Adi Shakti Puja: Detachment

Residence of Madhukar Dhumal, Rahuri (India)

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Adi Shakti Puja: Detachment, Rahuri (India), 11 December 1988.

Puja has to start at the time when it has to start. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting, then I realised that today is a very good time according to the calendar; but it is not in the morning, so it had to be the third day of the moon. And as the moon is changing it’s phases in the day time, we had to wait till it started. I think, all these things have happened, of the theft and everything has happened, perhaps, to delay the Puja up to the point where it should start. So, in Sahaja Yoga we all go beyond time and we don’t have to worry about the timing. Only when it’s a formal function or something, because the people are formal, they don’t understand our styles. So we have to be present there at right time, otherwise we should just allow the time to take its own course and we should move in our own way. Now for our travel and this tour, we have to realise that we are here to achieve a certain amount of height in our detachment. We have to rise into the realm of our state, while the circumstances around us, they’re surrounding us and they should not make us unhappy, or biased, or we should not react to them. On the contrary we should try to rise above that. If there are no events of mishaps, then you cannot see the surmounting quality of the Divine. If the surmounting quality of the Divine has to be seen, we have to see the obstructions. For example, if there is the flow of the water going on and it is smoothly moving, there’s no happening as you call the “ghatana” (event). There is no happening, but if there is a stone, then the water splashes against it, creates a beauty and surpasses it. This is the sign of Divine surmounting all the difficulties that are supposed to be there.

Now we are proceeding to Pune and where we will be having a proper session also for marriages and all that. We will have to take a firm decision. I must speak about it today, that the steadiness of the mind is very important for the marriages. If you have certain concepts and if you are whimsical, it’s better you don’t get married, because that’s not found in Indian character, once they decide for marriage they’re married forever. But if the mind is still wavering, going up and down, its a trick of the mind that wants to play tricks with others and enjoys it, it is a sign of ego. Absolutely a sign of ego and then you start playing games, you enjoy it, “Yes, no, yes, no”. You go on enjoying those games and later on you play into it so much that your marriages can never be happy or successful. That means you are not yet matured for marriage. For marriage you are to be matured. But one of the reasons for this I find in the west is, that you have had no training at all. Parents have never told you how to behave towards your husband, towards your wife, how to make a marriage successful. That is a very important event and that we should try to establish ourselves in the marriage system. Instead of that, we use it as a nice trick-playing ground, we miss the point, who is the loser? If you do on playing tricks like this and playing with your ego, whatever you may do, whatever type of marriages you’ll have, you can never be happy. Now in the west as you know I lead another life, also, and every person I have met, every person, whatever country they may come, nobody seems to be happy in their marriage. I was very surprised. It seems every wife finds something wrong with the husband, the husband finds something wrong with the wife and they have funny miserable faces. They don’t look like married people, but as if like criminals, or something has really gone wrong with them. There’s no smile on their face, they look horrid, because they have missed the point. Marriage is to be enjoyed, is for your enjoyment. Supposing one gives you the ambrose…, ambrosia, “Amrut”, as they call it and then you start playing trick with it. Who is the loser? So must know that we have to achieved that maturity and enjoy that love. Basically if something is very wrong, or if there’s no possibility of a proper marriage, in Sahaja Yoga we have arrangement, to give it up. You can change your wife, change your husband, no problem. But there must be some reason behind it. Just for fun’s sake, if you want to spoil your life, I’ll try my level best to tell you, that don’t spoil your life and of the other person. But people enjoy sometimes, spoiling somebody’s lives when it comes to the ego part. They themselves cannot enjoy. “Dog in the manger” policy. Dog in the manger cannot eat the grass, but barks at any bull that comes to eat it, it’s like this. Neither they will enjoy, nor they will allow others to enjoy. And when such stupid couples are there, I have such a headache all the time, reconciling them, talking to them, asking them. I mean it becomes a marriage bureau for me. And sometimes I reach such a conclusion: no more marriages in Sahaja Yoga, had enough of it! Actually what have I to gain out of it. This is nobody will try to understand. What I am trying is to make you happy, to get you good husbands and good wives, that you should have good relationships, you should have great people on this Earth, to be born, that we should have a society, which is beyond all this nonsensical societies, which is so great that we can create a homogenous family among ourselves, of purity and of holiness. Instead of that, for petty nonsensical things, if there’s a fight going on, one gets really fed up. Of course, one has to try, but if you are bent upon cutting your noses, how can I go on clipping them back? It’s an eternal problem. If you marry yousay, 75 people, you have the enjoyment of it. Now if it’s a, say, a ocean…Indian Ocean, say, for example. But then you get the Pacific Ocean back on your head, with all the cries and weeping and shouting and screaming and all sorts of nonsense that’s going on.

