Health Advice to Western Yogis

Sangli (India)

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Health Advice to Western Yogis & the problems with Australia, Sangli (India), 21 December 1988.

I have heard that you have been all very sick. I think I got sick because of that, myself. Now I hope you are all better. Still there are sick people? How many?

Guido Lanza: About seventy.

Shri Mataji: Seventy are sick in bed? Where are they?

Now there’s something I must tell you, that the other day these girls were making me wear ornaments and I felt a very funny smell from them. So I think that you people do not wash your hands properly. After going to the toilet I had told you to use water all the time – it’s very important. But you people stick, still, to the Western style. That’s very dirty, I tell you. It’s a very dirty style of living – is not to use the water. It’s very unhygienic also. That’s why you find in the West [that] most of the people are sick. Not here. You have seen yesterday how the boys were dancing – so quick and fast.

So that’s one thing one has to remember is to wash your hands after coming out of the toilet, before food. Yesterday I smelt their hands and I was amazed. Smelling awfully bad! So that’s not an Indian custom or anything, but it’s a hygienic system. So I hope you have got lotas (jugs). Have you got lotas there? You had it. But still you keep to that dirty thing with which you have got AIDS. You got all your problems because of that dirty habits. So please try to understand.

Now, in England, or anywhere, I have seen you use spoons, forks and other things, so you don’t use, directly, your hands [for eating]. When you don’t use your hands directly it’s all right. But also I think it’s a dirty habit in any case. But if you are using forks or spoons or something, at least you are not touching your food with that dirty hands.

Only [at] that time I realised that these people have again taken to the bad habits. This [toilet] paper business is the dirtiest! You are so much used to that smell that you do not feel it. But I have seen it even when we have receptions and things, I am sitting there and meeting people, or even if I am shaking hands with them, I feel terrible. The smell is too much in the hands. The sensitivity is lost. You cannot feel the smell. Can you smell your hands now? Let’s see!

Do you feel that? It’s no need to put any scents or anything, but with the soap nicely. Here in India we use our clay, because clay in India is very good. You can use the clay. Just use the clay nicely and clean your hand. It’s very important. And that’s why I have seen that in the West everybody is sick all the time, there’s something wrong. We never find them healthy. I think this is one of the reasons. Something is always wrong with them. I mean, Indians were there, they all had the same food as you ate; nothing happened to them! And we had made special arrangements for water also. But this is something you are very negligent about.

You have to be very careful. I don’t know how you manage. I mean, you can’t live without it. Even if, supposing, we go to some place and there’s nothing available, just you have to use the paper sometimes, even in England sometimes [then] we come back home immediately and have a bath.

So, personal cleanliness is very important, anywhere. Here you cannot blame anything to anything because I have seen people who ate the same food, lived there [with you] – they are quite healthy and hearty. Nothing has gone wrong with them.

And we don’t also eat too much of raw food. That’s also another thing good is that there is no question of thing falling into it. Moreover, even if somebody told me that the utensils were washed in the lake, doesn’t matter. But the food was cooked. Once you put it on the fire it all cleanses out. It cannot give you the sickness.

Then secondly I have seen you are very negligent about also covering up yourself. You must take a shawl all the time. Even if you feel a little warm it doesn’t matter. But you can take it out. But keep it handy all the time. That’s also why you get sick, because there’s dust everywhere. And if you have a shawl around, at least you are protected.

So you should always wear those bundees [vests] we have given you. That has come free with the dresses that you have got. And the ladies must keep their shawls with them. We have to respect our body because these bodies are not ordinary bodies, they are temples of God.

Thirdly, I have been requesting you to put some oil in your heads at least once a week! But now the fashion is not to put any oil. So you don’t want to put any oil on your heads. At least once a week you must put some oil in your heads. That will keep your head cool and also before taking bath, use some oil for rubbing on your hands or on your body. We always do that. You people don’t have any oil with you? Do you have any oil? Sure? Then please rub it on your body before taking your baths.

You must rub oil on your body, nicely, before taking your baths. Also I have seen people in the West don’t do it. Just they never use oil. Before taking bath, at least for fifteen minutes, rub oil on your bodies. They are very simple things but you just don’t do it. I just don’t know. A few things, if you look after, I think you will be all right. And if you are sitting outside, cover your heads. It has been rather cold this time. Winter has been a little cooler than before, [the] reason is – it has rained a lot. But I mean compared to your country, it’s not cold.

But negligence can cause it. So please keep yourself covered. And then have your baths. If you take bath with cold water you can never catch cold because the temperature is the same. For a while you will feel it’s cold water, but it’s very good – those people who take bath with cold water. Did you get hot water to have baths? Where?

Sahaja Yogi: In Rahuri. Even in Brahmapuri.

Shri Mataji: You had hot water? That’s very wrong. That’s the reason [you got sick]. That explains it. If you have to take bath with hot water then you must get into your bed. If you have to take it in the open, sure shot you will get temperature. Absolutely sure shot.

This is a very simple thing which I don’t know how you don’t know. You should never take your bath in the open with the hot water. That’s sure shot. I mean, in the school supposing some boy doesn’t want to go, then what he does, he keeps the window open and takes his bath with hot water – finished! – he gets a temperature immediately the next day.

So in Brahmapuri if they have given you hot water, you should not have taken bath. That was wrong. Even if you had got it. I mean, river Ganges, I don’t know how many have been to River Ganges? You have been. Now the water is freezing cold I tell you, it’s absolutely freezing cold. When you put your foot you will just push it back, it’s so cold. But people get into it. Slowly, slowly, they just move; slip into it. And when you come out your cheeks are red like apples! It’s so very cold. Isn’t it? But nothing happens. Nobody catches cold or anything.

