The spiritual power which surrounds us

United Nations Headquarters, New York City (United States)

1988-07-25 Public Program New York NITL HD, 51'
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Public Program by Invitation, United Nations Headquarters, New York City (United States)

Gregoire: What I would like to say to you perhaps is that Shri Mataji is already with us. I wouldn’t like to talk for too long but the major difference to put it in a nutshell is that because we are in a time where so many people are seeking and because there is a demand for the keys to the frontier of new conscious many people have come supplying all kind of answers. Now as people have refined their language, you’ll see that more or less all use the same key words – joy, peace, love, awareness, spontaneity, creativity so on and so forth. So that its difficult if you have a lecturer who is clever only on the basis of the language to make the difference between someone who can effectively deliver something and someone who is just precisely only giving a lecture.

Now the key to Sahaja Yoga is experience. I mean it is certainly the tradition that Shri Mataji will talk to us and will explain us some aspects of Sahaja Yoga, the system that she has discovered. It’s not something new, it’s something totally ancient, but she has discovered how to reveal it to us in the modern world. She will explain some of it, so that the questions in our brains get reasonably satisfied otherwise we are keeping guessing and raising questions. However the cardinal importance of a program such as the one as of this evening is that at the end of the lecture for those who so desire and I’m emphasizing this because it’s really not that we are forcing this upon anybody on the contrary, I mean it is certainly the fruit of a free being to get and obtain one’s realization after having asked for it, actually.

At the end of the program there will be a session of collective meditation and as we have seen in Bombay, in Scotland, in Austria, in Australia and all over the world and yesterday in San Diego, some people will get their self-realization, some people will get the awakening of the kundalini, some people if they are little bit patient with themselves will get it at the later stage. it took me six months to feel that experience because my system inside was damaged. I have been a little bit brutal because right away, I have tried to hint the fact that this is something completely unprecedented. It’s something completely crazy. If what I say is right, I’m talking about something of unprecedented historical importance.

So, you’re very welcome to think that I am one of the many erring minds which are numerous in this city and in this field of knowledge but that wouldn’t at all be a problem but on the contrary, you’re invited to not to believe a word of what I say. Shri Mataji says also, that everything that we lay before you are a hypothesis and the key to it is the experiencing of it. That is precisely where the difference starts and that’s where Sahaja Yoga makes a difference. It’s the experience.

Introducing Shri Mataji is a very difficult task because I have yet to find terms which can adequately express the selflessness with which she has dedicated herself to this task. As I just mentioned you, she is a very active person in public life capacity, she has a lovely family and I have by myself verified that for the last month she practically never go to bed before 2 o clock in the morning because she has given her time, attention and her love to the people who after having got the realization want to approach her to greet her and for us who follow her for three days we are completely finished and we need 24 hours to rest. For us it’s a relay cause as she says herself for her it’s a marathon. I mean it just doesn’t end. It’s an expression of something that it is very hard for us to believe, that there is just someone genuine, that there is no catch, I mean its vulgar to mention it that we are not interested at all in your money. I mean we are not there for making a business. There will be workshops in Sahaja Yoga, there will be seminars for those who are interested. What you will have to pay is your boarding, certainly not the causes, certainly not the teaching.

Our motivation in inviting Shri Mataji in New York is simply that we are group of persons who have been seeking for the last I don’t know – 20 years, if the 60s were 20 years ago and as I was saying it in San Diego, most of the people felt that the 60s were an utter failure because its children smelled the wrong flowers and went into the wrong paradise, the artificial ones, well not all of them got stuck there. They went through it and finally many of them found that something works out. These beliefs are the beliefs of the same movements of brain which cannot grasp this thing because it’s not the appropriate technology. We cannot go to the moon on the back of a donkey and we cannot get our realization with our mind and that’s why the category of perception that Shri Mataji gives us to get our Realization is a new awareness known as vibratory awareness.

What happens once Shri Mataji grants us our Self-realization is that we feel in our hands an energy which is a spiritual energy. We feel it with our central nervous system, meaning that our physical body perceives a spiritual energy and that energy is not something new it is called the wind of the holy spirit, it is what filled the house of the apostles at Pentecost, it is what is emitted by the Kaaba in Mecca and that’s why you see the Muslims praying with the hands there but you don’t see the vibrations and that’s what happened to many religions. The rituals are there, the priests in the Catholic church put the water on top of the head, all the dead shells, but the energetic living spiritual phenomenon is not here. Here you have no ritual but you have the living energetic mutation of the consciousness. Now how is it possible, maybe Shri Mataji will like to answer these herself. Why her? the question is very simple I mean if anyone else can do it, she would be most happy to retire because she has been more than exerting herself for the past 16 to 17 years and granting this to those who seek it.

The fact is that Shri Mataji is not just a great saint. She is somebody who has all the essential qualities of a most compassionate, most loving and most generous teacher, spiritual teacher and a mother. She says I’m not a guru, I’m not a master, I am just your mother. We know that, this is not quite true because we know that she is also quite a master but if she would have come as a master, we probably could not have taken it. So, we first went through her compassion and a motherly affection, now I sound a bit biased probably. So, I’m just encouraging you to believe in your luck it’s very lucky for you to be here this evening and I’m sure that in about 1 or 2 hours many of you will understand why I’m saying so. Shri Mataji, I must say I feel a little shy to speak before you because again, one feels quite inadequate trying to introduce what you’ve been doing and totally inadequate trying to speak about who you are which I will not do and perhaps I may here, ask you to kindly address this audience. Thank you for coming to New York Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: You may come this side; do you feel better? You are all right? All of you?

I bow to all the seekers of truth. When we talk of truth, we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change and we cannot organize it and we cannot maneuver it. It remains as it is. It has been and will be. So, we are the seekers of truth here, is a special category of human beings who are seeking today the truth mentioned by William Blake*. He calls them the men of God, that the men of God will seek the truth and will make others the men of God. The time has come for us to fulfill all these prophecies.

