Conversation with Sahaja Yogis, Mooladhara and the qualities of Indians

Aurangabad (India)


Talk to yogis at India Tour. Aurangabad (India), 7 December 1988.

Sahaja Yogi: “Our ascent Mother.”

Shri Mataji: “What?”

Sahaja Yogi: “Our ascent.”

Shri Mataji: “That’s very general.”

Sahaja Yogini: “Enjoy tapasyas.”

Shri Mataji: “Enjoy what? Chapathi?”

(All Sahaja Yogis laugh)

Shri Mataji: “Enjoy What?”

Sahaja Yogini: “Tapas.”

Shri Mataji: Tapas! Is it any tapas in this? Doesn’t seem to. No, no, no, no, no, no. We are all having a nice time I think. Tapasya doesn’t mean this. Tapasya means you have to climb the Himalayas without any water, with dehydration getting thinner and thinner, no food, nothing, that is Tapasya. Or stand on your one foot for 12 years.

Sahaja Yogini: “We are getting Joy.”

Sahaja Yogi: “We enjoy collectivity.”

Shri Mataji: “That’s one of them. Correct. That’s one of them.”

Sahaja Yogini: “To be in thoughtless awareness all the time.”

Shri Mataji: Yes. You see there are really many things about this Indian tour, specially of Maharastra. To begin with, Maharastra is the country where I would say the Ganesha principle is very strong. Because there are 8 Ganeshas which have come out of the Mother Earth. And all the three powers are represented by the Mother Earth also here Mahakali, Maha Lakshmi, Maha Saraswati. So the whole place is very vibrated. And the Mother Earth is very much vibrated.

Now, if you have any problem of Mooladara, for example, on this land if you sit down on the ground and put My photograph in front of you and put your left hand towards the photograph and the right hand on the Mother Earth and say the mantra of Shri Ganesha or Atharvasheersha your left side will be cured. Left side is cured means left swadistana first of all. So many of you have been to so many gurus, this, that and have done wrong things. That gets corrected. Also you have seen that in the west abortion is very common thing that happens to women. May be because of bad Mooladhara or may be by left Swadishthana. Whatever it is, we don’t have to bother about the past or about reason why it is so? So if you take your vibrations on the left hand side, then you clear out your Mooladhara in such a manner that the problems of Mooladhara are solved. That is very important for all of us.

But this you can’t do anywhere else, I think that good. I mean, you can, of course. Mother Earth is everywhere. But here it is a special place for Mooladara chakra. Where it clears you very much and fills you up with holiness and auspiciousness. These are the two qualities of Shri Ganesha which you can imbibe very easily in this place. So, try to sit on the ground as much as you can. And try to meditate with your left hand towards the Sun and right hand on the Mother Earth. Can you do that now? Let’s see. Left hand towards the sun and right hand on the Mother Earth.


Better. Clears out.


So, instead of cleansing it through your Agnya you can cleanse it through your Mooladara. There are only two ways you can clear out your left side. Is, one is your Agnya and another is your Mooladara. This is the easiest thing to do here.

And you must have noticed that the people have very good Mooladhara in Maharastra. They have no problem of their Mooladhara. The way they dance, the way they become innocent. Are so innocent, [sort of looking as if some]. Gods have come down here. Moreover, this place is very vibrated otherwise also because lots of saints have lived here. Have left their vibrations and Shri Rama and Sita have walked on this soil bare feet. So it is a very vibrated place.

See now, better!

You see how the Mother Earth is sucking in. That’s the reason why this tour has a big significance for all the western people. Because there have been quite a big attack on your innocence. And that has to be re established and we have to work it out. And it is a very serious attack. Now they are not only attacking the young people but even children are attacked. All the time the innocence is in danger. So, one has to become very rich in your innocence and in your holiness and very powerful, so that you can emit this holiness everywhere.

Now, the second point is that we are an international religion. We don’t belong to any country. None of us belong to any country. That we are not Italians, we are not Indians, we are not Australians. What we are? We are in the Kingdom of God. So, we are men of God as described by William Blake. So we are men of God and that we have no bondage to any of these ideas that we belong to this country or to that country. Once you understand this point in your collectivity, then you will expand. Not only you will expand but that expansion will give you a kind of confidence in yourself that we have to take the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga. It’s alright, what I get in Sahaja Yoga, what I have achieved in Sahaja Yoga. What is my gain, personal gain in Sahaja Yoga? How I have cured my chakras? This is one side of achievement. And the another side is taking the responsibility. We have to spread Sahaja Yoga all over. So, the culture of Sahaja Yoga is to be learnt. If we do not have that culture within us, then people are not going to listen to us. As it is, I see your faces shining. I mean, people see your faces and they say these are like lotuses. These people are blooming. So beautiful they are. But, apart from that, in your personality there should be that magnetism which expresses your responsibility which is the gravity part of it. As the Mother Earth has got gravity, she has got this power of gravity also. So, that gravity should be there within us.

