The Diamond in our Heart

Spreckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego (United States)

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Public program day 2 in Balboa Park. San Diego (USA), 23 July 1988.

I bow to all the speakers of truth. Yesterday, you have been explained about the subtle being within us, a subtle instrument within us, described in the Bible as Tree of Life, working out this last breakthrough of Self-realization. And this happening is a living happening, a spontaneous happening, the way a seed sprouts spontaneously when it is embedded in the Mother Earth. The problem with the human mind is such that he thinks or it thinks that it can work out its own realization, its own emancipation.

We do not understand a simple thing that at the human level, we do not do anything that is living. We cannot germinate a seed even on that. We cannot even create anything that is dead. We can just transform one dead into another form. But we cannot understand that whatever we may try, we cannot lay our hands on the living process. Only after Self-realization you are entitled. You get powers to do living work.

That is the sign of a person who is born again, who is a yogi, who has had a union with the Divine. It is not those who proclaim or announce or advertise that we are something special selected people that we have the powers or that we can take you to Divine. One can really produce results. Results can only be produced of living process when you have the power of your spirit.

We have heard about Christ who cured people and He cured at that time – in such a short time as it was hardly about twenty-one people ‒ and He was crucified. We could not bear the truth that He was the Son of God. Now, maybe one may create big huge organizations in His name, make big money in His name and do all kinds of things, but when He was there, He was present, they denied Him.

So as we see within ourself there is this power which has to manifest, we should be very anxious to get our Self-realization. If I say there is a diamond available here – just free, it’s your own ‒ people would come not only from San Diego but also from Australia, India, Japan and all over the world asking for it. But when I say, “There is this diamond within you in your heart,” still we are identifying with so many falsehoods that we do not want that diamond to shine in our attention. It is a surprise. But I am not surprised because we are still ignorant. We do not know how beautifully we are made, how in our evolutionary process we are built in so beautifully – the whole information about the truth. Only this machinery has to work out. Only this has to get connected with the Divine.

If we really logically, intelligently understand that the living process has to work spontaneously and you can’t do anything about it, you can understand how Sahaja Yoga works. It’s all there. One does not have to do anything. It’s all there, like a little seed. A minutest one maybe has all the maps of all the trees you’ll be able to produce. In the same way, within you lies this potential which is to be manifested.

We have been also told about the left and right side within us. Left and right side are the only two sides to which our attention can go, which represents our sympathetic nervous system. That is when you go into any emergency. Suppose you are rushing somewhere or running, your sympathetic goes into action and creates the results necessary for that action. For example, you have to run; so the sympathetic will start pumping the blood fast, will start breathing fast. But what brings it back to normal is the central path, what we call represented in the medical terminology as parasympathetic nervous system. So in our own effort we can only go to the left or right. But when we try to go too much to the left or right, we create problems, which we cannot explain and we cannot understand.

The first and foremost problem we create is the physical problem. Today there are so many diseases. We cannot understand how these diseases came into being and what is the nature of its creation or how are we going to get rid of this. Everybody is afraid of that unknown disease and these unknown diseases can fall up to anyone, whatever you may say, unless and until you become a spirit. How they are caused is a very simple thing to understand. The physical problems come to us because of our imbalances.

In various ways we try to go to the left or to the right. Now, let us see how cancer is caused because that is the headache of today, or maybe of yesterday – today’s headache is something else. Cancer is caused only because we do not keep to our temperament right. If I say that this is the center that is formed by the left and the right side, then this center is providing the necessary vital energy to the left and right side equally. But supposing you are a very futuristic person, you are planning too much, thinking too much, then what do you do? You use your right side too much. As a result this moves this way.

Also, the center now constricts. There is no space in between left in the center for the vital energy to flow. At this juncture when you have moved too much from the left side, if any emotional disturbance comes in or if you go to somebody who is practicing black magic and all kinds of left-sided negative things, or else you might get weak with an accident or a shock, this breaks, and when this center breaks, you lose your connection with the center. The controlling agency that is the central nervous system does not play any more part. What happens to you is that the growth of the cells become malignant – means they grow on their own. There is no relationship to the growth of other cells.

