4th Day of Navaratri

Pune (India)

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“CHATURTHI”, the Fourth Day of Navaratri, October 13th, 1988, Pune (India)

[The Kavach of the Devi, which was read partly on the third day, got completed today.]

So, we have made it short. Now just take a ‘bandhan’, it is the same thing as Kavacha, you see. Realised souls, if they take bandhan, it’s the same thing. Whatever you have said here is done, yesterdays and todays, everything that has been said, all these Raksha Kari is done in one stroke.
But now we should know how many of us take bandhan before going from the house, before sleeping or before doing something important. How many people take bandhan? Very seldom. You forget it. It’s very important. Going on a journey, going on a road, better take a bandhan. It’s not that, “We are all right, Mother is looking after us”, it’s not the point. You must take a bandhan before doing all these things.

If you get an accident, then know that you have done some mistakes or something otherwise. Normally, there should be not an accident, means, there is something still lacking in you.

‘Which was promised long time back by Markendaya, now you have achieved it. This he had promised 14,000 years back that when Mahamaya will come, She will do this work. That it will happen. We must realise that we are getting all the promises fulfilled for us. Now, we have also certain promises to be made and we have to ask a question: “Have we fulfilled our destiny in life or not?” This is a question we should ask, and we should not roam about in smaller petty things. Think of a bigger vision about yourself, a state of detachment, also with attitudes.

Supposing there is turmoil with all kinds of problems going on, but you are not, you are like a -not at the wheel point but you are at the axis. Like giving a bandhan to yourself. This was not so much explained when it was written as they were not Sahaja Yogis.

Sahaja Yoga has a problem that those who have not done any Devi Puja, Kavacha, anything, worshiping, may not be religious people, may not have worshiped anything else or may not have done “namaj”, prayers and things like that, such people also have come to Sahaja Yoga. People who did not believe in God have come to Sahaja Yoga. All kinds of people are here.

Now, those who have done all these things with a pure heart, not just to-sort of say something-a lip service, they achieve their Realisation and they don’t catch so much. Otherwise those who have not done all these things, for them it is important that they should know that they have to become completely detached. So, what happens is, they go to the axis and come out. So, somebody who is a bhakta of the Devi is wrong, you catch very easily.

But in Sahaja Yoga, we have done one thing, we have very few people of that kind, of that quality. Today you can say, very, very few, I think hardly any. Most of them have gone into this circle of the axis.

So, in Sahaja Yoga what we do, we first build a top by which you are in the present and then you build tip your past [?]. First the top. That is why you have to go on clearing out your foundations, your conditionings, your- this thing, that thing. Supposing there is somebody like Markendaya, no problem. That is why you have to go on cleansing yourself. There was no way out, you see. How can you go on waiting for people to clean their chakras one by one and to get them to that position and then to give them Realisation? Best thing was to give them Realisation and let then look after themselves. And then you start feeling it yourself, “If I am catching this Chakra, I am catching that Chakra, this is happening”. Then you start cleansing yourself, much easier for me and much easier for you also. Then you start getting detached.

But sometimes, we also catch from other people, that is important. For in my case, I have allowed my body to be very free. Do not protect myself at all. So, any Sahaja Yogi comes to Me, has some problem, I just absorb it and cleanse it. I have to suffer a little bit; doesn’t matter, because I see my suffering also, as a witness. Not such a problem. But this is what one has to see, is to understand, to reach to such a state that you become barometric. If you find any problems then you are barometric, you know this is the problem with this person. But you do not sort of catch it and suffer but you catch it and deliberately suffer it and clear it.

But in Sahaja Yoga also once you get your Self-realisation, one can get involved into the past again, because the past is not so pleasant, even it looks something harmless. Like doing puja. Now puja also people will do- just puja of mine, forgetting that I am there. When you sing also, you are singing praise of me and I am sitting before you. Doesn’t happen that way. You just sing because it is music. There should be a feeling that you are sitting before Me and singing my praise. So, identification is still there, that you are singing praises to Devi. Devi is who? That bridge has to be crossed. If you see Me and then you penetrate through Me, then it is better.

Such a big catch on the mind! Religion itself is a big catch. Like Jains are very difficult for Sahaja Yoga. Jains, if they come to Sahaja Yoga, are very difficult people, because their conditioning is very deep. Like Arya-Samaj [Hindouism cult] conditioning is very deep. Also Buddhists, they believe in ‘Nirakara [Formless], but they don’t believe in God. One should see this way, “We don’t know Buddha and we don’t know Mohammed; we never saw him, we don’t know Mahavira, we don’t know anyone. Who gave you Realisation? Shri Mataji! So, we have to know that through Shri Mataji only”.
Anybody we have to know, we have to know through Mother, not Sahaja Yoga. Now, if you go other way around, then you do not work out and then it goes back to past. That is the problem is. It oscillates from this side to that side-that side to this side, oscillates, mind. Make it steady and one has to know, What is the present? Who is before you? Who has given you Realisation? The problem is this, one more is, that I am Mahamaya. Only the Mahamaya will give you that, which is written down already.

Now when Mahamaya gives you that. I am so human, that I can recede, you cannot make me out. Every time you try to come nearer to reality, you just get into the web of Mahamaya. I am so inhuman. This is the problem with you, but also is a solution. Like supposing, I was like anyone of these Goddesses that you have heard of, all the time with a sword, nobody will go near them. Sitting on a lion sitting on a tiger, who will go near them? Who will ask question? Who will explain? I have to counsel you. I have to do so many things. I have to tell you how I have to point out your problems. These none of them would do. They just take a – [Shri Mataji laughs]

No joking, nothing, no entertainment. So, it is like a great guru; see a musician for example: if he sees his disciples putting one note in wrong way, he just slaps them. But Mahamaya can’t do that. Otherwise nothing is tolerated. They are intolerable to Gods and Goddesses. All of them, they are within me, I know they are there. I control them, because I am Mahamaya, so I control them. I say, “Now see it will all work out”. Both ways, but I am so close and the closer I am, worse it is for you, for example – my own children won’t accept me, grand children won’t accept me very fast, my husband won’t accept me, my relations won’t accept me, if they accept me in the full form, then they are very, very great people. In a way, it is good also because supposing you see the whole family is with me, they will think- I have floated an organisation or something.

So, this looks nice that they are kept out, as long as possible. It is not difficult; I think that the time has come for all of them to jump. But still, now I have established myself, you all know that I do not favour relations as such – vibrations.
All these books have talked about Sahaja Yoga. But we must bring all religions in their true form, in their pure form. This is the work, one has to do, is to bring the religions in their purest form and not adhere to them, whatever form has been created or done by human beings.
These religions are not created by human beings but by incarnations. So, human beings have made them artificial, they have made all kinds of non-sense with them.
We have to remember that religion in it’s true and pure form. We have to respect and they are all just the same. If you come to the truer form, they are just the same, like the different petals of the flower. One may not look the same as other, but the whole thing makes a flower.