Showing the House in Pratishthan

House in Pratishthan, Pune (India)

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Showing the house in Pratishthan – House in Pratishthan, Pune (India)

Shri Mataji: …lot of money on this house. In Bombay we cant even get three bedrooms. See this . See I have used the same. And they were saying these are not good. But I liked them because of their pattern. See [INAUDIABLE] very warm. So now ,

Sahaja Yogi: hawana.

Shri Mataji: You should see this door we have , it was a very old door we preserved. We brought it back to normal. Have a look at it. Even that ? was very old. Can you close it?. See the work also , see the work also. So beautifully done. (Sahaja Yogi: which part of Rajasthan ) Pratishthan is the whole house. (Sahaja Yogi: Rjasthan, which part of Rajasthan.) This is Madras. I will tell you which is Rajasthan. The whole style is Rajasthani . The arches are Rajasthani. But this is from south India. Come along come along. Have a look at the door. [INAUDIABLE] is an architect. ([INAUDIABLE]) This is for some painting of Rajasthan style , of some paintings to be done. Various places I have put it like that. Or just painting on the wall. Painters are going to come. Go inside. They are going to be put here. The main door, this one. But its all chakras. And we are going to put small brass work there. All chakras are there. Come along. I will show you the Rajasthan. All this is from Rajasthan. These are all. [INAUDIABLE]. These are the real stone. This part. Real stone all. Lots of it is. All this is real stone. The whole thing is real stone. You can come from the other side. (Sahaja Yogi: One can climb up and see). All this is real stone. This is what I bought. Aaa… altogether, complete building. And lot of it has gone inside also. This is the Rajasthan. So now. (Sahaja Yogi: this is very old mother) Very old. About 250 years old. This is my idea, to cover the cement. It looks nice naa ?. (Sahaja Yogi: Absolutely absolutely) Very much better Without any covering. It saves money. These are all the roses that you have brought. In 15 days they start giving flowers here. See this. This is another Rajasthan. From outside you can see it. All this is Rajasthan. Those will be the sun. Sun is very sharp here. All right this is the hall which you will be occupying. This is the first hall. Like the hall. Alright. And then we have. This is not alright ? See [INAUDIABLE] . Now make some dome. You can see from that side. Italian side. Dome that side. Inside. This is the staircase all carved. And we will have to put some, decoraton, some, paint on it. [INAUDIABLE]. Lot of work no doubt. This one came with the same house. And we have just renovated it. That’s all. ? be careful. There is a little room here. Dressing room for the guest. ? on that side. We have lot of guest rooms. Aaa guest bathrooms. Come along. “in hindi: Abhi thodi der me” meaning “in a little while”. This is the staircase. What do you think of the whole conception ? (Sahaja Yogi: That’s fine that’s fine. ) “in hindi: Ek statue le aao andar se” meaning “bring one statue from inside” . “in hindi: Ek uthake statue lao yahan rakh do“ meaning: bring one statue and keep it here. We are going to. We have got 3 godesses here. And big statues. And behind them will be the light. And below them. Big statues. Beautiful. “in hindi: Nahee ye nahee. Ye to Krishna ki hai“ meaning :no not this . this is of Krishna. This is Krishna’s there. I mean lots of maneuvering also, this is a what you call the fountain made of marble. We have some more like this. 3-4 still to be installed. “in hindi: Yahan rakhiye yahan yahan “ meaning: here keep it here here. “in hindi: yahan rakhke dikhao. Le aao Le aoo “ meaning: keep here and show. Bring Bring. (Sy: in what material mother… in what material) Is in [INAUDIABLE] but looks likes in stone naa. It’s your mother’s cleverness. You know this is what, is that, you will be surprised how I saved money. I wrote to madras people that I want have statues, even two thirds of the size of this one. They wrote back saying that it is for 35000 rupees. I said I can’t afford it. And then we had an exhibition here. And I got all of them for 32000 35 pieces. And the thing came here. “in hindi: paani chod ke dikha do “ meaning: show the water running. This all covered but. “in hindi: accha later on jab ayenge to dikha dena “ meaning: ok then later on when they come show it. [INAUDIABLE] Steps are very easy to climb. (Sahaja Yogi: because I will be old. I wouldn’t be able to) Now this is my elder daughter’s flat. There’s a WC here, guest WC here. [Mother speaks something in Marathi] And now this one is her flat. (Sahaja Yogi: flat) Flat. There’s a guest WC here. And here we have? Inside the flat. So there’s privacy. Those who come here can sit here. There’s a dining room and the kitchen is behind there. This is open