So in the running water is the cleanest and where you could get in, get into cold water. Otherwise, even if you have to take a hot water bath, take it in the night or maybe at the time when you can go off into your bed. In England also people take their baths in the night mostly and get into bed. Supposing you take hot bath in England and go out – immediately you will get cancer of the lungs.

Hot and cold is a very important thing one has to know. Like also you can see on the hands you feel hot and cold. So now supposing you have taken the coffee, after that you cannot take anything cold. Is a simple thing one should understand. First you can take anything cold. Like I have seen people take coffee and then ice cream! I mean, [it’s] sure you get troubles! Absolutely sure. But if you are taking ice cream, first take ice cream, then take a biscuit and then take some water, then take some biscuit and then you can take something hot. Now supposing you have taken something hot and you have to take water also. Then take three biscuits.

Another very great precaution you have to take which I have seen nobody takes. Now it sometimes becomes very hot outside. You are sitting down into programs or something, becomes very hot. You are sitting in the sun sometimes and your head gets very heated up. Immediately [if] you go and get cold water, definitely you will get sick, no doubt about it. That’s the best way to get sick!

So, if you are sitting in the sun, immediately you should never, never, never take any water till you have eaten something sweet. Take some sugar, or take some jaggery, or some biscuit or something. Even if you are very thirsty you should not do it.

Little precautions have to be taken. Nothing should happen to Sahaja Yogis. Because if you get sick, I get sick. That’s the problem is. And that’s why I was so sick yesterday. I knew that you must be all very sick – that’s why it has happened to me. I mean, I work much harder than you people do. Unending meetings are there. I have to meet other people apart from you. Give Realisations to them, discuss all other organisational problems, this, that – nothing happens to me. But these precautions must be taken.

(Marathi: Why didn’t you tell these people?)

Look at these Indians: they are travelling with you, they are all right. Nobody’s sick. Why? None of them are sick. You see, from our childhood it is taught to us [that] we must wash our hands at least ten times a day. And then too much tea. You people take too much tea. It’s very injurious for the intestines, very injurious. It has tannin, you know that. So much tea you people take, it’s very wrong. Plus milk with it. Milk gives you diarrhoea. Limit your tea taking. Or even if you have to take many cups of tea, then see that it’s a very light tea, extremely light, very light tea. But this Marathi tea, only one cup in the morning is sufficient. Too much tea is very dangerous. I mean it’s easily available here. They don’t mind even if you have a full drum of a tea, each person, but it’s not good for you. Too much tea is not good at all. So limit your tea taking. Also all the time to take tea is not a very good idea.

It’s some sort of a thing that has happened, I think, is the attention part. Attention. Now ask Indians how many times they take tea, though we grow so much tea here.

At the most two times. If they have taken early in the morning tea, they will not have any tea for breakfast; and once in the evening – finished! If there’s a music program in the night they might take one cup. Because they know that because of this tea your stomach goes out of order, you cannot sleep. It’s a very wrong thing. But I have seen when I was building my house, or I should say when I was doing renovation of my house, that at the slightest pretext they used to enter into the kitchen, make tea, drink it. Fifteen cups, twenty cups. I used to wonder, “What’s the matter with these people?” Of course it’s cheap to give tea, is all right – doesn’t cost much money. But it’s very dangerous. So, reduce your intake of tea. And water should be increased. More water, less of tea.

Tea itself is not a very good thing. If you see how much your Mother takes tea, you see I may take even ten cups of tea, but so much of tea will be there, for ten cups. Just the water, you see. Just to please people I am taking tea. And no sugar, no milk. That you know very well. Everybody knows. No sugar, no milk. Finished!

Milk itself gives diarrhoea. Just like that I don’t mind with sugar otherwise for liver patients, but not too much of it also. Those who are liver patients can take sugar, otherwise normally you should not take too much sugar, also.

All these little, little things if you look after, you will be all right.

Tonight I have arranged for them.

I hope so. They are arranging some ajwain dhuni. You all should have it. It’s a very good thing – ajwain. Also those who are having diarrhoea can have it, it’s all right. It just clears you out, completely.

And diarrhoea should not make you weak. I mean, I normally, in one month’s time, I have at least twenty days diarrhoea – really! The reason is I take everybody’s problems upon myself and it goes out as diarrhoea but it doesn’t make me weak. So just the attention is the idea.  Diarrhoea is important sometimes to cleanse you out. It’s important. To me, it’s a relief. Haa, if it is thirty-five motions or forty motions, then isn’t all right. But three, four motions is very good sometimes.

Also, Indian food is a heavy food. It’s not so light as we have English food, or Western food is very light, easy to digest. But Indian food is not. So that’s why I asked you to dance, to have some exercises so you can digest it. While we are all having sedentary habits mostly. We are sitting round doing nothing. Indians are working, we are not working at all. So we should do little walking or some exercises. It’s a heavy food, no doubt, but you cannot make it very light, though I tell them, “Make it very light – no chilies, nothing.” They are trying. For example, today’s lunch was really too much for me! It’s all right, once in a while you eat it. And evening time I told them to give you a very simple food. So that’s how it can be compensated: that evening time simple food, day time heavy; or evening time it is heavy, then day time simple food.

But Indians are like that, they have this fondness to feed you – very anxious to feed you. But don’t fall a trap to that. You should just say, “No, no, no!” But they will go on saying, “Please have!” They feel very happy. They themselves, if you see, they don’t eat so much. (laughter) They are very clever! You see them, how much they eat. They’ll get up at five o’clock, have their bath, they are ready for everything. In the whole day, if you see, they eat very little themselves. And you know how much I eat, myself. But if it comes to telling people to eat, I’ll say, “Please have more. Please have more.” But you should not listen there. As much as you can tolerate, take it. Because you may not be able to digest. I will say it because I don’t want you to feel embarrassed to take more, so I will say, “Go on, eat more!” But you should not listen.

