You have to be ascent oriented

Milan (Italy)

1988-08-01 Public Program, Milan Italy DP-RAW, 135'
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1988-0801 Public Program, City Hall, Milan, Italy

Baba Mama: Indian classical music is just like the western music has the similar nodes. There are seven sharp nodes and five flat nodes. The distinction however here lies in the improvisation that one can made out of these various notations. The Indian music also differs from western music as far as the percussion unclear(). We have various types of rhythms from 4,6,7,8,11,12,16,18 like this. And unlike your drums, our drums are played by the hands. With this brief introduction I will introduce to you my artists one by one. Mr. Shankar Bhattacharya on the Sarod, Mr. Nasir Khan on the Sitar, he is the baby of the team. Mr. Nagu Rao Gaikwad on the Shehnai, Mr. Prabhakar ji Dhakde who plays the Violin, plays the Harmonium and sing also. Miss Chaya Vankride who sings unclear(), Sanjay Talwar who sings, Abhijeet Majumder who plays the Tabla and Ashok Dhoke who plays the dholak as well as the Tabla. We are beginning this evening program with the three slokas which we normally singing in the set tune in Rag ‘Jai jai wanti’. Thank you.

Gajal. Gajal is written in the Urdu language but these gajals are ruhani – they are Divine, dedicated to the divinity. The main theme of this gajal is means if you love in your heart, a smallest word would suffice to provide the quenching of the thirst otherwise the whole maya or materialism it is like an ocean which is not having the capacity to satisfy quench or thirst. It also deals with the human being as the God made him in His own image without there being any social branding of one being Indian or one being Italian, or one being a French. God made you all alike in His own image. But because we are divided our identity has social identity has taken as apart. So we are all one. But because of this division we are not left human beings but Sahaj is one such like the gold even if it is broken it is remain gold, even if it is consolidated it remain gold. That is how we should be. Consolidated or independently we should represent the image of God. Thank you. 

Now I am presenting to you three artists Shri Prabakar rao ji Dhakde on the Violin, Shri Nasir Khan on the Sitar and Shankar Bhattacharya on the Sarod and accompanying them would be Abhijeet Majumder. They are going to play the rag ‘Chandrakauns’. 


Shri Mataji: Please give them a hand.


Shri Mataji: … sing now was written by a very great saint in India, his name was Nama Deva, by profession he was a tailor, and he has written this long long time back when he says that Oh Mother, give me my yoga, give me my realization. And all the villagers sing this song and they are singing in such a way that awakens the Kundalini of everyone. So, Kundalini is called as ‘Ambe-Amba’. So, they say Oh Kundalini awaken awaken. Is sung in all the villagers and this you will see it’s a village folk song, they will be singing in a folk way. I hope you will appreciate it and it will help to also awaken your Kundalini so that you get your realization. May God bless you.


Shri Mataji: Very ancient poem written by Adi Shankaracharya in Sanskrit language. And surprisingly after getting realization we have people from Iran, from all over the places we have some people here, some Algeria also and some people from Germany, and some from Austria some from India and all of them can now singing very good Sanskrit which is a very difficult poem which cannot be sung even by many Indians. And the way they are mastered it you can see the effect of realization how you can grasp things so well and you become so dynamic. Many of them never knew how to sing even. 


Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of Truth. One has to realize that Truth is what it is. We cannot conceptualize it; we cannot change it. We cannot organize it. We have to see for ourselves what is the Truth. It is to be felt on your central nervous system. Any amount of lecturing, any amount of sermonizing is not going to reveal the Truth. Because that is all mental. And human awareness moves in one direction. In a linear manner and unclear (recoils, recalls) back on itself. That is what we have seen so far happening to all the enterprises which we call as human. If you move into the area of economics, you find ultimately that people take to hippieism they are fed up with it. They are fed up of artificial clothes and artificial food. Now they want to have something natural. In the area of economics is the case where we say that whatever one may to try to acquire, the desire is never fulfilled. And individual desire is never satisfied. In the sense once you get one thing, you want to go to another. That means the first desire has not satisfied you. That is why it is said that in general desires are not satiable. In the area of politics also we have gone wrong because of mental projection. The way we think now about democracy – we think that individual is very important, and all freedom should be given to individual. But we don’t worry about the collective. As a result, an individual becomes a very arbitrary person can be malignant to the society. Competition is setting, people try to overpower other personalities. Now the democracy is also money oriented. As a result, people try to make money by some means and there is no value system left. But if you go to the communism there the collective is looked after but not individual. So, an individual becomes weak. So how can the collective be strong. Because collective is made of individuals. So now many people are fed up with he left and right-side moment. And they have come in the center. But center also if you don’t move, you will be static. If you are in the center, you have to be ascent oriented. That means a transformation has to come within yourself. As it is said, you are to be born again. In the Sanskrit language, a bird or a realized soul both are called as ‘Dwijaha’. Like the bird first an egg and then it gets another birth as a bird itself. In the same way a human being is a closed personality to begin with. That is why we find that all human endeavors have landed the humanity into great shocking conditions. We all live in a relative world. We have no way of knowing the absolute truth. But there is an arrangement within us. This arrangement is for the last breakthrough. As if you are like a computer and you are to be put to the mains that’s all. For an ordinary uneducated person who has never seen a television it is just a box. But when it is put to the mains, you see how fantastically it acts and how glorious it is. So, when a human being through the awakening of the Kundalini, becomes connected with the all-pervading power of Divine love then he becomes a dynamic. His physicals being completely gets cured. So many so-called incurable diseases get cured. It happens automatically because this power is within you it’s your own. That is your own property. Through your own powers of Kundalini, you get completely cured. Then you get mentally cured, emotionally balanced. And you feel absolutely, spiritually satisfied with yourself because you become an integrated personality. Now this computer, this instrument works to tell you the Absolute Truth. For example, if there is a fake guru who is appearing to be very good, how can you make him out? You can see his behavior and you may think he is a very nice person. And ultimately you will find you all cheated by him. But if you get your realization, you can feel the vibrations of other people on your fingertips. You can ask any question. Those people who doesn’t believe God can ask question ‘is there God?’ putting both the hands like this and you will get cool breeze coming to you. And that will show that what you have asked the question has been answered as ‘yes’. As you can see here clearly, and they are shown too that on different fingers you feel different centers within ourselves. Tomorrow, I will tell you all about these centers, how diseases are caused, how there are problems for you people. But as soon as you get your realization, you will find that these vibrations are informing you about the Truth. As a result of that, you yourself can give realizations to others, you yourselves can cure others, you yourself becomes an auspicious personality. You get rid of all your tensions, and you become a peaceful personality. Just by talking about peace, we are not going to have peace. We have to create people who are peaceful within. So, we have to be at that stage where we are at peace completely with ourselves and with others. And that all of you can have it. It is your birth right. And this is how we are going to emancipate the whole of this humanity. There is no other way out. We have to get out of this human mental, physical, emotional being and become the Spirit. Which makes us the Universal being, who gives us the Truth on our central nervous system. Who gives us an attention, because when it comes into an attention, the enlightenment-the light gives you the power with your attention to help people. Your attention becomes very powerful. Such a person has very innocent eyes. But very powerful eyes. Christ has said ‘thou shalt not have adulteress eyes’. But that’s not possible for many. But when the Kundalini awakens, your eyes become innocent and there is a light in your eyes. These are eyes are filled with compassion and love. Which is a detached, detached love. Like the sap in the tree rises and goes to various places and comes back. But if settles down into one flower or into one fruit the whole tree will die, and the fruit will die too. You do not have to suffer anymore. It’s a wrong idea that people ask you to suffer. Christ has suffered for us. Only we have to awaken Christ within ourselves. Are we going to suffer more than Christ, or has he kept something undone that we have to suffer? You don’t have to confess your sins; you don’t have to feel guilty. After all you are human beings and if you don’t make mistakes, is God going to make mistakes? So when Christ is awaken in the Agnya chakra here as shown here, the two institutions which are surrounding it as you see them clearly are made out of your conditioning and your ego we say that you have done this, you have don’t that, your karmas as they say it. As the Kundalini passes through and touches your Agnya chakra, both these institutions are sucked in. As a result, in the head it opens out the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. And when the Kundalini comes out which is the reflection of the Holy Ghost, you can feel very easily on top of your head the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming from your own head. You have to certify yourself. It’s a real baptism. You cannot pay for it. It is spontaneous. The germination of the seed as it is spontaneous in the same way, the awakening of Kundalini is a living process of a living energy within you of pure desire. I am sure today you all will get your realization. But you must remember that may be when you go home and start thinking about it, the Kundalini may go down. Tomorrow again you will come here, and we try to fix it up. Hardly you need one month to understand about yourself and about others. As you become the spirit, you become your own master. If somebody is holding a snake in the darkness and you tell him that there is a snake in your hand, he will never throw it. But if you put the light immediately, he throws by himself. In the same way you throw away all that is wrong within you. You become so powerful that no habit can dominate you. You become your own master. I think we have already spent lot of time, so let us have our realization today. If I have to put on the these lights, we have to just press the button, because it’s all built-in. But to explain everything about electricity it’s history and everything will be a headache. So first have our enlightenment and then you can know all about it. If you have any questions, you can write them down and you can bring them tomorrow here and I will try to answer them all your questions. May God bless you all. 

Now for getting realization you don’t have to do many things. It is very simple. But I will tell you how to raise your own Kundalini and as a result you get your own realization. Now those who do not want to have their self-realization should leave the hall. It will be better to leave this courtyard. Thank you very much. 

Now we have to take out our shoes and take help of the Mother Earth as it is the Sky is above us so it is a very good. But we have to take the help of the Mother Earth. Those who are sitting on the ground can also take out their shoes, but they can sit down that’s a very good thing. All of you should sit very comfortably, very comfortably. Comfort is very important. Be very comfortable. Sit only straight not too much bending or bending backwards. If you have any tight anywhere, loosen it a little bit. 