So I again say that, now we are going to Pune where all the marriages are going to be confirmed. If you go on like this, there’s no end to it. Also those people who come for marriages and deny twice, third time I don’t ask them, because it’s a joke going on them. You do not know how many nights I have spent selecting people. As it is you are from 25, 30 countries, yesterday you saw that. You have different conditionings, different styles, different everything. Heights different, ages different, faces different, aptitudes different. So combine all these things, so very difficult. Sometimes I think if you are overeducated, then better to give you a simple woman, so that your little pressure is reduced, you can share with her. But if you are equally educated people, then both the heads may be… [laughs]

So I have to think of many things and of vibrations, but somehow or other you can defy and you try to defy, alright doesn’t matter, but who is the loser is the point. Today I had to speak to you about this, because in Sahaj we have to take the way it comes as it comes. Whatever comes in our way we should take it. We should not sort of say, “I have fallen in love.” There’s nobody falls in love, it rises in love in Sahaja Yoga. That is some funny idea, that one must fall in love; because you see that means you must do something sinful, or something absurd. So many people have told me, “Mother I have not fallen in love with her.” How can you fall in love, you fall into some ditch, or you may fall…fall into some river or something like that. I didn’t understand how do you fall in love, it’s a solid stuff. So this absurd idea of falling in love has to be given up. If it means that you have felt the love, or if it means that you have the sensitivity of feeling the love, or something I can understand, I’m a little explanatory. But this falling in love business has been going on and on and on. Now I would request you that in Sahaja Yoga we cancel this terminology.

