You have to become a saint

Geneva (Switzerland)

1988-08-12 You Have To Become A Saint, Switzerland DP-RAW, 238'
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Public program, Geneva (Switzerland), 12 August 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday that we have to know the truth on our central nervous system. That is why in every scripture, it is written that, “You are to be born again”. You are to be born again, in the sense, a happening has to take place within you. And this happening should give you the Self-knowledge.

In every religion, whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Zardust religion called as the Parsis follow, every religion has said that there has to be this happening within you. In Islam, it is said very clearly as I told you yesterday, that at the time of Qyamma, that is resurrection, your hands will speak. So much has been written about Qyamma, the promise day of resurrection. And that you have to become the ‘waliy’ [saint], you have to become a saint.

But as I told you yesterday, in every religion, people have plugged the flowers which were living, and now are living with the dead flowers, fighting with each other. Even the animals don’t fight that bad as the human beings fight. And how can it be? Those who are religious fight worse than anybody else. This has really brought such bad name to the Divine Power, to the righteous behaviour, to the pure love of the Divine.

A lady asked Me in Italy, “Mother, how can You be a Mother, Grand-mother, wife and looking after so many people all over the world?” I said, “It is very simple. If you have pure detached love you rise in a tree like a sap, and you go into the various places like the branches, then you go to the leaves, then you go to the flowers, then to the fruits and come back. So you nourish everything. It’s not difficult”. But to have this love, to understand this love, a connection has to be established, connection with the All-pervading Power.

Aside: What happened? [Laughter]

If the connection is not established, whom are we praying? We are praying without the connection like telephoning without the connection. And then people come and complain about God, “I prayed to God so many times, I did this, I did that, still I got cancer”. So, the mistake is not that of God. He has all compassion but you must get connected. You just go on taking his name: it’s not the way to achieve Him.

Supposing you have to meet the president of India and you just go calling his name, you will be arrested by the police. So, one has to understand that you have to get connected. Now, all this arrangement is made within yourself. And this connection has to be established. This connection is done spontaneously through the living process of evolution.

Now we have three energies flowing within us. The first is on the left-hand side, which gives us the existence by which we exist, and gives us the desire to exist. Also, gives us the desire. This one is represented by the left-hand side, we can say, or the left sympathetic nervous system. This represents our past, which I would say, Freud saw as something as conditioning. But I think he was very half-baked.

Sartre [unsure] saw the other side, the right side. Only person who saw it clearly was – quite clearly, was Jung. And he said that you have to be Self-realized in which you become, you become, again he said, you become collectively conscious, you become. He just made one mistake, I think. He thought that the conscious mind has to go to the subconscious to reach the Unconscious. Maybe the effect of Freud because he was a – to begin with, he was a disciple.

We must know that God is a great organizer. For we have to go supposing to the airport, we don’t have to cross through the masses of luggage. There is a passage, proper passage for us to go through it. In the same way, if we have to ascent, there has to be a proper passage, so the organizer has made beautifully the left side for our psyche, not Freudian way, but the psyche I would call it because the left side is all the conditionings and the past, and the right side which is our future and our mental and physical being. And the central path is left for our ascent, this is the evolutionary path. So the left path is for our desire, the power of desire and the right side is for the power of action through our mental and physical being.

Left side has all the past, up to the collective past, we can say the collective subconscious. And the right side is all the future and the collective supra-conscious where all the aggressive or right sided, or we can call it a very planning, ambitious people exist. But the central path is left absolutely unobstructed in the center. Now we have the centers like this, and these centers are one side, left side and another is right side. So, this central path is supplying to the left as well as to the right. So, when we go more to the left or to the right, we break the connection with the whole. As a result of this extreme temperament, our relationship with the whole, with our brain, which controls and balances and coordinates our different organs, goes out of control. As a result of that the cells become arbitrary and malignant, so we get cancer.

When the Kundalini rises through these centers, she brings back them and as if, like a thread it passes through several pearls, the Kundalini goes through all the Chakras, and connects you to the mains. She nourishes all the centers. By that nourishment you get the vitality and thus you get cured. So it is your own power which cures you, it is your own redeeming factor within you, which is dormant so far, becomes active and you get cured. Most of the physical diseases are caused by imbalance on the physical side and the mental diseases are caused by the imbalances on the left hand side. Now, if you can after Realization understand how to bring your personality into balance you can cure yourself of any disease.

Now when you get connected with the mains also the energy starts flowing from your hands. You can also feel others on your fingertips. All the Chakras can be felt, the seventh chakra, five, six and seven, five six and seven on your hands of the left and the right side. Even children who are realized souls, if you tie some sort of a ribbon on their eyes and ask them, what is this person suffering from, all of them will raise the same finger, this one or this one or whichever it is. That is how your physical and mental problems gets solved.

But today’s worst problem I think is spiritual, because in the seeking people have gone to wrong people. Or maybe in seeking they might have taken to something very severe, or they must have like mad read all kinds of books good or bad, everything and that’s all in their heads. At this point then, we have found out a solution and when you were meditating yesterday, I told you to say, “Mother, I am my own master”. So this sentence cancels all the rest of them who are fake, all those who have done wrong to you, have harmed you in your own valences as a human being.

Now the human beings have ten valences, as you know the matter has either plus four or minus four means, eight valences already. And when it goes into imbalances, then you start developing problem either on the left or to the right. So when you go to the basics, you will find that it’s very easy to understand yourself. You don’t have to go to medical college, you don’t have to study for days together and become then unemployed. You don’t have to read psychology and pay to the psychiatrics. You yourself can diagnose yourself and you yourself can cure yourself and later on cure others.