I do not know when Gregoire started his lecture and how much he has told you about the Kundalini. Now this is a power within us which resides in the triangular bone and is known to many people as a dangerous energy because after my every lecture people ask me mother what about the Kundalini which is dangerous. Kundalini is your pure desire. Whatever desires we have are not pure because they are never satiable in general. We want to buy a car so we starve ourselves, do all kinds of things to buy a car. Then we are not satisfied, then we want to buy a house, then we want to buy that and go from one to another. Ultimately, we discover we have been running after one thing to another but on the whole in general our desire is not diminished. So, this is the pure desire, desire is to become one with the Divine and this desire unless and until it is fulfilled, we will be running after all kinds of desires which are so-called desires but are never fulfilled.

So, to get to this desire there is no other way but to understand that the awakening of the Kundalini is a spontaneous happening. It is spontaneous because it’s a living process of your evolution. You have become a human being without paying for it and without doing anything about it, without reading about it, without going to any guru or to following any cult or anything so it is something within us, is a living process of the living energy of the Divine, that it works. Now if you see a seed, we have to just plant it in the mother earth. The whole thing is built in the seed that once you plant it in the mother earth it sprouts.

In the same way the Kundalini awakens spontaneously within us and to say that she is dangerous is to say that we do not understand what Kundalini is. Kundalini is our individual mother, everyone has an individual mother like a recorded or we can like a tape recorder, everything is recorded within us and kept intact for this last breakthrough which we call as the second birth. About the second birth we know that everybody has talked about it, it’s not only in the Indian scriptures that they call a Realized soul as the ‘dwijaha’, meaning born second time or twice-born. They also call a bird ‘dwijaha’ meaning it is first an egg and then it breaks when it is matured and a bird which is a transformed thing which is absolutely different, absolutely free is born out of that and this is what is really the thing where we say is a twice born.

But supposing we artificially want to certify ourselves I’m twice-born and go about with it, we are deceiving ourselves. A person who is a twice-born person has lots of powers of his own. Firstly, such a person is a very, pure personality innocent person and extremely powerful. Power of love and power of compassion. The power is not of destruction. For example: Christ, we have seen, in his lifetime, how powerful he was and how he worked everything out with such power and he was so compassionate, so discreet and so understanding. In the same way, a person who gets Realization has all the powers that we can think of, like a person who is Realized soul will have powers to raise the kundalini of others. He will have powers to give Realization to others. He will have powers to cure physical, mental and emotional problems. He will have powers to give peace to others. He himself is the embodiment of peace. He himself is the embodiment of bliss and auspiciousness.

All these words are going out of our minds and out of our dictionaries because we think there is nothing like that. When the money becomes everything and it obliviates all our vision then we cannot think that there is something beyond. If money had given us all that we wanted, if power had given us all that we desired for. Why people are so dissatisfied? So unhappy? Taking to all kinds of destructive methods to destroy themselves. This explains for itself that whatever our pursuits have been, have been in the wrong direction. But the subject matter is so big that you cannot discuss it in one small little meeting or one small hour when we are talking about the ocean of knowledge.

As you know very well, that our brain which is we know as the generator of our knowledge is very slightly used by us but once you get your realization the same brain becomes so dynamic you start understanding things which you have never thought of. For example, we do not know that all around us is the divine power of God’s love. We do not know that it acts, that it coordinates, it thinks, it works above all it loves. We have no idea about it, we have never felt it before though we have read it in books, we have read it in the Bible, we have read it in all the scriptures that there is something called as the spiritual power which surrounds us. Even in the time of Mohammed Saab, he clearly said that at the time of resurrection that is today, at the time of resurrection your hands will speak and they’ll give witness against you. This is exactly is Sahaja Yoga.

Of course, in the Indian scriptures, people have gone much deeper and they have been able to locate the dimensions into which human beings can rise and can become the self, the spirit. Now when we talk of self-realization, I have known that there have been many organizations who talk of self-realization, there are many people who talk of peace and we see them, they are the most disturbing elements, a very violent horrible people, so hot tempered that if you have to meet them better take a barge pole with you. But there is peace within us. There is an area within us which is peace which is bliss.

But above all, now the time has come to prove the existence of the Divine. People have been talking about it, saying about it, they say we love, we love, we love. Where is the love? so selfish, is so limited today. They’ll talk of love tomorrow, they’ll have a divorce today, they’ll talk of their children, they’ll throw them away, so where is that love that love which is detached, the love that is nourishing, the love that thinks, organizes and arranges all that is beautiful for us? but if I say that you are a very beautiful personality, that you are the epitome of your evolution, that you need this breakthrough that’s all to know yourself. It’s hard to believe in these days of strive and stress. But it’s very simple.

Like, supposing I say that you are an instrument, the instrument has to be put to the mains, unless and until the instrument is put to the mains, how will you know your value? how will you know what you are and that’s the simple thing what we call as yoga. Yoga means to unite. Now standing on your head or breaking your necks is not yoga by any chance. Yoga absolutely in a simple way means union with the divine and this union with the divine is the best way to know yourself, to know others, because as soon as you get your Realization you will be amazed you jump into a new consciousness that we call as collective consciousness which Jung has described very clearly, that once you get your Self-realization you become collectively conscious means what? That you can feel another person’s centres within yourself. You can feel what’s wrong with another person. Of course, you can feel about yourself and you can feel about yourself so a new dimension of awareness which is of absolute nature is dawned within you.

Our knowledge, whatever it is, which we know through our central nervous system I can say through our senses is of course is absolute like you see here a car all right this is a car here a Rolls-Royce you can see an old Rolls-Royce, you do see that there is a Rolls-Royce standing there. those who do not know Rolls-Royce at least know that it’s a car there, but it is something you can see clearly all of you can see it clearly it is so. But those who are saying that oh there is god and make a big drama and talk of big things and go about are just imaginary things or they are putting up a show or making, playing some sort of a game. Saying about things doesn’t create reality. It has to happen within ourselves that in our central nervous system we have to feel this divine power that we should be endowed with this divine power that we should be able to use this power for the benefit of ourselves and for the benevolence of the whole humanity because this humanity is to be emancipated.

But the trouble is that people are more enamored by something that has more show or some sort of a superficial thing or something artificial. Artificially you cannot understand it. It is something so innate within us to work out and that’s what is important we have to understand that it is some sort of an innate desire within us which is going to work it out.