So problems of marriages should not arise in Sahaja Yoga. You got chance for one month to decide for yourself and to find out for yourself. Little bit adjustments and understanding can create such a beautiful world for you. It’s just waiting there, but suddenly you decide on some spot, suddenly you’re alright I find, at the spur of the moment I find, suddenly, “No”, I say, “What’s this?” The horse was going alright. Suddenly what has happened, it has turned round. One can understand a horse, but I can’t understand human beings. So this whimsical behaviour suddenly, ah…can be very injurious to the growth of Sahaja Yoga. Whenever I go to England there’s a list of people from all over the country. This marriage has gone rotten, that has gone rotten, that has gone rotten, while I’m boasting to every one that Sahaja Yoga marriages never fail. I know it’not true, but whatever I say is a mantra, ultimately it becomes the truth. So time will come when no marriages will fail. But you have to join hands with me and co-operate and should understand, how much I have worked hard to bring about these events. And marriages should not make you happy or unhappy, because to marry is not the ultimate in life. But it happens after marriage people get lost. They don’t come to Sahaja Yoga, after that, we are enjoying our honeymoon for the last three years. Wonderful Sahaja Yogis who are leaders suddenly get lost, that also may be a fall in love maybe, I don’t know. But this kind of nonsense, even if it is one or two, it’s such a headache. And I really don’t know how to solve these problems, because I think there’s no problem at all. Only thing you have decided not to enjoy anything. Supposing you don’t want to enjoy the food, you can put some quinine on your tongue and then say I don’t like the food, something like that. It’s absurd. So try to help me in this, otherwise I’ll give up this marriage business, I tell you, because it doesn’t give me any joy or pleasure. Even one person plays like that, I just don’t understand. And for no rhyme and reason you should not say no. First of all, you must look at yourself in the mirror, “What are you? What is your education? What is your intellect? What do you expect from another person? How much money you have got, how much money the other person has got?” Whatever you want to see, you can see for yourself, to begin with, then compare. But the greatest thing you have to think about, how many vibrations you have. How much Sahaja Yoga the other one knows. You are married for your ascent. If the other person has vibrations much more than yours, then you should not unnecessarily boast of nonsensical gross things. The person is much subtler, make use of that. Whether it’s a woman or a man I don’t say, but I just say that see for yourself, “Where are you?” Specially for beginners who are beginning to take to Sahaja Yoga, is better to marry some mature Sahaja Yogi, so that they can ascend very well, much faster. And also if the other party is not so good, maybe, we have to work, we have to save that person, after all, they are not yet matured, but they are Sahaja Yogis. They want to do, so try to work it out in that way. I think you will understand the seriousness, this is the most important work that ever happened on this Earth so far. Your marriages are very important and you have seen the photographs with the Gods themselves have blessed you. Because of my consent, because of my selection, they all were present in your marriage and how they were giving you tributes and how they were putting flowers on the brides. You have seen the photographs. If you have not seen I will show you. But if you are not a seeker, and if you are not seeking your higher ascent, then you go into nonsensical things and nonsensical ideas. So better be careful not to do such a thing, don’t think too much of yourself. Another note of caution, that you see the way Indians pamper their son-in-laws, so don’t get mad. Also they pamper their daughter-in-laws very much. It’s done in India to create better relationships, because we don’t have the balloon of ego so much here. But here as soon as somebody pays attention to you, you go off, so better be careful. It’s a custom here to look after the son-in-law, to look after the daughter, there is a custom. Now it is ingrained from ages, it doesn’t mean that you are God, or you are in some superlative condition. But it’s just that, that is how they pamper, they look after the daughter-in-law, or the son-in-law normally. And you should not carry away ideas, which I must tell you because it doesn’t happen in the west I have seen, they don’t care. Once that they are married they are finished, it’s not so. So please be careful, when you are marrying Indians, you will find the parents will quite pamper you, look after you, they’ll call you to their house, do this, give you money, give you ornaments, all kinds of things they’ll do., But still, one has to understand that is just a custom and should not get pampered, on the contrary should feel blissful about it. But when it is done, I have seen suddenly they go off and they think no end of themselves, their value system goes off. It’s because, so far we have had no education, no training about marriages. I am sorry I have to say this in the presence of many Indians. Indians also you see, expect you to understand their customs sometimes too much, for example yesterday the garlands were given, at the time when the garlands were given, you are not supposed to garland yourself, but some of you took the garland put it in you. They regarded it as absolutely unmannerly, but it is so, so when we are in India, we have to understand Indians, but when we are in the west we have to understand the western people. For example in the west you just go on saying, thank you, thank, thank you, sorry, sorry sorry, sorry sorry sorry. It is so confusing sometimes, we have to go on shaking hands with so many people, I sometimes shake hands with 900 people at a time.  And while they are going back again, 900 people. But I think namaste is a better idea, than to shake hands with every sort of a person, you catch from every one. But it’s a custom, it’s a custom so we have to understand this is a custom and which is not to be resented, it’s not such a bad custom. There’s nothing wrong in it and maybe there is no logic. For example garlanding yourself there is little logic, you don’t garland yourself, somebody else has to garland and the ladies don’t take garlands on their…, you see because any man cannot garland a lady, because it’s only husband has the right, see, so anyone won’t garland. Or a son can garland the mother, but any man cannot garland any lady who is of a younger age, or who is not yet married and even if married, she has to be an old woman like me, then it’s alright. So these are customs very much ingrained and it’s best of logic that you cannot garland yourself and walk on the street. Even if the leaders here are garlanded, immediately they take out their garland. Except for the Gods, I mean I can carry with my garland but I also take it out. So these are few customs which must be understood and there’s nothing wrong in it, there’s logic. Whatever is illogical we can give up, whatever is logical we have to take it and understand it.

So I am just telling you, that yesterday they started laughing, children also started laughing, because they thought they are garlanding themselves. It’s like doing aarti to yourself, you know, amounts to that, so you can understand why they were laughing. They didn’t mean to hurt you in any way, but this is the system. Now coming to Sahaja Yoga, yesterday was  left vishuddhi was too much. Perhaps in the morning I said you were very late for the formal programme, I don’t know. Whatever I say has to be just listened to, that’s all. Only thing is next time we should not be late, in any formal programme, but it seems such a left vishuddhi was there that I got a lump here and I just knew that it was, so Mother says to you things which should not hurt you in any way and you should not take it that seriously but should understand that next time we should not do so. Otherwise you are all wonderful people, you are beautiful people. I love you, I adore you, not only that but I am very proud of you, I’m extremely proud of you, but I have to tell you something sometimes. But if I tell you even wee bit then if you get that upset, I don’t know what should I do. So not to take things that seriously. There’s nothing so much wrong, in general, I have to tell you things which you should understand. It’s for our good, for our enjoyment, everything to increase your enjoyment, even your ascent in Sahaja Yoga is to increase your enjoyment, your sensitivity to joy to increase it more and more all this is done.