I think most of our problems are solved now as far as marriages are concerned. And perhaps may be one marriage we have to neutralise a little bit. And there’s somebody coming also from Simla. I think according to the Western standard he’s a handsome man. You can use him for a model, according to the Western style. But according to Indian style, he is not. (laughter) He’s quite a person who looks like all the models I see in Harrods. It’s very surprising, and according to Yogi [Mahajan], he thought he may not be appreciated because of his looks. I said, “What? You see they all have like this, only – faces. I saw them in Harrods. So many of them put out as models.” So there’s somebody coming down and Yogi is bringing him tomorrow. So there’s one more person is coming, and I hope now last-minute people don’t go, stand up just to say that, “I want to get married.”

Where is Mr. Khan? Is he not here? Oh, I see, he must have gone somewhere. All right.

I made some medicine for you, for this diarrhoea business. But I think one should not pay so much attention to diarrhoea. It’s better to cleanse it out. It’s cleansing. But do you feel very weak with diarrhoea? Do you?

Guido Lanza: We have a few cases Shri Mataji who have also high fever.

Shri Mataji: High fever? Now he’s all right? Temperature has come down?

Guido Lanza: A few still

Shri Mataji: Then put them right to the left. If it is high temperature, put them right to the left [rise the left side and put down the right side]. It is diarrhoea, then no problems but diarrhoea is all right because it’s parasympathetic activity. It’s cleansing, you see. I always have diarrhoea, I mean, I am telling you, out of thirty days, at least twenty days, minimum, I have diarrhoea. But I am quite all right because it’s just cleansing out. But if you go on thinking, “I have diarrhoea! I have got headache! I have this!” then even if you are not sick, you will feel more sick. One should not pay so much attention. What was the temperature?

Guido Lanza: Around 39/40.

Shri Mataji: No, tell me in this thing [Farenheit], I don’t understand [Celcius].

Guido Lanza: Around 100. [Actually it should be 104 which Shri Mataji later verifies!]

Shri Mataji: Hundred? Hundred is no temperature. It’s nothing. Was that hundred and four? Oh, then it’s no temperature. It’s all right. High fever means hundred and four. Yes it is. But they must have taken … If you take bath with hot water. You can try, in the open – immediately you will get hundred temperature, immediately. It’s absolutely inevitable. I don’t know how you don’t know these things. You don’t know, doctor?

Dr. Bogdan: The food man gave us yoghurt, dahi, which was very helpful so a lot of people brightened up after that.

Shri Mataji: With the yoghurt what happened?

Dr. Bogdan: They brightened up, they got better. Because we got so many within the space of two days, we started to make proper treatments, organise people to have the dahi, have black coffee.

Shri Mataji: (laughing) But diarrhoea is not to be feared so much. And, you see, hundred temperature is no temperature at all.

Dr. Bogdan: No Mother, some of them hundred one, hundred and two.

Shri Mataji: It’s all right once in a while. (laughter) So many times if I feel my temperature, I will go mad! It’s nothing! You see, temperature is there because of the heat, something. A hundred and two is nothing. It’s slightly [high]. It’s not something to be reported.

I personally think that way, you see.

We, Indians, for us hundred and two is no temperature! You people are very delicate! I must say very delicate health you have. You saw the boys how they were dancing. You saw the way they were doing things. You see, life is so active. The body’s lethargic nature makes you so delicate. You saw yesterday how they were doing all that. That’s very common. I also used to learn all that. We all have to learn. So you keep your body moving. I mean, for [us], you’d go to a college even if you have a hundred and two temperature – nothing! It’s not much. But you are very delicate and bearing power is less. I think so.

Hundred and four, of course we start worrying. But hundred and two is not much. I thought you are so sick that it’s hundred and six. Really I got worried. But for that you just put left to the right, you will be all right. This is because of not using proper precautions. Now don’t take hot bath in the open! Just this much you try. There’s no harm in getting into cold water. Cold is always good. Always get into cold water. Take your bath in the cold water. You’ll never get,  you will never catch cold.

When I was in India I always use absolutely cold water. But when I went to England everybody told me, “You can’t do that way!” Just forced me to take hot water and I started getting cold. Otherwise I never get cold. So [if] hot water should be used – all right use the hot water, then get into your beds. That’s the best way to get into temperature I tell you. Just avoid hot water bath. But if you take hot water bath, see to it that you take the hot water bath and after that you get into your beds. No exposure. All right?

We made a medicine which doesn’t look very interesting but it won’t taste bad. For diarrhoea only. Not for everyone, only those who have diarrhoea.

Also if you can remember one thing more, is to when you come out of these processions you just gargle with little warm water, or even ordinary water. You just gargle out. So the dust will come out. There may be a dust. You are not used to the dust. That’s also another reason you get this coughing.

Are they here, those who have temperature?

Guido Lanza: They are in the beds. They are in bed.

Shri Mataji: Not here?

Guido Lanza: They are in the bedrooms now.

Shri Mataji: Can you see if they have temperature now?

I was worried the way it was told to me I thought, “Some sort of an epidemic has come, or what?” (laughter) Really! Like plague, you know! The description was so horrible! (laughter)

Some of you have had some gurus and that’s why also the Void acts, very fast. They must be the first time they must be visiting, most of them, and they must have this guru trouble and the Void must be showing off.

What has happened to Patrice [Buyle] from Shudy Camps? Where is he? What’s gone wrong with you Patrice?

Patrice Buyle: Yesterday I just felt all my chakras. Yesterday I couldn’t move. I had pain in my bones and I had fever and diarrhoea. I tried to stay during the whole puja and at the end I almost collapsed. I don’t know why. My chakras were blocked from the Mooladhara to the Ekadasha Rudra.

Shri Mataji: What happened?

Patrice Buyle: I don’t know Shri Mataji. I swallowed some water from the Krishna river [in Brahmapuri].

