Shri Ganesha Puja: Why did we come to Sahaja Yoga?

Mumbai (India)

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Shri Ganesha Puja 18 sept 1988 Mumbai

God’s creation started from Brahmanand, we also call that Omkar. This sound which spread in the world spread purity. God spread first purity in the world that is called chaitanya that you can now know also. You can experience it now also. The same Omkar. We worship Sri Ganesh in every worship. Today you have organised very nicely for the worship of Sri Ganesh. When we worship something we see the different form of that also. Some people ask for, some ask for money some ask for work some ad for publicity and recognition some ask for honour some ask for service some for business, some ask our house should be built. So people worship Ganesh for such things. Our Siddhi Vinayak was activated by me many years ago. People go there and ask for different things. But  SiddhiVinayak will not give these things. There are many people they give you diamond panne and take your many things. He is formless he has no shape. So first of all the form of Sri Ganesh is formless people worship him in form. But Sahaja yogi should know what is the aim of our life?. What do we want? Have we achieved that? Have we fulfilled our destiny? Why did we come to Sahajayoga.? Did we come to get something or get good business or get honour to win in the election? Sahayogi should know when we came for a new aim, what we will be getting?

What is our wish? The same thing comes again that to which Ganesh you worship in the form today has to be worshipped in formless form. We have to get him inside us, we need to make him reside inside us. It is not that you go, offer flowers, worship him and worship Gauri also. Their energy you should feel inside. We can make our attention and language also pure and can give to others also. As you were made by giving self-realization in the same way Ganesh was made. There is no difference; it is made in the same way. So when you worship Ganesh, raise yourself to formless. Why are you running behind form only? Recently one Sahayogi came to Pune from Borivelli, he said to me I missed Krishna puja as well as this puja.

I asked what happened? He said. I bring Ganapati to my brother and we have three days of worship so I came here and my puja is missed. Means ignorance. Missing the puja here you go to buy Ganapati.  Real Ganapati can not be purchased. But you can purchase Ganapati mud, so many things happening here that is why there is so much rainfall here. So that Ganapati “palki” took him different place. The rain should continue till the festival of Ganapati “visarjan” drowning and throwing him in water.  There is no need to visarjan also. He can be “visarjit “immersed in the crowd itself.

I am disgraced hearing the story of Ganapati. They keep Ganapati there and dirty songs are sung, they drink alcohol sitting there, they conduct dirty dances there, there are dirty women sitting. They do all kinds of business there. This is the “vidambana ” showing of Ganapati. Lokmanya Tilak told Make Ganapati as such in the stage and grand type of social work like music competition can be held and can be one ideal for society. But turning good person to bad is been done by such administration. Buy as big Ganapati the great sin is there. Doing such work in front of Ganapati will he leave them? He will not leave these people. Till I am here he goes to a different place to work. There is a demon sitting in place like Punyapatnam. Many people are assembled there. In front of Ganapati, bad work has started. There is no relation between them with Paramatma.  For Ganapati, they think we have purchased and brought so do anything in front of him because it is just made of mud and do “visarjan”  immerse in water whenever wanted. The ego of person has made him to do all kinds of bad work. You have been seeing in every type of Devi temple dance of spirit they organise. They are doing all irreligious things. No religion is there. Then what is the use of bringing religion in rajkaran.

Every religion has become like this if it is one religion you can talk. You are asking about Ganapati you are Sahaja yogi, big big rishi also has not got him that you got today easily and in all respect. Everyone got it. Came to the right way. Got everything. When some talk is there you don’t think of yourself but think it is for others. It is not thought that we are also one of them. Mother, I am taking this house and give blessings to it. You are here means it is blessed. Mother, please bless the key of my vehicle.  So they stand with a key. I will give such blessings that your vehicle will not start. Then doing force you come to my home if you don’t come this will happen. If I go then they start my business like this. This is not the symptoms of Sahayogi. Sahayogi should think whatever we do, we have to do that in formless. You are not going to be formless, being in form you have to be formless. Then only you will be a medium. Radio is better than you. One person made a radio by hand and gave it a connection so the song could be started. Radio does not throw dust. So whenever we have to get Ganesh we have to be pure and activate him inside. We don’t have purity inside us. First of all purity in our own original things is needed.