space here and this is for children’s study. This is the study of the children. And she has two children. So these are two bedrooms for them. (Sahaja Yogi: And it is so fresh air mother ) So fresh yes. Very fresh. Vibrations were very good. That’s how I bought this land. This is for one daughter. And there’s our balcony. This side. And you will have to go from [INAUDIABLE]. And this one. [INAUDIABLE] That’s the balcony. This is for the. This again I have put it up here. Still to be covered and to be filled. All right you both are here. These are two rooms for my grandchildren. This is Kalpana’s house. Kalpana’s flat. And this is the [INAUDIABLE]. Fond of music [INAUDIABLE] this is television and [INAUDIABLE]. This two room for that. [INAUDIABLE] for my son-in-law. (Sahaja Yogi: you like in blue glasses mother) [INAUDIABLE] (Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji, such a beautiful house. ) Really ? (Sahaja Yogi: Really divine.) And this is our store room. Kalpana’s. And this is her house, flat. And there is a gallery outside. Girls are to be [INAUDIABLE] (Sahaja Yogi: I ? used brass some.) And we have all, I have used all brass [INAUDIABLE]. and in India brass is much cheaper than anything else. So I have used brass (Sahaja Yogi: .. as regarded as [INAUDIABLE] ) so.. [INAUDIABLE] come. All of you can talk later on. Hello. Like the house. Like it .(Sahaja Yogi: he says [INAUDIABLE] every day) You stay here only. Alright. Good idea. For children such a luxury further. So. You can have [INAUDIABLE]. This is my elder daughter’s flat. And then the younger daughter’s. Kitchen is that side. I mean try to make useof it as much as possible. This is my elder daughter’s flat. Come along. This will be just corridor . (Sahaja Yogi: there’s a reason for blue glasses ?)Haan. No less. Only 4 rupees per square foot. They are cheaper. If you take these with the design, they are cheaper. There are the plain ones. (Sahaja Yogi: very well)This is the hall for them. This is common guests. Common for both of them. One comes down, one goes up. Like that. So this hall [INAUDIABLE] went for drawing room and dinning room this side. And this I need to do paints on the walls. [INAUDIABLE] (Sahaja Yogi: [INAUDIABLE]) Really? (Sahaja Yogi: [INAUDIABLE]) I don’t know. But such people are God [INAUDIABLE]. But it should be dinning set. I have to take some wood from here also (Sahaja Yogi: yes Shri Mataji) would you ask them? You call them say there is lot of wood lying here in the upper hall. Alright. See this the one thing I made. To make a, what you call, a swimming pool out there. This a [INAUDIABLE]. Just to support it. So this one and. There’s a drawing room. And we are trying to get some artists. Do some paintings here and here (Sahaja Yogi: wow) (Sahaja Yogi: there are few sahaja yogis who would like to stay on it) Really? [INAUDIABLE] would like it. This is my. There common my children’s. Common for the guests. Dinning room , that’s drawing room. Because they are also a over popular people. Now we can / can’t walk from there… otherway round. Someone [INAUDIABLE] have it. There ‘s a big hall. All of you can come here. All of you . It’s a very big hall. Haan. This a very big hall. This is dinning room. That’s drawing room. For both the… for outsiders. Come in come in. You can’t open . I am sorry. They have put it for the [INAUDIABLE] for putting the tiles I think. [INAUDIABLE] come along. Go inside. What do you think of my architecture. Aa? [INAUDIABLE] Go and have a look. [INAUDIABLE] is doing some work here. This is real stone haan. (Sahaja Yogi: yes) All real stone. And acts like a [INAUDIABLE]. You don’t have to put any stones [INAUDIABLE]. Worked out in a fixed [INAUDIABLE] , that’s the reason. [INAUDIABLE] (in hindi: Inko chat pe bitha dijiye nahee to khana nahee banega) meaning: make them sit on terrace or else food cant be prepared. We have 2 more or I think 3 more like these. And for rock so expensive. See I thought that in Italy would be cheap, its very cheap here. This is also pure marble. This is marble. This also. [INAUDIABLE] And on top also marble. This is how we are making to the second floor. [INAUDIABLE]. They are alright. This is a second daughter’s house. [INAUDIABLE]. whats the matter with you. Oh God. Why don’t you come the other way round. [INAUDIABLE] come along. For those who are?? (Sahaja Yogi: yes Shri Mataji . Two more). This also has guest WC here. This is our [INAUDIABLE]. The younger daughters. See now that one. I have made with cement. But once I have painted you would not know. (Sahaja Yogi: All the [INAUDIABLE] Shri Mataji . such a beauty) This swo??rd I made. This one. Long time back. When I had been to [INAUDIABLE] (Sahaja Yogi: right) Here you can see the kitchen I think.. This is a kitchen. This is a what you call. (Sahaja Yogi: beautiful) That’s the kitchen inside. And this inside