The Time of Resurrection

Geneva (Switzerland)

1988-08-11 The Time Of Resurrection, Switzerland DP-RAW, 150'
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1988-08-11 Public Program Cam 2 Switzerland DP-RAW, 93'
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Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 11 August 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. The seekers of truth is a very special category of people. They’ve existed in all the centuries before also. And you find glimpses of that in many literary work. Today I read a book written by [Ayalahu ?] from Spain who was there in 1906. And he had described a seeker of truth how he became a saint.

William Blake* from England, about hundred years back he lived, has said that, “The time will come when many seekers of truth will be born. They are the men of God, they will be transformed, and they will have powers to transform others”. This transformation is what we call, is the birth which takes place second time. It is not just a certificate we should have, from some institution that we are born again. Or we have become a twice born person, as we call in India a Brahmin, who thinks that he is really baptized. But the real baptism is a happening.

Recently there has been a very beautiful discovery of Saint Thomas’s writings who was a disciple of Christ and on his way to India, he wrote a beautiful description of what a saint should be, and what Christ wanted us to be, in a very large book, and put it in a jar in Egypt. This book was recovered only 48 years back and has been again deciphered by a very good gentleman who came out with the book call Gnostic. Now Gna in Sanskrit language also means to know. To know on your central nervous system. Is not a mental knowledge. By reading books you cannot become a realized soul. It is not a mental achievement. That’s exactly what Saint Thomas has written that it is not a mental thing.

That it has to be a happening within us, by which we know our self we get our real baptism. He’s against all kinds of  theories of sufferings. He says Christ has suffered for us. We have to just awaken Christ within us. And God Almighty is a  father who is so much full of compassion and love for His children. Why should He make you suffer!

Logically one should understand if Christ had suffered for us. Are we going to suffer more than Christ had suffered? Has He left something undone that we have to suffer any more? He suffered because there was a problem in the human awareness. People were lost in ritualism and in philosophic discussions. So His message was that of resurrection. That is being clearly shown if you see the Sixtine Chapel in Vatican you see a huge big Christ sitting there and judging people and giving them resurrection. So the time has come for us, all of us to enter into the kingdom of God. Now the time has come, this is the blossom time that many have to become the fruits.

When we see the chaos and confusion around us we get very depressed and upset about it. And we think there’s going to be a shock we are all going to be destroyed. But you must remember that the creator is all-powerful. And e is not going to allow His creation to be destroyed. And His greatest creation and [creatures/creations?] are human beings. He is not going to allow them to destroy themselves. It’s already being arranged within us as you can see clearly, have been told. We have a beautiful machinery built in within ourselves.

To work out the Kundalini awakening. As if you were made into a beautiful computer already programmed in a very efficient manner by the Divine, which commits no mistakes. And you are just to be now connected to the mains. Once you are connected to the mains you start working as a very fantastic dynamic compassionate personality. This has happened to so many who are here. They write to Me that they are swimming in the ocean of joy. Also Mohammed Sahib has said that, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak and they will  give witness against you.” That resurrection time is today. That has to work out.

Regarding Realization I must say in a short time you cannot tell lot of things. But first we have to know that a person who says that he can connect you to the Divine does not take any money from you, does not expect anything from you. And just out of his connection, connection with the Divine, works out your connection with the Divine, is the real saint. He is the real master. Not the one who lives on the earnings of people whom he says that, “I’m doing Divine work.” Nor can you have any organizations nor you could have any membership.

It is the becoming that is a real transformation within. When you need not be told what is to be done, you become the spirit. And when you become the spirit, the spirit becomes your guide, and he guides you in his enlightenment. In its enlightenment you see the right path. You become righteous, you become compassionate, you become peaceful, you become innocent. Above all you become powerful, your compassion and love becomes powerful. You develop a new awareness within yourself on your central nervous system. What we call as collective consciousness. That is you can feel another person on your fingertips. That you can feel your self, your own centers on your fingertips.

