9th Day of Navaratri, On Agnya

Pune (India)


Navami, ninth night of Navaratri, Pune (India), 19 October 1988.

Today is the last day of Navaratri. This should be the culminating pint for all of us, as you see, within us, as you know, that there are seven chakras for you ascent and two above it. That should be your destiny. But if you people go only on the agnya move on agnya, you cannot rise any higher. People have been lost on that chakra. So, that is a very important chakra. Sixth-‘Sashti’ of the Goddess is regarded as a very important thing and they say that Goddess comes on a ‘naanv’, on a boat, Calcutta people believe it because the sixth day is very big to cross it. That is what today is the problem with all of us that we have this sixth day still sitting on our heads and we cannot get out it. So to come to the nineth stage, though we may do Puja, we may do anything, but we are still on the sixth. So it is just outwardly that we are doing Puja. Seventh day is the day, where I am there. But 7th and 8th and 9th has to be achieved by crossing your 6th. Today I am going to tell you about the 6th because is the most important of all of us to know, that what Goddess has done for the sixth day.

Mahalaxmi incarnated as Mary and she brought Her son, who was Jesus Christ and She wanted him to cross this 6th centre for everybody else and that is how he had to become the subtle form of ‘Chaitanya’. He was the subtle form of Chaitanya. The way he walked on water. But ultimately he became Chaitanya, and he crossed over by leaving his body as subtle.

Now this concept is a reality. But for another person, who is not yet a realised soul, who has not felt the vibrations, he cannot conceive it. So he goes against Christ.

Through his agnya he builds up stories against Christ. Say things that he was an ordinary man because he cannot go beyond it, he is still at agnya state and by doing all these things he cannot cross Christ. Now the point of agnya is this, that the human beings are working on both the sides, left and right.

So the left side agnya goes to your past. You think about your country. It was a great country or you think that like in England – they think that they were great rulers. Then they may think also that they are born out of very high family -this that- all those things. That give you a left agnya. All those things that you feel that your past is there. But apart from this, indulgence into the past of others also gives a left agnya, like somebody is telling you about their past, this has happened – that has happened or a person himself thinks about his own past that such a bad thing has happened to me, it should not have happened, and weeps and cries about it. All these things can give you a very bad agnya, and this agnya if you get, then it is very difficult to remove it because you yourself have created this problem.

The third point is that when you are attacked by some negative force. At that time, when it is attacked, you just forget what you are. You just don’t know what you are. Whatever people tell you, you believe it. They say do this, you will do that. They say that you give me money, you will give it. They will say – jump in the sea, you will jump. They can have mass suicide. So this left agnya is, through which they mesmerise, and once they mesmerise people they can get anything that they want. Also they treat people with mesmerism. So when a person gets mesmerised what happens that he gets treated in the sense, that if he has any physical ailment and all that, energy starts flowing towards his physical side and he gets cured. But his left side gets possessed. So he becomes a left-side possessed man but physically he is cured. So such things they work out for many people that they possess them and put things into them.

This is very temporary it happens, then they go back to their normal selves and there is another personality sitting on them.

They become tired and they become just like recluses. They cannot face anyone. There are so many such things that take place in the negative forces of the left side, that which cannot be described – for example all the psycho-somatic diseases come from left side, like cancer, myelitis, and all these muscular things, Parkinson and you develops also – the other day I met a lady, she suddenly became very dark, her body swell up and she had knots in her body and nobody could help her and just she took treatment of Sahaja Yoga for 3 days and she is much better. So all these things come to you from the left agnya and some people like to indulge in it. Specially I have seen in the Muslim culture.

I don’t know why, but they have this kind of a crying, weeping, annoying sort of a thing. They sing their pains, troubles and things like that, specially the love and all that, that sort of a nonsense and that’s how they catch on their left agnya and when the left agnya becomes very strong, it starts penetrating into the right agnya. Because they are connected with each other. But when the left agnya penetrates into the right, then what happens, you start playing in the hands of these horrible entities. As long as you are opposing them, you have pains, you will get trouble in the body, but as soon as you start accepting them, they start working through you.

So then they show different kind of miracles, like you will find kumkum coming out of them. But these people become very very effective and they talk in a way that people get enamoured. They say things as if some great oracle of the Delphi has come.