On the whole if you see Indians as they are they have many funny funny type of politicians and also we have lots of kinds of cunning people for ruling us. Because they are very simple people. Are extremely simple and very innocent. So, only the cunning can rule such people. And such cunning are exploiting these simple people here. But that doesn’t mean that people are bad. They are too good and that’s why anybody can come on this country and can rule us. In the same way now these all the muck of this place, all the rakshashas have now become politicians. And they are trying to rule this country and the poverty remains at the same level as poverty. There is no concern for the poor people really. Because they want even to just exploit that poverty for their own purpose. That whatever may be the situation, there is one thing for sure that these are very simple hearted, very open hearted, loving, affectionate people. And very generous. They have very little to give but whatever they have they want to give you. And this is specially in Maharastra. I see this culture is there. Even the poorest of poor will try to contribute something just to make you comfortable, without any grudging, without any grumbling.

So, when we become innocent we should not judge ourselves that, if we are innocent we will be exploited. Nobody can exploit the saint. Nobody can. If you allow somebody, like I allow people to exploit Me, because I like to play about. They think they are exploiting Me. I say, “Alright, I know I am being exploited”.

So, that is also you should see that side where the humanity is preserved already, it is still preserved. They are not exposed to these ideas of advancement where you can overpower other people economically or politically or try to sort of dominate the whole world. Even economics can dominate. So, they have no sense of that. So, the humanity is still in the same innocent child like character. And they exist very well. They are not sick people. They are very healthy despite all kinds of mosquitoes and bugs and politicians. All sorts of parasites. But they still exist happily always laughing.

In the same way we have to understand that in Sahaj culture we are innocent people. We don’t want to harm anyone. We don’t want to trouble anyone. We are peaceful people and we are joyous people. We have to enjoy our own personality, and enjoy our collectivity. The sacrifices that we make here is practically nil I think, but the gain is quite a lot, if you develop that witness state within yourself. And that is very, very easily developed in this country because there is no, no more any pressures, you see. Like a wheel moves very fast and the centre of the wheel is a quiet centre. If you are on your centre then you see the wheel moving you don’t mind. But to immediately jump on to that center is difficult in the west I see. Because the pressures are too much. The Wheel is moving too fast and you cannot take your attention to the center of it, you see. But if you go to a quiet place where the pressures are not much of time or of any such bindings then gradually the attention moves to the center. That’s why people go to the Himalayas where there is peace. In that peace you can reach your own peace better. And if you can establish that peace in your meditation here, then I am sure you can go back, to that fast moving wheel also and you will be on your center. So take the full advantage of this tour.

Don’t worry too much about other things other comforts that you have in the west. But think of the comfort of the heart, comfort of the mind. And that will really help you a lot. Here I would say you should walk about little bit, walking exercises. Go about explore little bit and see for yourself. This is the reason I am insisting on all these people that they don’t want to stay in the city. Take them out of the city. This is a very good chance. Because in England even if you go outside, I mean, so cold, you can’t just sit like this. Or it may start raining that you have to sit with an umbrella on your head like that. But this climate has given us this. This beautiful climate has given this country the possibility of developing inner being more than outer being. Because we don’t have to fight the nature. The nature is so kind. You know you can live on a tree here. You don’t have to fight to get to the stores for food. No. You can get here around something, eat it, live here. Fruits and some things are quite available. So the life becomes much easier here. And then people don’t think of outside things. But they have to think about inner thing, just automatically, you see, when the life is simple. You enter inside and see for yourself because the enquiry starts, ‘Why this life? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do?’ That’s why in the beginning I asked you the question, “Tell Me, what is the advantage of this tour?” But you jump in the sea, of the ocean of joy and you just forget every purpose of the visit. [Shri Mataji smiles]

