“I will send you the Holy Ghost”

Spreckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego (United States)

1988-07-22 San Diego 1,2 & 3, 58'
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Public Program Day 1 at Balboa Park. San Diego (USA), 22 July 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

If we are seeking the truth we have to understand that truth is what it is. It was the same and it will be the same. You cannot change it. You cannot organize it. You cannot limit it. But at the stage when we are human beings, we know the truth but a very little part of it. Truth is to be known on our central nervous system, is not by any lecturing or by any mental process, emotional process, physical process or spiritual courses. One has to rise to that state of enlightenment, which enables us to see the absolute truth. The part truth we know through our senses as you can see Me here sitting and I can see you sitting around. I can see so clearly. And you can see Me clearly through your eyes and you know the truth that I am sitting down here.

So, also through our ears, through our eyes, through our sense organs we see the truth and all the other dimensions of these organs we have achieved we can see the truth as well. For example, if there is a dog, and if it has to go through a dirty lane, he can do it. But human beings cannot do it. They can see the things that a dog cannot see. Many things that they can enjoy and hear, a dog may not enjoy. So, in our evolution we have achieved lots of things, no doubt but still we do not know the absolute. If we had known the absolute, there would have been no difference of opinion. All of us would have seen the same point, but it’s not so.

There’s so much difference in understanding of any truth, which proves that there is something wrong somewhere. So, up to the human awareness, though we have achieved so many things, still we have not been able to see where we have gone wrong. We have not gone wrong but we have to still achieve a little higher state of consciousness. As you have become human beings you have not paid for it. Nobody has paid for becoming a human being say from the animal stage nor have you done any exercises or book reading or anything like that. Spontaneously you have become. Spontaneously. It is a living process. All spontaneity because divine is a living force which acts within you and make you a human being and if you have to go to the higher state also, it’s this spontaneity which is going to work it out. Now whatever you have heard about your subtle being within yourself, you might have not heard about it or you might have heard about it in a way that may be frightening but as a scientist I would say you have to have the open mindedness and the honesty of a scientist to see for yourself if it is the truth or not and if you find it to be the truth then as honest people you have to accept it because the time has come for you to achieve it and to get it. You cannot make a drama out of it, you cannot give a false certificate, you cannot form an organization: it is you who has to achieve it because it is your own property within yourself. It is all your own, it is all your glory within yourself which you have to achieve through this spontaneous method of what we call of Kundalini awakening. Now when we talk of Kundalini, we have to know it is mentioned in all the scriptures. Christ has clearly said that, “You are to be born again.” That doesn’t mean that you put a certificate upon your head and say that ‘oh I am born again.’ What does that mean? Born again means something. What has happened to you when you are born again? What have you achieved as a person who is born again? It’s not just changing labels and saying artificially that you are baptized. You have to be really baptized by the Holy Ghost. Now in the Bible we read about the Holy Ghost. But do we know where is the Holy Ghost? What the Holy Ghost is? We have not idea about the Holy Ghost because like blinkers if you see the knowledge about Christ, we cannot understand him. He was not allowed to preach and to talk about Divine for more than four years. What can you do in four years? You won’t believe in London, I was working on seven hippies for four years. I couldn’t crack their heads. It was impossible to give them Self-Realization. So difficult… extremely difficult. They had no idea about Self-Realization at all. So much conditioned. It was very difficult task. But it was achieved after four years. Now I must say the way Christ achieved so many thing was remarkable because four years are nothing. Human beings are