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Now I want to tell all our Sahaja Yogis that we have to learn a lot from these folks. Had informed them not to wear those garlands; it’s not a big mistake if they wore it, they are not at fault as they were not aware. We should see what we are doing in Sahaja Yoga. 

One of the biggest mistakes observed by Me is that you’ll still have too much control over your family i.e. your home, your children. It is true that we should take care of children, we should pay attention to them, but then where is the generous character called Vasudev Kutumbikam?

Am getting suggestion from everyone, to allot them space to build the ashram or buy the ashram, but first we need to find out as to who will stay in the ashram and after that I will give space for the ashram. So they say, “Mataji you can stay in the ashram”. It means that I will give you the ashram and you will put Me in the same place.

Why do I need an ashram? Why would I need Sahaja yoga, I have got everything, I am Her i.e. Adishakti then you are saying Mataji for your stay, we can make arrangements, don’t do that at all.

First of all, you make a list of how many people will stay in the ashram then I will pay for the ashram. Now such a big ashram has been set up in Delhi with everything been paid for and no one is ready to stay there, even after paying money. So this is the situation.

The reason for this is we have many habits; one of the habits is that we should have a home, it has many benefits. You can shout at your wife, you need food like this, I want this vegetable and I don’t like this. Then, the wife likes to look after her husband’s needs. But when you stay in ashram, whatever is cooked for everyone in the ashram, everyone has to eat it. 

After all, everyone will not get different food. How will the husband boast of himself? Even the wife, this is my favorite room, this is what I love, it is better to have my own house, if my children come then I will give them ladoos, if other children come then, they will get berries. How is this going to work? It is because we still have no idea of ​​the family system that belongs to our universe and these folks have been healed in a sense that their parents have left them. Luckily, our new world is their home. This is our mother this is our father, they all live together. There are so many people from different countries that they live together. Look how amazingly they live, they have a great collectivity.

Now if a song was sung by Guruji here, you would hear it a year later, from every village, from all over the country, from everyone’s mouth. But that doesn’t happen here, not a single song, even while singing aarti people refer to the book, what to say about Maharashtra. No one can recite a single song correctly. 27.40

It’s impossible for everyone to live together again because everyone wants a home, a wife, children, and everything is fine with each other. It should just happen that the children should run away from home. Then it will be fine. Without that I can’t see the any other way.

So I have got your children married who live out of India. The only complaint against them is that they don’t know how to do any housework. They can’t stay. They run away from the ashram. Now they have been in the habit of staying at home for so many years, it is difficult for them to stay in the ashram. It was difficult for people to stay in the ashram because of their limited vision.

But if you want to do Sahaja Yoga, you have to keep in mind that you have to stay in the ashram. So I have found a middle way out of it. Right now, for the Indian people, they can’t stay in the ashram all the time, so they just have to go and stay on Saturdays and Sundays, wherever there is an ashram. Only on Saturdays and Sundays. Then they are say, Mataji “How will we watch Mahabharata in the morning?” So I said, “Keep a television and watch the Mahabharata”. Is such a big work going to be done in such a way? This is not the work of such foolish people. We need determined people to do this work. 

We saw our father and mother spent years in jail when we were eleven children. What was the trick that Gandhiji used that made people work so hard, got the work done from them and what is lacking in Me, that you people are not doing anything for Me. There is only one thing that is wrong. Gandhiji initially asked them to go through the hard times.

Thousands of times to fetch water, to clean toilets, roads and not to employ servants, then they had to follow it compulsorily. If you want to come to the work of the nation, then everything must be sacrificed. Because of that, everyone struggled in it.