Now whatever I am saying or whatever Grégoire has said to you may sound very fantastic story, to say that you are so great yourself, you will start doubting yourself, how can that be! For in the Indian villages, supposing you take a television set and tell them that you can see all kinds of drama in this and all kinds of pictures and music, they will be surprised and say how can that be? little this box how can it have it? but once you put to the mains, they will see yes there is something. So, it has been all built in within us it, has been all done within us. It’s all ready to be plugged in. It’s as simple as that, that you are a computer of divine love and that has to work out. Now as far as seekers are concerned, I must say that they should not believe me or anyone whatever I say. That’s not the way to proceed, because blind faith is not going to help you. What is going to help you is an open mind of a scientist, like a scientist who has entered into an university to see for himself if it is correct or not, to see for himself if it is truth or not and once it is established that that’s the truth then you have to accept it as a law. Otherwise, it’s just a hypothesis for you whatever I’m saying.

Now we have those centres within us, we have this power within us, but so far it has not come to the west in that fashion as it should have been. Of course, now it has become a phenomenon of an en-masse realization and it is working in so various countries and various places in the west. The reason is in the west, whatever knowledge we have say, somebody was telling me today, they are now developing a new kind of a radar system by which the aeroplane would be so efficient that it will take half of the amount of the fuel and it will reduce the price of this and that.

Of course, the West has got the knowledge of the tree. What about the roots? We have to find the roots and for that if you have to take it from the east doesn’t matter because east is learning so much of science from you and this is the science of the Divine. Now roots you have to be a subtler being. You cannot enter into your roots unless and until you become a subtler being, that is you have to be Self-realized soul, you have to develop this collective consciousness within you and then only through that you have to know and realize what I’m talking about and what you are.

This is a very simple method because you know living process is the simplest thing to do but there should be a proper authority to do it. If somebody knows how to do it, it can be managed very easily, it is never dangerous it’s never troublesome. If some people who are unauthorized try some tricks and have a shock that should not be counted. Now in this short speech, I don’t know what to say because I would like you to ask me questions and there are so many people who are talking about it and saying things about it and if you’re identified with them, I would request you to better not to try Sahaja Yoga. Because if you’re identified with something which I don’t think is the truth I cannot help it. Supposing your foot is in the mouth of a crocodile and you want to come in the boat, it is very difficult.

So, it is for you to keep your mind open and to know one thing – that so far you have not found out the truth and I’m going to find out the truth. That’s more than sufficient for us. I have to ask you now to ask me questions. In the first day let’s have some questions. It’s a very informal thing I wanted to have in America because it would work better, I thought to have this way in New York that we could talk to each other and find out what’s the problem is and I hope that would be more appreciated. May God bless you. Thank you very much.

Now I’d like to have good questions. Questions doesn’t mean aggressiveness because I’m not come here to take anything from you, I’ve come here to give your own keys, of your own property. So, it’s better that you ask me sensible questions, to take full advantage of me as much as possible I’m available to you. May God bless you.

Seeker: Shri Mataji, I wonder how you came upon this sacred knowledge, the truth about the knowledge of the kundalini and its power. Where did you discover it?
Shri Mataji: So, you want to know about me?
Seeker: Yes, I want to know about you!
Gregoire: Everybody has heard the question? Yes? Ok.
Shri Mataji: it’s a very interesting question. It’s a very good idea to know about me but I want you to know about yourself. Let us see what should we know first! because you know, say for Christ came on this earth and he said, “I’m the son of God, I’m the path, I am the gate” which was the truth, complete truth, there’s no falsehood in it but what happened as a result people crucified him. Now I would not like to tell you anything about myself because I don’t want to get crucified but once you get realization, you’ll know about me. You see now Grégoire is quite an intelligent man and we have many others who don’t look possessed or by any way funny type. So, it’s better you get your self-realization, get your light within yourself and then you know me is better than to me telling you. Supposing I told you I’m such and such, why should you believe me? Must you? that’s it. So, I don’t want to tell you. Better find out yourself, all right? it’s logical. May God bless you.

Gregoire: Do you have any other question?
Shri Mataji: They have gone into thoughtless awareness. Samadhi sthithi. You must have some questions after all. Yes please.
Seeker: Yes, I have a question. You just said you know Christ was crucified. In November I saw Gandhi and It seems like all spiritual leaders have been either . I feel goodness in this world have all suffered.
Shri Mataji: It’s true. True. Huh yes you see this is the trouble with the human beings they don’t like truth they don’t like it they like artificial things. Human beings in their freedom have not tuned themselves to understand the truth is truth and we have to stand by it. One person can go and kill any great personality who stands for truth. This is what it is! so we have to have this thing done very cleverly so that I don’t get shot down. You see the point? All right.
Seeker: So how do you stop that?
Shri Mataji: Stop what? Yes, I’ll tell you one thing more that when you see that Christ was crucified or we say Mahatma Gandhi was killed actually there is a purpose in it. If Christ was not crucified, he would not create a position within ourselves for example – he stands at the agnya chakra where you cross each other what we call the optic chiasma and, on that cross, he crucified himself is a very difficult path which passes through that which is the gate where our ego and conditioning meet. You see is very subtle happening and we had to establish him there and to establish him there he had to pass through that that’s why he was crucified but if you understand a divine personality, he never feels that he suffers he never feels he suffers it’s a drama for him. He’s going through a drama playing a role so they do not suffer but we feel they suffer and that has to go through. That drama has to be played other people no won’t understand.
Seeker: they are Realized souls?
Shri Mataji: Yes, they are Realized souls. Of course even Abraham Lincoln was a Realized soul, but he was murdered.