it.. And from there you can go out . This is store room. And this one is the pantry. And you can sit outside here. And [INAUDIABLE]. Nice breezy place (Sahaja Yogi: yes Shri Mataji ). This is all ours. I made it for Ganapatipule. I don’t know if it would be ready by then. When I came here I started. And that is pomegranate that side. (Sahaja Yogi: And [INAUDIABLE] behind this little hills ). This is some body who is building something .. houses. May be this land I might buy later on . Just now I am not [INAUDIABLE]. I bought some other land very near where you [INAUDIABLE]. Next to the [INAUDIABLE] river. (Sahaja Yogi: yes Shri Mataji). Lets watch more intresting things. So this is there drawing room and dinning room and this one is the study for the children. This is the study. And this has two bedrooms again for two children. [INAUDIABLE]. Same time. Yes ofcourse..[INAUDIABLE] This is for the boy. That’s his balcony and that’s the gallery he has here. And that is the one, this is the marble we are using for our, this is the marble we will be using for our, (Sahaja Yogi: [INAUDIABLE] marble) marble yes (Sahaja Yogi: marble. Indian) ya. All this marble used for covering the what you call the staircases. In the staircases for the railings. All this is marble. (Sahaja Yogi: what is this [INAUDIABLE] mother ) These are plough they want to put up [INAUDIABLE] on this side. These are also made in the village. For there to be assembled to be done now. I don’t know what are these things inside. So many things are lying in the house. A haa. These are lamps. These are lamps you see from here how nice it is. Put here. These are the lamps for the garden and for the door. Just put it up the other way round. [INAUDIABLE] just pick up one. Just pick it up. And put the other way round. No.. this one this one. Put the other way round. Hmm just put it here. Made from cast iron. Now. That’s the down below part. This you lift it. To be turned around. This is the top of it. No no no. yes… that will be going to [INAUDIABLE]. (Sahaja Yogi: Ahh wow.)And see the design. And there is also bass in brass up there. This is for the gardent and for the road side. Road side ones are little bigger and the garden ones are small (Sahaja Yogi: you chosen everything ) yes yes yes and designed also. This also. Everything was designed. (Sahaja Yogi: whats this for ). This is for our one of the walls. Where we will be putting up these. And this is made of terracotta from a village, on the side of my room, from the outside. And I will putting this ? thing in between. (Sahaja Yogi: half of them on [INAUDIABLE] ) [INAUDIABLE] and that’s it. (Sahaja Yogi: upstairs is very nice . I think you should all go and enjoy). From there you can see the house very well. And I am going put [INAUDIABLE] as well as [INAUDIABLE]. (Sahaja Yogi: I think its complete.) [clapping]

Guests rooms we have here. These are guest rooms on the other side. This is for the care taker who is staying up there are also stores. Down below also there are stores. And the guest rooms are down below which you should have a look I think will be a good idea. So you can go up now and have a look. Go and have a look. And there’s a place for swimming pool and we will have to develop that. But there’s the place for the water. They will [INAUDIABLE] the tank. This will cover the tank. (Sahaja Yogi: there will be swimming pool mother). Yes that side. There is one for men and one for girls this side. And this one has the also we are going to make arrangements for bathing and a WC there. Can have a look out. And then come down. [INAUDIABLE] You be careful haan. Gregoire you don’t go that side. “In Marathi: tumhi jaa khali. Tumhi kaay kartayat ithe chala. Ithe far gardi ahe. Chala” meaning: you go down. What are you doing here. Move on. Here its too much crowded. Move on. You like your dhotis here aan. (Sahaja Yogi: yes). Very comfortable. Very comfortable and you get all breeze inside. (Sahaja Yogi: last night there [INAUDIABLE] ) who? (Sahaja Yogi: las the night, the Krishna and the, in the depot in the theatre). That’s the kind I have given you a present. I don’t know if [INAUDIABLE] get it for me. (Sahaja Yogi: something different way of putting them). Ya putting differently. That’s Marathi style, just put the thing up there. (Sahaja Yogi: all this things are?? ). Exhibition. And this is a guest you see. We have one bedroom that side. We are going to aircondition it completely. And we have kitchen here. Soon to be finished. And we have done. Hello “in hindi: isko kahan leke aa gaye aap. Arre bhai shalini aapka kya haal hai.” Meaning: how come you brought It here. Oh Shalini how are you. [INAUDIABLE] wont believe these are broken pieces of crockery. All of this I have put it. Because easy to hold them easy to cook/put there. And the whole house is a mess. This one here is the bedroom. Another one there two bathrooms. Three bedrooms and this one. And there’s a care taker’s upstairs. (Sahaja Yogi: How many bedrooms in [INAUDIABLE]). Can say 14 because 10 there 2 – 1 is mine 1 is my husbands [INAUDIABLE] . 