In Sahaja Yoga, the opposite is true. In Sahaja Yoga, everything is blessed. Mataji all is fine now, but one chicken died at our place,  so much restraint on Me, how she died, she shouldn’t die, they want Me to take a look at all these things too. They feel that as they are following Sahaja Yoga even their chickens should not die, and have all these accusations against Me.

So to say, in Sahaja Yoga, there should be only blessings, there should not be any hiccup, hiccup is a big thing, and there should not be even small injury.

Everything should be fine, my son should have a job Mataji, then it should work out this way, we need a child, we already have a girl child now it should be a boy. I mean they are so much demanding that as we do Sahaja Yoga give us this, give us that.  Marathi language is such that, rudely they say that you did not do this for us, you did not do that for us, please do this, please do that, but why should I, do I need Sahaja yoga, this is what you need.

In the past, people used to go to the Himalayas, in that bitter cold,  their Guruji used to ask people to take off their clothes, and make them sit in the snow, they can wear only a nappy, sit down, and put them to tests, if they could not clear their test then they would be scolded. All this type we did not do, everyone was given a seat and all was provided. But whether we gave anything or not to Sahaja Yoga, this should be thought of.

You will be surprised that no one has given any money to Sahaja yoga. People don’t even want to pay for meals. I mean, I thought now I am in Pune let me see the books of accounts. Last time 75 people eat food without paying anything for it for seven days.

This time I made a rule that I will deposit all the money in the bank here. It was decided to pay 750 rupees per person, they said last time Mataji you had to pay for it; I said it’s alright, it’s your money which is reducing. So I told them I will pay for hundred people, the rest you see, but they were still waiting if another fifty people could be taken care of.

We are doing everything which is so inexpensive, but still in that too they see if some money can be saved. We don’t spend a single penny of it anywhere else. If you pay a little bit of donation, which I am not aware of, but I mean, if you have received so much, then what you have given to Sahaja yoga? What hard work have you done for the Lord, for Sahaja yoga, that needs to be seen?

I don’t want anything, you give Me saris, I don’t need anything, there are lot of saris, no one listens. If I break my head and tell you still no one listens. I don’t want anything from you, they give Me one sari and the money which you pay for the puja, we have purchased these silver utensils required for the puja. I don’t want anything from you. You work hard to spread Sahaja Yoga, sit in few places, I told the women to call the other women for Haldi Kumkum and tell them simple Sahaja yoga stories.

(Haldi Kumkum is a social gathering in India in which married women exchange haldi (turmeric) and kumkum (vermilion powder).

If one person has a Guru then he would keep on saying so many things about that Guru. I came by airplane, there was one fellow whose guru was going to arrive, and he was standing there with a flag. He started lecturing in first class that my guru is like this and my guru is like that stand on the road and speak about his guru, would give lectures. So this is the reason why Sahaja yoga does not spread easily. No one is held accountable. There are blessings, but do you take responsibility for Sahaja yoga, or only do I have to take all the responsibility?

So sitting here today, meditating, say, Mataji, give us strength, that all Indian Sahaja Yogis should decide in their minds that we will take this responsibility to spread Sahaja Yoga.

The Marathas had gone to give their lives for Shivaji Maharaj. What are they doing now? Or we are having only materialistic people. You don’t have the attitude of soldiers and I have not asked anyone to climb ShivGad.

It should be noted that it is our responsibility is to spread Sahaja yoga. How is it that a drunkard says I drink alcohol and I should give alcohol to others in the same way, just like you experience happiness you should give this happiness to others, you should feel this is your responsibility. That’s what I have to tell all the women, call the other women, they say that everyone here is an intellectual; the women are not that intelligent. Get the work done through women. It works out well. Call them for Haldi Kumkum, tell them we got this benefit, this miracle happened. Show photos of the miracle done. Those women will fix their men. Gandhiji got his work done through women. Gandhiji said, “I want to raise Harijan. Take off your bracelets. Everyone gave them their bracelets. I don’t say anything like that.

Call every one for Haldi Kumkum and get the above things done. What does it need? Today I spoke about these things more than Sahaja yoga because these things are also important and the subtle things I say every time.

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Today I have talked to you about little gross things, that seems also important. Of course, I am always talking about subtler things and subtlest, but gross things are also to be looked after, that’s very important. We are integrated people, so we cannot allow the subtle to fly in the air, it has to stay in the gross and the light has to come to the gross.

May God bless you