For example, suddenly you’ll find such a person will have a nose increasing in size or you’ll find an ear increasing in size overpowering all others or we can say that it becomes a very dominating cell. This is a simple thing that happens in cancer. Luckily, we have now in Delhi University the understanding of Sahaja Yoga very well because we have cured many people of very – somehow they were very highly placed in life of cancer and other diseases. So they have accepted it for a doctorate, and two doctors have got now their MD in two subjects – one was a psychosomatic disease. One of the psychosomatic disease is cancer. There are so many others – and another one who has got his doctorate is in the physical fitness and vulnerability. Now there are seven other doctors in London who are doing research on it (AIDS?) ….and its remarkable how after realization you get out of the clutches of physical sickness.

So what happens when the kundalini rises, what she does, she pierces through this constricted chakras, repairs it and brings it back to its normal position, repairs it. And I have seen our President of India getting cured of his cancer in ten minutes time, that too on the aeroplane. But it’s easy to deal with an Indian because they know what is a kundalini and they know what is a saint. They will not easily take to these fake persons.

Though you are great seekers of a very high quality, that understanding is there in India more because they know more about the roots and not about the tree, as you know more about the tree. But it’s such a barrier in understanding that three hundred years English ruled in India, they could not learn a word. Today, it’s amazing to see such a difficult Sanskrit verses about the Primordial Mother written by Adi Shankaracharya in the sixth century, which many Indians will find it difficult to sing, it’s so beautifully sung. The whole mantras, as they say, are beautifully rendered that even a well-equipped Brahmin cannot do, by people who are not from India. They don’t even know Sanskrit language.

How this has happened is the manifestation of the spirit. The manifestation of the spirit gives you a dynamic personality. This dynamism comes to you. You can sing whatever you like, you can draw whatever you like, you can paint whatever you like. There are so many people who have become great orators and musicians, especially in India, because my work mostly has been in India. Of course, not that I am not concerned about the West. I have been, as I told you, many a times in America.

But to understand the reality, the first thing we must know that money has nothing to do with the living process. In America, you’ll be surprised, there has been a business offered to me that the cool breeze that I blow, if I can bottle it up, they can sell it. Everything goes into a business proposition, and that’s why it is so difficult. For example, you have seen near – of course, I must say you are great people that you have come to a program which has nothing to do with money – it is something really remarkable, I must say. But today if I was talking in India or if I was visiting even a small village, there would have been minimum ten thousand people – minimum ‒ and they would get all their realization. The seeking is in the West, they are honest seekers, but what to seek is the knowledge which is in the East. It’s something like somebody have the teeth but no food, and those have food have no teeth on one side and on the other side they have teeth but no food.

It is such a simple thing to get rid of your physical problems ‒ is the easiest ‒ and the second comes is the problem, as they say, is of stress, which is a common disease in the West, is stress. What is the source of stress within us? The source of stress is very simple that when we think – I mean, these days the amount of thinking we do – first of all when I came to America, I was very confused because of the choices you had. You walk into any bathroom – you better ask the owner how do you operate, otherwise suddenly you’ll find you have fallen into a big swimming pool; suddenly it opens out for you. Or maybe you open some sort of a shower and it becomes a torrential rain – so many choices which maddens you completely.

What is there to choose about how you’ll have your scissors? As long as the scissor work, it should be all right. It is so complicated because so much of machinery – they have to produce so many things, so many varieties! Right from A to Z, whether it is a dress, whether it is a hair-do, whether it is a carpet, or it is an ordinary thing which we call as the handle of the car. Before getting into the car better ask the driver how it operates otherwise you’ll be lumped?[locked]. There is no uniformity kept about these useless material things and so the choices are so many. You go to a shop, you go mad – you don’t know what to buy.

You just ask them, “I just need a, some, say, powder for my body.” “Now, which one you want? This one? This one?” They’ll give you thirty-two things. You start wondering, “Oh, God! I have only one body and thirty-two things.” It is so difficult to locate something that you need because you really don’t know – this is natural, number one; this is absurd, number two – like that goes on and on and on, the list for a small nonsensical thing like that. Then tomorrow you go in the market, you find that’s gone out of market. Now another thirty-two things have come!