Shri Mataji: Yes, My child?
Seeker: Gregoire said that because he was damaged and it took longer for him to become realized. And anyone with an open mind become self-realized. Can you achieve that?
Shri Mataji: Yes, he does, but I wouldn’t say Gregoire. He’s just trying to be humble that’s all and but it took him time you know. But firstly, he’s a bureaucrat. My husband is also a bureaucrat. It took him about 10 years to get realization. Bureaucracy is itself is a big load on people you know. It’s very, very difficult situation but I always say if bureaucrats can get realization anybody can get realization. Take the see better side. We have now many bureaucrats, who are now realized souls you see. Christ himself has said for the rich only he did not know about bureaucracy. Because the mind you see develops a kind of pressure, a load of ego and a conditioning on a bureaucrat and you know how they have to fight for everything. Even if they’re truthful and honest, they have to suffer such a lot. Every day is a fight and that’s how they become so weak to rise. For example, little children are the easiest, students are the easiest and as my father said lawyers are very good, I don’t know about American lawyers but normally.

Seeker: (Question unclear)
Shri Mataji: Who gave you Realization my child? That’s the problem is. You see normally you cannot get your own Realization. It’s like a candle which is not enlightened cannot get enlightenment by itself whatever it may try. There has to be some enlightened light to just enlighten you. Supposing you get enlightened you can enlighten another person so maybe what you are feeling maybe the desire to become one with the divine or maybe in your subconscious mind that desire works but it’s not kundalini awakening. In the Kundalini awakening you have to have someone who will do that job for you in a way that you have to have a gardener to plant the seed you see it’s like that and then you yourself become the Gardener. Then you yourself can look after you. You yourself become your own master and can understand it. The whole knowledge of Divine will be exposed to you absolutely. Alright? So, we will work it out now and see for yourself what happens and you have to know everything. You see what is my job is to see is to decode everything to you to see for yourself. Now supposing I say if there’s a burning on this finger on the left hand on this finger that means this problem on your heart and you have to see for yourself that if so if it is on my heart if you go to a doctor, he will tell you there’s something wrong there a little bit. So, you see this is what you can verify if you want to. But gradually once you get realization you will be surprised that if you put even 10 children together and tie up their eyes and if they are realized souls all of them will put out the same finger and if you ask the person is this the trouble with you? yes, it is! Alright? May God Bless you.
But if Grégoire had come to me now he would have got it in no time because as the time has passed so there’s so many Sahaja yogis in the world all over it’s working much faster like many channels have been formed. It’s working much fast so one should not be bothered as to what happened to Grégoire. He came to me long, long time back.

Seeker: Is there a way to be sure that one has got Self-realization? Because There are many teachers who claim to give Self-realization (the rest of the question is inaudible)
Shri Mataji: You see you have to certify yourself, nobody’s going to say that you are a realized soul. It’s not possible it cannot be a false certificate. So, what happens that when Kundalini rises first you feel the cool breeze coming out of your centre of your head what we call the Fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone. Even the bone becomes soft. When it was in your childhood it was soft the same it will become soft and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your own head. Now this is one thing, to minimum.

Then you start feeling the cool breeze on your fingertips then you start feeling the cool breeze all over. Now this is just a physical side you drop out about 10 to 20 years of your age sometimes and shining. Your face improves, your skin improves, your eye starts sparkling, so many things happen to you. You become very peaceful within and you start feeling the security of the divine around you but once you start using it you are surprised that you start doing the living work. Before this, you could not do any living work, whatever we do is dead work. Like you put your hand to the other back of a person who wants to get realization you will she surprisingly there is a throbbing and you see the kundalini is rising. Somebody is sick, you put your hand on that person he is cured.

Gradually, you start developing that confidence within yourself that you are a realized soul. The way things are happening. It is you who has to feel, it is not question of my certificate I cannot give. There was a lady who was with me in India who came down and her son was here in America and she said mother please give him realization I said I’ll try. I tried; it wouldn’t work. So, she said mother please give him realization. I said why don’t you give? she said mother how can I give a false certificate. That’s what I said, it is you yourself will be able to find out for yourself that you are realized soul. Such a person as Christ has described thou shalt not have adulterous eyes. Suddenly the eyes become so innocent and even sometimes the glance of such a person can cure, can give peace, can cure so many mental problems. Is a fact but whatever I say you should not believe me, you should see for yourself, but that doesn’t also mean you should not disbelieve me but keep yourself open to it. Any other question?

Seeker: Can everybody receive Self-realization or are there some people who are not ready for it?
Shri Mataji: I think most of you can get Realization here and also so many can get realization we have seen in India now, 10,000 people at a time, Grégoire himself has seen and so many have seen get Realization in India because they’re simpler people perhaps maybe that we have too much stress and strain but everybody gets realization, everybody can! may not today but after three, four days, they’ll get realization everybody who wants will have realization, no doubt about it. To prepare and this is not necessary all that job is done already you have been doing that you have been seekers all your life. That’s why you are here today. Now you don’t have to do anything anymore, your Kundalini will do the job. If you were not, then you would not have been seeking, you would be in some club drinking something or doing something else you see. You are here because you are seekers and seekers are that special category which has got this special power to ascend.
Should we have the experience now? it’s very simple.

As I said, you don’t have to do anything, but there’s something you have to do that is one thing is not to feel guilty and diffident, not to feel guilty at all. Not to count your mistakes. We have to be in the present, we are in the present and we have to know that when we are in the present, we have to forget the past. Forget what we think has been wrong or we have been doing wrong things or others have been doing wrong things to us. At this moment let us be free from all those thoughts and just forgive yourself. That’s very important. It is a fashion nowadays, to feel guilty in the west. I don’t know, maybe the language or whatever it is but Indians never feel guilty whatever they may do, they don’t know what is feeling guilty.

Now if you ask them please don’t feel guilty, they say from where to feel that one now! but that stops your kundalini at this point. This is a very important point which we call as the left vishuddhi and this gets blocked so please don’t feel guilty. Be pleasantly placed towards yourself and understand that you are at the epitome of your evolution. That’s something one has to do.

Secondly, I would request better take out your shoes because shoes are the ones which are rather tightening us. So better take out the shoes, just to take them out put them on one side at the back. Put them on the back side and put both the feet, those who are sitting on the chair parallel to each other. Those who are sitting on the ground need not bother. They’re all right. Just parallel to each other now, why? because tomorrow I’ll tell you what is the left side, what is the right side and how we move to the left or to the right all the time. So this is how we separate these two powers of left and right side and allow the left and the right to be separated. Now, I have to tell you about the raising of the Kundalini yourself, because as you too have just like a shuttlecock going from one place to another for a little time. So, I have to explain to you also how you can raise your kundalini and look after yourself.

