Puja Talk, Ascent

Vaitarna (India)

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Puja Talk, India Tour. Vaitharna (India), 3 December 1988.

This program has been arranged by Vaitharna and Bombay Sahaja Yogis to welcome you all to India. Give them a hand. (Applause)

All the way you all have travelled to come to this Holy Land, I should say, for your spiritual growth. Every country has been blessed by God Almighty, it’s not only that India is a specially blessed one. But the people in India are definitely are very much blessed that they are even blind to seeking. They are not seeking as you people are seeking. This is their big problem. Because they think that they know everything about God and they don’t have to bother, while you are really seekers of Truth – no doubt about it. And the way you are seeking, the way you have jumped into the ocean of joy and the way you are dancing today has really filled My heart with tremendous gratitude towards you. Even to receive the blessings, you have to have people with open hearts, with wisdom, with love, with feeling of collectivity and humanity. Unless and until you are of that quality, it’s impossible to make you work-out Sahaja Yoga in this way.

My own experience of you all is this that you people are growing very fast. And that’s how Sahaja Yoga is manifesting even faster sometimes through you, people. And when you tell Me what miracles you have met and what all the good things have happened to you, I feel that you deserve much more and should happen to you many, many good things. I hope, this tour will bring forth deeper, sweeter qualities that are inside, hidden for so many years – ages – and that you will feel very much satisfied with yourself. That you are born as a human being and now you are reborn as a Sahaja Yogi.

I’m sure it will happen in this tour, most of you, that you will feel your depth and that you will develop real respect for the glory that you are.

Sahaja Yogi has no business to feel guilty, nor does he have anything to do with condemning himself . You must know that if you were not a Sahaja Yogi, I could not have talked to you, you could not have come to India, you could not have known what is the Spirit. and also know the amount of knowledge you know. Nobody, so far, in the whole history of spirituality knew – except for the Incarnations. So you are put quite close to Incarnations. So you have to be very proud, not vain, but proud, because what you know is the Truth. Despite of this beautiful awareness that you have about yourself should really mould you into beautiful people, into an image of that collectivity about what we have thought of.

And in the future we have to think of Ram-Raj, is the Kingdom of God being brought on this earth. Instead of we going into the Kingdom of God, let us bring the Kingdom of God on this earth. It’s possible, but you have to look after your growth and the sacrifices of giving it to others. Here you don’t have to sacrifice anything as such, you don’t have to surrender anything. What you have to surrender is your ego and your super-ego. Then you become free people. And this freedom will take you very much higher and higher in your spiritual Ascent.

There’s only one thing I have to be apologetic about, that the arrangements we make for you, are all in the surroundings of nature, because you yourself do not want to live in cement houses. As a result, we have to organize other facilities in a little Spartan way and sometimes could be inconvenient to you. But I hope, you will go through all that, with joy and happiness, and will understand that that’s the maximum one can do in a far-fetched places of this kind. The nature is surrounding you and nature is so beautiful and it sings the praise of God in every way – the leaves, the flowers, the trees, the ripples of the rivers – and the great mountains, like great Sahaja Yogis, are meditating and emitting vibrations all over. So one has to be more receptive than to be more complaining, should be more enjoying than feeling sad, should be one with Myself than with yourself in the sense that the Self that is within you is weak. So when you start thinking about your small, petty stuff, then you are not with Me at all. So try to enjoy yourself in the most collective way.

We have achieved quite a lot, I think, in this short time. I feel we have achieved a lot, because so many saints have been created, so many people have been transformed. They look like lotuses before Me and I just loose all control over words and cannot fill in this joy into the cup of those poor little words. They cannot carry My joy and My feelings to you. But I am really overjoyed, and I think, gradually, I may become a person who may never get angry with anyone and maybe a person who’ll loose complete sense of controlling anyone whatsoever.

We have some mishaps, as you know, in every country something happens and it’s a little backward movement, but every backward movement gives you a greater push and it has to happen, because we have people who sometimes retard your progress. They try to create problems which are unsurmountable. So they have to give up Sahaja Yoga. And doesn’t matter – as long as we all are progressing – one or two persons here and there, doesn’t matter at all. On the contrary, we should be thankful, that all such people, who were responsible for retarding our growth, have left us and have left us in peace. So, all these attachments should be given up.

I have an experience, which I must tell you so far, that if, say, one Mr.X – supposing he was a leader or he was something – and he leaves, because – or he has to leave, because of certain problems that he has and he cannot continue or I have to ask him to leave, then some people still get worried about that person and get attached to that person or think about that person. This is a common experience I’ve had and such people also gradually get lost.

So, now you have to know that you are not more compassionate than I am. If I have asked somebody to go out of Sahaja Yoga, it is out of compassion to you all that I have asked him to get out. And you should be compassionate to yourself not to bother about such people who have left Sahaja Yoga. Just give them up, we have to give them up, because they are on the periphery and they are trying to move towards the periphery. So, let them get out. We cannot waste our energy for them.

Those people who are problematic should know that they should improve their problems and must get into the centre and keep their pace onward. Instead of, if they try to go down and down and down and all the time threaten that we have to leave Sahaja Yoga, you better tell them that once for all, “Get out!”

That’s the only way we can save others. As I’ve told you many-a-times that one bad apple can spoil all the rest of them though they may be good. So you have to be very kind to yourself and very compassionate and should thank yourself that you are in Sahaja Yoga and that you can progress very well. This is a new dimension into which we are moving. Here we don’t have to see what is our progress materially, physically or also intellectually. You have to see what is our progress spiritually. Because spiritual progress is complete knowledge, absolute knowledge, is complete joy, absolute joy and it is a complete power, absolute power. That’s what we have to aim at.

May God bless you all.