Devi Puja: You all have to help Me

Brahmapuri (India)

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Puja Talk, Brahmapuri (India), 20 December 1988.

Translation from Marathi – MISSING

English Transcript

Place, which we call as Brahmapuri here called, perhaps, may be because here Shri Ramadasa, the guru of Shivaji Maharaj, in these deep waters found the statue of Shri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanumana together. Then they were carried from here and put in a temple called Chapar, the place where I saw that also. And there we have Hanumanas. Eleven Hanumanas came out of the Mother Earth to say that he was the incarnation of Hanumana. Also at Chapar, there was a Hanuman like that. And then people wanted to build a temple, very rich man from Bombay, Mafatlal & Company, they wanted to turn the face of Hanumana according to the architect’s idea. So, they went on digging, digging, digging, went about they say so one thousand feet, I don’t know, it must be a big effort. But they could not find the end of that stone. It was just going on and on and on and they didn’t understand how it is so long as that and it has just exactly the size of the statue of Shri Hanumana has come up.

So the story is like this here about the incarnations and the different swayambus, where they say that they were created by themselves. It’s mostly about Ganesha also is like this: that there is a bhakta who gets his realization, the one who asks for God’s grace gets his realization like in Wani also as you have been there. I told you the story how he was cursed to die, this little boy, because Mahadeva said that “I will give you a son, but he will have to die at the age of eight years. As a result of that they were all very much worried when he became of that age. I think it was fifteen years or something. Mahadeva was generous, I must say. And because he was so precious that he said, “It is better not to leave him here on this earth, because he will be tortured by people. All saints are always tortured and troubled because they think they are mad or something like that. But at that age he was reaching, everybody was so much worried. So much worried, they were all so much worried about him, that he could see that worry at large on their faces, the parents specially.

Asked, “What’s the problem?”

So, they told him that “This is the problem: that you are, your life is very short.”

He said, “All right. Above Mahadeva or above any other Gods is the Adishakti. So, I am going to do the bhakti of Adishakti.”

And he did the bhakti of Adishakti, and She appeared before him. This is the story everywhere that they appear before them.

Then he said that “You should stay here forever.”

So She formed Herself into a stone structure and She stationed Herself there. Like that, all these swayambus have come up.

Also, we have some miraculous things about Christ and His Mother, that we found a statue of Mother Mary and Christ in one of the shores of Bombay City. And we call as Walli The fisherman found it in their net, like Ramadasa when he jumped inside this he found it in the river, in the same way. So these people, all of them they decided that “Let us take this moorthy and do something about it.” So they all went to a priest, a Christian priest.

He said, “First you must get converted.” That was the first condition.

They agreed, simple people.

And then. “I will build a temple out of it.”

Now, that temple is there and you will be surprised, the statue is made in Italy. The face is all Italian. Christ is also Italian. It is so beautifully made. And that place is. For Hindus there is one thing great about them, is that they do not have this bondage of a formal or organized religion. So to them that’s a temple. In any case that is Mother Mary’s temple, so what? Tthat is Mother’s temple.

Even once upon a time Europeans were that simple, I must say. Because when Vasco DeGama came to Goa, he went and saw Santa Durga’s temple. Went back and told his King that they are all Christians.

He said, “How?”

“Because they worship the Mother.”

That time there was no Protestant religion.

So he said, “They worship the Mother. So they are Christians and they are not Muslims.”

He said, “All right, if they are Christians, it’s all right, don’t trouble them.”

So this was the situation in every case when people understood each other. But, this so-called Hindu religion doesn’t exist. It is a faith in God. Where people believe that they incarnated, they lived here, and that they were Indians. And at the most we can say that this Hindhu word has come from Alexander, when he crossed India he couldn’t say Sindhu, for the river Indus. Even English called it “Indus.” English also couldn’t pronounce our names properly. So they changed our names quite a lot. Like Bombay, not as Mumbai. But I was surprised, that Portuguese call it Mumbai. They don’t call it Bombay. It’s very surprising, they call it Mumbai. So English changed most of the name, the way they liked it. And that’s why the names are different. But actually the people over here thought that Hindu word has come to us from long time back. And it was a mistake, because Alexander only made a mistake calling it Sindhu and English calling Indus as Hindu. So that’s how they call it Hindustan.