Shri Mataji: Swallowed what?

Patrice Buyle: Swallowed some water from the Krishna river in Brahmapuri.

Shri Mataji: Drank some water?

Patrice Buyle: Well I didn’t mean to drink it but I just swallowed a bit. I don’t know if that’s the reason for it.

Shri Mataji: No, no. Krishna is flowing. There’s no problem.

Patrice Buyle: Then I don’t know.

Shri Mataji: They are saying that you were talking or you were saying things, funny things you were saying. Do you remember that? Did you say that? Somebody told Me that way. Was he like that? Anyone saw him? Dr. Spiro?

Dr. David Spiro: I didn’t hear him being delirious of anything Shri Mataji, no.

Shri Mataji: They said he was delirious. So, I thought his temperature must be very high. I don’t know what happened. Did anybody see him talking to much or something? (laughter)

Dr. Bogdan: Not really. He looked quite bad yesterday but now he looks all right.

Shri Mataji: But what was the thing, what did he do?

Dr. Bogdan: I don’t think he was delirious Mother.

Shri Mataji: Not hilarious [delirious]. But what was it?

Dr. Bogdan: He was looking a bad colour and he was having a lot of diarrhoea and now he’s better.

Shri Mataji: Let Me see your temperature, come on! He was not that bad. He didn’t have very high temperature, did he?

Shri Mataji: But did you find him hilarious or something? Was he saying [things]?

Getting vibrations? All right. You are all right. He doesn’t have so much temperature as such to get hilarious. So must be temperature cannot be so much then. It’s not so much. Might be ninety-nine at the most.

Dr. Bogdan: I don’t think the fever was such a problem, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: What was the problem, is diarrhoea?

Dr. Bogdan: Just the diarrhoea and some vomiting and frustration, people feeling weak and so on.

Shri Mataji: How many times for diarrhoea? On the average.

Dr. Bogdan: Some people had it four or five times. Some had it twenty times.

Shri Mataji: That’s sick. That means sick, twenty times. And they had also vomiting?

Dr. Bogdan: Yes. So, Patrice was one of these. Patrice was one who had quite a lot during the night and so on, but he’s improving now Mother.

Shri Mataji: But Patrice needed to be cleared out. Patrice you have done some other practices isn’t it, in your seeking? Patrice, you have done something like that before? And I think drugs. That’s clearing out! It’s good for you. Let it clear out, the drugs.

Dr. Bogdan: Anyone with a fever, we just suggested they sleep on the ground in the shade and let the fever be sucked out by the earth and it seems to have worked.

Shri Mataji: We also put the clay on the stomach to take out the temperature. It’s a natural way. But I think it’s drugs and bad gurus and things spoils your Void, and then when you come to Sahaja Yoga it just comes out in this way. So let it be cleared out. I think Patrice had problems with his Void. I knew this long time back.

Dr. Bogdan: Well it stirred up after your puja, Shri Mataji. That’s when a lot of them actually started after your puja. So we naturally assume that it’s a clearing out and we are not trying to stop it.

Shri Mataji: No, let it be, it’s better. Must be, after puja if it has happened, it’s very good. I think it should happen, after puja.

Dr. Bogdan: Mr. Patra has been kind enough to supply us with extra dahi and also black coffee and we are giving this.

Shri Mataji: But dahi in the night won’t be good. It will give you [a cold]. Morning is all right. In the morning buttermilk is much better than dahi, also; buttermilk. That’s much more soothing. So if you can make buttermilk, nothing like it. Take more buttermilk. But coffee and buttermilk, I don’t know!!

Dr. Bogdan: Can they have coffee as a cure  for the diarrhoea or not? You direct them then Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: I don’t know. That just stops it, that’s all. Take buttermilk. With Isabgol take buttermilk. Buttermilk is much better. It soothes you down. Slowly, slowly it will improve. But this coffee just stops it and augments the whole thing. That’s not very sensible to give a shock to your system. Coffee is just not a curative. It just stops diarrhoea. I don’t know why we should stop it. Let it be cleansed out; unless and until you are absolutely very weak. But there’s something call ‘Electrol’ here; you get it.

Dr. Bogdan: We are using that.

Shri Mataji: That’s good

Dr. Bogdan: And also we are using rice water, when we can get it. Again Mr. Patra has been kind enough to give us this also.

Shri Mataji: Yes, you could have lots of water things.

I think it’s necessary sometimes to cleanse out. Also drugs – specially they should get out of your system, very important, very important. If it is there, it should get out.

If it is happening after my puja I think it’s stirring up inside. But you just look after they don’t get too much of diarrhoea, and too much of temperature. But temperature, if it’s a hundred and two, I don’t think it’s much. But if it is more than that, then you have to be careful.

I was rather concerned, you know, the way I came to know about your sickness! And don’t think too much about sickness, also.

Now I have to talk – please be seated – to, little bit, to the Australians; because for me Australians, English, French – all of you are my children. And we all should know everything about everything. So there should be no exclusion of Australians or anybody. This can happen to anyone and Australia being such a powerful Sahaja Yogi country that it has happened there, is a very sad thing. We have had three shocks, one after another in Australia.

I think there are two types of people in Australia. One type who are all the time very dominating type and try to take over. And there’s another type which is extremely obedient and subservient. They haven’t kept their heads open.

You are all Sahaja Yogis, and nobody has business to dominate you or to take advantage of you or to organise you in that way. Any leader who does that has to pay for it very heavily. And also the part that the wife has to play as the leader’s wife, she has to understand that she is just a mother and she has no authority as a leader’s wife.

In the case of Australia we have had lots of problems, because Australians have a special feeling for their wives – I don’t know why – in Sahaja Yoga, otherwise not. I think the greatest temptation they have is to have a family. Australians have this greatest temptation that, “We must have a family!” “We must look after our family!” this, that. And this might have come because people have seen broken families, they have seen the problems of broken families, and there have been so much writings about it that, “We should not neglect our family, you should look after your children, look after wives and this and that.”