All such maddening things put you to thinking, “What should I do?” Then we have to plan out everything in the future. It is so much so that by temperament, people have become futuristic. Like they are sitting here listening to Me, but they are thinking, “Now, how will I go home? And what food I will be eating? Then what music I will have?” They are sitting here at present but thinking about something ….They are too much planning. They do not know the plan of the Divine. They’ll plan it out: rush, go forward, do this, go to the airport. What has happened? The plane is delayed three hours! Why? Because their condition, holiday cancelled. They had planned the holiday a year ahead. Poor things, you see, packed everything to go somewhere. Holiday had to be cancelled because the planes are not moving. So they sit down on the airport. See, they’re waiting for something to happen. Nothing happens; they go off.

But a yogi does not plan. He knows what’s going to happen. He does not bother. But supposing a yogi gets lost on the way. Then he thinks, “All right, if I am lost there must be something here. I must see it. I am there with myself. I am not lost. So let’s enjoy.” After all, what are we going to miss? It is something one has to see that as we are so much stressed and under the domination of these watches, that we all the time rush, rush, rush. Even the jobs that we do, we are supposed to rush.

You will rush as much as you like but the problem is your mind also rushes with it and the whole personality gets involved into it. But if you have seen a wheel, the whole wheel moves but the axis has to be steady. If the axis also starts moving, there is stress. That’s exactly what happens to us that we start moving with all the tensions that are so-called – I call them [unclear]. There is a center within us which we call as Swadishthana center. It’s the second center which as you see is working out the Void. We call this as the Void – not the Zen Void – but this is the Void, and this area is worked out by the Swadishthana which looks after the liver, the pancreas, spleen, the kidneys and part of the intestine.

Intestines, physically or in the medical terminology we can say, the aortic plexus manifested by this center works out. Now when the center is doing this work in balance, it’s all right. But when we think too much then the same center has to convert the fat for the use of the brain to make it into gray cells. But when we think too much then it neglects other important works which it has to do. So you get a liver trouble.

I find at least fifty percent people in the West are suffering from liver trouble. They are not aware of it till they get to cirrhosis, to skin troubles, this, that. They will not know that they have a bad liver, till they have jaundice or other diseases which are caused by liver problems. Then we have people who have lethargic livers also. So we have two types of people who have lethargic organs or overactive organs. So this Swadishthana Chakra cannot look after its duty in a balanced way, creates a kind of an imbalance.

So you neglect your pancreas, you get diabetes. It’s a funny idea that is now prevalent that we should not take sugar because ‒ I don’t know from where it has come – because they think it causes you diabetes! It does not. In India, in a village if you go, they have to put so much sugar in the tea that the spoon must stand at right angles ‒ otherwise they won’t take ‒ and nobody has diabetes. They have never heard about it, never. No. “What is diabetes? What is that?” they’ll say. The reason is they don’t think. They live for the moment. All right, today is the work. Let’s do this farming and come home and sleep off. They don’t think too much. We think about everything, plan out everything. Whatever is spontaneous also we think about it!

Then the third thing that happens to you is the trouble of the spleen. Now spleen is our time-keeper. It gives us a rhythm. As you have seen the rhythm today, in the same way it’s the rhythm of the life is kept by the spleen. When you go into an emergency, then the same spleen starts producing more red blood corpuscles for your use. Now today’s life, as it is, is all the time shocking. Early in the morning you read your newspaper. I think this is one of the worst habits, because as soon as you see the newspaper, the first shock in the morning. Oh, God! So many dead. Plane was crashed. War has started. Somebody fell from somewhere. All horrible things in the newspaper because newspapers don’t believe in giving something good news!

If there will be peace and happiness what will they publish, I don’t know. So they want to give shocking news so there is some sensation in the body. It has happened to such an extent that now unless and until the music is sensational, unless and until we get a shock all the time, we do not react. Of course, the joy part is missing – no doubt about it. So this poor spleen doesn’t understand – this personality which is all the time under shock. Then you get into our car and on the road there is a jam. Finish! You had to reach at such and such time; now it’s a jam. Now you are cursing everything, sitting down there worrying.

Suddenly you find an accident. Then you go in the office or some place where you are working. The boss has had a quarrel with his wife; so he comes and shouts at you – another shock. All the time you are facing very arrogant, horrible people. I mean, I myself am afraid to go to shops or anything because suddenly they jump on you like a horse or sometimes like a dog. God knows how they will react on you. You get a fright. What’s the matter with them? Why are they so shocking? But all of them are under stress and they are taking it out on you. But the worst thing that happens with this spleen going crazy is that you get blood cancer. Blood cancer is caused by hectic life and for speedy life that we lead. Now the blood pressure comes from the kidney.

