Interview Alibag (India)

Interviewer: Please, explain the difference between East and West, what can India bring to the west…?
Shri Mataji: In the West, the knowledge that they have, is the knowledge as they call it of the tree – outside. You see the leaves and you see the branches and you know all about it. But they don’t know about the roots, on which this tree is standing. That knowledge is in India. One must know the roots. […]

Puja Talk, Ascent Vaitarna (India)

Puja Talk, India Tour. Vaitharna (India), 3 December 1988.
This program has been arranged by Vaitharna and Bombay Sahaja Yogis to welcome you all to India. Give them a hand. (Applause)
All the way you all have travelled to come to this Holy Land, I should say, for your spiritual growth. Every country has been blessed by God Almighty, it’s not only that India is a specially blessed one. But the people in India are definitely are very much blessed that they are even blind to seeking. […]