Our eyes have also deteriorated because of the cinema and other things nowadays.  No one can think of the innocence,  “nischal” unshakable,  immovable undivided love of Ganesh. No one can even think some can love like this. People think in which way we can work so that both Sahaja yoga and our business runs side by side. Like one lady came to me and said my husband is mad for a lady. I said leave him. She said her husband says I am a very good Sahaja yogi  I am in kaivalya my relation with her is different and my relation with mother is different. You can not come to both by riding on a crocodile. Leave Sahaja Yoga. Whatever will happen to him but Sahaja yoga will be defamed. If you are like this in other things you haven’t got the basics of Sri Ganesh. In Maharashtra the men going behind women are not understood. Once married she became your wife ok. In South India also it is more. There was a king he had 12000 wives wonderful. Amongst them some were walking, some riding in horse some in “palki”  carriage, some in elephant. He wanted to have one more wife. He wanted to climb on the elephant on whom she was riding, and requested her he would also ride in it.  . She refused it. Then the king  climbed. There was one Muslim king there Tugalak. He gave a befitting reply to that climb. Then he lost. His 12000 also ran away. He got one woman though.keep our power under us alive. How should we be proud of our purity, virginity,  and own Gauri? If this power is taken away from a lady then she will not be useful in any No one will be liking, asking and obeying such a lady. Nowadays many people like such ladies who do not have any trace of purity. Many people are taking such a path and will go to hell. I am seeing those majority of people. But you are not the majority but minority.and your status is different. So knowing to enable like this is not good. I still see some people roaming here and there. First of all our “naitikta” morality should be alright. Now the other thing which is in Hindustani especially which is missing in foreign countries. He has less force of morality but the force of materiality is tremendous there. Because they are not interested in material things. The physical thing does not make them any fun.

But Hindustani who has gone there will be looking and reading all advertisements of every shop looking behind. What is there, what is there, and in foreign also they are in the market, shamefully, But those who go to foreign after marriages from here there is too much attraction in physical things. advertisement after turning around. What is written here, what is written there, what to buy here and what to buy there?  They stay in tune of the market. Very ashamed and when they go from here to abroad, they become married and married, then they become so physical, We do not understand what their physicality is. In Ganpatipule also  I give something to someone they say mother I do not wear this, I do not want this you give me that own. You cannot accept happily whatever mother gave you.  Such things should be under the toe of the foot. All attention if turned to formless no physical attraction remains.Till you don’t get this thing how can you be Sahaja yogi.  SeeTukaram how he lived. Raja Janak he was a king. He lived like a king, but didn’t care for physical development. If your attraction is physical development then your first step cannot come into the temple. All right I am a mother I can give you love. Many things cannot be said in words my sarcasm you are not able to understand. Then it can be possible you are with me I am with you you are my child. It doesn’t mean you go to physicals like a mad person. Sometimes I give something to someone then they say I do not use these things. Then it is insignificant to talk like this. If the mother has given even a small thing, it should be considered very high and put it on the head. You are “dhanya” grate.

We have such a great personality, who ate the contaminated “ber “plum of a woman named Savari and who ate the vegetable in the home of Vidur. Such people are in front of us and in front of you also. They didn’t hide anything. If you are into such small things, your small culture. The main thing of Sri Ganesh is to purify your attention, the method of purifying your attention is to watch where your attention is. If your attention is on Paramatma it is pure. What is the use of that attention if it is roaming here and there, you can not receive knowledge because Chaitanya is flowing on attention only. Whose attention is pure just by putting attention the work is done. Some it is also not necessary. The last aim to get is this Chaitanya, without getting that why are you drawing your attention on useless things. The attention is once we come in Sahaja yoga how much money can we earn or what all we can get then we cannot achieve it. . Raise your Attention above this. Then also attention is on how to cure our diseases or if goes up to have the darshan of mother or sometimes people come from Aurangabad or Delhi  There is no alternate word for it Why you came I don’t have time or you have to quarrel with everyone. You can have darshan in the heart itself. you have been given such a power and have darshan with that power. You have not got me in formless, seating here and there and talking about different things of house what is the use? You have that power by which without doing anything all the work is being done. This thought does not come to mind easily. There us no knowledge, only darkness “Agnyan”  ignorance then I tell ok be in ignorance darkness only. Not only darkness but greed that is holding you and second one attachment that this my son my daughter Instead of that it should be thought we are son of mother. After coming in Sahaja yoga our ” Gotra ” dynasty family changed, our home changed, religion changed and you became a new man. Because your mother awakened you, so all of you changed completely like making one Ganesh. Our thousand and 100000 work us done because inside him only mother and status of being surrendered to mother is there. Till we get to that state and surrender till you don’t go to Ganga you will not deep water pot? “Gagari” when water will be filled in that. So, first of all, to make attention pure is post important then you can give pure attention to your mother.