Please put your left-hand like this which is symbolic of your desire to have your realization. It will take hardly ten minutes and a very simple it is. Now first of all I will show you where you have to put your second hand which is for your action. So left-hand towards me and right-hand on your heart first of all, please put it. In the heart resides the spirit. Now you have to put your right-hand on all your left-hand side on the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the center of your mastery. Now please take your hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side and you press it. This is the center from where the Divine laws work. So, you have to have the pure knowledge on your central nervous system. now you have to go back again on the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Then again on your heart. Now your right-hand goes in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and put your head to your right. This is the center which catches when we feel guilty. Today I find many are feeling guilty for nothing at all. Please forgive yourself. You have to be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. Afterall you are going to enter into the Kingdom of God. What is there to feel guilty. Now raise this hand and put it on top of your forehead across and press it on both the sides, as if you get headache. This is the center of forgiveness. Now take back this hand on the backside of your head and push back your head. Now here you have to just ask for forgiveness. Now stretch your hand and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area and bend your head a little. Press back your fingers. You have to move your scalp seven times by pressing hard on clockwise manner. 

Now we have to close the eyes and do the same thing. Please close your eyes. You don’t have to open your eyes till I tell you. Because the attention has to be inside. 

Now, please put your left-had towards me and right-hand on your heart. And now close your eyes please. Close your eyes. Here you have to say or ask me a question, a very fundamental question, can call me Shri Mataji or Mother whatever suits you. You have to just ask the question: ‘Mother am I the Spirit?’ ask the question three times please. Now please take down your right-hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side and put it there. Here you as a question: ‘Mother am I my own Master?’ ask this question three times. Now you have to take your right-hand to the lower part of your abdomen and press it hard on the left-hand side. Now here you have to ask for pure knowledge of the Divine. Because I cannot force it on you. Because I respect your freedom. So now you press it here and six times you say: ‘Mother please may I have the pure knowledge’ or ‘Mother please give me the pure knowledge’. As you say this the Kundalini starts moving. So, to make way for them in the upper centers, please put your right-hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Here with full confidence, you have to say: ‘Mother I am my own Master’ ten times please. Because this center has ten sub-plexuses-petals. Now the biggest or we can say the most important thing is that you are the Spirit. Is the fundamental truth. So, you have to accept it with full confidence in yourself and put your hand on your heart and say here twelve times: ‘Mother I am the Spirit’ without any confusion about it, without any diffidence. Now you have to know that the Divine is the ocean of grace, compassion and love. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, whatever mistakes you might have committed can (be) easily be forgiven by the power of this forgiveness. So now please put your right-hand in the corner of your shoulder and your neck and put your head to your right. Here now, you have to say sixteen times: ‘Mother I am not guilty’. And even now if you want to feel guilty then have a punishment to say it hundred and eight times: ‘Mother I am not guilty’. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself, and you should know that you are a human being just at the epitome of evolution. And you are a special category of people who are seeking the Truth. So why to feel guilty. Now, put your hand across on your forehead and press it on both the sides. Now this is the center where you have to say: ‘Mother I forgive everyone’. Many of you will say that it is very difficult. But whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything, it’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. So please say from your heart not how many times: ‘Mother I forgive everyone’ and don’t think of your enemies or anyone. Now you have to put your right-hand on the backside of your head and allow your head to rest on it. Here now you have to say for your own satisfaction, not to feel guilty, not to count your mistakes. But you have to say: ‘oh Divine, if I have done any mistakes, please forgive me’. Now stretch your hand and put the center of your palm on top of the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood and press it by pushing out your fingers. Little bit put down your head it will help you. Now I must tell you that I cannot force again on you, you have to ask for your realization, so please remember that I respect your freedom and you move the scalp seven times in clockwise and saying: ‘Mother please give me my self-realization’ or you can say ‘Shri Mataji, please may I have my realization’ seven times please. 

Now please take down your hand and open your eyes. Now watch me without thinking. Please put now your right-hand towards me. Bend your head and (with) left-hand on your fontanelle bone area to see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Some people get it very far. Bend your head a little. Right-hand towards me, right-hand. Now, put the left-hand towards me please and put the right-hand near your fontanelle bone area or could be little far away depends on and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming in. Please bend your head. Now do it once more, with the right-hand towards me. And the left-hand on top of your fontanelle bone area and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Bend your head a little you will see better. Now raise your hands, both the hands towards the sky and bend back your head and ask a question three times: ‘Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother is this the Brahma Chaitanya? Mother is this the all-pervading power of Divine Love?’ ask this question three times, whichever you want to ask, put back your hands, push back your head. Now keep down your hands. 

All those who have felt cool breeze in their hands or out of their heads please raise both your hands. Raise both the hands. Thank you. Most of you have got it. But don’t doubt that there is a breeze coming from here and there. When you will use this breeze, you will know that you have got the Divine Power flowing through you. Now don’t discuss with others. Enjoy yourselves. Don’t discuss it. You don’t bring it to the mental level of arguments. Just keep quite go and sleep and tomorrow again you come here and will try to fix it out for those who haven’t got it and for those who have got it. And tomorrow I hope to meet you all, all of you individually. May God bless you all. Thank you very much. Thank you. May God bless you all.

My shoes are there.