You see the Persians who came called his kingdom Hindu pada partha shahi, means where the Hindu is the principle of this country, Maharastra. But he was a realized soul. So he respected every religion. He respected even Christians, he respected very much. And he respected also Muslims and Muslim women. But he did not like the way the Muslim were ruling us. So he fought them and now it has taken a shape where our people think that Shivaji is in their pockets. And they can use him the way they like. And that’s how they have started this new type of a cult I should say which is called as Hinduism. So, in this cult, what has happened, the Brahmins have taken over and they teach people just like any other religion, as you have got Catholisism or you can say as you have got Muslims and other people, These priests have taken over and they have made people indulge into all kinds of ritualism which has nothing to do with God as it is in everywhere.

So like in Christian religion, I was surprised that people thought that Christ has allowed people to drink wine and alcohol. Actually, Moses has strongly opposed it. And then, why should He say that you can have alcohol or wine? The reason was that He went to a wedding, and where He had to supply some wine to people. Actually in those days there was no alcohol available at all. People never thought of alcohol. It started much later in a way that they had some sort of a, I don’t know what you call in English language usambi, some sort of a rotten stuff which was thrown at His face when He asked for water, when He was crucified. And that’s what is alcohol. So He denied it. It is a proof of it that He denied. It was just to insult Him, because He was against alcohol. A kind of a rotten, not vinegar, it was a rotten, rotten fruit juice, must be alcohol. It’s a very rotten fruit juice. They threw, threw at Him.

But the first thing is that one must know that He converted water into wine, means in Marathi language it is called as dhraksharas means, I have, I have read Bible in Marathi language which is, which was translated originally from Hebrew, not through English, and then French, and then Marathi. But directly it was translated by a very well known literate lady called as very enlightened one, as Rama Bai. And she translated it. And she has given the right names to everything. Like we do not say John, we say Yohan in Marathi. So many words are like that, which are exactly the same found in the Hebrew Bible. So now this one was that, she says, that it was draksharas. And actually the thing is that, at that time everybody was drinking this draksharas, meaning the grape juice. And there was less grape juice, so He converted water into grape juice. It’s very easy. I can do it also. I have done it already. So He did it. And that grape juice was taken by people. But to make it a funny stuff, they say that it was alcohol. Now you must know the alcohol only can be created only if it is made to rot and rot and rot for days together. Otherwise, you cannot make an alcohol. It is a simple fact. So how could he have made alcohol in one second? Cannot. But nobody wants to listen to this argument. They say, “No, alcohol was given by Christ to everyone to drink to get drunk and die and create pubs.”

So as, see everybody has used the great faiths and great incarnations for their own convenience, for their own weaknesses. In the same way, it’s in the Hindu religion also has happened. And people are very much exploited. Even if there is a lady who gets into a possession, she starts saying, “I am a Goddess.” A maid servant, imagine, becoming a goddess! I mean, after all, there is certain strength needed for a goddess, isn’t it? The one who is just washing utensils morning till evening, how can she become a goddess? But people do believe that she is a goddess, because she says so. And people are so simple and so dedicated that they believe.

And yesterday I was really touched the way they were sitting for all these time. For about two hours they sat back. I don’t think it is possible in any of your western countries that I go after two hours and people are still sitting, not complaining just waiting to hear me. That’s not possible. We are so bound by a time in the West, that if you are late even by five minutes, they think they have right to throw all the tea on your face. I mean to them time is so important. For us it doesn’t exist.

If we have to go with the time, we cannot do Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga works spontaneously as a living process at the time it wants to work. And when I told them that I had to come late because the time had to come for your realization, they were very much reconciled to it. They understand this. So to, for them it is very easy to understand that if Mother is late, she has to be late. We cannot dominate Her and we cannot ask Her. But this kind of surrendering is only possible when you have that kind of a background where for God everything has to be surrendered, all your ideas, all your punctualities, all your compulsions. And thus you see the surrendering becomes very easy like I went to a place for little massaging and resting in Coimbatore. And when I was coming I said, I would like to give some present to this hospital.

