5th Day of Navaratri, What is your destiny?

Pune (India)

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PANCHAMI, the fifth Day of Navaratri, 15th October 1988, Pune (India)

Sant Eknath comes from Pratishthan. Pratishthan is called as Paithan. And he is the one, who has written this “Jogava”, means the Yoga and at that time he sang this in a very village language and it sung by so many people all over the Maharastra. You can imagine that this song was written so many years back. Now they have converted into a kind of a – I mean for Sahaja Yoga – and actually, it is precisely described what they wanted at that time.
Now, in the beginning he says, the Goddess of Maharasthra was called as “Baya”. You will be amazed, in my childhood my name was “Baya”. They used to call me in my family as Baya. So, he is saying that, “I will ask Mother to give me the Yoga”. In the villages, this is said “Joga awa”. Again he says, “Bayecha Jogava” means the “jogawa” from the Goddess Baya and he is asking the “jogawa”.

Now “Anadi nirguni” the one which is primordial. “Adi” beyond guna is the one which is without any gunas has manifested as “Bhawani” on this earth. And She has come to kill this Mahishasura. Also, she has come, “Prividh. Tapanzi Karavaya Zharani”. Five types of- [Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: Pains. Only devils.
Shri Mataji: Heating pains. Three types of heating pains. “And now She is going to come for our Nirvana” that time, he had said.

He says that, “What I will I do when she will come for my Nirvana?” This ‘dvaitya’, I have got, means I am thinking about myself separated from God. ‘Dvaita’ is that you think this world is separate from God.

“When we think that it is that way that we are all one with God. Then I will remove this ‘Dwaita’ and I will put a garland in her- I’ll put a garland to her and in my hand, I will take the flag of enlightened knowledge”. It’s already described in this.
“And without any discrimination about cast or religion or anything, I will go to visit Her.”

“Then what I will do? For nine days I will do nine types of Bhakti of this Goddess. And then I will give up all other asking or anything and I will ask for a son who is knowledge.”

“Then what will I do?” You see, the lady’s singing, he sings like a lady. So, he says, “This world is full of ego”. The ‘dambha’ is false pride. “So, I will give up that kind of a bad son”. It is a bad son.
“And what will I do in the paradi?” It’s the place in which you carry flowers for the God. “In that paradi [basket], I will put complete enlightened knowledge.
“And all the Asha manishanchya”, means all the desires and all the aspirations, “I will finish them.” [Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: Break them.
Shri Mataji: Completely break them.

“Mano vikara karin. kurvandi”. And all my “Manovikaras”, you see all the mind, which is so much conditioned; [like they say in Marathi that you take out the bad eye]. “So, I will take it out and slappe it.”
“Amrut rasachi bharin mi duradi” – [Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: ‘Duradi’ is a basket.
“Basket I will be filling with the Amrut rasa” that is the ambrosia.

“Ata sazani”. She is telling her friend, “O my friend, now I have become completely detached, ‘nihsang’, and my husband who was a doubtful, who was a doubt, my husband who was a doubt, I have given up living with that husband of mine”, means the doubt has disappeared from me.
And she says that, “The Kama [lust] and Krodha [anger] these are two ‘mang'” is the one, scheduled caste people who burn the bodies. “And I have given them up and what have I done? I’ve made my channel- I have opened out my tunnel” that is of Sushumna, you see now.

“Such a Yoga I have asked and kept it with me. And when I got it, I went to the great door and I thanked the God Almighty and I have now come out of this life and death problems”.
At that time, he wrote all this and today you are getting all the results.

Just that, so clearly and the lady singing this.

[Cut in the audio]
Take some vow, something about yourself and about others. We have to remember one great thing, that we are Yogis now, that too we are Sahaja Yogis. And as Sahaja Yogis, we have to be ‘par excellence’ in our behaviour, in our temperament, in our dealing with others, in tackling any situation or getting any solution out of some problems. You have to be balancing. Now some of you find that you have very good brain, I mean intelligent, but you lack in your heart. Some of you have got very large heart, but you lack in your brains. So, the balance must be brought.
But the greatest knowledge, greatest of all the greatest knowledge is to know that God is love. He is love and if you cannot even love a Sahaja Yogi, then also you must know that there is something very wrong with you, which must go out. The love has to be there. And this love is what we call as ‘Nirvajya’ means there is no interest on you, just the capital, meaning you love each other in such a manner that you just give and don’t expect anything. Just give and enjoyment of giving is the highest.