so difficult. Because of their freedom they have two problems. One the way they have got conditioned themselves and the second, the way they have developed their ego. It is so difficult for the divine to work out this last breakthrough except that they have to desire it. And this pure desire within us to be one with the Divine is this Kundalini, is the reflection of Holy Ghost within us. That’s the primordial power. The primordial power within us, which is reflected as Holy Ghost within us is the Kundalini. But if you go and ask anybody what is the Holy Ghost, they will say I am agnostic. They won’t be able to explain. It’s a mystery. It’s kept as a mystery because we do not want to see where are the references. Christ himself has said, “Those who are not with Me are against Me.” But who are those, which are with us? He also said, ‘you will be calling Me Christ, Christ, and I won’t recognize you.’ So we have to be careful and He also said that “I will send you the Holy Ghost”. What about that? All His life He tried through His life, through His model to establish what we call a center within us, a center which you see as agnya chakra which was a very narrow gate between the combination of our conditioning which creates the super ego and the idea that we are doing this and doing that, the ego, and this narrow gate was opened by Christ. He said, at the end of his departure from this earth I would say that “it is going to work out later on and there is going to be resurrection” and we have to see that resurrection has to work out within us. Even Mohammad Sahib has said the same thing that, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak and they’ll give witness against you.” But what are the Muslims doing today? They never want to look out for that time that is called a Qayyamah, the resurrection time. They are also having blinkers. They don’t want to see. But who is the loser? The loser is the person who doesn’t want to see the truth, who is identified with something, which is not the truth. We should see the history. We should see what our forefathers have done. We should see what they have gone through. We should see why the countries who are supposed to be Muslims, Hindus, Christians: what have they achieved through it? What have they been able to achieve through it? Nothing. What we see is destruction, violence, disturbances; all kinds of problems and these problem come to you. Why? Why should they come if we are on the right path? Why should there be diseases if we are on the right path? We have to think about it. Can we correct ourselves? Can there be a life, which is completely peaceful and wonderful? But there are many hypocrites. They say there are foundations of peace; there are peace awards, this and that. But do we see them peaceful? Are they peaceful people? Have they got no problems? Is there any method by which we can become those integrated personalities about which people have said that they have to be self-realized, enlightened, as Christ has said, ‘We have to be born again.’ This we can compare with a Sanskrit word, which we call as dvijhah meaning ‘born twice’. They call it to a bird as well as to human beings who are realized souls. First they are closed like eggs, and then they open out as birds. In the same way, human beings are first closed by their conditionings and by their ego and when they open out they get their complete freedom. Freedom from all temptations, freedom from all fear, freedom from all kinds of negativity that you have. One becomes so dynamic, ageless and so compassionate that this compassion works like Christ when He touched people, they got healed. Such person develops an eye, which Christ has described ‘thou shall not have adulterous eyes’. I would like to know people who think they are very religious; have they been able to get rid of their adulterous eyes? They cannot because this has to happen within you. Christ has to be awakened within you and how is He awakened is through this Kundalini rising and opening your Agnya chakra. There He resides. He is to be awakened within you. Also we say that Christ died for our sins and He suffered for us. If so, why should we suffer? Can we suffer more than He has suffered? Can anybody carry that kind of a cross? Why should we suffer if He has suffered? It is all right. We have to do something else so that we take advantage of what He has done for us. But have you been able to do that? Why is it that we should still suffer? Not only this, but people cry and make all kinds of noises and big shows and dramas that they are suffering. This is not necessary.