So the lady who was massaging Me, she said, “No, no, not to the hospital, because they will all take it home, you see, they will steal it. “

I said, “Then where should I give?”

She said, “Give it to the temple.”

I said, “Giving to the temple, they will take it from there.”

“No, no, they are afraid of God. They will not take it from the temple.”

So, this is something so great, you know. In a place like Coimbatore, where people are so materialistic, that no, God’s temple is God’s temple. You cannot steal things from there because it will have punishment, which is true also. But, but to believe in it, and to think that way is in great. This is the beauty of, of an Indian.

It is so innocent and simple, and as I have told you the Britishers ruled us. And now these horrible so-called politicians are going to rule us and have been ruling us. The whole system is so wretched. I don’t know how we are going to change it. Unless and until, we jump into politics, there is no way. I cannot see any silver lining because they have no sense of humanity, no sense of humanity. No sensitivity left to them. Like I would say as in the West I find because they listen to this pop music their limbic area has become so dull that they cannot like any music which is soft. In the same way, in India, these politicians have become so dumb founded, that they are not at all sensitive to humanity or to human sufferings. On the contrary, they will use it to their own purpose. So this is a very big problem of this country, the poverty part. But Sahaja Yoga can solve the problem very well and slowly.

But I think it is inevitable that we have to think of joining this wretched politics, so called, to put it right. As we have improved the people who have been so much negative, I am sure this will also help us in this country and all over. Everywhere this is the case. Not only in India, is a different style, but everywhere this is the case, is that they all take you for a ride.

Now today, I am telling you this because Ramadasa was the Guru of Shivaji. And he was the man who was very detached. He was Hanumana himself. And once he came to Shivaji’s place and Shivaji was so fed up with this people and this whole administration, and the way the things were. He had made a chit saying that, “O, my Guru, I give You all my property, all my lands, all my kingdom, everything at Your feet and You better look after it.” And he put that chit in that we have the choli, the cloth sort of a thing.

So He stood in the door and read it and he said, “What? You have given me everything?” He said, “I am a sanyasi and I don’t know administration. But you can do everything the same way as you have been doing. But be detached about it. And to show that you are detached you must use a waist under dhoti stuff we call it, in a triangular manner, it is made. See that thing, with the saffron colour showing that you are detached and you are a sanyasi.”

That’s how this flag came into being.

So the entry of this politics has been in this country. Entry into politics by sakshatkari people or by incarnation has been there. Most of the incarnations have been kings. Like we have got Buddha who was a king; Mahaveera was a prince. Both were prince. Then we have got Rama who was a king. Then we have got Shri Krishna became a king. So the aishwarya, the kingness has to be there. Has to be a royal family, has to be. Incarnation should be from a royal family. In India it is that is the concept. But for Christ we can say that He took birth in a very humble simple way because He was Shri Ganesha. And Shri Ganesha was born in the same manner as Christ was born. So His style was very different, because He was Shri Ganesha. He was holiness. He was auspiciousness. But He was chaitanya. And chaitanya can be born anywhere. But an incarnation, who is otherwise in the Madhya marg, in the central path, has to be on the Mahalakshmi line, has to be. But, He is not in the Madhya marg. He is Shri Ganesha born at Agnya chakra. So He need not have been. But He lived like a king. He is king of kings. So that sort of a thing He was, above every other king, He was the king of kings. So that’s how we have the people who have been doing something for the country, for their own generation, talking about it. In the same way we had very great saints also, from Confucius and also we have seen Moses, Abraham how they tried to remove poverty and the slavery from people and to bring them to a free country. They worked very hard.

So a sahaja yogi is not a person who is just a sort of lives without any connection with the society, with the politics, with all that is happening. He has to be seeing all those things that are happening. He must read newspaper if not in the morning, in the evening time. Means, he must know what is happening. He must put his attention to all these things. Only putting attention to things, it works out. I have done that all the time. Even Hitler lost his success because of that attention. So one has to know that you have that attention that can work, that can really create what you want. But you must keep your attention alert, not only limited to yourself. Not only up to say, India tour or we can say up to bhajans. But must go beyond and put your attention everywhere, what’s happening.