Then you will be like a  flower that is spreading fragrance. Seeing you I will also be happy O my son is standing, my daughter is standing here. Other things will not make me happy like you are standing with a suit-boot , good makeup,  or lipstick etc. If you think you are my son or daughter then you should be in this culture. The foreign ladies tell me mother if you give permission we will be in Sari, not in salwar kameez. But it is different here. This will not give me happiness. Ganesh is “puratan `ancient and I am also “puratan “ancient ” then you also have to accept this cultural statue of Ganesh that is made in Maharashtra. Ganesh is fat, the belly is big bur what is the behti in him . It is the innocence.  There was Vithal everywhere and Vithall went from here People putting tobacco in mouth or smoking and saying Vitthal vitthal. Krishna does not like tobacco. He ran away from Pndharapur. But why does Lokamanya Tilak choose Ganesh? Which feelings he had in front of him Sri Rama Sri Krishna was also faint what type of feeling he had. He had the nature of a child which was filled with innocence. He was full of innocence, this was the most important thing in him.your cleverness, your make up “banna thanna” is not important. One talks one thing in front and another in back. This innocence is the only thing in front of which the whole creation is standing. Whole thing of creation is the work of Sri Ganesh. Similar is the doing of Sri Krishna. How he used to walk in childhood, how he would act, how he would stand in front of a mirror and admire himself was all showing his innocence.  Though is the world maker. Same description that Surdas has made about Shri Krishna.. How he ran, walked and how he fell, and surprisingly he was very happy to see his form in the mirror. Where he opened his mouth to his mother and showed the whole world to her and talked like children. The same has been said for Shri Ram.  Ganesh showed mother to the world. People have not talked about the childhood of Isha masiha, but you can know his childhood was of like Ganesh. During birth Crying and all goes in Jainis, in Buddhist in Christians in Muslims the most, seeing their culture let God only save them. Isha Masiha crossed for all and he asked forgiveness for all once.

There are places where they take big statues of Isha Masiha and take them to procession. Christ, then he himself is harassed and with heavy procession, that tangled man is rolled everywhere. Tell me, can you get  Christ by doing such a spectacle at such an exhibition?

What to say about such people. To get the pleasure like that you have to be like Ganesh first.  You have to be innocent like Ganesh. Someone may cheat you also. To me also people say mother you are very simple others may cheat you. No one is born who can cheat me. I  do not know how to cheat? By putting attention I come to know he is a cheater and she is a cheater.  Once I am created then Only I come to know I am cheated. Just giving attention both the cheater and cheating finishes.