I was told that in Colombia people actually make a drama of crucifixion. This is making fun of Christ, His life and His message. What He has said that ‘we have to enter into the kingdom of God’. Surprisingly now, so many thing are coming up, and you can see also clearly the truth is different from what people are talking about. But moreover there was a book recently I came across called as Gnostic. Gnah in Sanskrit language means to know. But this book was actually an outcome of a book that was written by St. Thomas who went to India just after Christ was crucified. He was in Egypt and he wrote this book and I don’t know why but he put it in a jar and hid it under some rock. It was found out. And then they tried to take out the meaning of that and to re-write it and decipher it. What they have found out is so surprising that it is said that, “One must have the experience of Self Realization, then only you will know what is God, what is Divine. No use talking about it.” What He has said very clearly that, “God doesn’t want us to suffer, he wants us to enjoy, enjoy His gifts, His blessings.” Now this is not just a story, this is not just a imagination. What it is that something has to happen within ourselves and that happening is a simple thing, just like I would say this is an instrument is made in the way you are, supposing – your computer. But you have to be put to the mains. Just a simple thing of putting you to the mains. Now as I have said it you cannot pay for it. Since I came here, I have been coming here quite a lot, but first time when I came I was very disappointed. Because everybody said that, “We cannot accept anything for which you do not take money.” I couldn’t understand this. How much money did you pay to Christ? How far we have gone from reality! Let us face that we have to take to reality now. We have had enough of all these artificial things and man made ideas. Let us achieve our benevolence. Let us achieve our ascent and let us become that what has been promised and has been told to us. For that you have to have courage and for that you have to have honesty and consideration of your own being. If you have no respect for yourself, nobody can convince you. Nobody can convince you and when I asked them, this was long time back in 1973, I was in America, I asked them, “How much will you pay Me? It’s so invaluable.” They said that, “We don’t know that.” “You have to decide,” I said. Even you will be surprised when I went to Boston that year, they asked He how many Rolls Royces I had because they said, “If you don’t have any Rolls Royces, what are you doing?” I said, “What I am doing? I can’t understand. I don’t take any money. How can I have Rolls Royces?” Now Rolls Royces, what has happened to the Rolls Royces you know very well. So don’t be enamored by these superficial things. Don’t be brainwashed by all these artificial things that are coming out. It’s high time for all intelligent, sensible people to come to their common sense and understand that reality has to be something beyond. It cannot be purchased, if it could have been, Arabs would have purchased it long ago time back.

I am happy you are in such a happy mood. Because one has to be in a happy mood before going for your Realization. When I went to Paris they told Me, ‘Mother, You shouldn’t be too happy’. I said, “Why?” “Because they will think You are ignoramus, You don’t know what problems there are.” I said, “I know all the problems.” All right. But in Paris I know the problems very well. At every third lamppost you have a prostitute, and every fifth lamppost you have a pub. What else? How can you be happy? But I started My lecture with Les Miserables. Today that Paris has changed a lot. Quite a lot and I hope one day will come when America will take to reality. Because it is a very great nation. It’s a very great place. But deluded, very much deluded. They are so simple and vulnerable I think that they are deluded by all these artificial, nonsensical things. One should go to the basics of everything. Why are we here? Why if there is God we are human beings? What do we have to achieve? Let’s go to that point. Instead of talking about money and Rolls Royces, let us to/go ??? into basics that are missing within us, let us find out about it. I think there is no end to this message of reality. But there’s one thing for sure that first of all, you better get your Realization. Supposing there is darkness and I want to talk to you about colors, how will you know? Supposing I will have to put on all these lights, there is only one switch that I have to switch on it, you will get all the lights. But supposing you want Me to tell you all about this light and their electricity and also the sources of electricity, and also about the history of electricity, you will be fed up. So best is to get your Realization first and then to talk about the knowledge which is a pure knowledge within us. I just don’t know how to tell you that keep your mind open. Keep your mind open. And see for yourself how glorious you are. How beautiful you are. You are at the epitome of your evolution. It is the last breakthrough you are all seeking. Practically in these modern times, there are so many seekers. There have never been so much. It’s a special time when there are seekers. Even when they take drugs or they go to wrong paths or they follow fake gurus, I would say they are still seekers and they have to find the truth. They have to get it. It is their birthright to get it.

So you have understood about Sahaja yoga that Sahaja is ‘spontaneous’ that is born with you and your union is with the divine. So any amount of mental effort is not going to bring forth. I cannot guarantee anything. It has to work out. If it works out, your luck. If it doesn’t work out, we will have to work it out later on. But once you get it then you have to respect it. And you have to learn it and you have to become your own masters. Once it happens to you will be amazed at your own powers and then you become the light and the light is not kept under the table but on a pedestal so that you can help others and salvage them. The subject matter is too long, and in English language itself only I might have given at least 3000 lectures. So you can all have My tapes and everything but first get your Self-Realization. Unless and until you get your Realization, no use talking about anything. But one has to talk so I have told you something about it. You should not feel guilty if I have said something by which you have felt guilty. That is one of the conditions of Self-Realization. If you are feeling guilty then it is very difficult. You must know that the Divine is the ocean of love and forgiveness. And there’s nothing that you have done that cannot be forgiven. Actually you are challenging the power of forgiveness of the Divine. First of all, you forgive yourself and be happy and pleasantly placed within yourself so that you get your Self- Realization. Of course I would like you to ask Me some questions. But at the very outset I have to tell you I have nothing to gain from you. You have to get your own keys from Me. I have come for that and once you are enlightened you can enlighten other people like one light, like one candle that is enlightened can enlighten another light, you can also enlighten it. So there is no need to be aggressive or funny. If you are identified with some other theories or some sort of other ideas, you are welcome to be identifying because first and foremost thing I will respect your freedom. And it cannot be forced on you. So please understand that when you ask questions, please ask questions which are helpful to others and not disturbing.