So, I’ll stand up now and I think somebody should join me here. Christine if you can somebody should stand up to show them.

Firstly, you see we have to know that we are going to work on our left side to release our centres and the left hand you put towards me is indicative of your desire to get realization which you should put on your lap very comfortably, very comfortably. Firstly, you have to be comfortable of course not to slouch or not to put back your head. Be straight but put your left hand towards me and with the right hand we have to try to release our centres on the left-hand side. Before you close your eyes, I would request you to see how do we move about. Firstly, you’ll have to put your right hand on your heart here resides the spirit so first we put it on our heart then we have to put it in the upper part of our abdomen on our stomach on the left-hand side and press it. Then we have to put it in the lower part of our abdomen everything on the left-hand side now the upper one is the centre of our mastery and the lower one is the centre which works out all our divine work. We can say is the centre of the true knowledge of the technology we can say of the divine love. Then we go back again on to the left-hand side of our abdomen in the upper part to the centre of the mastery then on our heart. Now this is how it’s when it is raising, we have to see that we take our right hand in the corner of our shoulder and our neck and push our head right towards the right side. See so pressing this centre here and this centre here, right side, right side. Put your head. Now some people put it from the other side, it should be just. Now this centre is very important I have seen that because most of the people just for nothing at all start feeling guilty. Even whatever mistakes you have committed, don’t feel guilty because after all you are human beings, you’re not Gods and only human beings can commit mistakes not God can make mistakes so why should you feel guilty after all you are a human being. So put your hand there and be pleasantly placed again I request you and put your right hand on your forehead, both the sides. Now this is the centre as I told you of Christ means it is the centre of forgiveness and then you put your right hand on the backside of your head and here you have to just know that this is the another part of the centre where you have to ask for forgiveness without feeling guilty without feeling guilty. Then you have to stretch your hand in the centre of your palm in the centre of your palm here is relationship with the fontanelle bone area. So, you bend your head and put this centre on top of the head on the fontanelle bone area and press it hard, moving your scalp seven times clockwise, push back your fingers. Now move it, please see that you move it, the scalp, not the hand but the scalp. Alright! move it seven times that’s all you have to do. That’s all, that’s how you are going to work it out. But now you will have to somehow keep your eyes shut at this time. The attention moves upward and the eyes must be closed. You need not close like that nor can close halfway but close it in a way that you close your eyes but there’s no pressure on your eyelids. This is how you just, you can even remove your spectacles because some people do get help from this and mostly the short sight is improved by this happening of Kundalini awakening because it passes through various centres and pierces through your fontanel bone area giving your physical mental emotional and spiritual well-being. So, keep your eyes shut now. Left hand towards me and the right hand on your heart. Here ask me a very fundamental question. You can call me mother or Shri Mataji whatever you feel like. You should say mother, am I the spirit? please ask this question three times. Mother am I the spirit? Mother am I the spirit? ask it in your heart. Mother am I the spirit? It’s a very fundamental question. Now take down your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen, your stomach on the left-hand side and press it and here you ask the second question that follows the first one because when you are the spirit you are your master. So please ask me, the second question, mother am I my own master? Please ask this question three times, am I my own master? Please ask this question. Three times ask this question please. Now, take your right hand to the left-hand side of your abdomen, the lower part of your stomach here, you press it hard on the left-hand side. This is the centre of true knowledge. Now I respect your freedom and I cannot force it on you. You have to ask for it so please ask. Mother may I have the pure knowledge of divine or you can say mother please give me the pure knowledge of divine. Please say this six times because this centre has got six petals. Please say it six times. Mother may I have the pure knowledge of the divine? When you say this, the Kundalini starts getting awakened and moving upward so please raise your right hand now on the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now to open this centre and to help the Kundalini to move through it you have to say with full confidence in yourself with full confidence you please say – Mother, I am my own master. Please say it 10 times. Mother, I am my own master. Please say it with full confidence. Now you have to know the fundamental truth is that you are the spirit. This is the fundamental truth and this is what you have to discover that you are the spirit but discover not mentally but, in the state, you have to enter into where you become a self-realized soul and you become the spirit. So now raise your right hand on top of your heart and put it there and press it and now here say with full confidence 12 times – Mother, I am the spirit. Mother, I am the spirit. Mother, I am the spirit. Please say this 12 times with full confidence in yourself. Now one has to know that divine is the ocean of compassion, bliss and auspiciousness. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness so whatever mistakes you might have committed as a human being whatever wrong you might have done as a human being is forgiven by this ocean of love. It has such a powerful, forgiving capacity. So please remember that you should not feel guilty and you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself when you are entering into the kingdom of God. So now please raise your hand on to your neck in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and press it hard. Putting your neck turning towards the right side and pushing your right hand backwards, pushing on the centre. Here you have to say 16 times, 16 times you have to say – Mother, I am not guilty 16 times, Mother, I am not guilty. Now supposing you still want to feel guilty then I would say all right have a punishment say it 108 times. If you are convinced you are guilty and to be punished then is better that you punish yourself by saying 108 times. Now raise your hand on top of your forehead, press it on both the sides. Here, it’s a centre of forgiveness. So, you have to say – Mother, I forgive everyone. It seems many people think that it is difficult to forgive but it is a myth whether you forgive or if you don’t forgive, it’s a myth. You don’t do anything actually but if you don’t forgive, if you don’t say that you forgive, you play into wrong hands so please say with full confidence – Mother, I forgive everyone without counting it. You must say from your heart. Invariably I’ve seen people don’t say it from their heart and every time after the program I have to correct it. So once for all please say – Mother, I forgive everyone. Now take back this hand on the backside of your head, push back your head on top of your hand here you have to say without feeling guilty, without thinking of past, without counting your mistakes just for your satisfaction – oh divine, if I have done anything wrong please forgive me. Just for your satisfaction. Now, stretch your hand and put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now push back your fingers and press it hard, move it seven times but here also I cannot say that you should get your realization. On the contrary, in your own freedom and glory you have to say – Mother, please give me self-realization. You have to ask for it. I cannot force on you. So, please say seven times – Mother, please give me realization. Put your head down is easier to move your head seven times will be good idea to move it slowly seven times your scalp properly. Push back your fingers, push back your fingers. That’s the best way. Now please take down your hands, please take down your hands.