Of course in Sahaja Yoga we respect family very much but not beyond the bigger family.

About James I have to tell you one thing that, he gave me the greatest shock! The first shock came from his cousin, whom you know, Terence, whose wife was Indian but she, also in her ego, became like a small “mataji”. She used to order about, “I will have this, I will not.” They would occupy my room and enjoy there.

Then came Mr. Warren. He was another horrid fellow! You see,  such leaders are coming out of that place I am surprised. Then he came here; he never told me that he was paid money or he collected money, nothing of the kind. I never knew anything. Only once in that, somebody remarked that he has been collecting money so I asked him, “What money are you collecting?” Without my knowledge he did so many things, and I’ve never known such people before! Though I was telling him, “Your Nabhi is catching, Mooladhara catching,” this, that. But I never knew that there could be people of that level!

So we had, in the same relationship, James there. James was a very simple man, no doubt. When he first came to see me he was very upset. I said, “James why are you upset?” He said, “Mother, I have an air hostess…” I am telling you all these things because I have to talk with you about it. “ air hostess who is my wife but she doesn’t stay with me. She has to stay in Sydney. I am working here and I don’t know why she doesn’t write to me much. I go, send her presents, I see her very often, all that.” So I told him, “James, if you don’t mind, I’ll tell you the truth.” He said, “No, no, Mother, please tell me the truth.” I said, “Already she is carrying on with another man. She has nothing to do with you.” And he was shocked. Then I soothed him. I said, “You better call her.” So he went to Sydney and called her and she got herself very nicely dressed, she came for the dinner. And there she openly told him that she’s already living with another man. That’s how he came to Sahaja Yoga.

So his first marriage was broken. After coming to Sahaja Yoga he wanted to have another marriage. That was all right. Then his this girl, Diane, she wanted to marry him. Now I don’t have any idea about this homosexuality. To be very frank, today I don’t understand what is this nonsense. And that the women are homosexual I have never heard of this before! We have never known. I didn’t know that she was that kind of a person. But of course she was not so normal, but she was after me. She wanted to marry Terrance and then to James. I told her, “Terrance is not good for you but James you can marry.” She was after me that she wanted to get married. “All right.” I said, “You can marry James.” There were not many girls in those days but James wanted to have a wife somehow. So he married this girl.

Now I have got letters which Mathias has given me written from his wife who went down. I agree that his wife carried lots of bhoots with him. But the fraternity [of bhoots] worked and she and another eight girls just jumped on her and they formed a formidable group there which I have got now a complete record and complete report about them, how they were dominating. They were very hard women, dominating all the rest of them there. And such regulations and rules she started.

It happened in the beginning when I asked her to get out and go to Ruth. Because the ladies came and told me. She went to Ruth. There she knew that she will lose everything. She behaved herself nicely, everything. I said, “All right, you go back.” So it was not a possession but a kind of that homosexual aggressiveness in her. Then Mathias has given me her letters when she went, his wife went there. It’s absurd letters. She used to sleep with her and she used to hug her. She used to kiss her and do all kinds of things with a lady who has gone there to get cured! And they were very important people! She was a very important person.

Another person I know is Patrick’s wife. She went down there and she didn’t get better. On the contrary, she became worse. And I told Patrick and Patrick has been there. He was so much influenced by these two persons because they tried to show that all the rest of the world is very bad, they are very unkind, we are very loving people, we are very nice, this, that, and Patrick is something great, you see, just pampered his ego perhaps. Poor Patrick is such a simple-hearted fellow! He came to France and I was to speak. I had to speak that time. I said, “Patrick, why don’t you translate me?” He just couldn’t utter a word. He was tongue-tied. He said, “Mother, what has happened to me?” He said some honey bees or something has caught him. I said, “No honey bees. This is some Australian honey bees!”

So one must understand that though the quantity of Australians has increased, quality has to go up. Moreover, group forming is a very common thing in Australia which is very wrong. When you are increasing this way you must know that you must also increase this way. And all this happened last year when the Indians also reported to me that “Australians are all possessed!” I said, “Really?” “Yes, they always sing, ‘Australia is great. Australia is great,’ and they are saying all these things.” And they said they were taking their own decisions. There was one Mr. Charles who was off his head! He was like a Hitler. That’s what the Indians told me. I was quite shocked! Then they lost the sari, they found the sari. And I could see now there’s something going on. my attention was not there. But on my birthday I telephoned to James because not a single flower came from Australia on my birthday.

As it is, I have noticed one thing with this lady, his wife, she has been extremely miserly as far as giving presents to me. I mean, so miserly, it’s so stupid the way she gave me a little brooch like that once when I came for Australian tour. She need not have given! And even after all this, she sent me a nylon, what you call, for keeping handkerchiefs, a little packet like that! So stupid she is! She has no sense of any kind! And she was getting from bad to worse.

And on this side, when I telephoned from my house, they said, “James has gone.” Nobody wished me anything on the phone, nothing! “…James has gone to New Zealand.” I said, “All right.” I telephoned to New Zealand. What I find, he didn’t wished me. I said, “James, do you know, today is my birthday?” “Oh, yes, yes, yesterday we celebrated in Australia.” “What? You can’t even say it, ‘Mother, happy returns,’ or something?” Not a single flower to me? As if my photograph has become the reality and I have become unreal!

See, how this kind of thing works. This is a mass mesmerism. What happened to Hitler can happen to you all; is a mass mesmerism. Because of this lady, she had such a grip over him. I knew this and I told him many a times, “You have only one weakness, James, that your first marriage was a failure and you want to show that your second marriage is successful and that’s why you are running after your wife and you are so much at her feet. But know that you are her husband and you are the leader.”