Now the most important thing is that Sahaja Yoga is the greatest event of spiritual world, where all the cosmos, all the gods and goddesses and all the angels and incarnations and prophets, all are busy working it out within you and without. If you could easily reflect My brain back on some screen, you might be able to see them, all of them, sitting down there and working on it. We have some photographs like that. So, the whole of Virata is working behind the stage and you are on the stage. So one has to be very careful and alert that we do not divert our attention into something which is very mundane and very gross. We have to become subtler and subtler here. Because other pressures are not here. For example, now I lived in England and I know what it is than anywhere else. There are no servants. There is nobody to look after you. Early in the morning whether you are old or young you have to make your own tea. You have to clean your kitchen. You have to do all the work all the time. That’s why I think people don’t want to have homes also there. Because if you have a home then you have to do all this nonsense. So, they live in the homes somehow for 5 days and then run away for two days somewhere in a hotel or some place. But here it is very comfortable. You don’t have to do any washing, nothing. Now for example, if you have to run your own restaurant you have to work very hard. Here somebody is running for you, you are not doing anything so there is no tapasya too.

But in this all enjoyment and everything that you see, as you see these trees it looks so nice and happy. But behind that is a great movement of their roots down going towards the source of life. That is what I would say today, that you must meditate every morning whenever it is possible for you. Of course, the sleep is much less for you but you can sleep in the buses. I have seen you all were dozing off [Shri Mataji laughs]. I am not surprised because you must all be very tired. And I am also with you all the time and perhaps, I do much more than you can do because you may sleep at 2’0 clock but I have to sleep at 5’0 clock. There is a three hours difference between you and me. But, despite that you can feel very fresh if you can really meditate. It is like a bath. In your innocence, in your beautiful personality and the whole of tiredness and pressures vanish. Even the dancing is a very good way of clearing out your pressures. Because in the dance you go into thoughtless awareness and also in the joy. The joy is so fulfilling that the joy of spirit is much more than the joy of any worldly comforts or also of physical comforts. It gives you physical comfort. It gives you mental comfort and it gives you also the spiritual comfort. So, try to be more a witness, detached from yourself, watching everything.

This is the purpose of our tour here, you, to understand each other from all the countries we have come here. We are all of the same Mother. We are all brothers and sisters and we are here to enjoy each others company. Then there are other Indians. Also you must talk to them. See how they are cooking. The ladies should go and help them if possible. Let’s have if we can do some vegetables for you. Or, they now are tying up a say a pandal here you can all go and help them and just become one with them. You should not think that you are guests all the time. Of course, you are. They would not like you to do it though, they think you are all guests, special guests. And even if you do little bit, even if you would say I would like to carry my cup back, they would say, “No, no, no, we will.” So that is the idea, Indian idea of a guest is. But, let’s have our western idea little bit about guests. Where the guests has to pay for everything. And do all the household work also. So, the whole working of Sahaja Yoga becomes easier and very much enjoyable, if you take responsibilities. And have a rapport with the organizers here. It is so, I would say the leaders should meet the organizers when they come here. There are many little, little things they were asking Me that, how are they going to do for their washings and what are we going to do? What is the date we should appoint for their washing? So, all these things must be talked over and a rapport must be established about all the problems you have and what we can do, about say our movements, where we have to go and how we can organize it and how we can help it.

So there is a Sort of proper intermingling and coordination and a rapport between you people and the organizers here so that there is minimum trouble for you and minimum trouble for them. For example, yesterday it was, I told that there will be a man waiting at ‘Veeru’, that is what you call the Ellora caves. But you had no time to go to Ellora. But just on the way if you had started. Three people we had put there at the station as soon as the buses come here bring them directly. But you had to spend one hour going that way and one hour coming back. So, you can imagine two hours you would have saved yesterday nicely. But, doesn’t matter, it has to happen, has to happen. Moreover, when you are going to a place, you are carrying vibrations everywhere. You are giving your vibrations. And when the people see you specially the Indians half baked intellectuals when they see you, they start thinking that we are still half baked, how is it these people have taken to Sahaja Yoga and we are still sitting on our foolish ego thinking that we know much more than anybody else. That has also a very good effect. The way you sang Marathi songs the other day, it really created a great impress on the people. Now, tonight again there is a public program. I will be busy with the press and all sorts of things. But, you go and enjoy your bath and your swimming in that lake which is nearby here. But don’t go too far because may be in the center, it has rained so much so they were saying about 55 feet is alright, but, may be there might be lot of mire in the center of that lake. So, better keep to the what you call the shores of it. Not too far and you can have a nice bath there. Enjoy your bath and you come back here and have your lunch.