Now open your eyes slowly open your eyes. Put your right hand towards me like this, put down your head and with the left hand see if you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. Some people feel it very high; some people feel it quite close; some people might feel it little hot doesn’t matter. See that you feel the cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Bend your head, bend your head and don’t doubt it. Little above, little above, its above. Now put your left hand towards me and with the right hand bend your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Now please put your right hand again towards me and once for all please again see with your left hand, putting down your head.

Please see if you can see the cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Actually, you feel it, you feel it coming out of your head, you see for yourself, see for yourself. It should not touch your head, it should be above your head, above your head. All right now, if you can put your both the hands on top of your head like this, push back your head, push back your head and here you have to ask a question to me – Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the Brahma Chaitanya? Mother is this the All-pervading love of God? You have to ask this question three times. Now bring down your hands. Those who have felt the cool breeze out of their fontanelle bone area or in their hands please raise your both the hands.

Please raise your both the hands. Those who have felt it. Higher. Higher please. That’s good. Some have not felt but most of you have felt it. Those who have not felt will feel it also. Will arrange it just now to see that they feel it. So, now I think first I will meet the people who have felt it and then those who have not felt it so that they should feel it and is I’m very anxious that all of you should feel it tonight but tomorrow you bring your friends and come along and I’m sure they will also get their Realization but you will feel very relaxed, extremely relaxed and sleep very well and you will know tomorrow what you have got and what is Kundalini. I’ll tell you all about it. So, will you please come those people who have felt the cool breeze?

First of all, I would like to meet them and then I’ll meet the people who have not felt it. Will have to work it out a little bit, must be you must not have forgiven everyone. Sure? please come in. Warm? come in I’ll show you. Come in please stand. If you have felt the warm, you put your left hand on your liver and now just stand for a while. Alright? now Forgive, just forgive, forgive, forgive. Now better?
Seeker: yeah it feels… oh god its very cool. Right over here. I just felt it.
Shri Mataji: Now you just say – Mother, please come in my head. Mother please come in my head and you will see to it. Say it seven times because the thing is you’ve not forgiven. That’s why. When I said forgive, forgive it worked. Now say, “Mother, please come in my head”.
Seeker: OK. Mother please come in my head.
Shri Mataji: Again
Seeker: Mother, please come in my head.
Shri Mataji: Seven times.
Seeker: Mother, please come in my head.
Shri Mataji: Little bit started. Sit down. I will tell you what you have to do. Sit down. With your right hand towards me and left hand towards the sky. It will work out. Just like that it will work out. Who else? You got it? Please come along. So good, Felt it on your head also? That’s very good. Nice. Just have a look at her alright? Just they will check you, checking is to be needed. All right. That’s it.
Seeker: I just felt it here and here
Shri Mataji: hmm that’s it. Yeah. On the fingers? No? they will work it out. That means what work you do?
Seeker: What kind of work I do? TV production. TV production.
Shri Mataji: That’s it! Alright, alright. Please see to her, chakras are a little bit caught up you see. Everybody can be cured, everybody can have it, there’s nothing to worry. Ha so good!
Seeker: Felt it for the first time.
Shri Mataji: In the hands? In the hands?
Seeker: Everything feels cool. I have been looking for an air conditioner but.
Shri Mataji: (mother laughs) That always happens.
Seeker: I have been looking around.
Shri Mataji: Yes, now it’s alright. Not to doubt it. It’s there, it’s there. Yes, it’s there. Come along, come along my child. So, you felt it?
Seeker: Yes mother. It seems to go away. I feel at first but it seems to go away.
Shri Mataji: What?
Seeker: Excuse me? it feels cool but then it seems to disappear.
Shri Mataji: Don’t think about it. If you think about it, it will disappear. It goes down. Your awareness goes down you see. Don’t bring to the mental level. It has happened now, now put your hand towards me. Did you really forgive madam? So-so? Hmm… You have to really genuinely forgive. Isn’t it? It’s a genuine work. Alright now? It’s better? Let’s see. Huh. Keep your eyes open. It’s alright. Faint? Faint? Liver. She has liver problem. Forgive. Now let’s see if you’ve forgiven. Say I forgive. I forgive.
Seeker: I have a last question I would like to ask. On television we see there is so much cruelty. In the world there is so much cruelty.
Shri Mataji: What are we doing about it? nothing. So, now we have to make people who are peaceful. Isn’t it? They are not peaceful within. So, we have to make them. That’s what I’m trying to do and we have to make them peaceful, that’s all. If they are not peaceful, they will be cruel. Can’t help it. By lecturing they are not going to be alright. Something has to happen within. Some transformation has to take place. Alright? It’s good now. Better. May God Bless You. Sometimes these questions also linger on. Please smile. Just see her heart chakra is little bit if she is what sort of…
Seeker: Got my daughter…… (the rest of the sentence is Inaudible)
Shri Mataji: Really? I see now, I’m happy the mother has come.
Seeker: She drove three hours.
Shri Mataji: hmmm good. You’re good. Good to have such nice children itself. You like them?
Seeker: I love them yes.
Shri Mataji: Beautiful children, aren’t they? They are very different. Very different. Its innate, you see. They become innately good. You don’t have to tell them, they become so righteous. I’ve seen people who have been taking drugs, have been alcoholics and overnight they just shot up. Just like lotuses came out of a pond. Surprising. Happy the Mother has come to see them. May God bless you. I think you better check. Better check with them. They’ll check you better. Now, how are you? (Mother laughs) just laugh? Yesterday we had all of them laughing and laughing. I said, now just laugh it out, the drama is over. The drama is over alright. May god bless you; may god bless you. Now come along. So, you got it? Hmm…this is huh… huh alright? Its better. Now you have to establish yourself fully. That’s the Point is!