So you are Sahaja Yogis. You are the temple of God. You are special people. Australia specially has to be very, very careful. And also I think the Indians who went from here were not such good Sahaja Yogis, I must admit. They turned out to be a little bit hanky-panky and not so deep; I agree with you. So the help came from nowhere. So we are just increasing sideways.

Then they never consulted me on anything that they were sending money to Warren. I never knew. I also did not know that they have changed the school from Melbourne. When I saw the photograph of the children they were all, eyes were like this, you see. None of them had straight eyes! Little, little babies. I said, “What has happened?” I was so concerned. Then I learned that they have changed the school from Melbourne – then I learned!! They never asked me – to Sydney, because his children were studying in the school! So it was all manoeuvred for one family there and people could not see that. They never told me that they were moving the school from there.

And this gentleman Paul who was running the school himself had a horrible, horrible, horrible wife. He had no children from her, nothing, and she just, she wouldn’t leave Sahaja Yoga. And he was such a slave to her. I don’t know what was in her, that woman, when she was such a catching woman that whenever she came in the room, even outside I could make out that she is there, such a catching person. Right from Mooladhara up to any point. And he never felt her. And very cunning also! A very cunning woman.

She came to me and she said to me, “Mother, teach me how to recognise you.” I said, “I’m sorry. I can’t teach you that.”

That is the level of people who took over. In Sahaja Yoga, I would not put them anywhere, like Diane, like this lady and Paul also. And now Paul and they have joined hands. And James, I think, would like to go out of Sahaja Yoga because he must save his family which is so precious for him!

People do not realise what a tremendous work we are doing today in Sahaja Yoga – what a great thing we are doing. Tomorrow you will be the foundation stones of this great image I have about The Golden Age of the whole world! You are not ordinary people! And you shouldn’t behave like ordinary people.

Of course if there’s anything wrong, I can point it out and say to you. But if even knowingly something wrong if you do it, how far can I go with you?

And this hugging business and this kissing business is just a vulgar thing, I think. There’s no need. Of course you can hug when you meet for the first time. But morning till evening if you hug somebody six times, I mean, it’s a headache! There’s no need to hug someone all the time and to kiss someone all the time. What is it? After all, if you meet somebody for the first time, you do feel that exuberance of your own expression of love, then you can hug somebody.

And too much regulations in an ashram is not allowed. You are all independent, free Sahaja Yogis. You all should grow with your own independence. But it does not mean in any case that you should be rude to your leaders or anything. The leader has to be very fatherly and has to be very righteous and should not play into the hands of his wife – that’s one thing sure.

And then you people have to know that you are all individually Sahaja Yogis. None of these big, big rishis and munis could not give Realisation as you are giving. You don’t know your powers. You don’t know your position.

And if some leader is of that kind, you should immediately write to me. I am still existing.

So James has shocked me the most. I loved him so much. I have done so much for him. And he’s played into the hands of his wife. I knew one day [that] either he’ll fall this way or that way. His children got terrible diseases. They would have been dead because of this woman.  She is not deep. She has no feelings for me, nothing of the kind. She would buy very… I could go in the bathroom and I would see every time very expensive make-ups and… I never use these things, never! So I used to wonder, “For whom is she buying?” Every time I went, she bought something very expensive, something French, Swiss, this, that, kept there. For whom? And she would every time change all the curtains and everything. And all that, for whom?

I am just wondering how many of you can understand that a person without any depth cannot lead you anywhere. Anybody who tries to show off, if you run after that person that means you have not fathomed your own depth. You must know what is your depth.

And don’t get impressed by somebody because he can dominate you very well and you can go about.

Just stand on your own two legs and see for yourself. And I don’t believe in any rules and regulations for Sahaja Yogis as such – that you can meet your wife only at this time, husband at that time. You are swachanda: ‘swa’ is your ‘Spirit’ and ‘chanda’ is ‘at the disposal of your Atma’. And when you are that you become absolutely collective also. And these jealousies and this petty-mindedness is not necessary. You are all universal personalities. You have to be that great. You don’t belong to any country. Just to make it convenient I use the name of the countries, but if I say north, south, east, west, I don’t know how will I manage it. Because the whole system otherwise works this way, that you have our Qantas [Airlines] going to Australia, you have this to that. So you have to take to these countries as such, but for me they don’t exist. Even the directions don’t exist for me. You are all my children and I just can’t think in that way.

Please don’t consider yourself, in any way, even if you are away from me all my attention is there. And you all can directly write to me. You can all send me flowers directly. They said, “The rule was that it is to be done through the leaders.” Not at all. You can send me flowers anytime you want to. I mean, my relationship is… Who are these leaders? Just it’s a mockery, if you understand that. It’s a mockery. One should not in any way think that they stand in between you and me; not at all. Only thing is if somebody is troublesome or possessed or something, then naturally you can try to keep that person out. But he’s not a Sahaja Yogi by any chance.

But otherwise there should be no barrier between you and me. I’ll not stand it at any cost. No barrier between any one of you and me. And you should never feel shy to tell me and you should always tell me what your problems are. Always. I’m always available for you, for every one of you, each one of you.

One should never just decide that, “All right, Mother may not like.” I may like or not like. It’s not the point. You have to tell me. I will like it more that you tell me than not to tell me and hide things from me.

There’s no official relationship between me and you. It is a protocol, after all, but protocol doesn’t mean ‘official’. Protocol means when you are addressing to me you cannot just call, “Hey you!” Like that you cannot say to me. And even if you say, I wouldn’t mind! I wouldn’t mind after all. But children don’t say that way.

You see, a certain amount of understanding should be there. And you must feel my love in your heart, that’s all. I don’t want to make anybody unhappy. Sahaja Yoga has come to make you extremely happy, joyous and peaceful. That’s the purpose. Not to disturb you by any chance, not to in any way irritate you or make you miserable.