But one thing you have to remember is that Indians are very happy if you eat well. If you don’t eat well, they think that they have not made the food well. And that’s what they were all the time asking, “We hope they have liked the food, we hope they have liked the food.” I said, “They are all right. Put less chilies, that’s all.” But little chilies are very good, Because of Your constipation. I think little chilies will help you because normally people get constipation if you don’t take chilies. Indians never suffer from this disease because, they have always a little chilies in their food. Little chilies, is alright. You can develop a little taste for chilies, is alright. It cleanses you and it has vitamin C also in it. So, it is quite good for colds and other things. Now, anybody who wants to drink water should take it from the proper places and on the way if you feel thirsty you should take your own water of course, but apart from that if you need you can just take aerated water. Because it’s rained so much that water has got very polluted. So, don’t drink any water anywhere unless and until you are sure about it. The rest of the food is all done well. So, there is nothing to worry. But, don’t buy anything on the road or anything and eat them. Just whatever is cooked for you I think should be sufficient and enjoy that so that your stomach is kept well and you enjoy the best of your health.

So, May God bless you all.

So, I would request you… What is this luggage walking in here? It’s not have been taken down? Should we take it down, because or Is it alright for you? You can go in the same buses down to the lake. Take your clothes and your towels. You need more towels, we have some more towels. I don’t know if you have brought them. Have you brought the towels?

Sahaja Yogi: “Yes Mother.”

Shri Mataji: The rest of them. Because these are good towels I think. They are not so bad. They are quite nice, absorbent. But you can take this. Your buses are there. But, don’t go in the buses as if you are Australians or Indians and things like that. Get mixed up, before this. Because you arrived from different directions from different countries we had to arrange buses in that fashion. But, I think it is better to reorganize. Give everybody a criminal number 1 2 3 4 5 6 and see that they are seated properly and that they have distinct. I think, better is to count all of you when you leave the place. Nobody is left out here and all the numbers should be there. So, I would request all the leaders to come and organize few things and talk to Me about it, about their laundry. And there are the new group that has come from Italy. Hasn’t got yet their sarees or anything so far. Now your sarees we are carrying with us. I don’t know where they are. Who has carried?

Sahaja Yogi: “In one of the buses Mother.”

Shri Mataji: “But there are seven.”

Sahaja Yogi: “Yes.”

Shri Mataji: You know, alright. So will you please take out that lot and allot it to the ladies who haven’t got their sarees and kurtas and pajamas. And please collect money from them. I hope you liked your kurtas.

Sahaja Yogis: “Yes, Mother.”

Shri Mataji: “Are they good?”

Sahaja Yogis “Yes Mother”

Shri Mataji: Because I thought I got this cloth and I think it is good. Very good. Also the value is very good. It is very good. And this will last and last because you see this kind of thing might give way. But, because it has got those pairs it lasts a long. This is also from the same lot you got! Ah! Quite good, very good. It is nice, alright. So, I would request you to allot them. Who will do that?
The leader should look after that. Now who are the people who have come by the last bus? Italy? Italy? Milan? I mean Rome? Milan? Only so many of you.

Sahaja Yogi: “27, Shri Mataji.”

Shri Mataji: “27. But they look like 4-5 here. Ladies, very few ladies, isn’t it?”

Sahaja Yogi: “Ladies are still in the ladies camp Mother.”

Shri Mataji: “That side?”

Sahaja Yogi: “Yes.”

Shri Mataji: Now if you want, there are 5 air conditioned rooms down below. If you want you can stay there. And one more guest house there. So I said, “They would love to be in the open air conditioning.”

Sahaja Yogi: “Right Mother.”

Shri Mataji: “Isn’t it?”

Sahaja Yogi: “Yes.”

Shri Mataji: No, if somebody wants to go there, is a possibility of 5 rooms. They kept for Me also. But, I said, I would love to be here. So, if you want to go for air conditioning, there are rooms, if you want to. Be comfortable, if somebody is sick or anything. But I think it is better to be in the nature.