So man should accept the innocence, it is important. I hope you will meditate nicely and make a sahayog like a mountain. Which one deities is there who does not have innocence. Similarly Shankar ji is so innocent.? People say that Devi got very angry and there was too much” ha ha kar”noises and fear the world will end forever. Everybody thought the world would be completely destroyed. World is not created for complete destruction. That time Shankar ji thought one thing and put her own child under her step thinking if it is to be broken let it break your child only.. Devi had no intention of breaking the child once she saw the child under her feet her big tongue came out thinking am I stepping on my child?  Her anger vanished. For children our love, care, concentrations are there. People have said due to children the world becomes one. They unite. If there’s some danger to a child, everyone’s eyes towards the Child and parents’ eyes look at how this child can be saved. The worldwide power of the child should be protected and flourished.. We all have this experience. Isha Masiha has told if you have to go to the abode of God you have to be like a child. This shows the innocence of Ganesh. To be innocent is the worship of Ganesh. His talking and dealing is all so simple. You can have darshan of him all over the place. If you have love, everything is simple. You take him to the airport he will be playing as running, jumping, making a game of something, everything they make play. They leave it immediately also. They have no attachment.  He does not fell it is his.If he is telling it is mine then one should think this one doesn’t have childishness. If he sees someone playing and wants to play he will go near to him. He does not think of it as another person. His innocence is without knowledge. You have knowledge and at the same time should have innocence.  If you have knowledge to such a  great extent and if you do not achieve innocence, the surrender of Ganesh, then in my opinions it is useless. You can see Ganesh in Sakar. Not in  nirakar. He starts the kundalini. You want to see Ganesh but today is the day of Gauri.In Sahaja Yoga puja is done on easy time not in “muhurat” Puja should be on Sunday and that also not in the time of cinema. I never saw Sunday cinema because I don’t know if there is cinema or not. On Sunday puja should be kept in the time when there is no cinema in morning and should be finished in time so that we can see cinema. If this is our attitude is like this then what is the benefit of doing Ganesh puja? When your attention is somewhere else no one can treat you, so you watch your attention all the time in what thing your attention is. It should be like a boy who is holding the thread of kite in one hand and talking playing laughing but his attention is always in kite. Similarly, a yogi should have his attention on kite as Atma otherwise the aim is not fulfilled. Ganesh will not have any support. People ask others why it happens. When something is sent to sky one reaches, then the 2nd one will dash and the 3rd one like this. It will accelerate with the speed. Similarly when we buy _

Ganapati of 10  ,15 paisa will be solid.?

Then people should know one person can do wonder.

When a person thinks only about himself what gain I will have in coming to Sahaja yoga it’s not right. When you are in the throne everything is of your benefit.

If you just ask like this without, sitting quietly, if you go to every door and beg then you are a beggar only.

What is the use of keeping you a throne when you are saying Mataji give some more money. If we want to establish Ganesh in ourself we put attention on “nirakar ,” formless and Chaitanya. If Chaitanya is in fault you say mother I feel hungry why you feel hungry? Ganesh never feels hungry. I gave you all place in my body. You take trouble to clean you why you are not able to clean yourself. You say I got ego.

It means we are blaming others and telling them it is your work? It is the work of Ganesh. If I can do I will all put it all right. Ganesh says why to put such people on mother. He himself settles then. One thing I don’t understand till now after having all this your speech is not pure. People use bad words for others shout speak loudly till now in Sahaja yoga. You shout  it means your language is not pure. On the top of that artificiality showing we are happy we are laughing etc. But from inside your heart is not pure I  am seeing it. The true happiness of inside has different shining. That cannot be hidden from me.  How much You may paint it you will be identified how much you are deep in water. Why are you looking for others? Means you get more shining. But till you don’t come to true aim and think about your benefit keep attention on useless things and trouble me. People argue with me saying mother we worship you so much still why it is like this. Don’t you have any fault? Are you complete? When you think like this our attention goes up. We are spreading our hands towards Chaitanya, it starts flowing on you and becomes so happy that I got my place here and if someone gets flooded. And attention becomes silent. It is easy to improve one but I want it in collectivity, because it is needed. Think where this society is going. One after another the thieves are sitting.

 If you want the well-being of your children and you have come to this world to do some great work.

Should sit in peace.

Otherwise you have to keep a loudspeaker for me and listen to others also.

One told somebody to call you Bhagavan. I asked how? I opened the page of Geeta and I understand what it is. 

Same they do with me. Open the page and ask what Mataji said. You have got the power of understanding and power of remembrance then you can make the world shine. You are asking if your mother can give an answer to it. You can also give the answer. In front of me everyone comes with a problem, he has this problem he has that problem, there should also be someone who said there is solution for it mother you need not worry. We will do this, this is not a difficult task. I will show how to solve it. To any problems when there is power of energy glowing it will be ok. Anything will be alright by flow of energy. You love your children flow energy on him he will do wonders. If you live in house.

Start energy to flow on home it will be a temple. If you have faults in thought put flow energy on it, it will be ok. Why do you need to ask me? The best way a0 Gyaneshwarji .  He never saw me but what he wrote. Read his book he said about power. Till now if you are satisfied with body form “sakar” only you cannot move forward. You need to connect with formless so that your creation power increases. No one is telling me Mother we have answer for this. They start giving such answer that world becomes “niruttr”.

