spirit, with what sense does this spirit incarnate on earth?

Shri Mataji: The spirit does not reincarnate

Translator: that if we are the spirit, why we reincarnate?

Oh, I see it. Now.

Aja, I understand.  That is a very good question. That is what you mean?

Seeker:  Yes

You know, the answer is very simple. You know the history of Adan and Eva. Everything was doing so well, if they have listen to God we will not go through all this problem, but them don´t, they make mistake, them make original problem recreated for us. At human level we had giving freedom, now when he gave them freedom they never want used the way god wanted to us used, they used it in the wrong way, so God say, ok do your way.

And even now I tell you that you can get it without any difficulties, it is your own right you have it is your own. Still People is finding difficulties in their freedom to take it and see it by yourself. So that is the human bean see they can accept anything they have to learn to making mistake, make problems so they learn from them. Sometimes they are conditional, sometimes they are so egoistical, and they cannot discriminate between the truth and untruths.

Seeker 9: At this moment Colombia is going through some very difficult moments, because there is a lot of violence, why do you think that is it happen here and what can we do to improve it? 

There are many things by which so that be created problems of violence, not only in Colombia, they are all over the world, that is not only here. But the problem comes, you see, of our wrong man-made ideas. Now see, for example if we have

democracy or communism:  we are try both now in democracy what we do is to allow at an individual do have your own way. Let the individual grow and them don´t worry about collectivity.  Now once individual is important, then he starts growing, you see, in a big way and he became a madman he starts to suppress others and he is not worrying about the collectivity part. and democracy is money oriented, some others make the money, you see, become some greedy, wants to make money, some others money, money, money; like mad. At the result is that you become rich, but you become also wilder.  now in the communist ideology, they worry about the collectivity and not about the individual, now the individual become absolutely weak, they can do anything, he is helpless, he becomes weak. So, what is the used to do collectively with weak people?   So, both way has been failed. So, a very powerful politician, from London, came to tell me that she was following to the right and to the left before.  So, now she wants to be in the centre.  so, she started a party in the centre, so I say, what is the used if you are in the centre you will have not movement? I said, all they are all man ideologies, if you are in the centre, centre you will be ascendant oriented and you become a very different personality.  I will say that, I suppose, I have all the powers I am a capitalist, but I am communist, because I cannot enjoy myself I must share it with you.

So, all those man-made theories get integrates in Sahaja and you start enjoying the truth really after the Sahaja yoga. In Sahaja yoga the individual is nourish, is balance, and is enjoy his joy, and the hole collectivity is with him and he can feel the whole collectivity. And we don´t live with theory, but the truth, you can feel the truth if you want to know supposed to know if exist God just put you hand and ask the question, like your computer and you start getting the tremendous, good nice vibrations filled with joy.

Shri Mataji:  Now. what is the question now?

Let’s ask the majority.  do you want the realization or questions?

Public:  Realization…. applause

Translator: Mostly of them want the realization.

Shri Mataji: So, better have realization. You see, you can write down your questions and we try to answer them, come to them, it is not endless, you see, again I say, if you are angry better have your food.

I wish all of you will can sit down, because you don´t have seen anything anymore. And those who don´t want to have any realization should go, because it should disturb others, if you don´t have the realization, it is not your desire, it is better that you let the hall, without angry.

I was also very happy to learn that in this country people respect the mother earth and the chakra which controlling the Innocence and also, the above of the kundalini, is make of the element of mother earth.


Now I will request you, all that take away the shoes and test the mother earth, put your foot,  if it is possible, so that she takes away able problems, but those whom  are sitting on the ground, do not boring to put both your feet on the ground  ,but can  sit down it is a right ,but take away the shoes. also, it is put the attention. Everybody should sit down in the passage .it is right You also in the back, please   sit down It would have been better in the garden

 I did not expect so many people to coming 

Now I have to tell you that in our procedure, we have to have our left hand very comfortable on, like this, if you sit, put it like that. This is the left hand, which is the power of your desire, which is symbolic, that is you decides to achieve your realization, and not put the hand like this, just like this, comfortable with the finger point through to me. please be sitting. It is not necessary to, you can see now, then can sit down when we are asking with closed eyes. Then right hand is to use for the power of the action, to release your chakras, that to teach how to raise your own kundalini also.