I’ve seen people get Realization, sprouting takes place and then go down and after three years they will come, Mother, I’ve got cancer. I said how? I kept you, you see it happened but I neglected it. Alright doesn’t matter we will work it out. It makes my life more troublesome and of no use. So better is to look after yourself. See just check her. Let’s see, how are you? Alright? Little bit time. One thing is I’ve always seen here in the west, people can’t forgive. Is it true? Can’t forgive. Did you? Did you really? Tell me. Did you really forgive? It’s very important. Try what? Just to say what to try? To say you have to try. Just say it. You don’t have to try anything. Just say I forgive. That’s all. To say that you need not try. You all sit down like this it will work out. Just keep it. Just it will all work out. It will take little time. Doesn’t matter. Some people take more time, some people take little time. Huh better now? Now just go on saying – I forgive everyone, I forgive everyone, I forgive everyone. It will all be cleared out. See now blocket is here. Just see yourself you see now. This is because you did not forgive. Are you all right now? See now, that’s what it is simple is to forgive. To say you don’t do anything when you say that. Do you? Nothing. Its good. May god bless you.
Seeker: I’m not sure, Mother.
Shri Mataji: Let’s see. No, you will be sure, very sure.
Seeker: I thought I was before… (inaudible)
Shri Mataji: Now just see now. Don’t think. You think too much. Don’t think. Don’t think. Forget it, forget it, forget all nonsense. Forget it. Not worth. The whole beauty of life lies ahead all right? Let’s see. All right? not yet?
Seeker: (inaudible)
Shri Mataji: You think too much. Don’t think. There is a screw which becomes loose here you see. I know its loose because we have to fix it up. Huh all right? Now this loose screw comes here when you start thinking too much. See.
Seeker: (inaudible)
Shri Mataji: Just fix her Agnya. It’s coming. Hogaya par? Kya naam hai aapka? (Translation – did you feel it? What is your name?)
Seeker: Chandra
Shri Mataji: Kaha ke rehne wale aap? Vadodara? Vadodara aur chandra naam kaise hai? (Translation: Where do you live? Vadodara? You are from Vadodara and how is your name Chandra?)
Seeker: Chandrakanth
Shri Mataji: Chandrakanth. Aur sur name kya hai? Huh? (Translation: and what is your sur name?)
Seeker: Patel
Shri Mataji: Patel? Ho gaye aap par. Paar uthar gaye santh jana. Vadodara main toh bahut kaam kiye humne. (Translation: Patel? You have crossed. All the saints have crossed. I have worked a lot in Vadodara)
Seeker: Main bahar tha naukri peh tha. (Translation: I was out of town for work)
Shri Mataji: acha? Aap hogaye theek. Par hogaye. Lekin ab aage bhadna chahiye isme. (Translation: is it? You are alright now. You have crossed. But now you should proceed further in this.)
Seeker: Kya hota hain… Chahiye but badtha nahin(unclear). (Translation: what happens is I want to but it does not progress)
Shri Mataji: Yeh jo center hai. Is center pe aap hamesha ayiye. Aane se, Abhyaas se, sab cheez hojayega. Hain na? Abhyaas se hota hai. Mehnat karni chahiye. Hojayega, bilkul hojayega.(Translation: This center that we have here. Keep coming to this center always. By coming and by practice everything will work out. Isn’t it? It happens by practice. You must work hard. It will happen, definitely will happen) Yeah, she has got it. Aww she has got it very well I must say. Very strong madam. May God bless you. Enjoy.

Next come along. Yes! You got it?
Seeker: (unclear) My hands got very warm now
Shri Mataji: Warm or cool? Just sit. She started thinking again is it? Ah! Screw little loose. Now? Put your fingers towards like this now. She has got here problem. Now just say, “Mother, I’m part and parcel of the whole”. Just say it. This is the point.
Seeker: Mother, I am part and parcel of the whole.
Shri Mataji: Again. Alright? Little tricks here and there you have to know. Alright? This is a computer. It just starts working but to make it efficient you must know where it gets blocked. Once you know it, it works out. Yeah? May God Bless you. She has got it. Good. Yaa. Just see on his head. All right?
Seeker: (inaudible)
Shri Mataji: What’s the matter with you? Alright?
Seeker: (question inaudible) …. He wanted me to show you his picture to get your blessing. He is in bed Half condition (inaudible….) He asked me to show you his picture.
Shri Mataji: Oh god. Where is he now?
Seeker: Canada.
Shri Mataji: He is in Canada? Where is he in Canada?
Seeker: About 250 miles north of Toronto.
Shri Mataji: You take the address and Sahaj yogis can go and see him. He will be alright. If you can give his exact address, we can ask some people from Toronto to go and help him all right? It’s not difficult.
Seeker: Also, there are some people from Hamilton.
Shri Mataji: From where? Yes, yes, there are people from Hamilton, quite a number. All right. But Toronto people know how they’ll manage better. If they could just give you the address. It’s good, it’ll be all right. He has got angina? Angina. Angina you develop with guilt. Guilt. For everything you feel guilty. It’s such so many stupid things. Its huh people talk about and make you feel guilty for nothing at all. Say, if you are wearing a black blouse with a red skirt then one starts feeling guilty. It’s alright better. All right, so they’ll give you the address of the people. You can contact them it will be a better idea. Then these Hamilton people must be knowing them very well than Toronto people. May God bless you.

Please come in. Hmm this one is… You came here? Is it? You don’t belong to San Diego? see Left nabhi. You are alright otherwise. You have been to some guru or a spiritualist? These two centres are a … agnya and swadishthana is there. Please look after her swadishthana that’s all. She is all right otherwise that’s why she is perspiring with the swadishthana. Very hard working? What? Cleaning the house? Polishing everything? Also, we should not be that particular you see. Our health is very important. Better now? Better. Better. God bless you. Yes, please come in. Got it. I like the way you smile when I said not to feel guilty. Huh good. Very good, May God bless you.