10 , 3 here and 1 [INAUDIABLE] 4 … 14, is a good number. Alright. Do you care to have some fruits. Here.You have. And there are some fruits lying. Can you pick them up. Ask them for a knife. He said what (Sahaja Yogi: just here) where (Sahaja Yogi: just here)(Sahaja Yogi: there’s some fruits just there) no no no. Have they taken it down. Ask them to bring it down. Or you can take them to the big hall. So you can distribute. Where is [INAUDIABLE] gone. (Sahaja Yogi: just here) (Sahaja Yogi: there’s a big basket). So can you take all that. This also. You can take all this to the hall and you can all share it. Take this with you. Can you take . Alright. [INAUDIABLE]. So now you people go round and see the plains and don’t trouble me in the kitchen. Food wouldn’t be ready or else.[INAUDIABLE] (in hindi: yahan le aao sadiya. Kahan gaye)meaning: bring the sarees here. Where did he go). This is the speciality. I hope they are not very sound?. This time only you get it here. No where else. (Sahaja Yogi: very sweet). “in hindi: [INAUDIABLE] idhare le aao. Kal kyonki tumne Us din sasti mehngi bechi mehngi sasti bechi. Kuch to yahan laga deejiye. Dekhlete zara. Sadiyan Sadiyan)meaning: bring it here. Yesterday because that day u sold cheaper costly and costly cheaper. Bring some here. Show it. Sarees Sarees. [INAUDIABLE] you come and sit here. You will be tired. Let’s wait for some fruits to bring here. “in hindi: “sadiyan la rahe hai na“ meaning: you are bringing sarees naa. [INAUDIABLE] . “in hindi: aur logo ke liye bhi sharbat bana rahe hai“ meaning: for other preparing sharbat. Some are more expensive some are less expensive. They have come for the sale. For example the first one is expensive saree compared to this blue one. But it is for your judgement. They put prices according to the silk and the amount of work they have put it. You see. So with the double colour are more expensive. Single colour are less expensive. Any body can buy. Let any body buy. (Sahaja Yogi: 1800). “in hindi: 1800 lagaya iska. baapre“ meaning: 1800 rupees you have charged. Oh my god. I think one should wear in the weddings. Otherwise you see somebody will have a open head, some body . This is of 50 pounds. 50 punds?. This is how much. (Sahaja Yogi: 600 rs.). sorry not 50 pounds. How much it is. (Sahaja Yogi: 20 pounds). I think its very cheap for 20 pounds. This is, this has to be compulsorily worn by brides. This has to be worn. Because otherwise we will have complications. (Sahaja Yogi: Every bride has to wear one of these ). And cost is 600 rupees. (Sahaja Yogi: cost is 600 rupees only),. And those who cannot afford I will give them free . Then I will pay. Its just a solution. You see because if supposing if you don’t have say , if you have saree tied up like that then you cannot make them wear mangalsutra. But this is much easier. And not much price. Now bring that. Now these I had shown you before. Some people ordered some did not. So you have a choice here of these. This is all in pure silver. Gold plated. But the pearly are [INAUDIABLE]. They are not also unreal. They are something in between. So I don’t know what to say. But all this is for “in Marathi: kiti rupay lavle ho” meaning: how much rupees its costing. (Sahaja Yogi: 750). 750. So those who wants to buy as presents or for the bride an anything then they can buy this. The rest of it will be giving. 750 rupees . so for this you can come to Mr. Bikule. Those who want to buy. Also some men wants to buy as presents or anything can come. First chance should be to the bride. Those who wan to buy come along. What about you. She is marrying fill ward?. come along. Fill ward is a rich man you see. You can bring him everything. You can bring him everything otherwise he will be very unhappy if you don’t buy a good saree. He will pay for you. Come along all the girls. I need not call one by one. Come along those who want to buy. Those who want to buy this. The price is gone up. I am sorry. But everything has gone up. We can’t help it. This is just at the cost price. Can you come from the side. Hello. You can move on the sides and come back. Now for the saree. Those who have bought the sarees to those who are marrying. For getting married. Those who have not bought the sarees yet please raise your hands. (Sahaja Yogi: those who have not bought the saree yet and they are getting married please raise your hand). The boys. You better choose. And the girls, have you chosen. Who is there. Merlin come on. Come along. Come along. She is a Indian lady naa. [INAUDIABLE] 1600 rupees. Alright. This is nice one. And now those who are buying sarees and now those who have bought the sarees I have told