First, we have to sit comfortably, we have to be comfortable, not to push the head too much back, not in front, not slumps, comfortable, with straight legs. Left hand through and the right hand to touch all the centre like I show you 

The first and formal thinking is that we have to enter into the kingdom of God and you are at the epitome at your evolution now. That is why you should not feel guilty at all, you should feel happy, after all, human bean can only make mistakes, we are not God. So, forget the pass, just forget the pass you are now in the present not count your mistakes not count your miseries, just be happy with yourself. That is the base condition. That only happy people can enter in the kingdom of God. A right So forgive yourself, forgive yourself. Now the right hand must to put on your heart, here. Please put it all of you, first you can see, then you can be sitting down. Left hand through to me and right hand on the heart, then you have to put your right hand on the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side, we are working in the left side, now, this is the centre which, is the centre of your mastering. now Then you take your right hand on the low part of your abdomen in your left side and press it hard. Now, this centre works down the divine laws, so you have to have the pure knowledge of the divine law, that is building in your nervous centre. Then you have to go up taking your kundalini up and put your hand in the upper of the abdomen,  now you have to raise higher from this one to your heart, from  your heart like I told and in the heart is where reside the spirit reside, then you have to take your  right hand goes in the corner left shoulder and neck and turn the head trough to the right that is the centre is catch where you people feel quilt. Colombia has too much.  Since I am here I have much pain here. Remember not put the hand back, The important is the hand be in front not back, be able to put it on the forehead and press both parts of the forehead as if you are having a headache, is the centre where you forgive, stretch the hand to the back of the head, here is where you ask for forgiveness without feeling guilty, without feeling bad, without counting your mistakes it is just for your satisfaction.  Now, you must stretch your hand fully on the top of your head, over the fontanel bone area, press hard in the fontanel area, the bland part, when we were child, press the palm with stretch finger, we press and moving the scalp 7 times to the right.

Now we will do the exercise with closed eyes, all of you please closed the eyes, be comfortable, put your hand trough to me and the right go to the heart. Here you have to ask me Mother Am I the spirit? 3 times, that is one very fundamental question. now with this question, you must to watch yourself not watch other person, that question that you asked mean if you are the spirit, you become your own guru.  You must to ask another question, 3 times mother am I my own master? closed eyes, keep the eyes Shap not haft open, keep them Shap; now, take your hand in the low part of your abdomen in the left side and here;  I can no take your own  freedom. In your freedom, you have to say, Mother may I have the pure knowledge? Mother give me the pure knowledge 6 times, because this centre has 6 petals. Now please ask this question, as result of that, the kundalini start moving upper. It is alright there, look. Now, you have to make place for the kundalini, it is alright aloo! Now here we have to take the hand in the upper part of the abdomen. In the left side. We must to said with full confidence.  Mother, I am my own master 10 times, because here are 10 petals, raise your hand to you heart, here you again must to said with full confidence 12 times, mother I am the spirit. We have to know that the divine is the ocean of love, grace and bless above of all is the forgiveness, so we have to forgive us, then rise your right hand on the left shoulder between the neck and the shoulder with the head turned to the right and here we said 16 times, Mother I am no guilty and with all 16 times, but still you feel guilty,  you punish you and said it 108 times, because you are not guilty. Now please rise your hand in the forehead y we press in both sides, that is the centre of the forgiveness, then, you say Mother I forgive everyone you say, it is difficult, but it is myth, then is better forgive and not be I hand of others. Say from your heart. put your hand in the back of your head, for your own satisfaction say: If I did any mistake please God, forgive me, but for the own satisfaction, without feel guilty because we are not guilty Oh divine if I did any mistake please forgive me. But again don´t feel guilty. Now take your hand stretch your finger in the top of the head in the fontanel part, so moving your scalp 7 times to the right. Mother please give me the realization…

Shri Mataji. She blew through the microphone.

*(about William Blake)