May God bless you all!

I would like to have some questions.

Now can I have some questions? No questions? Yes…

(someone speaks)

Gregoire? All right. You better tell Me what he’s saying. American English I don’t understand!

Moderator (Gregoire) – Because we are outside we are going to help. So the first question is, in which form does Self-Realization come? Is it a mental form? Is it a emotional state? What form or what is it?

Shri Mataji: Excellent, please be seated I will answer your questions. Very good question. It has no form. It’s a state. You go beyond your mental, emotional, physical being. It’s a kind of a state in which you can feel the surrounding all pervading power which is very subtle. Also you can feel your own centers on your fingertips. Also you can feel the centers of other persons, which is in collective consciousness as Jung has described that, “You have to become collectively conscious.” You have to become. It’s a question of becoming. There is no form as such. It’s a state of your personality. Now, the second question…please tell Me.

Moderator (to the questioner): there was a second question? Yes. The question is, okay, if we just want to know the truth, if we ask for it how does it happen, does it just start on its own? What happens?

Shri Mataji: Yes it happens on its own. We’ll have a look. We’ll see that, what happens. You have to see to it. All right? How it happens I will tell you. That’s you have to have patience with yourself. It will happen on its own. What else?

Moderator – he is asking Sri Mataji whether the practice with Swami Bhaktivedanta from India has something to do with peace and that’s the question, right?

Shri Mataji: Now I would say, don’t bring the people over here, which are controversial. Now I would just say one thing. As a mother, I would say, have you achieved your Self-Realization? Have you met anybody who has achieved Self-Realization through these masters? No. So it’s finished. All the great masters like Guru Nanaka and many others have said, “The one who makes you meet the Divine is the real guru.” So let us cut out all of them because I don’t want to discuss them.

Moderator – the next question is once that one gets their Realization can we loose it again?

Shri Mataji: (laughs) You don’t lose it, as I would say. But in the beginning it is like a sprouting of the seed. The seed sprouts all right. But then you have to look after it. Christ has given you a beautiful parable of a seed that fell on wrong grounds, which fell on right grounds but sprouted and was finished. In the same way when it sprouts it’s a living force, which brings forth your Realization then you must know how to maintain it for a while till you mature into it. Some people only take 2-3 days and they are masters, some take a month and some may take a year. That depends on your own understanding of the whole thing, the personality as you have. But everybody can mature, that’s what I can say.

Moderator – Again, it’s one of those questions Shri Mataji whether crystal and this kind of things helps with Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: It has nothing to do with Kundalini. I tell you a test like this. You take a crystal to a seed. Will it sprout? No. Does it do any living process? No, so it won’t work out. Cancel out all these things… Come forward, come forward…

Moderator – this lady had a clinical death experience and she saw lights and I suppose well being and she wants to know whether that had to do something to do with the state you are describing or you have been talking about.

Shri Mataji: Light? No, that’s short circuit. That would be short circuit. I will tell you about it. But don’t be frightened.

Moderator – sorry…she felt love, not light.

Shri Mataji: She felt love?

Moderator: yes.

Shri Mataji: Now the idea of Divine love has to be understood also. Divine love is like the sap of a tree, which goes to various parts of the tree, nourishes the tree and comes back. It’s not attached to anything. If you get attached to anything say the sap will say, “I will get attached to a flower”, what will happen. The whole tree will die and ultimately the flower will also die. So the divine love is not attached, but is nourishing. It understands. It organizes. And it is love. Now some lady had come here to say something.