Cannot answer. So much ego has increased it cannot be understood and answered wrong that he is Sahayogi or what.?  To understand one may need to learn lessons also, understand it. After reading your whole life if you behave like this. How will you get a job? If you study and go on failing you will not get a job then why will God make you a servant?

You say make me medium. Medium will also be made to him who has power.

Why make mediums to useless people who gives  trouble to me?

To be medium, we have power inside we have knowledge that nobody knew before, that was not written before, that also we know all books are open. Nobody wrote about shastr before. It does not mean you open a book and chant a mantra. Should know what us the speciality of that mantra, or

Till I know both things in front. Like attention on a thread of kite in one hand and working can give guaranty and another time going and talking other things when cannot control self how sahaja yoga will be done? Krishna condemns anger first, he told anger, anger brings “kaama”  wish for different things.

Inside us whatever is the power of Ganesh we need to awaken it . At the same time we have to be pure. In purity his innocent form remains and he wins others this power you do not have. Now whom you are killing your own bad spirit is killing you. You are bad spirit that is why you are shouting and screaming  “chikhna chillana” You are biting others this is not the power of Ganesh. Why are you shouting and screaming? Whose mind is spoiled like this has to leave Sahaja yoga and go to madhouse asylum. He doesn’t have a place here. In today’s lecture there is sharpness to understand it. We do not have the right to spread it all around. You cut your own nose and throat, not others. In Sahaja yoga whoever is like this he will be spitted make jokes behind. He is defamed., Such people get down in Sahaja yoga quickly.our language should be very nice and pure. There shouldn’t be anything hidden “chal kapat”. Like businessmen come here sit take Betel leaves “Pan” and go after emptying your pocket. The talk should be from heart because the heart is real and ancient. Other things are front top only. The thing which touches the heart remains in the heart. You keep this thing tying a knot. With Shri Ganesh seats in mooladhar but when he comes in heart he becomes chet. Spirit in itself is Sri Ganesh. When he gives light to us from heart  he becomes chaitanya. There’s nothing to be said for one who keeps Shri Ganesh in heart. He is always in Niranand. Neither he knows other things nor he cares. He does not think about anything. Riddhi siddhi comes to his feet. It is experimentally proved as you know about me. Now I have become Riddhi Siddhi and running behind you. But everyone has the time You shouldn’t move away from your aim. Your eyes should see your objective and move forward toward it. It did not happen till now but if it happens it is not my fault. There’s no need to punish me for it. 

Sitting seeing it. So look towards yourself. The strength of Shri Ganesh is the pleasure inside. Then your dharsan is enough people will be so happy seeing a person who is in pleasure. I will not have any work. Worship keeping all this in mind. Today is the worship of Gauri, of kundalini which gives us power., She gives power to Ganesh so he can move. He comes as in form and then can take you to go formless. Just by putting the level you cannot be Sahayogi and worship now nicely. Take these mantras. So we are worshippers of shakti. I can not just put level on dog na money saying Sahayogi. There is no use of it. Will they be Sahayogi just getting the labels? It is not the matter of getting labels. It is an internal matter of the heart. Should receive from the heart.  And external things like Raj karan should not enter inside. Everyone does like this and we also do. It is Sahaja yoga so you have your own personality. It is not individuality, but personality. So we are Sahayogi even if others are doing what we are not doing. Till you determine to go forward like this you can not do it. Sahaj yoga does not create mountains here.

 Mother has many desires and I have worked hard for it also. I want you to do so now and keep the solution also. You are not solving by bringing smiles in Your face. Are you real silver? Hope you all will meditate nicely and use everything in it. Then only work will be done. When you succeed then you will tell we are bigger than mountains and taller than all trees. Ok, you have grown big. Tukaram had said I am small but the sky is big. If you don’t feel like this then what is the use? Perform worship of Ganesh and Gauri keeping today’s lecture in mind, with the help of Gauri Ganesh will take you to formless and you will be in joy. Seeing this people will say what wonder Sahaja yoga has done. When you get this it is called excellence. You have to judge whether you got excellence or not. Everyone can get it, there is no need of reading or writing or anything but only deep is needed. Hope you will get it in today’s worship. You go out only with this power, don’t go without it.  Do not put your mind in small things like this thing should be corrected that should be treated. Leave all this away from your mind once you get this power everything will be alright automatically. Atharvashirsha should be on.”Marathi language….”.