you we cant make any blouses in Ganapatipule. So all of you will have to give your saree and all the boys who want to buy their kurta pajamas have to give their measurements for silk. Otherwise you will not have there. Its not possible. It’s a village we are going to. Tell in your language. In French, I think somebody ha [INAUDIABLE] in French. Alright. You want to buy saree. (Sahaja Yogi: speaking in French). And those who are not getting married also can buy. No problem. But only thing is that you have to give your sarees back to these people or you can take out the, there are scissors you can take out the blouse piece and give it. (Sahaja Yogi: speaking in French). Whats this language. (Sahaja Yogi: they are French). That’s Italian speaking French. Worst is when English speak French. We think they are speaking in Marathi. English have to speak the French. “in hindi: tumko lena hai na” meaning: you want to buy isn’t it. (Sahaja Yogi: speaking in French) “in hindi: accha accha. Kaunsi wali. [INAUDIABLE] wahan ke logo ko. Kitna shauk hai mai nahee keh sakti. Lekin. Wo dekhiye. Ye jo bharee huee hai. Aur ek wo blue wali. Ye apne yahan ke logon ko pasand ayegi.” Meaning: ok ok. Which one. [INAUDIABLE] for those people. How much they like I cant say. But. See that. This which is filled with design. And that one the blue one. This people here will like it. What is there to say. I mean you do. She will be shocked and she will be very unhappy you say such a thing. Or if you say you are very beautiful she will be shocked you know. So it’s a different style. Should be wise man. I don’t force. [INAUDIABLE]. Colombia has said/sent that about. That’s why. The first one. (Sahaja Yogi: mother, just a [INAUDIABLE]. We have organized to pray [INAUDIABLE] in Brazil and now there is a [INAUDIABLE] little group. But [INAUDIABLE] to come back to Italy because she says for Brazil is not the time now. Not ready for sahaja yoga. And) what was the response. (Sahaja Yogi: well all the seekers were came to a program. they have done all black magic or spiritism all). Makes no difference. (Sahaja Yogi: ok). Put their left hand towards the photograph and right hand on mother earth. Because I have to come to brazil next year. Better be there I think. [clapping] ??all black magic. But when I went there, there were so many people that even outside the hall I just couldn’t walk through the garden. So crowded. Till I reach to the dias. I don’t know how. So crowded from everywhere. [INAUDIABLE]. I just don’t know . Because afterall they had never seen me before. I don’t know if they have heard also about me. But there were just a photograph , what you call the, posters whatever it is. Imagine so many people get. Same thing will happen in Brazil. And if they had been more to the black magic they understand me better. You see they understand me better as power. Actually in the beginning I never talked about my sel f “I am Adi-shakti or anything”. But what has happened really was that one lady came who was possessed and she started describing me. And she sang praise of me in a manly voice from a chapter of the Saundarya-Lahari. And a ordinary maid servant she was. That really shocked everyone. She didn’t know who she is. But she just couldn’t stand before me and she was shaking and. Then only I started saying yes. Otherwise I didn’t want to say. I said why say you are Adi-shakti or anything. Unnecessary problems. But had to. Unless and until you accept me as Adi-shakti vibrations do not work out. That’s one thing. That’s the compulsion I think. If somebody doesn’t accept doesn’t want to understand it then vibrations cannot work out. This is the big problem. And this is the only problem I face with all the scientists, all the intellectuals, all other people. While all other gurus what they do, they say that we will tr y to help you this thing. But no body say that I am the God the real sense. Some of people say but they have proved to be not to be God. So to accept the situation without my photograph you cannot cleanse yourself. without my photograph you cannot get vibrations. without my photograph you should not give realization. So every where the photograph has to be used, my name has to be there, my face has to be there. And this is such a compulsion I don’t know , its very embarrassing. But it is so. you see all other incarnations never wanted to face any embarrassment. Its only my luck. [INAUDIABLE] also have to tell you sometimes if somebody is sitting with their feet towards me or something, oh no please sit properly. You don’t sit before me like this. Not proper. You not to take advantage. Like I have to tell them. Its very embarrassing to tell somebody that you better respect me. One has to do it. You cant help it. So now I am going back to cooking and I hope you get in time. Alright . where is that [INAUDIABLE]. better come and see me there.