The whole thing starts becoming such a big show of demon. So when this left agnya is taken on the right side, then they can become big gurus, they can become great masters. They can become all the things that you see these days. Actually they achieve it by practicing all these left sided things and then mastering it and using it through right side. Is one of the most dangerous thing. Also what happens, when the left agnya is developed, you see you might have a very egoistical temper, then what happens you start immediately using that and you become very boastful. You start behaving, even in Sahaja Yoga, we have seen people, who had a big right agnya – were caught up with left agnya started to misbehave.

At that stage then you cannot have them back in Sahaja Yoga. They do all kinds of things, they play all kinds of tricks, by doing that they impress people. They try to show off but the bhoot is talking through them. So that is the stage where we say that they are out of Sahaja Yoga. We cannot have them in, so that is the point, one should avoid you see that if you have a left agnya, please try to clear it out and all the time get angry with yourself. All the time. Why do I have this temper? Why should I have?

Then there can be a person who is hurt in his ego. Such a person also can become very funny. Hurt ego becomes a baloon like stuff. You see, if you hit the balloon from outside or from inside, it will swell up. Such a person can become very funny, and can be very very artificially in humble joy. So that also is a very clear personality one can develop. But the right side agnya develops by many things like your birth, by your parents, may be the parents have pampered you too much and have made you think no end of yourself. May be your so called education, may be your so called success in life, or may be that your parents are very highly placed or something like that. So this right agnya develops in you. When this right agnya develops in you it becomes formidable. You can never see anything clearly.

It is so stupid and it is so idiotic that you go on doing idiotic things and you don’t see it till you are absolutely finished and you find out. Yes, this is the point. Now in a human being they are so small in their understanding of reality – like I see people even to cut a cheque gives them ego, even to carry a bank card gives ego. There is one fellow, who was driving my car in London. Whenever he sat in the car, his agnya use to go ‘clock’ (?) like that. I said what is the matter? He told me because I am driving a Mercedes, that is why I get it. But it is not your Mercedes, just driving it!

(In another example of a lady whom Shri Mataji met, Shri Mataji saw her with a Big agnya and wondered what is so funny with this lady). Shri Mataji asked: -What do you do? I make dolls. Because she can make dolls, she has this. So if God has given you some talent, something, then express your love by doing something for God and try to show that, “Oh God, Who has given me this talent, let me work for you”. Instead of that, people think this is something as if ‘my work’ and they feel very proud and they want to show that they are very highly talented or very highly educated or highly this thing. What is this for God? What is the knowledge? All is ‘Avidya’. So to get rid of this ego, we have a very simple method which Mohammed Saheb has suggested, which works very well, which is that you just have to take a shoe and beat yourself nicely every time to get rid of ego.

But we always see the ego of another person, never our own. We never think that something is wrong with us. We always think that something is wrong with another person. This is the first sign of the ego that you never see your ego, what is wrong with you, how you behave, how you treat others. What do they think about you.

I would cite the example of my father. He was such an egoless man, he was so talented, so knowledgeable. I have not met anyone of his kind so far. He was so deep. But supposing he was sitting on the table eating food. We all are sitting and there’s no salt. You are not supposed to say – there’s no salt. Eat it, nothing doing, eat without salt. Just you have to eat without salt, you are not to say. Then my mother would say “If there was no salt then why didn’t you tell me? then you see what happened, that we were a large family, in the sense, with all my cousins, brothers and sisters. We had halls for sleeping. Girls, boys – few blankets sharing among ourselves. The whole night fighting and this and that. Sometime we had to sleep on the ground.

So one day my sister complained that she feels pain in the body when she sleeps on the ground. So then he said “You go and sleep outside, sleep for ten days and you’ll be all right, make a slave of your body”. He used to do that. He said: -You should not demand anything. If you ask anything anytime, like as supposing, say-somebody says ‘I want to have dinner this time. He said -No better go and fast, fast, fast. Any interest in food or any interest in clothes, any interest in property, he used to just tell us off. There should be no interest in all these comforts and things, because these things if you have, you feel proud ‘aaha!’ and the comfort part of it is an enslavement to matter. Matter is all the time enslaving you.

Everywhere if you ask for comfort, you are asking for enslavement of the matter and when this matter sits on you, actually you develop the ego because you are again enslaved. Anybody who is enslaved has the greatest ego and that is how you start doing and saying things – I have got this, I have got that. You can’t carry it with you. For a Sahaja Yogi, – it is important that he should be able to live in very Spartan manner. He should be able to live under any circumstances. That is the sign of a Yogi. If a Yogi needs a comfortable bed and needs a proper food and this and that, he is still looking at the food all the time, looking at the purse and the money, he is not a Yogi. He should have nothing to do with all this.

What I am saying that as Sahaja Yogis you have to develop yourself in such a manner, that you mature in Sahaja Yoga. You have to mature in Sahaja Yoga, so that you feel absolutely free from any temptations, free from habits, free from demands of the time. That’s called a Yogi. Now those whom you have read now, this I have not told them, this they had known themselves. How did they know? Because they became pure, pure, pure with themselves – of divine – and that is how they know it. So this purity has come all this will come for example – Markandeya used to live in a place, he used to dedicate himself, lived there very happily with his father, in a very modest manner and then, he was the richest man because he enjoyed the grace of the Mother and he saw all these things so well. He was cursed to be dead at a very young age and the father told him that you have to die because Shiva has given me the boon that I will give you the son but he will have to die very soon. He said -all right. I will find out the solution, so he worshipped the Goddess. The Goddess gave him the boon. Goddess Herself he saw in person and that is how this place ‘Saptashringi’ is there.

‘Saptashringi’ is seven chakras. It is the Adishakti’s place. It is Adishakti’s place. So, this is, when you are reading all these things, you are amazed how do they. Know 14,000 years ago. How many know all this about it which tallies with your Sahaja Yoga, which shows that you are, and then how has he written so precisely about it, because he himself had become a complete reflector. It is a complete reflector which has shown to the world. What’s the Goddess is. A very great credit to him and without any ego. If you have ego, you cannot reflect, if you have super ego, you cannot reflect. Now, ego is such an illusive thing that it says. “I don’t like it. I don’t want it. This is not mine”. As long as you go on like this, then you know that you are in the form of ego. You are no more a Yogi, you are an ego person.

So it is important that you have to build up yourself in such a manner that all these clouds of ego and super ego disappear. Now the worship of the Goddess, She is Shakti – She is Kundalini. She expands your chakras-Sushumna improves, your channel expands and there it opens much more, but the retention is not there.

Again, it’s like a hole in the pitcher, you put water and it goes out. It’s like that. So in the beginning if we say that the water is full because with force it comes. But after sometime the pitcher is empty. It’s that. It’s just the same.

So that hole that is within us, which can be ego or super ego, which are only two things, only two problems, only these two problems if you can avoid it, better do it. That’s all. Work it out. So the best thing is to see yourself, scold yourself and also to appreciate yourself at a point, when you do something, something nice, something generous and this is what is so much lacking.

Sometimes the Sahaja Yogis think that now we are already in the Kingdom of God, but that is not you destiny. Supposing somebody is working as a sweeper in the Secretariat and he thinks that “I have become the Prime Minister” then what do you say? What is his position? It’s just the same. You have entered into the Kingdom of God, but have you achieved your destiny? For that you don’t need any education, you don’t need any knowledge, you don’t need any extra curricular greatness and you don’t need any name, fame, family or caste or race, nothing. With humble devotion and meditation and true desire to ascend. The true desire to ascend. It works out so beautifully, so beautifully, you’ll be amazed.

Now, we have to know our destination. First of all, what we have to achieve. Secondly, we have to know to achieve it the achieving coefficient. We have to have devotion. It’s so simple. We have to have devotion.

Now people meditate – they see the photograph. What you have to do is look at my photograph and say that just see as if that is the photograph of your own Mother. Put Her in your heart. Try to put Her in your heart. See that photograph is there. “Mother I love you, please come in my heart”. Like that put Her in your heart. This heart has all the intelligence, it has all the capacities, everything is born out of the heart.

But if you close your heart, then the brain become arbitrary and it goes outside and this heart is the one which has got the Spirit and it controls everything, autonomous, sympathetic, parasympathetic, all your evolution, knowledge, everything not only that you feel so collective being and also it is the light that gives you your true knowledge. So this spirit has to be worked out. So the first thing is try to develop your heart.