This awareness manifests as a reality within yourself. You do not have to have certificate from others. You get your own certificate. But when we get identified with some organization or with some ideas or some dogmas or fanaticism then we become blind. Because it is so mental. Is difficult to get out of the conditionings. Because you think you represent something. But it’s not benevolent for you. You could be a Hindu a Christian, Muslim, any religion but you can commit any sin. Anybody can kill. Nobody improves by joining these organizations.

But the incarnations and prophets those who came on this earth who started all these religions were real. They wanted to give us a great progress in our evolution. Actually they created these Chakras in the sense that they resided on these Chakras. They were the milestones of our evolution. Like the flowers on the Tree of Life. But people plucked them, they said, “This is my flower, this is my flower.” And then they worshiped those dead flowers. That is why we find all these problems created in the name of God.

One has to understand that what benevolence you have got out of it and if one person gets the benevolence if it is the truth everybody must get it the same way. Now the truth is supposing there are flowers here you can see clearly with your own eyes. Or we can say that human beings can feel the filth they can smell the filth. Animals cannot. Is a fact everybody knows that, but the truth is known to everyone. And they all behave in the same manner. But when you become something say of any cast or community or any religion or any race or any nation, you all don’t behave the same way. You do not react the same way. Some of you can be very good people, some of you could be excellent but some of them could commit sins. And could manage with all those sins to live and excuse themselves.

But as soon as this transformation takes place, you see in that light, you immediately see in that light that this is  wrong. Like you are holding a snake in the hand in darkness. And you don’t see the snake. If anybody tells you there’s a snake, you don’t want to accept it. But as soon as the light comes within you, you see the snake and you just drop it yourself. And this should happen to all of them the same way if it is the truth. All those who call themselves Sahaja Yogis have to behave in a manner that a saint behaves. But they enjoy it, they enjoy their virtues, they enjoy their love and compassion for others. They enjoy their peace their spirit, so they don’t care for other comforts of life. They become transformed persons. Christ has said, “[Thou shall/ Thou shalt?] not have adulterous eyes”.

With this happening you develop very innocent powerful eyes. Even a glance of such a personality can bring peace and comfort. He emits love and manifests compassion. And this compassion acts. We have never tried the power of love so far. But only after Realization you feel the all pervading power of love around us. They have described about the power of love so many times, but nobody has said what is this power of love.

So this Kundalini is like the connection, which is coiled into three and a half coils. I have seen some books describing Kundalini as a terrible thing that it harms people. Is all falsehood. This people may not be knowing anything about it or maybe they do not have proper purity within themselves. In Sahaja Yoga thousands of people have got Realization, they have got physically cured, emotionally settle down, mentally all right, and spiritually in the highest spirits. You won’t believe here there are people of so many nations together. And they all are enjoying, forgetting transcendending all the differences of their races, of their countries, of their little little small pockets in which they were born.

God created only one world. We have made different countries. Not only that, but we think that we are all different people. Of course He has not created even one leaf like the other. In the same way we are created differently. This is variety to create beauty. But this has led us to lots of confusions. So this Kundalini is your Mother. She is your individual Mother. And She knows everything about you. And She is anxious to give your second birth. She is anxious that you should get this benevolence. But it is your pure desire only that can manifest  this happening.

All other desires are impure. Because it is said in economics that in general desires are not satiable, wants are not satiable. So, these desires are not pure. We move from one desire to another desire. So the pure desire within us, which is the power of Kundalini, is to be one with the Divine, to be in yoga with the Divine.

This is achieved through the awakening of Kundalini.
But what is Kundalini, is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. We have God the father, God the son, but what about the mother? How can you think of a father, and a son and not of the mother? Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. And She is reflected within us as the Kundalini. And in the heart is reflected the God Almighty. God Almighty is the witness. Witness of the play of the Holy Ghost that is His power. They are inseparable like moon and moonlight or sun and sunlight. That is why when the Yoga takes place, the Kundalini rises up to the head here up to the fontanel bone area, breaks through this fontanel area and you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head. This is the seat of the spirit though in human beings it resides in the heart.