Supposing you go to any other country: try to find out what is happening in this country, in that country what is happening. Because now you are international people and you have to bother about everything that’s happening in this world because we have to change everything, we have to transform everything. It’s a hazardous task. But I have done the biggest job is to create the roots for you that you have been, you have become now the sprouted people, or we can say the elevated people, the special selected people. And now you cannot live like other ordinary stupid people. You have to be alert. You have to understand your responsibility. And every Sahaja Yogi in this tour has to take a vow that “I have to be responsible for Sahaja Yoga.”

Something is also with marriages. I have seen that people, once they get married, they get lost. Something so stupid it is – very, very stupid. You are specially selected people and you have to work for Sahaja Yoga and you have to work for what you have got it. And those who do not take the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga are really lacking in self-respect and understanding of Sahaja Yoga. You all have to work whole-heartedly for Sahaja Yoga. And be happy about it that you have a chance that you are fortunate enough, that you have a chance to do so much that you have powers to do it. If the, as Christ has said, “You do not light a lamp under the table.” In the same way, I didn’t light you under a table. You all should mature grow up and see for yourself what you can do for any place, what improvements you can make, how far you can go. Take responsibility.

Yesterday, you will be surprised, a man came up to ask Me a question, “What should we do to spread Sahaja Yoga? Please give us ways and methods by which we can approach Sahaja Yoga.”

It’s very surprising. Of course, I am going to give them a big agenda for that, no doubt, I have so many ideas in My head. But you have to also think about what you can do in your own country, how to develop Sahaja Yoga in people and how to put your attention to different problems that are in and to solve the problems. Because, as I am a desireless person, it doesn’t work. You have to desire for something that you want. And genuinely desire for the genuine good of the people, for the hitha of the people and not for your personal thing. So you have to get out of your personal ideas, your personal views and your personal chakras. “This is wrong with my chakra. That is wrong with another chakra.” Doesn’t matter. Once you make this body run for Sahaja Yoga, everything gets all right. What’s the use of curing or helping somebody chakras, when he is no good for Sahaja Yoga. Divine doesn’t help such useless people. Divine has common sense.

So this is what is very important for all of us, to take the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga in your own country and to pay attention to all countries wherever there is a problem. I mean, I am doing this very much and you can see that those people who boast so much and who are so dishonest and who are trying to be very dominating suddenly go down. Like Idi Amin and you have got this Marcos and so many people. But you also should pay attention. I read about eight newspapers everyday. And I see to it that I pay attention to all the proper places where it is needed. I wish I could be just like without any problems before Me. But My incarnation is so many-folded that I have not only to give realization but also to give you responsibility that you have to do the job of transforming this world into a new world.

And they ask Me a question, “Mother, do You think this will work out that the golden age is coming?”

I said, “I am sure. In My lifetime it has to work out.”

But I cannot do it single-handed. I cannot do with single-handed. It will fizzle out. You all have to help Me. You have to work it out, that. Then only I can do it. So to think that Mother is going to do everything is wrong. I am going to work through you. If I could have done it I would not have asked you to get your realization. So you are the channels and you have to work out the whole system yourself. First of all, one has to know that it is our responsibility. As soon as you do that, all your badhas, all your problems will go away. So, take out your attention from yourself and don’t put it on other Sahaja Yogis, but put it on the wider. Say, “What we can do?” Secondly, also I have seen many people who are kind to non-sahaja yogis and unkind to sahaja yogis. It is something surprising. These are your brothers and sisters and others have no relationship with you. This must be understood.

Regarding certain problems like some funny people enter into Sahaja Yoga, prosper, become leaders and thrown out because they cannot give up their funny ideas. They are very limited and very small-minded attention. They cannot get out of it. So don’t worry about such people. Thank God they have gone out because they had kept you in a little pot and you would have been melting in that pot. So this is, best is not to worry about such people. Thank God they are out, so that one more stupid bondage has gone. So don’t think about those people who have gone wrong. But you should only take it as a kind of a warning that you should not become one of them. Now I will speak to the people who understand Marathi language.