I tell you from my experience. To me the greatest joy is when I can give Realisation. Second one is when I can give away things. Or the third one could be that I can give it to others. So now, as you are not the people who are sitting at the receiving end, but at the giving end, you must know what you have given to others. On the contrary, even now, if you just give your tempers, you show your greed and all kinds of things that does not behoove a Sahaja Yogi, then, you have to know that there is something still left behind. Or else, if you are so particular about small things like clothes, like food, like comforts then know that there is something is missing, the personality is not full. And also remember one sentence always, “Ask a question to yourself: have I fulfilled my destiny?”
This is one question you should ask, “Have I fulfilled my destiny?” And that will clarify the situation for you, because now you are a guru of your own, you know, you understand.

You know so much about Sahaja Yoga mentally. But when it penetrates into your being and the whole knowledge becomes a part and parcel of your being, then it’s a very different thing.
The whole attitude about facing anything is very different for a Realised soul. Like me, I would say, if I see a problem, immediately I go into meditation, immediately, and the problem is solved. Because that’s my power. In the same way if you see a problem and if you go into meditation, the problem will be solved by me. That means in meditation you surrender to me, then it is my job. But if you start solving it mentally or orally, you will fall into traps.
So, the best thing is, any such problem that bothers you, you should just go into meditation, don’t have to even pray, just go into meditation with that problem and you will come out victorious. What today you have been asking me for the victory, I have to tell you that you are very safe in the fort of your meditative state. And when you are in meditation only you can grow. You cannot grow otherwise. It is like the sunshine for any tree. So, you have to be in meditation, in “Nirvichara”. You don’t have to oppose anybody, you don’t have to aggress anybody, you don’t have to say anything. Specially for other Sahaja Yogis, you don’t have to worry. Anybody whom you find to be funny, just go into meditation. And you will be amazed how things will change, that is your power. How many people have got Realisation in this world? Very few. They are growing up, all right, they are working it out. But what is lacking in them is the Meditative Force.

The best way is to surrender. And the surrendering is easier, you just put me in your heart, all the time, the simplest way. Then you cannot live without it. You cannot exist without it. You feel completely lost. It’s a kind of a very detached love. You just feel absolutely rested, blissful, and content. Then you don’t want anything, you don’t need anything. That is the state, one has to establish. It’s so easy for you because I am in person here. Only problem that is there, as I told you, in Sahaja Yoga, that you have to recognize me to begin with. But to recognize me is rather difficult because I am a Mahamaya. And so normally you might come into that mess created by the Mahamaya. But as I told you, the other day, that you could not have faced me in my other forms. Imagine a person with a sword in the hand sitting on a lion! You could not have faced me. So, I had to be Mahamaya.

And this is what it is, that in this form you can come close to me, you can talk to me, you can tell me your problems, you can also take my advice, if you want. So, this counselling can be done better. I could decode everything to you. I could tell everything about it. But to know that you are sitting before Mahamaya, itself is very helpful. So, don’t get lost into the garb of Mahamaya.
In your protocol, in your understanding, in everything you have to remember that we should not make mistakes and we should try to be surrendered, to be surrendered. Automatically you will learn everything automatically. There is nothing to be taught to you.
That state is such – like a tree when it comes to its full bloom, it gives flowers. And the flower comes to its own maturity, it gives fruits. That is how you are built in, that is how you grow. When that happens, you yourself feel your own growth and enjoy it and just live happily with it. So, ultimately my destiny is one that I should make you all very happy and joyous. That is my destiny. That is why all this struggle is going on. I hope I fulfilled my destiny and your destiny too.
May God bless you.