But all this for what? This body, the human body, is the temple of the Divine. This human mind is the heaven for the Divine. Is to be enjoy the blessings of God Almighty. Unless and until you have sensitivity to that joy which is absolute, you cannot enjoy anything what so ever. It is a very temporary pleasure, then it vanishes, it has its reactions. Only after Realization you can feel the pouring of joy.

Yesterday when I asked you to ask Me questions, you had gone into a state which we call as thoughtless awareness. You had gone into a state where you could see there is silence within you. Now here is a beautiful carpet, and when I see this carpet if it is Mine, as a human being I will worried what about insurance. Or if it belongs to somebody else, I’ll be worried how much it has cost, when I will purchase one like that. All kinds of thoughts will be provoked into My brain when I look at this carpet, which is made by some unknown artist to create joy.

But in thoughtless awareness I am in meditation. You cannot do meditation, you have to be in meditation. It is a higher state of mind, of your being. When you just see something, and the whole joy of that creation pours onto you like a relaxing joyous experience. In that state your mind becomes like a ripple-less beautiful lake. All your tensions disappear and all the joy that is surrounding the lake of the creation that is existing there, is reflected in that beautiful lake of your mind. This is your birth right. As human beings you have to have it. And the time has come for all of you to get it.

No amount of reading or lecturing is going to help you there. It is this happening that has to work it out. Every load that we have is out of our ignorance. All the worries that we have also out of our ignorance. Like some villagers say were told not to carry too much luggage in the aeroplane, so they put all the luggage on their heads. They were asked, “Why are you putting all the luggage on your head?” They say, “We are trying to reduce the weight of the aeroplane.” So ridiculous is our sense of carrying the load of the whole word on our heads. The one who has created this world, who has created you and has made you into human being is quiet capable of looking after it. He is not going to allow this world to be destroyed. Whatever monkey tricks human beings may try in their so called freedom, very safe and sound we are all going to land up in the most beautiful garden of the kingdom of Divine.

May God bless you all!

Yesterday, we had asked you to ask Me some questions or to write some questions for Me. So far, I haven’t received any question what so ever. So, I would like to have some questions from you people. Which I will answer say for about ten minutes, if you have any. But the best thing is to get your Realization first.

When there is no light, what’s the use of talking about colors? We don’t know also how we are related to each other. We don’t know even that we are the part and parcel of the whole. Unless and until this happening takes place, how can we feel the collective consciousness?

May God bless you!

[Shri Mataji asks people to sit down on the stage]

It seems nobody has any questions?

Question : [UNAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: Tantra in Sanskrit means mechanism and this is the mechanism, which is a Divine mechanism. But people use it in a wrong way, the whole thing, which becomes then tantrism. I already – there’s a book written about Sahaja Yoga, if you read it, there’s a big chapter where it is already talked about it very clearly. That when you try to displease this particular mechanism that is within us, by immoral behavior, unrighteous behavior, cruel behavior, anything, then the whole thing goes into an anger. Specially they use black magic to destroy the working of this mechanism which protects us. They lead a very impure life, and their all attention is on money making and they possess you, and completely make this Divine thing ineffective in the sense it recedes back. And then they start all their devilish work.

In the sixth century in India, this devilish works started, among the people who were very [?], rulers, in the central part, complete belt, started using all kinds of funny erotica and all that to spoil this pure mechanism within us which is Divine. Then they said that the Kundalini rising gives you a heat and it gives you a blisters. But the Kundalini never rises in those places. She needs your Divine authority, your purity, Divinity of the teacher and mastery of the teacher. On the contrary the Deity in the seventh Chakra here gets annoyed. It’s the Deity of innocence. And throw waves of horrible heat. I’ve seen people coming to Me with blisters on their body. So those who call themselves tantrikas or who do trantrism, will help you like supposing you want to know the name of the horse, which is going to win in the race, they will tell you.

To make it simple we should say this is the science of the dead, and they use this science of the dead and try to destroy people. One should before going to anyone of these so called masters, must see first of all what are their disciples like. Are they beautiful? Are they joyous? Are they compassionate? Are they peaceful? What sort of a life the Guru lives? If he is a man interested in women, or is a woman interested in men or in money matters and things then be sure he’s not a good Guru, he’s not a Sat Guru, he’s not a master. We have so many great prophets and incarnations to show what is the righteous path. But in modern times, people have really become individualist but not, they have lost their personality. Anything new attracts their attention. And like straws on the water they start moving from this side to that side, that side to that side.

Anything new, I mean it can be supposing I say we have never eaten the table, so they say let’s have, eat the table. It can be that stupid. But a real master will give you the personality, the discretion. Now you must have heard the Sahaja Yogis who talked you about Chakras. There are so many here sitting, they all know such a lot, the whole knowledge about the self in them, they know everything. It is not only the mental knowledge, but they can work it out. They can tell you what’s wrong with them, what’s wrong with you. And they’ll tell you how to get rid of these wrongs. In a very gentle and beautiful manner. There is no hatred, there’s no competition, there is no ambitions. But just enjoyment of their state and each other’s love. Love that is pure.

In Sahaja Yoga it doesn’t happen if somebody’s wife runs away with somebody. Somebody’s husband run away…. These things do not happen. They enjoy their purity, they enjoy their virtues. They see the wrong of the people who claim something like supposing somebody is born as a Hindu, he will see what’s wrong with Hinduism. If he is born as a Christian, he will see what’s wrong with Christianity. If he is born as say an American, he’ll see what’s wrong with America. He sees it clearly. And he is very powerful, he doesn’t identify himself with the wrong and wrong doing, because he has to know the absolute truth.