I would like to tell you about these trees. Are called as neem trees. I don’t know if you can pluck them. But you might find them down below. This is what is the very good thing for driving out all the badhas, some or the other. It has a very bitter taste and the badhas run away from it. They are very oxygen creating plants and we use them as tooth brushes. See, there is one twig he has taken and chewed into and then we go on cleaning our teeth with it for about an hour or so. You see, while talking to people. Early in the morning when they are going for a walk they just take in their teeth and just chewing, all of them talking together and sort of working it out. So, the teeth is kept very well. . They never go to dentist. Indians never go to dentist. So I have never been to a dentist Myself. So, this is a very nice thing and here also you get something called Neem tooth paste. I don’t know where you can get it. But that is very good thing for your teeth. So, if you could get these trees down below, you can pluck it out and you can just start. Use it for a nice brushing. Try if you can. You have to chew it very well. So these are the trees. This kind, you can see it. And if you have any sort of scabies or any skin trouble then, we boil the water with this and give a bath. It is very good for taking the bath. Boil the water and take a bath. Is a bitter thing. If you don’t allow the water to go in your mouth, then it is perfectly alright. It is very good. It is very medicinal thing called as Neem [Shri Mataji spells it out]. Try to find if you can find the toothpaste somewhere. Neem toothpaste, or I will try to get it.

So, now for the ladies they can have their sarees and their clothes. I hope you like the sarees.

Sahaja Yogini: “Yes. Nice.”

Shri Mataji: Ah! Aren’t they? It was a job really. Real tapasya. And they are so anxious to match every saree with every blouse. See, it is impossible to get so many colors that they have and we had to go from places to places, shops to shops and we had to request all the tailors and so many ladies and sitting down. Imagine there were I think 996. Can you imagine? Sarees and blouses matching [matched?]. But they enjoyed it. They very much enjoyed it. So, I think we should give them one, to these ladies who have got them. We must give them one saree each. Don’t you think so?

Sahaja Yogis & Sahaja Yoginis: “Yah.”

Shri Mataji: In Ganapatipule, I will try to do that. Would you now go and get the sarees? Somebody. If you can bring the lot here we can give it to them. They have put the names on every and they have put the names also of the boys. There were names of you people?”

Sahaja Yogis & Sahaja Yoginis: “Yes, Shri Mataji. Names and numbers also.”

Shri Mataji: Names and numbers? All right. It was really a hard task I tell you. Baba has done that. And, he was so sweet you know, he brought all these things in a vehicle all the way from Nagpur and I said, ” must pay for it.” He said, “No, at least let me do this much seva.” I said, “No, you must get something out of it.” I never knew that My brother was that good. But as Sahaja Yogi, is excellent.

So, two things you will have to bear is, food and music. That is the part of it. Tonight we are going to have some sitar and also some people are going to sing. You people have to sing some Povada and things in the public program. And then we have decided tomorrow after the puja, because tomorrow you have to be ready very quick for the puja. They are all going to come down here for the puja. And after the puja you all can go and see Ajanta. And from Ajanta you can come here, sleep here and next day go to Srirampur. Because Ajanta is this way 110 and Srirampur is 110 this way. So, you can come in the night and sleep here and next morning we can go to Srirampur the other way. So, they are preparing the special biriyani for you there. Here also they are tonight, they have arrangements for biryani. Any problems, any questions?

Sahaja Yogi: “How could there be?”

Shri Mataji laughs: “There may be. We have tried to re organize certain marriages again. And where is David? We are still struggling in certain names. And perhaps, may be in Rahuri, we might be able to announce them. Better. But in Pune most of you will see your fiancés or other people, like some tailors will come to Rahuri, I think, for your silk kurtas and pyjamas. And for ladies also. I hope you have your. Have you given your measurements? And if you really do not want to marry someone you must tell Me. There is no force in this place you see. I mean, I am not going to gain anything by you marrying this or that. Why should I force you to marry anyone? There is no logic in it. Just I am trying to help you to adjust because you were so far away from each other. Just to find out what is your height, what is your educational qualification, what is your background and all that. Accordingly we tried to arrange something but if you don’t like it just say, ‘No’, plainly ‘No’. There is no insult or anything. It is not the divine decision. No, it is something very gross, because I have judged you on your qualification and everything. So don’t think you will loose your vibrations if you say ‘No’. Please, because then I feel very hurt, when you see somebody and you know that person, that’s why. I have given you a chance to know each other very well. If you don’t like something, just tell Me frankly. Not to hesitate. You should not be afraid of Me. I don’t think I look that horrible. All right. So, I would say that, you people had your bath and all that. Or you want to go out. We could sit down. You will be all right. We could sit down for a while and I may join you after sometime. But this press people might be on My head! Oh! They would be here. So, I am waiting for the press people to come. Try to come back as soon as possible. And sarees those who haven’t got the sarees can stay back. Otherwise, you all can go in the buses. All right. Let us. Why not come to My side to get the sarees. All right. It is better that side.

The sun is not very hot, it’s quite mild, I think.