Moderator – I had, in between, one or two questions but they tend to be more personal about mind control and so. This lady just asked whether Shri Mataji can give us Self-Realization and perhaps it will be little logical step. If we have the experience, then perhaps these questions will be answered by themselves.

Shri Mataji: You see actually, it’s so simple as that. Say I have done the cooking. And if you are hungry, you will say, “Mother lets have the self Realization.” But if you are not hungry then you will go round and round. And I will have to run after you. (laughs) That’s the Mother’s plight.

Moderator – so perhaps I’d suggest because the evening is already advanced, I would suggest that let us perhaps go into the most important part of this program and this is ‘the collective mediation’ through which we may experience Self Realization. For this I would kindly request those who feel are not interested in it please feel free to leave now. If you don’t leave, of course, you are most welcome to stay.

(Mother interrupts)

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, they should leave. Why should they waste our time, unnecessarily? They have precious time also. They should leave. It’s better. Those who are not interested should really leave because I cannot do anything about it. And they cannot do anything about it. On the contrary, they will be disturbing others. So better is they should leave. Be careful on that point. There is no use forcing them to be here.

Moderator – so for those who wish to stay what I suggest is now… (Mother interrupts)

Shri Mataji: It takes about just ten minutes. But if they wish to stay only. Otherwise no.

Moderator – Please take out now your shoes. Because this makes a connection with Mother Earth. And sit comfortably. If you have something to loosen like a tie or a belt, just loosen it – feel free. And put your two hands, the palm upwards in the direction of Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Like this comfortably on your lap. Just on your lap. Just like this. Now you don’t have to be under any stress or any uncomfortable posture. Be in a comfortable posture, don’t push back your head too much, or push forward. Just sit in an erect manner, in a comfortable way, in a very comfortable way. Imagine! Even sitting on chair, now you can get Realization. Otherwise people used to go to Himalayas and sit on the ice for years together and would not get their Realization. You must be some special people. Isn’t it? Or a special time. A special category of seekers. All right.

The first condition again I repeat. We are not to feel guilty. We are not to in any way get angry with ourselves. But we have to forgive and we should know that we are the temples of the divine. Not to put yourself down by anything kind of mistakes you have done. Please don’t remember them. You have to be in the present. In the present in a very pleasant mood. Forget the past. Forget the past. Please forget the past. All right. A very simple thing is now I would like because I am here only for one day, I’m sorry I am here for only one day, but as it is I would like to tell you, how to raise you own Kundalini.

So, first you put your left hand towards Me. That suggests that you want to have your Self- Realization. Left hand straight, like this. And right hand you have to use for releasing your centers on the left hand side which I will tell you. Please don’t close your eyes, see for yourself and then you can close your eyes when we really start.

Firstly we have to put it on our heart. Put the left hand towards Me and put the right hand on the heart. This is the first way because here resides the spirit. Here resides the spirit. Second thing is to put your hand (we work only on the left hand side) so put your right hand on the left hand side of your abdomen. On the left hand side of your abdomen. Now here is the center, which is very important because this is the center of your mastery. Below that in the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side is the center through which the divine laws work. So this the center of pure knowledge which will act through your central nervous system. Again we go back on the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side; then we go back to our heart. Then we go back to the corner between neck and the shoulders and turn our head to the right. Now we bring our hand to our forehead, this is the center which is for our forgiveness. Press it on both the sides. Then we take back our hand on the back-side of our head and push it upwards. We stretch our hand now, fully. Fully stretch it. Push back your fingers. Please push them back. Now the center of your palm, please put it on top of your head and press it and press it hard your scalp. And move it seven times, stretching your fingers, seven times slowly, clockwise. Press it hard. Push back your fingers. Push back your fingers. Press it hard. Seven times slowly. That’s all we have to do.

Now please close your eyes.

You may take out your spectacles because maybe eyesight might improve with this possibly plus it will help you so both the feet at a parallel line with each other. You have to put your left hand towards Me. And now put your right hand on your heart. And close your eyes. Close your eyes.