Who else is there? Please come. Yeah. You are alright. Right swadishthana is very much there. See your fingertips, they are shining just have a look on the left-hand side. can see? The shine? Ah. Good. She is good, she is alright. May God Bless You. So that’s it. Better? Much better now. Hmm. Got it. Nice. Oh, just say – Mother, I am the part and parcel of the whole. Just say – Mother I’m the part and parcel of the whole. Just say that. Loudly. Again. Ah! Better now? Alright. Please come. Nice people. Felt it?
Seeker: (inaudible)
Shri Mataji: Anything? Nothing? Alright please put the other hand also. Now what work do you do?
Seeker: Carpenter
Shri Mataji: Carpenter? Best work. Good.
Seeker: I got tingling on my fingers
Shri Mataji: You see when you work too much with your hand. They are not so sensitive.
Seeker: (inaudible)
Shri Mataji: Just see now, very hot you see. Isn’t it? You feel the hot? See it is there alright. It is because of overwork. Physical overwork. Are you married?
Seeker: yes!
Shri Mataji: Alright? Now go for a honeymoon. It will give a balance to you. Working very hard? That’s it. Work for what? You must work for enjoyment. It’s very hot. Just put your hand there. Just put his left to the right and he will be alright. Its better now? Much better.
Sahaja Yogi: (inaudible)
Shri Mataji: Yeah but you see the hand is working all the time as carpenter. Just put his left to the right. Can you do minus that one? Can you? Please! So, how are you?
Seeker: I can feel something on my head and not on my hands
Shri Mataji: hands and not in your head? in your head but not on hands?
Seeker: (inaudible)
Shri Mataji: What is there to be doubtful of me? Huh? Better? Now? Alright? Ah good. May God bless you.

Ah! Good. Come along. Get it fixed, you have to get it fixed you see it’s like a plug which can be loose sometimes. Better get it fixed. In a technology of divine. It’s difficult to explain otherwise. She is alright. All right now?
Seeker: My hands were burning before but it’s cool
Shri Mataji: which one?
Seeker: I’m married to the carpenter.
Shri Mataji: hmm so you worry a lot.
Seeker: Yes! All the time.
Shri Mataji: You think that he does not give you sufficient time? And that you should go for a honeymoon? Now it’s better you see. Alright? Otherwise you are alright. The source of joy is not from the husband or anything it is within ourselves. Alright? it is within ourselves. You see now, you can’t worry. I have made a hole here. All worries will pass out like a chimney. Good? Alright now. May god bless you. May God Bless you.
Seeker: Thank you.
Shri Mataji: Hmm… what do you say?
Seeker: Theek hain. (Translation: It’s alright)
Shri Mataji: Theek hai? Aankhain toh aapke agaye chamak. (Translation: It’s alright? There is a sparkle in your eye)
Seeker: Chamak toh pehle se hain. bahut strong admi hain, strong hai (inaudible) (Translation: there was a sparkle before. He’s a strong man, strong! (The rest is unclear))
Shri Mataji: Aaraha hai aapke andhar? kisko mante hai? kaunse bhagwan ko mante hai? (Translation: Is it coming within? Who do you believe in? Which god do you believe in?)
Seeker: Allah ko (Translation: In Allah)
Shri Mataji: Allah ko mante ho toh aur bhi achi baat hai (Translation: If you believe in Allah, then its even better)
Seeker: Roz Namaz padthe hain. (Translation: I read the Namaz everyday)
Shri Mataji: Toh theek hai. Isi se toh hota hai. (Translation: It’s alright. This happens because of it )
Seeker: Inaudible
Shri Mataji: Acha aap aisa puchiye. Maa aap kya khayama hai? (Translation: Ok, now you ask – Mother, are you the khayama?)
Seeker: inaudible
Shri Mataji: Allah se aap connection lijiye. Hona chahiye. (Translation: Take the connection from Allah. It should happen)
Seeker: hum Namaz karte hai (Translation: I do Namaz)
Shri Mataji: usse kya hua? Aap Namaz padte hai, kya usse theek hojayega? Sirf Namaz padne se aap ki samaj mai aajayega? (the rest is unclear) (Translation: What happens with that? You read Namaz, but does that cure you? Just by reading Namaz do you understand?)
Shri Mataji: Come along. So, felt it? May God bless you. It’s very good. Now you have to work for emancipation alright and a new employment too in the realm of god. May God bless you. It’s very good. Beautiful. It’s wonderful. Please let’s have.

So now those who did not get any Realization. Come along. Now didn’t feel it sir? Warm? Does not matter… It’s all right now? Cool. The trouble is there is so much heat in our body that has to go out and the real coolness will come alright? That’s what happens now. All right? It’s there. So now this is as you asked the question this is the answer. You yourself can feel it. All right? Now know what is this power and how to use it. Because we have to emancipate the whole universe. You don’t have to think that what am I? I’m such a small person or I cannot do it. No, you are the one who is chosen, you felt the cool breeze so there must be something. As Christ has said that a light which is enlightened you do not have to put it under the table alright? We have to give light to others. All right? May God bless you.

Who else has felt it?
Seeker: (inaudible)
Shri Mataji: What is she saying? You felt it now? On your head? Not on your hands? But in your hands, you felt it sometimes? Alright Now will you say – Mother, please come in my head. Mother, please come in my head. You are asking the kundalini to come in your head. Ah now you are feeling in your head? Not in your hands? No? Feeling it now? That’s what it is. It has to happen at a moment, isn’t it? May God Bless you. Come along. Who else? Everybody has to come and get it. After all that’s your right. What about you? You felt it? Little bit. Good. No doubt. May God bless you.

Yes madam? You sit. Please forgive, please forgive. Please forgive. Now better? You have to forgive huh better now? Simple thing is to say I forgive. That also we can’t do. You have to just say – Mother, I forgive. That’s all. Huh! Alright? I have said for you, I think. It’s worked out. Now you’ve felt it? Doesn’t matter. You have been photographing me? See is due to imbalance. So, what work have you been doing? Photographer? Alright. See colour of your hands are so pale so very hot you see. You should photograph me after Realization its better you see I’m quite a mystery. You’ll see now some of my photographs you will be amazed. Huh! All right. Now? It’s better? You have to know otherwise what to do.

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