The other day I have said it that, “Those who do not want to continue with their marriages can take the divorces if they are miserable.” But without rhyme and reason one should not do that. It should not be a kind of a, now a new law, that get divorced. Work it out, work it out, if it is possible. If you can work it out, well and good. If you cannot work it out, then it’s all right. It’s more a kind of an experimental thing which one has to work it out. If you work it out properly, you might get children who are Realised-souls and you will enjoy each other’s company. But it doesn’t happen all the time. If you do not enjoy each other’s company there’s no force on you. I’ll never be angry for that, at all.

So I would like to know what you want. Even small things if you ask me I’ll be very happy. Anything that you want, anything you would like to tell me. Little, little things, [with] children, you should see me; they sit down round me, we have a conference and they tell me, “You know, Mataji, what happened,” like that they go on telling me. It’s so nice to talk to them.

It’s true [that] nobody’s greater than your Mother. But nobody’s greater than my children also! To me they are very great. So please remember: respect yourself.

You are all great Yogis, great people: born to transform the whole universe into a beautiful globe which is being promised. This is the culmination point where all the prophets, all the incarnations, all the saints have worked very hard to create; and there where you have to come up.

We have to do everything that is possible to make it a success. And we are quite a lot of people ourselves.

Now if you have any questions you can ask me, will be a good idea. Any other questions.

There’s a girl from Austria, I would like to neutralise her marriage with this Roha fellow. And we can find somebody for her. All right? Where is she? Can you stand up?

All right, that’s been neutralised, and we’ll find somebody good for you. All right?

May God bless you!

Then there is somebody? Elisabeth from Australia. If you want you can take a divorce with your husband. Who is she? Please stand up. Is she not here? I can’t see her.

Yogi: She’s coming on Monday.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see. All right. You can take a divorce if you are not happy with your husband. All right? There is no harm in that.

But one should understand that nobody should insult anyone. Maybe there are some disparities, some temperaments and you can marry the one you like but better marry a Sahaja Yogi. If you marry a non-Sahaja Yogi it’s a headache for me then to make him a Sahaja Yogi or this thing, that thing.

Anything else?

Regarding these marriages, anybody has any objections now? Anybody? Please come up. Because after that now I’ll see only when you’ll be dressed as brides and bridegrooms and that’s so beautiful, heavenly.

Anybody who has. (Nick, I think, can you take that out [the light] a little bit, yes, thank you.)


Are you all satisfied?

Sahaja Yogis: Yes.

Shri Mataji: All right. So, may God bless you!

Don’t be afraid. Even if you feel shy you can write to me because there’s a chance, still. If you do not want to marry, better not marry. Because you know, at random we had to do many things. Then I re-collected, then I again corrected it, then we again collected some names, and it’s lots of things. Poor Yogi [Mahajan] has gone thin with it! Even David Spiro has lost some weight! (laughing) Because I used to change every second day and poor Yogi had to type, sit down, typing again. Then I would change again he would type again. Like that it was going on. So if there’s anything like that, you please let me know.

And now we are going to Ganapatipule to enjoy. So forget that you are Australians, forget that you are…And you are just universal people. And we are all going to be one and we are going to enjoy ourselves thoroughly in Ganapatipule. And I have made all arrangements for you and you can have as much as you like, yours aerated waters if you like or they are going to give you juices as much, free. Nobody has to pay for anything, it’s all free there. And there are going to be mango juices, whatever you like. But I think mango juice is not so good for people who have diarrhoea!!

No, I’m not frightening you, it’s a fact. It’s a fact. You can ask anyone. We know, all Indians know that it’s very hot and it creates heat in the stomach. Though it’s very tasty. So they are going to supply you with all kinds of juices. I have made all the nice recipes and things I have given them. Baba[mama] is going to be there. And I hope food will be nice. And also they have made nice arrangements with the bathrooms and things. Be careful only that don’t drink any water anywhere.

Anyone who wants to stay under the cement can also do it because we have got one or two rooms free. So anybody who wants to stay under the cement can come but it’s better to stay under the sky. I wish I could do myself.

So we have got proper arrangements made there. The Indians are working very hard and I really don’t know how to thank them. They are all here, so only thing what we can do is to give them a hand. (Applause). Only thing is you must make friends with them, talk to them and get friendly with them – it’s nice – because you just come here as guests but, after all, you should talk to them and meet all of them and you will be very happy to know so many things about them. They must be wondering why I am telling you such simple things like, “Don’t take cold water after coming from the sun,” because they all know this very well. So, you see, little, little things they’ll tell you because this is a different country with a different climate. So it’s better that you learn from them. As one has to learn something in the West about their mannerism and about their styles, in the same way you have to learn certain things.

So, I am sure you all are looking forward to your visit. Tomorrow you all can go to Kolhapur for your purchases and day after tomorrow if you want to do some purchasing even, you can do. The buses can leave then at about say one o’clock or two o’clock.

So, I’m sorry I forgot: S. Govind, the Jeweller has invited you for lunch. So you can, in the morning, if you want go for shopping, you can do it, you come for lunch to his place. He’s so anxious. I told him. He has invited hundred more relations of his to get Realisation and things. Imagine! He’s a Jain gentleman. He’s such a wonderful person! So he has invited you all. So you will have food at his place. It’s a vegetarian food. And after that you are leaving for Ganapatipule. You will reach there quite in the evening.

I hope you’ll keep yourself covered properly and don’t take too much dust inside yourself. Try to work it out that you all feel all right by the time you go there.

Now this (medicine) is only for the people who have diarrhoea. And those who have constipation should not take it. (laughter)

We are going to have a nice time, I hope so. [I’m] looking forward. Moreover I think this time it has been a very dynamic programme. I felt people were just stirred up and spiritually also the people are very much enriched and it’s quite visible now that people have become very [much] wiser and satisfied and settled down and matured.

