Sahastrara Puja

Bogota (Colombia)

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Sahastrara Puja, 1st Puja in South America. Bogota (Colombia), 20 July 1988.

That’s is a such a great pleasure to be here, in Colombia,  which was mine greatest desire,   long time back , that not how,  if I could come later to  this country  I maybe be able to start Sahaja yoga here, because I did feel at that time  there are  a lot of seeker and very good people  in Colombia , they are the  seekers of truth and  want to rise higher in theirs awakenings.

And as, because it was desire by me, it that is worked out   I am very happy to be here, and with you people. And we have people from also other countries of South America wish is it a very great thing. we Started working out in European countries, which developed countries we can say, but I always had very (agnes) pure desire to come to other sides, they are underdeveloped where they are culture.

It has to spread to all the countries; no country should say that they don´t come to us.  That we don´t know the truth, that is not the you people are  first funder, and the foundation´s stone of Sahaja yoga so you have to be very careful, at I said many time that the knowledge that we have from sciences and other things  is the knowing of the tree and Sahaja yoga is the knowing of the root. Sa, we have to have to become deeply personality. We must to see our own debs, and our glory, and all own beauty, and to enjoy it, all the beauty you can have, plus, you can see that the humans bean are part and parcel of one personality. But We cannot do it by doing lessons or by giving sermons. Buy we have to prove that by them ascend. That is by give them self-realization, by the Actualization of the experiences.  In every way you have to tell them that the truth not can found by pay money or making efforts or by sufferers. the truth resided with us and we have to just reconsider the idea that so far, we don´t find it. Now The way you handle them ,is very important, because they come to my program,  get realization, but when they come back then you have  to hand them very carefully, and delicate, also you must to understand what is the folk, the speciality of your country, now for example I find people here are very innocent, sweet, very  traditional, so you have to  approach them in that manner.

But supposing they are from the intellectual certificates ideas or from over industrialized ideas then You have to approach them that way. So first able you must keep your vibrations clear, also you must   know what will should do as to become experts in vibrations. You should be able to say whether somebody is catching, this or that or where you are catching, but you should not in any way tell them what they are catched, let them find themselves, as they start growing in them own sensitive, then themselves can found down what is wrong med them. Then Themselves will tell you what is the finger that are burning, where are getting the hit, themselves they will tell you, then you have to tell them that is the centre that you are catching this is the problem, if they ask. That is the way of the moving, but if any case they are any problem anything you can write to me direct, I am always available to anything that you want to know.

I hope today they will be many people that they will come to the program but follow on has to attended them property from all of you. And you must to be able to gentile

Handle them and as you know we have anything like registration of name or anything, better is to talk to them each one of them, ask their name, where them live, what are they doing, is much better and if them want it, and if they want they can give you their address with you.

For your pujas and all that you have to see them if they’re so deeply enough, so you can call them for puja.  Puja can be quit of shock for them.  Because they never know all this things before. They are so many ways by which you can convince them that this is the truth. If any case if you have any questions you should ask me later on, so I can tell you what has to be the problem.

So Now lets us have the puja and after that I think most of the questions will be resolve, automatically.

Oh, right let us have the for washing little warm water can be good idea.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi