Diwali Puja

Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

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Diwali Puja, Shudy Camps (UK), 13 November 1988.

Today we are here, all of us, to celebrate the Diwali, that is dipavali, meaning the rows of lights.

In the darkness of Kali Yuga when you find from every place confusion of the worst type creating the darkness which cannot be penetrate into, and which looks like a solid mountain around us, and which can never be covered, as we feel, by the grace of God. And even with the grace of God it would never melt. In that darkness, in that hopeless state, when the creation is on the verge of its destruction, the light of Sahaja Yoga has arrived. And you are the lights, you are the dipas, you are the little, little lights, which were waiting to be enlightened, to be enlightened to see for yourself what’s wrong within your own lamp, what’s missing in your own lamp.

Now, in the lamp you have three things, as you see. One is the container. Container is this body, container is this mind and the container is this intellect. And the container contains within us itself, is the oil. In Sanskrit language it’s called as snigdha or sneha, means the love. Is the love that is within your mind, within your body, within your existence itself. But this love is now limited, it is in a dormant state. It doesn’t express itself, it can spill out in wrong directions, it may spoil some things, which are beautiful. This love, when it is limited, is very dangerous. But when there is a third thing within you, which we call as the baati, is the wick. And this wick is the pure desire within you, which is not yet lightened – it is not aware of itself. Nobody is aware, the lamp is not aware that there is a light within itself. All these three things have to combine to give that light because we are lost in so many things.

This darkness of Kali Yuga is not one-sided. If you see it clearly it is not only materialism, adherence to money, adherence to money-power, it’s not only that. That’s, of course, is very important these days, we cannot neglect it, because that’s something is really weighing this whole balance of the Western world. But this money is for power.

Why money? Because it has a power, according to many people who are blind. They think money has the power to win-over people, to exist in higher powers of, say, execution of their administration and all that you need money. To win our votes, to get elected. That’s the myth people are carrying all the time, that money is very important, and without money you can’t manage things.

And also because of this kind of a misunderstanding about money people get very much impressed by the people who have money, and they think, “Now, this is the time we must really gather money somehow or other.” Try to get money out of every kind of a adharma. “What’s wrong?” So this money orientation has gone in this Kali Yuga to such a limit, that the sense of chastity is lost, the sense of creativity is lost – because you must create something that must sell. If it cannot sell then you should not.

Then, the sense of Dharma is lost, there is no Dharma. When it comes to making money, what is the Dharma? There is no Dharma needed. Only Dharma is how to make money. Then, of course, the love. The mothers don’t want children because they have to spend money on their children. It is the conceive, a selfishness that starts working. And people start thinking about, “How we can grab money from others?” There are many sophisticated ways of grabbing money also in the modern times. And the sophistication has reached such subtleties that a person doesn’t know until he is completely robbed.

Now, there are other ways of getting money, is now that the kind of a music nowadays people are having – which is against God – it doesn’t sing the praise of God, but it’s just a noise that they make. If you sing the praise of God it’s different. But otherwise this kind of music that they have, actually works on your limbic area. And the limbic area has the capacity to give you joy and happiness, and this limbic area becomes numb because of this music, of this horrible music of modern times. When it becomes numb then what you do is to have more noise and more noise and more noise, to give a sensation to the limbic area. Still you are not satisfied. So the limbic area when it becomes sensation-less they don’t know how to give it a sensation, so they take to drugs, you have to take to drugs, you can’t help it, because all the sensation is lost.

So, in the name of also anti-culture, or you can call an anti-tradition, anti-this and anti-that, what you develop is a limbic area which requires sensations. Now the music fetches money, because it’s like drug, it’s like any alcohol, it’s any intoxication. Because already the nerves are intoxicated. Even alcohol works the same way, even other things like drugs also work the same way. So, in that intoxication you really do not know what are you up to. A kind of another darkness, another blindness comes over. So in this darkness – this another additional darkness makes people much more blind, much more understanding [Should be: misunderstanding]. This then takes us to the problem of the body that exists, of the mind that exists, of the intellect that exists.

When the whole thing is directed towards money-orientation we put our body for sale. We want to make our body look like nothing on earth, I could say, like some sort of a tuberculosis patient as they say (Laughter), or mosquitos. Because that makes people have some pity I think, but inside exists a terribly, a shrew type of a temperament in a man or a woman. The whole thing is done by entrepreneurs, if you see that because they want to produce things and they want to create images by which you have to live. And if you have to live with those images you have to take to the kind of things they are producing and that’s how you try to use those things and you become just a slave to those entrepreneurs. It has gone too far – it has gone too far into the production of things where you have to play into the hands of entrepreneurs.

We have so many diseases in our country and these diseases are very modern, meant only for modern men. In the older days people didn’t know these diseases – must be having one or two, but not many. So these diseases also come out of the fact that most of the things we eat or most of the things we do are just the games of the entrepreneurs. Nothing fresh, nothing genuine, nothing sensible is produced. Wants are created that you must have at least ten dresses, all made of pure plastic (Laughter) – which reacts, which reacts and which creates problems.

Then you should have all kinds of other materials, which are absolutely harmless and are anti-human beings. All machinery is for us, we are not for machinery. So we have to give a balance. Whatever we need can be done through the machinery, but when machinery becomes the only source of exploitation it start’s dominating us. See, if you go to the darkness of this Kali Yuga – it’s so deep, it’s so horrid and it’s so dangerous and destructive that the description of it can take you to any land and you will not even feel that you are getting into the mire deep, deep, deep into it, that you cannot come out of it.

So the antidote has come now as Sahaja Yoga – the Diwali, the dipavali of the Sahaja Yogis.
See now, after Realisation you don’t need beauty-treatment much. You don’t need so many plastic clothes (Laughter). You don’t indulge into all kinds of stupid activities which are joyless. You don’t take to drugs. You don’t take to smoking. You don’t take to alcohols and you don’t take to this horrid music also. On the contrary you take to the music that pacifies, which sooths your limbic area, which gives joy.

So you indulge into all the pursuits which will give you joy, start giving up gradually. Sometimes I have to tell you but then you understand and you give up all those things because then you have tasted the joy, you know what this joy is, you know the ambrosia of joy, so you don’t want to give it up. You may, little bit, give it up, then again you come back. You know this is joy. Joy doesn’t lie in money, doesn’t lie in all these joyless pursuits, nothing, but joy lies in your Spirit, and the Spirit is the one that enjoys the joy.

So, this Spirit is the one, which you see burning at the end of your Kundalini – on top of your Sahasrara. And you have seen the photograph, on top of your Sahasrara you see the beautiful flame burning. You have seen that photograph. It’s the proof that now you are all the lights, and that you have to give lights to others. You have to help people. Now, all your faces look like roses, anybody can see you and can make out that you are something special people. You are not like ordinary people who look so miserable, horrible – and when you sing in that style also, you are singing God’s sake, in every style, whatever you sing, which was once upon a time was regarded as anti-God singing becomes something great.

So now the light of Sahaja Yoga has kindled within you all these small, small lights, which are going to enlighten the path for humanity, for their emancipation. So responsibilities of Sahaja Yogis are great. They should get over all these limitations, like the light has got over all the limitations and spread all over. If you have a way of measuring how far this little light has gone you cannot measure it with ordinary human instruments. But once it starts it is spread to the last bit of it and comes back to it. In the same way this light which is kindled within you spreads all over, is emitted all over and comes back to you. But of course it is just a material light. This is a spiritual light. The difference is this light has its own power of burning, that’s all. Also it has a power of giving some light in the darkness. Also it has one more thing, that it can enlighten another light.

But a Sahaja Yogi is not only the light himself, but also the one who can go to others. It cannot walk. When it walks it is fire. It cannot walk in its own limitations. Somebody has to carry it. So the Sahaja Yogis are the ones who can carry this light within themselves – very well preserved and very beautifully enlighten another person. Without creating a fire, without burning anything.

You move this from here to there one has to think thrice if you can move because you may spill something or you may burn something. But not a Sahaja Yogi. And it is for the redemption. This can give you light, which is outside, by which you can see only – but you cannot feel and you cannot cure. You cannot give counsel, nor can you comfort and you cannot redeem with this material. It is spiritual light that is within us.

So today is a celebration of real Diwali. I always say that in India we were producing the Diwali-lights with ordinary mud, but now, in Sahaja Yoga, we have lotuses which are giving light, the fragrance. Such beautiful things they are and the way you are enjoying it and expressing your joy is so very beautiful. But to be the lotus you have to give up this mud, this darkness – you have to give up that. If you can’t give up that, then you cannot enjoy your own lotus and others can’t enjoy.

So that giving-up is not difficult. You see, when people say that, “You have to love your Mother”, just means that you give up your ego and your conditionings and become a pure personality, that’s all. I mean, in any case all of you love Me but still under limitations. You must love Me without limitations, then it is a real love as I love you. For this we have to thank this time. This time is great. As I call it the blossom time, that at this time you were all born and at this time I came and at this time this combination took place and at this time Sahaja Yoga was established.

You don’t know, I have gone through very great difficulties in the beginning. Very great difficulties. Because Sahaja Yoga cannot be understood by idiots. And first I met only idiots in My life (Laughter), quite a lot of idiots. As Christ has said, “The first will be the last”, you see. Perhaps those idiots that I’ve met have created lots of problems for Me. But then real people started coming to Me. They understood Sahaja Yoga, they took to Sahaja Yog’ and it worked out very well.

Now we have plans to go to India. The speciality of Indian Tour is that India, as you know, is a place of quite lot of work done by the great saints, especially Maharashtra. Apart from that it’s a very, very Holy Land, no doubt about it, it’s very clean. Still the people have not taken to materialism to that extent. And thirdly we have about eight pujas in such a short time. Of course, it is too much for Me, sometimes. But we have eight pujas, and this is something so intensive, one can do it. This I can’t do anywhere else, as I can do in India, because only in India the atmosphere, the vibrations are sucked in, much faster they are sucked than anywhere. Because the darkness is not so much there, and the light spreads much faster, much more easily, and I can find it easier to work it out. I’m sure those days will come everywhere, when you put up your lights and you start working it out.

I must congratulate all of you that you are the ones, who are stuck-on to this darkness and have created such a light with such responsibility, with such understanding, with all the struggles you had to go through, getting out of your very limited basic problems. It is remarkable the way you people have established it, it’s unbelievable. Because, you see, you could have just said that, “This is some philosophy, we don’t believe it. This is something that we don’t understand”. But it’s so congenial to you, because you have become the Spirit. Christ has said the same thing. But how many have understood Christ? Nobody has understood Christ, I think, till it came through Christianity. When it came through Sahaja Yoga, you have understood who He was. In the same way, for all other great prophets, all other great Incarnations, you had to come to Sahaja Yoga to see, in that light, how great they were, how much work they have done for us, how much they have established us, how much we should be thankful to you.

I hope one day you can see all of them sitting with us and you can locate them, wherever they are. Those eyes you should develop one day, to see all that, which your camera can see, sometimes. And in the same way you should be able to see, it will be a very good idea. I think in Bogota some of the Sahaja Yogis did see the grace falling down, that’s all, once. But it will happen more and more.

Please try to improve your eye, in the sense that, ‘Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes’. Have no greed in your eye, for anything! Try to remove the greed from your eye and it will definitely start working out. So this is the message for our eyes because through the eyes you are the light. First thing that I have kindled, is the light in your eyes, and that’s what is the light is to be improved, to be purified with love – with the Divine Love.

May God bless you all!

[Part 2 on Tape Side B:]

Shri Mataji: Happy Diwali to you all! May God bless you !

It’s a nice occasion that we could all meet together on this auspicious day. And actually today is the day of the brothers and sisters. It’s also very nice that you are all meeting your brothers and sisters here and enjoying this Diwali function. We had a very nice function in India. And it was celebrated in Bombay and they all salute their good wishes and Happy Diwali to all of you. They all remembered you very much. Now, today I am not going to give you a speech. But I have to tell you certain things about the Indian Tour that we are going to have. Because I don’t think I’ll be able to talk to you about it later on. So, first of all I wanted to know the girls who are engaged in India, can you get up and – anyone of them are here. Those girls who were engaged in India. They are not here? None of them? So, I hope the leaders know who were the girls engaged in their areas, isn’t it? Now, you have to see that the boys and the girls who were engaged. Are there boys who were engaged in your area? Anybody from Graz?

Sahaja Yogi: Thomas W.

Shri Mataji: Two boys from Graz?

SY: Yes. Thomas W., he is engaged to the daughter of Dhumal.

Shri Mataji: But he is not getting married this year. No, no, from Graz.

SY: Bernhard and Martin, Shri Mataji. They are both on the tour.

Shri Mataji: They are both on the tour. So, in the same way one should know that, say, all those girls who are engaged anywhere – or the boys who are engaged must come on this tour. And you should consult Me, all of you, all the leaders, sometimes, tomorrow to finalise those who are coming, those who are not coming and their photographs and their forms. I hope you have brought it.

We’ve decided now on certain things which your leaders must have told you that those people who are on the tour shouldn’t bring too many clothes and too many – what do you call them – toiletries. (Laughter) Specially for the ladies. Because some people have complained that their hands started paining the way they had to handle all these heavy things. (Shri Mataji laughing) So, to be kind to them is to bring some sort of a soft bag and we are supplying you with six kurtas and six pyjamas and also garments. For 36 pounds only. You paid about, I think, 28 pounds for one kurta pyjama in London. So this is going to be there. Plus, for the ladies we’ve got six saris and six blouses and six petticoats, very good quality. Only for again 36 pounds. We had put it 30 pounds but with just cutting very, very sharp. So we have put it 36 pounds. With one pound we have increased on every item. For all the ladies. So, please don’t bring too many western clothes, there’s no need. Whatever you travel with you can travel back with. And there are saris and petticoats, everything available for you, we are working it out. On your – the way you have sent your measurements and you know how difficult it is for so many people – 700 saris I’ve bought so far. But if there are more ladies going to come, I don’t know, we’ll have to again arrange. Imagine, 700 saris and then the saris have to be matched with blouses, and the saris have to be also matched with the petticoats. And every person has a different measurement. So what a combination it is. Just put into mathematically I don’t know what raised to what (Shri Mataji laughing) and same with the boys simple is that their measurements are different, but otherwise cloth is the same, not such a problem, because ladies can’t have the same saris like a uniform. So we had to buy different colors, different things. So, it’s all we have done all this work for you so that you don’t bring big, big, huge suitcases. And now there’s another decision has been taken: anybody brings a very heavy, huge suitcase will be left in Bombay, nobody is going to carry it. (Laughter & applause)

You know, once we broke one of the top of the buses. And this time the bus people refused that, “We will not give you any buses any more. Because you put very heavy luggage on that.” So I have to make a very, very specific request to you that, “Please, don’t bring big bags.” You can buy something nice in India if you want to bring some more things from there. But just now, just for going and coming what you have to do is to think about these saris that you have already and also one sleeping bag with a foam of our three inches. That’s the thing that we have failed, because we tried to make some mattresses in India were spoiled by rain. So, foam is the best thing, but with three inches on your sleeping bag. Everybody should bring a sleeping bag, no need – everybody should bring a sleeping bag and in a sleeping bag you should have three inches to four inches of foam, three by six. And which you can leave it in India and I don’t think then you will have any trouble afterwards. The ones you had brought before were very thin ones, they were no good. So, this time bring only three to four inches of foam, just ordinary foam. In India also we get foam, the problem is the foam is not that good and it might just give me. So it’s better to bring foam from here. And try to avoid to bring unnecessary things. There is no need to bother because all the presents and all that I’m going to carry for you. So you don’t have to worry.

Those who have still thinking whether to go or not to go should decide immediately. Look, it’s going to be difficult – last minute if somebody wants to come it’s impossible. Last time some people had to walk, because we cannot have a bus for five people who are coming late or ten people who are coming late. So the best thing is you should all decide those who want to come and should pay your money and complete the whole thing. Money should be paid as soon as possible, because I’ll be going on this Sunday. So it should be something tomorrow or day after you should be able to pay all your money. All the leaders must pay their money and should manage the show.

Now the marriages’ proposals and all that we have got already. And all the leaders must give marriage proposals to Me tomorrow which we’ll decide here and will finalise it here as many as possible. And then we have to ask people. But now one should not be also sort of – some people say, “We don’t want to marry Indians”. Some people say, “We don’t want to…” – specially Australians did say so. But now we discovered that all Australians were caught up. One person went who was horrible. All were caught up except for the Indians. Indians don’t catch. They don’t catch, they don’t have ego. And egos are stupid, idiotic things they do, very stupid and idiotic things, with ego.

So that’s what it is, they don’t catch, they don’t do these things. I mean, they are consistent. So to say, “We’ll not have Indians”, it’s another non-sensical thing. How many Indians could say, “We don’t want these countries, or that country”, but that’s not Sahaj. So one should not say like that. There’s one thing good about them – they never catch. And they don’t loose their vibrations. We have only one single example so far in India who got vibrations and lost it – one person among all of them. So that’s one thing about them, they don’t loose their vibrations. Maybe somebody who has come here might have lost, I don’t know, but as far as India is concerned one single example we know.

So this is the point one has to remember not to say, “I don’t want to marry an Indian, I don’t want to marry an Egyptian and I don’t want to marry a certain thing.” This is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga, we don’t believe in cast, creed, race or any country. If you are so conscious about your races you better give up Sahaja Yoga. It’s a simple thing as that. Because now it has been shown clearly that we have false ideas about ourselves.

So, this is another point that you should not say, of course – I mean, if you don’t want to go out of your country, you can say, “I don’t want to go out of my country.” That’s a different thing. But what is your country? That means you are not yet in Sahaj. If you are in the ocean of Sahaja then you don’t think – ocean doesn’t say that, “This is my shore, that is my shore.” It’s just an ocean. If you have understood Sahaj then you must accept Sahaj ways of life. One of them is we are not to believe in all this non-sensical ideas of boundaries that have come to us. You could have been born in anywhere. And you are told from childhood that you are English or you are Indian, you are this you are that, it’s all conditioning. And a very subtle conditioning, we should get rid of it. It’s better that we try now to get rid of it. And if you don’t feel like marrying you can say that, “We don’t want to marry.” Nobody is forced in Sahaja Yoga, as you know that. You must tell Me beforehand, no brainwashing, nothing, in all your freedom, in all your glory you must say, “Yes”, otherwise I will not allow you to marry anyone. No compulsion of any kind, I have told you 100 times. Nobody is compelled. If you don’t want to marry just say, “No”, that’s all.

So, after this time the program is all very fine in Ganapatipule, because I have kept two days extra on the 29th, we’ll finish, but 30th and 31st, two days for all of you to go to Alibag. Now, some people, if they are leaving later on also can stay in Alibag for no more payment or anything. And those who have to leave on the 1st can leave from Alibag. So two days we have kept there where married couples can meet and decide about things. So it will be time for you to decide what you want to do and talk to your bride or your husband, whatever may be the case. So that there is no problem on that. And then it won’t happen that you just get married and run away sort of thing won’t happen. (Shri Mataji laughing) So you will meet each other and that will be a nice time to talk to each other and find out about others. Now, any questions? You please ask Me, just now. About going to India.

One more point they were saying that supposing we come for 10 days or five days, all right, it’s all right, can be arrangement, you have to come on your own, we can’t arrange your coming and also the payment part, you have to pay, because we have to pay wholesale price for everything.

So this time we cannot give concessions of that kind that we did last time. Because everything is now catered, a catering is there, it’s not done by Sahaja Yoga. So we have to pay the caterer the money beforehand. And if you don’t pay, who is going to pay, is the point. So, if you can’t pay just don’t come. If you can pay come along. And the minimum of minimum we have tried to keep everything minimum of minimum. So can you imagine in 36 pounds you can’t get six saris, six petticoats, six blouses anywhere. Rommel must be wondering how am I going to manage (Shri Mataji laughing) – it’s impossible, but this has happened. You are lucky people. (Shri Mataji laughing) That’s all I can say.

So – no question? No questions? No question?

Marcus? Where are you going to come? Is he willing to marry?

Anybody who has questions please ask now or let Me know before I leave, all right? Any question.