And like that so many things are caused by one simple thing ‒ that we think too much. What is there to think? I just don’t understand. Whatever has to happen, will happen. By thinking, nothing is going to stop. By thinking we have achieved nothing. If you read Einstein who has developed the theory of relativity, at the very outset he says that, “I was tired and I was lying down in my garden, playing with soap bubbles and suddenly from somewhere unknown the theory of relativity dawned upon me.” Whatever we have is there. Whatever we have to find out comes from the unknown, but thinking about it like mad just ruins us. But if I say, “Don’t think,” you can’t stop thinking. I know that because we had a wonderful doctor in Switzerland. He came and said, “Mother, do what You like. You cut my throat, You cut my head but stop this thinking. I am going mad.” So he developed a momentum of thinking, all the time thinking, thinking, thinking.

Now what happens with the kundalini, when the kundalini rises, passes through your Agnya Chakra, you go beyond thinking. It is like one wave of thought comes up and goes down, another wave of thought comes up and goes down. In the center there is a little space; so one comes from the past and goes to the future, another from the future to the past. In between there is a little space, and that is the present. So when the kundalini rises, passes through this Agnya Chakra ‒ the one that gives you thought is the ego and the superego on both the side, as you can see clearly – they are sucked in; your karmas are sucked in, your ego is sucked in, your conditioning is sucked in and you stand at the present moment.

Then if you want to think, if you don’t want to think, you just sit down in complete silence and enjoy yourself. You become in command. Like you are standing in the water, you are afraid of getting drowned, but if you get into the boat you enjoy the water. But supposing you become a master swimmer, then you can save others also from the water. This is exactly what happens when a Sahaja yogi establishes himself well, that he can give salvation to so many and can save so many people. This is how we are going to emancipate.

Now the emotional side that we have is also another extreme to which we bow? And with the help of certain elements, you will be surprised: one candle can at least cure twenty-five mad people at least. It’s very simple. If you enlighten this light, then what happens that enlightened light goes inside your left side and enlightens it completely and all the negativity disappears in your collective subconscious. And you know who all suffer from the left side of insanity, epilepsy, schizophrenia, all this nonsense. Because you stand in the center – you are neither on the left nor on the right – if you are in the center, you get rid of your emotional problems.

Now, there are spiritual problems also. Before as we have, I told you, thinking problem, we have also physical problems like over-exertion. Now people are jogging. It’s madness, I really tell you. First, I thought there is some sort of an earthquake that the old, young, everybody running. What is happening? What’s wrong? Where are you running? Because you are over-exerting yourself. What is the need to over-exert yourself? Because now a concept is that if you are muscular – I don’t know whatever is the concept, every day changing, every day you find new, new things – then you become over-efficient; you become tired. It’s absurd.

We have seen in history, say, we have got the greatest statesman and the person who saved us from this horrible Hitler was Churchill and what a fat man he was. He never did jogging in his life! I mean, you must accept your body. It requires rest. For example, if I start jogging, I’ll be nowhere Myself because I need a lot of water to protect the chakras which work out the emancipation. To Me, that is much more important than becoming some sort of a cinema actress. There are many cinema actresses. So what? What have they achieved? How many people have they emancipated?

So what is your ideal in life is to be decided first. Do you want to be all the time slave of your body? And I don’t know what you get. I mean, these days nobody looks at no one. They are fed up now and you can’t make out one from another because they go to the same hairdresser. One fashion starts. I have to think, “Is this he same person or somebody else?” I mean, it is better to grow your beard to look something different. I mean, there no way of making out who is who! Everybody has the same hair dress, everybody has the same funny dress, everybody looking the same. They have no personality. Tomorrow a wave comes that you should put a plastic bag on your head – everybody will be moving with a plastic head.

We have to have a personality. Why should we dress up as everybody is dressing up? Such a pressure. I know that because I have another life which you know very well which is supposed to be the high society – so-called. And the stupidest thing we discuss in that society. Like they laugh at a woman if she is wearing something that was, say, belonging to sixties. I mean, what’s the harm? No, that’s not modern! But what do you gain by becoming so modern running with the fashion? What do you gain?

