Sahasrara Puja: First of all you must keep your vibrations clear

Bogota (Colombia)

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Sahasrara Puja, (first puja in South America), Bogota (Colombia), 20 July 1988

It’s such a great pleasure to be here in Colombia; which was my great desire, long time back that, somehow if I could come later to this country, I may be able to start Sahaj Yoga here. Because I did feel, at that time that there are lots of seekers and very good people in Colombia. They are the seekers of truth and want to rise higher in their awareness. And as it was desired by me, it has worked out. 

I’m very happy to be here among you people; and we have people from, also, other countries of South America which is a very great thing. We started working out in European countries, which were developed countries we can say, but I always had a very earnest desire to come to the other side, that is the underdeveloped countries, where there is culture.

It has to spread to all the countries. No country should say that it did not come to us, that we did not know the truth, that we missed the point. As you people are first founders and the foundation stones of Sahaj Yoga you have to be very careful. As I have said, many a times, the knowledge that we have from science and other things is the knowledge of the tree, but Sahaj Yoga is the knowledge of the roots. 

So, we have to become deeper personalities, we have to see our own depths and our own glories and our own beauties, and to enjoy them. 

All that beauty we can have; plus you can see that the human beings are part and parcel of one personality. But we cannot do it by just lecturing or by giving sermons. But we have to prove it to them by their ascent, that is, by giving them Self-realisation, by the actualisation of the experience. 

In every way we have to tell them that the truth cannot be found out by paying money or making efforts or by sufferings. The truth resides within us and we have to just reconcile to the idea that, so far, we have not found it.

Now the way you will handle them is very important. Because they come to my program, get Realisation. But when they come back then you have to handle them very carefully and delicately. 

Also you must understand what is the pulse of your country, what is the speciality of your country. Now, for example, I find people here are very sweet, very innocent very traditional, so you have to approach them in that manner. But supposing they are from the intellectual sort of areas or from over-industrialised areas, then you have to approach them in that way. 

So, first of all you must keep your vibrations clear. Also you must know what you should do as to become experts in vibrations. 

You should be able to say, whether somebody is catching this or that, or what you are catching. But you should not in any way tell them what others are catching, let them find out themselves. As they will start growing in their own sensitivity, they themselves can find out what’s wrong with them. They themselves will tell you what is the finger they are burning, where they are getting the heat. They themselves will tell you. Then you have to tell them that, “This is the centre you are catching,” “This is the problem.” If they ask you. This is how you should move with them. But in any case, if there is any problem, anything, you can write to me directly. I am always available to anything that you want to know.

I hope today there will be many people who will be coming to the programme. But the follow-on has to be attended properly by all of you, and you should be able to gently handle them. And as you know that we do not have anything like registration of names or anything. But better is to talk to them,to each one of them: ask their names, what are they doing, where they live. It’s much better. And if they want, they can leave their addresses with you.

For your pujas and all that you have to see them if they are deep enough, then you can call them for pujas. Also puja can be quite a shock to them because they have never known all these things before. There are so many ways by which you can convince them that this is the truth. In any case, if you have any questions you should ask me later on so I can tell you what is to be the solution.

So now let us have the puja and after that I think most of the questions will be solved also, automatically!

All right let us have, for washing, a little warm water will be a good idea.

If there is some warm water, little bit warm water. Copper is a very auspicious metal for puja, copper is, and you get such a lot of copper here. 

You both can come for washing, you both, and the little girl. Come along! Three of you can wash. Come! Come this side! 

You be on this side, you be on this side, and she can be in the centre. Come this side. Let him come this side. Come in the centre.

Now, push back your sleeves. May God bless! Good! Hmmm. Nice! 

Now, you push back your sleeves a little; yours also, sleeves, a little bit. And also his. Yes come along!

You’ve got a coconut with you?

Yogi: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: All right. Then what I would suggest [is] that, in this one you put a coconut, because that’s how we have the kumbha, and some leaves. 

You put the kumbha there eh? It’s all right. Then if it is there it’s all right. One only [is needed]. I didn’t see it, so that’s what I was wondering. Keep it there, it’s all right, but some leaves must  be put with it, you see. Some leaves, some long leaves. We could use these.

Yes, that’s good. That’s all. Few leaves. So now, just round the coconut. You can bring that one here, that kumbha. Then bring the whole lot.

Yogi: We can put it on top of this?

Shri Mataji: It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s a very good idea. Now around that place, yes a little bit. Good.

This is symbolic, very symbolic.

Yogi: The light is very beautiful.

Shri Mataji: Very good, beautiful. Just on top of my head! 

Yes, so now. If you can pour water then, yes. You can pour it and they can wash and then they can pour. All right.

Yogi: Shri Ganesha’s mantras?

Shri Mataji: Yes.

(Sahaj Yogis repeat Shri Ganesha’s mantra three times.)

Shri Mataji: I would say, if  you have some unmarried ladies. 

All right. So what we can do is to remove this now. Get a towel. 

Hello, you can remove this and we can get a towel just to [dry]. Lilia? You remove it because one person should be in charge of mantras. You remove this. 

Yes, yes. Good. May God bless!

(Sahaj Yogis recite Ganesh Atharva Sheersh)

Shri Mataji: Now we could have the Spanish version if you have. 

Yogi: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Should be more uniform.

(Sahaj Yogis recite Ganesh Atharva Sheersh in Spanish)

Shri Mataji: Also the centre where resides the thing. You see, you have to make the swastika on top. But first of all this should be little bit put uniformly. Now the thing is to put the…

Yogini: A little water is needed? Should I put a little water?

Shri Mataji: Water? Yes, please put. Some water is needed. You can sing song of, Ganesha’s song. One song.

Sahaj Yogi: We know the English song, “Shri Ganesha”

Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s all right. Make it more uniform

(Sahaj Yogis sing “Om bhur bhuva swaha” song (English 1))

Beautiful. Now, so you have to start with the Devi’s 108 names now.

Sahaj Yogi: Should we sing them Shri Mataji? Should we sing 108 names?

Shri Mataji: Yes, 108 names.

(Sahaj Yogis sing “Tere Hi Guna Gate Hai”)

Shri Mataji: Any one, any one will do. Yes. Little bit properly. Put it properly, put it properly. Yes, put it properly. Push it on the sides. It will be all in the picture you see. They would like to see my feet when I came to Colombia. 

Yes, good. All right. Yes you can put it on the side. That top one doesn’t look so nice. I think that one looks better I think. Yes, that’s better.

Never so many flowers on my feet! First time!

May God bless you all!

Put it there, somewhere. All right. Let everybody put it now.

Now the ladies have to give me bangles. All right?

It’s beautiful. May God bless you!

You may close the door. I think it’s rather cold.

Now, ladies have to give me bangles

Sahaj Yogini: Married Ladies?

Shri Mataji: Married yes.

Yogini: Two by two?

Shri Mataji: Two each. I mean I think they can give in four. Twenty one there are. Eleven on one side and ten on the other.

Now if you can give me the plate, the silver plate, there’s a double plate there, under the kumkum.  

Wonderful puja, wonderful.

You made cake?

Today is your new year’s day so happy new year to you and I’m told that, also, it is regarded as a New Year’s day as well as your Independence Day? 

May all of you have your real freedom.