This tour, somehow or other, has been very dynamic, I think, and it has worked very well.

But still – you try to meditate in the morning if possible. All of you should do some meditation in the morning. I know we have been sleeping at 4.30 [so] getting up at 5 o’clock is difficult! But tomorrow morning you can have a nice meditation and then go for your shopping.

So the loading has to be done. So day after tomorrow you have to load your buses. That you can do in the morning time because tomorrow there’s no program as such. No evening program, no music. And then you come back here, sleep well, next day have your meditation and load your buses and go to Kolhapur. If you want to go for shopping you can do it but come for the lunch at about twelve o’clock you have to be there, twelve or one. And then after lunch you have to leave. So be careful, don’t get lost and understand where you have to go, where you have to meet, what is the place and all of you please arrive there so that there’s no more keeping awake.

May God bless you all!

They have made some nice music. I would like to hear that.

(Shri Mataji discusses in Marathi with the organisers about food)

I am telling him to give you, in the evening, simple food. Tomorrow also, in the evening, simple food. And just rice and something. And daytime they can give you heavy food.

Don’t eat anything in the market!

(In Marathi) Harsh, bring pipli from my purse. Who is coughing too much? Come here! One. I think you need it for your Vishuddhi, Right Vishuddhi. And see the face is so red! That’s the sign of the Right Vishuddhi. Alright. In any case I’ll give you [pipli] to stop it but…Now come along here. Who are coughing now? Let’s see. Who is this lady? (About 50 yogis get up to go to get the medicine!)

Aaaah! Come here!

Can you come up [to the stage]. Can you come up. All those who are coughing.

Come along! Can you come up. He can’t sit? You sit down!


Half of them? Sit down! Sit here.

Now, I think this [pipli] will be all exhausted!

Now, before that, can you put your fingers in your ears and push back your head and say ‘Allah ho Akbar’. Say sixteen times. Hmm.

Now? Cleared out? (Yogis start coughing again!)

It’s a simple thing you know. If you do it twice or thrice you clear out! It’s a very simple thing.

Keep it in the mouth (the pipli) till it swells up then throw it away. It’s hot. I’ll send you one kilo tomorrow. But you must do it! Because you are not meditating every day this is what is happening. Do a complete meditation with ‘Allah ho Akbar’ and with the Lord’s prayer, all these things, and you will feel much better. Much better now?

As simple as that!

Gone coughing? Not coming! (Somebody coughs on the other side!)

Now it’s moved that side I think!! (Laughter) Now better.

This must be learnt!

David can you come?

Ah. Much better. Vibrations flowing? Put the hands like this straight.

Then another thing which is very simple to understand: that it’s also a new style of shaking the head is too much. Like if I say, “Are you all right?” “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” (Mother nods her head 12 times). “No, no, no, no, no, no.”

Just say, “Yes, yes.” You should say, “Yes please. Yes.” But don’t shake your heads. At the slightest thing I see people go on shaking. Now if they don’t like something they’ll go on like shrugging. There’s no need! To put so much pressure on your neck is not necessary. You have got a mouth. And every time if you shake your head you are in for trouble, straining your neck too much. I mean just doing that way (Mother shakes her head again) I get a headache I tell you. But people I have seen that they go on. Even when I am talking they are doing like this. There’s no need to nod like that. I mean I know you like it.

Alright now? Better?
Put your right hand on the Brahmarandhra, just here. Push it, move it.
Now the whole of this parting you can move. All the seven chakras are here. You can start it from here [the back] if you want. Back side you should move the other way round [anti-clockwise]. Here also [apex of the head at the back], the other way round.
Now. Especially here, Left Nabhi.
Now, put it on the Brahmarandhra. Move it, now, in the clockwise manner.
Now bring it here, Vishuddhi, must move Vishuddhi quite a lot. This is the Virata’s thing.

Now the Agnya [with the Agnya finger only].
Now the Hamsa, just with this finger [the Vishuddhi finger].
Better now?
Much better.
Also you can, for your Vishuddhi, you should put your right hand here and rub it the other way round, means anti-clockwise. Vishuddhi, move it. Move it with your fingers, press it hard with the fingers, you can massage yourself I mean to say. Just do it like that, it will be nice. Other way round.
Better now, you pour it [unsure]?
Now, much better.
Not this way [by the Left Vishuddhi side] but take it this way [by the right side in the centre Vishuddhi].
More on the Left Vishuddhi now. With a little oil it will be alright.
It’s good! Feeling better now?
Much better?
Cleared out. Much better now.
All right.
So, you can yourself massage. For example, if your eyesight is not all right, massage it here [on back Agnya]. You can take the name of Mahaganesha and Mahabhairava here and it will work out. [Marathi]
With your fingers please, with your fingers. You have to rub it with your fingers, press it hard! If it is on the Left Side you can feel it or it is on the Right Side. That’s why I said that “Put oil.” That doesn’t mean putting oil means just straight forward, pour it into your head, but rub it with your fingers.
Now better? Stopped? Coughing has stopped now.
Alright. Better now. See now it’s coming out.
Good! The heat is coming out a little bit.
Now put the right hand towards me and left hand [above Sahasrar].
Haaa, better!
Try with the left hand again. Left hand and right hand [above Sahasrar]. Bend your heads! Bend your head!
Haaa! That’s like humbling down! You know?
Fine? Feeling better now?

Manaa! [Sing!] They are going to sing some song to us!
(Maharashtrian yogis sing ‘Suswagata kari tu apule’.)
Chaan! [Nice!]
So I’ll take your leave now. I think coughing is much less. Also do it twice, thrice before sleeping ‘Allah ho Akbar’, gargle your throats with a little this thing [salt].
I’ll take your leave now. This is the medicine that you have to take now, all of you, those who are suffering from diarrhoea.