How large it is, see yourself. all right, how may people can you forgive. How you talk to them. What do you think about other people. Are you concerned about them or not. For example to me, If I see a poor man, the whole being starts churning, you know. It’s just I feel that something should be done for them, just can’t bear it. Like these poor people, who are working here were asked to move out, because they had some objection. So we moved all of them and they moved out because I asked them but they had not made their huts. The whole night, poor things had to sit outside. The whole day I couldn’t eat. I was feeling so terrible. I gave them everything. I said, sit down here. You make them and give them whatever they want and look after their health. Still they got some sick and I treated them. Because you see, the whole compassion starts just creating a tempest in my heart. A tempest, and this is what one has to see. What do you think about the poverty? Do you think of poverty that is there. What do you think of people who are suffering? What do you think about people who are beaten, who are cheated, who are troubled?

Sahaja Yoga is not meant for individual. It is not meant for you. It is not meant for any collective Sahaja Yogis. It is meant for the whole world. You have to bring the light of God’s love and compassion everywhere. So the further stage then, that is to raise above agnya. When the person thinks that I am very happy and I should have this. Look at the person who has not got anything, look at him. When you think you are very great. Look at someone greater than you. When you spread your attention to all these things, you see. Then you start understanding that. Oh God! What a blessing. God has blessed me so much.

First of all the Realisation. Thanks, thanks for the Realisation. Thanks giving is the best way and then start looking that this thanks giving I have, why not I give it to others. But we are extremely cruel, sometime extremely arrogant, sometimes extremely malicious to others. But now this will stop. Whatever you have to say, you have to say honestly.

There are two enemies you have. First is, you are your own enemy and second is the ignorance. These are the two enemies, you have to conquer. If you get rid of these two enemies, then nobody candestroyyou. Now supposing there is a person, who is very troublesome, say who troubles you. Let him be troublesome. He is going to hell, not you. If he is troubling, it’s all right. Let him. Who got “ill” feeling? Why should you worry? You are not doing anything. You should be happy about it. On the contrary somebody is troubling, look at that – “This fellow, is troubling, he has got so much money, has got this, while I am troubled, I haven’t got this”. You have got your Self Realisation. He hasn’t got.

This is a very big source of satisfaction and elation that we are self realised souls and let us try to have our complete establishment. We are to be ornamented. We are to be put on the throne, we are to be the kings. This is what I desired. So, beggars, cannot be taken. So if you make a beggar a king, he will still do this and that. So this great personality has to come, a king of dignity, serenity, a kind of a personality that should show that you are a Sahaja Yogi.

So I said, there are only two enemies, which you have to fight for, that you should know you have got your Self Realisation, for that you have got your pujas. At the time of the Puja, you just surrender yourself to Me, because if you are not surrendered, your mind is going round and round. It’s like a putting something on to a fan, which doesn’t accept it, just throws away. In a way, you are that, that’s what.

The second point is that a Puja is a surrendering. It’s a devotion. It’s a feeling of the heart. Open the heart. At that time you should open the heart and that I am worshipping. Now the problem is that, with the egoistical people if you tell them anything they feel hurt. It’s the worst part. They don’t understand that this is for their benevolence. That they have to open their heart. They have to receive more. If it is a small little heart, how much love you can pour into it. Like this time the love is flowing. The love is flowing. At that time you are sitting with your head fixed on to some point. So the dedication point, the attention should be full. I have seen people sleep during Puja. Many people sleep, that show they are left sided, and there is a ‘Bhoot’ in them or something like that. They just go off. I am talking to them they just go off.

These are the things you must understand. Why are you doing that and try to get rid of it and try to improve your self, be alert and to receive it. Receive it as much as you can. This is what is the Puja is made for. Now you have had nine Pujas here and out of these nine Pujas have we improved more, have we got more? Did we fill ourselves more with greater love, with greater joy, with greater understanding and with greater satisfaction?

This is the last day, so you have to think like that, then tomorrow is the day of jubilation. Because we have done what? That is what. So today you should go and make a complete picture of yourself. What have I got in these nine days? What have I got? Let us see, have I got this? have I got that? All these things, you should just within yourself see and then enjoy that you have got all these things. It is the victory. Tomorrow is the day of victory. That you have become victorious about yourself and about your ignorance. You have won yourself and you’ve won over the ignorance, the darkness of ignorance. This is what is tomorrow message.

May God Bless You