So I hope today those who have not got yet Realization, will get their Self Realization definitely. And tomorrow, we’ll be able to explain to you in some more details about it. Remember, you are a special category of people. As they have been singing, the meaning of the song was, is composed by the [Swiss?] only, in Hindi language, the most surprising thing, and singing in an Indian tune, which is very difficult. And the meaning of the song was that: Oh Mother, we must have done something good in our last lives, that we have got our Self Realization.

I hope you all will get your Realization tonight. Now if you have any questions, we can have about say for ten, fifteen minutes any questions if you have.

Question: This gentleman would like to know the meaning of the Shri Chakra that is seen on the poster.

Shri Mataji: Shri Chakra is one of the big centers on the right hand side that we have within ourselves. And it works out all the Divine work. Of course you must know that all this is a big organization within yourself. Like here you come in the room. If you have to switch on, you just put one switch, and the whole thing is on. But it is all built in. You don’t have to do anything about it, just press the button, you get the lights. In the same way, you are made with different Chakras within yourselves.

And once you are enlightened, then it is better to know about that. Say, supposing, I do not put on the light and start giving you a lecture, about the history about the whole thing, how the electricity was brought in Geneva, how it was put up here, you will have a headache. So best is first to have your Realization and then you will know each and everything because it’s such a great knowledge. And you also get that inner sight in your brain that you can understand many things.

Question: Who is Shri Kalki?

Shri Mataji: That is again, you see actually, all these things cannot be disclosed, why the reason I tell you. Christ said that He was the son of God. And He said He was the path, and He was the gate. What He said was absolute truth, absolute truth for Me, and for all the Sahaja Yogis. But before that, if I say something, I don’t want to get crucified. So once you get your Realization, you will know who is Shri Kalki, you will know who is who, what I am, everything you will know. But first of all you get your Realization is a better idea.

Truth is to be seen and known, not to be believed. That is blind faith. Only after enlightenment I call it the Shraddha, is the enlightened faith. You should not also believe Me. Unless and until I give you Realization, why should you believe Me? But you should be like scientist, to keep your mind open. May be what I am saying is a hypothesis and if it is proved, then you should believe Me. Supposing I say, I am such and such, why should you believe Me? There are many who claim like that and prove nothing, just take  money.

Already in thoughtless awareness. There’s a state in which people go, when the Kundalini rises a little bit. What we call is a thoughtless awareness, where you are aware, but a thought rises and falls off, another thought rises and falls off. In between the thoughts there’s a little space, that is the present. Either you live in the future or in the  past, so in that present thing you become silent, and you just watch your thoughts. As if you are standing in the water, you are afraid of the water, but once you get on to the boat, you see it. In the same way you see your thoughts, you are not afraid of them, you stand on that peace. But when you become a master swimmer, you can jump into the water and save many others.

So reality has to be known on your central nervous system. Not what I say, or what a book says, or what somebody says, nothing of the kind. What your hands are saying, what you are feeling. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how the diseases get cured with the Kundalini awakening. For your information, in Delhi university, they have made research, in the university, they are making research on Sahaja Yoga, on the psychosomatic diseases, and on physical abilities of people in Sahaja Yoga. And two doctors now on these two subjects have got their MD’s. And also in London there are seven doctors who are now collecting datas and will be submitting their theses and papers. But tomorrow I’ll explain to you.

Question: Many Yogas say, that one should not try to cure the Chakras. Not to raise the Kundalini before the
chakras are in good shape. First put the Chakra in good shape.

Shri Mataji: You see what they say, because whatever they know about it. Supposing I say it’s not necessary. Then
there’s something special about Me? Maybe I’m so compassionate or loving, that I love you so much that I can manage the show. Like some surgeon can do things which are miraculous.
All right. So let us now going for Self Realization.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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