Now the fashion in England is to make holey pants – you make holes. Imagine that cold, horrible cold that you have. What is the need to make holes in your pant to get all kinds of troubles? And then they’ll have arthritis; then they’ll have this. First they had tight pants; so they developed varicose veins. Now they are having such loose pants that they will develop arthritis. These people are managing you. These manufacturers are befooling you. This we cannot see because we have lost our personality.

So we develop so many problems also because we play into the hands of nonsenses. Now, say, Indian people have lived for so many ages now so they have learnt all the lessons. If you go and tell them that you wear a holey pant they’ll say to/you, “Get lost! Sorry, sir. We know everything.” Now they are painting their hair and when they are painting their hair, people say, “Why are you painting their hair?” “Oh, that’s the fashion. What’s wrong?” But people become blind in that. We had three patients who became blind because they painted their hair and some sort of a thing – punk, punk. They were three blind punks who came to Sahaja Yoga.

Actually, you have to punch them to talk to them. This is the society in which we live. Anybody who is sane will think I am mad. Like going to a lunatic asylum, you start thinking, “Am I mad or they are mad?” That’s how it creates a stress on us. Let us live with our own dignity. You can see Mahatma Gandhi went for his round table conference. He wore his dhoti. He didn’t wear a three-piece suit and a tail coat – that’s another nonsense! Everybody in England has to wear a tailcoat when they go to the Queen’s party. But they can’t afford. So they borrow; some are tight, some are loose. And when you see them there – I mean, I have been to many of them – you can’t recognize, and they look so absurd and clownish that, poor things, you know all these big, big ambassadors have to go about with that because it is supposed to be a formal dress. I mean, what a formal dress it is.

All these things pressurize you. They make you feel, “Oh, you must wear a dress like this.” Even when you go to some guru, he says, “All right, you all have to wear,” say, “orange dress.” So you are forced into it; you have to wear the orange dress. From where are you going to manage – getting rid of all this nonsense of forcing you to do this and forcing you to do that. But here you are so individualistic and here you are a down-to-earth personality,

Its not that anybody says you have to do it but you just do it because we have our own personality. Individualism means personality. And that is what when it is lost, you feel also your guilt and your stress. That’s possible that you stand on in your own glory, in your own personality, in your own understanding of your spiritual value. So when that starts, another style of movement comes in, like hippies. We become like a primitive person, you become like a hippy, you go about like a hippy, you wear a funny dress, become a primitive personality and think, “Oh, I have done very great thing.” I had some hippies with Me, I told you yesterday. So I asked them, “Why do you dress up like this?” They said, “We want this kind of culture.” I said, “This is primitive.” They said, “We want to be primitive.” I said, “You cannot be. Your brain is modern. Just by wearing these primitive things you cannot be. Accept it, accept yourself. And now you have your realization and it will work out.”

So with all these stresses on us – thinking too much, futuristic personality ‒ you develop the stress. Now what happens when kundalini rises, you are beyond thought. That’s called in Sanskrit as Nirvichar Samadhi – thoughtless awareness. You are fully aware – on the contrary, you are more aware ‒ but you are in thoughtless awareness. Now when I see this carpet in thoughtless awareness, I don’t think. I don’t think because if I have to think, “Oh, Baba, this is my carpet. Now I have not insured it. If somebody will run away with it, then what will happen?” I won’t be able to give any speech or anything. I’ll be worried about the carpet only.

But when I look at this carpet, I don’t think. Only the joy of the creation of this carpet is just pouring into Me; a beautiful blissful feeling, that’s all. I am not thinking. Like a very still beautiful lake which has no ripples reflects all the beauty that is around it, fully. A complete joy is reflected in a mind which is absolutely still, not reacting, not accepting, just seeing, witnessing. And this witness state comes into you and you become a tranquil and a peaceful personality.

Such peace that such a person, wherever he goes, wherever he walks, a peaceful atmosphere prevails. The nature, the elements all react to such a personality. Just talking about peace or giving prizes of peace, you do not feel peace. I know of people who have got Nobel Prizes of peace are horrid. They look like some mad dogs. If you have to talk to them, take the barge pole in between. Don’t know when you’ll be hit with the prize they have got. And you may have to pay very dearly for meting such a personality who is supposed to be the foundation of peace and you find it’s a fountain of violence. This is the situation today that we are placed in a society which artificially expresses itself. There is nothing genuine, nothing innate …