Purity and Holiness

Ganapatipule (India)

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Purity and Holiness. Ganapatipule (India), 24 December 1998.

Happy Christmas to you all, May God Bless You.
The birth of Christ is celebrated all over the world and it’s nice that we are celebrating here at Ganapatipule. His birth, as you know very well in Sahaja Yoga, we have realised that the principle of Christ was Shri Ganesha, so this is the right place to celebrate the Christmas and the Birth of Christ is the absolutely coincides today and I am very happy that you have chosen Ganapatipule for that.
Now as you know very well that, Ganesha’s principle became the principle of Christ at the Agnya Chakra. That’s a very important centre that we have within ourselves which has given us a new dimension to our personality, that we can resurrect ourselves as Christ has resurrected himself; so the message of his life is resurrection, so from His birth He got his resurrection done in the same way.
You are born again when you get your resurrection, or you become Sahaja Yogis, on the same principle it works, but he had to physically pass through all the penance as we say that he died for us, for our sins; but now as he has done that for us, now our Agnya Chakra is absolutely at our command that we can open it out whenever we like; if we are Sahaja Yogis and we can enlighten that Chakra also.
This is the chakra always caught up by people who try talk about Christ to say things about Christ, or to prophes that they have Christ in their pockets when they have no connection with Christ. For this Christ has very clearly said, “That you will be calling me Christ, Christ and I wont recognise you”; there are so many people of this kind and that’s why celebration of Christs Birth by them is just a festival, but has no deeper significance.
But for Sahaja Yogis it’s a very great happening because His birth has brought such a great Incarnation on this earth and by that we could achieve our realisation because He is at the gate.
So today is the day of thankfulness for Christs Advent on this earth and we have to see that as he is our eldest brother, we can say, he is our leader; we have to follow his footsteps in our resurrection, we have to
show that we have imbibed the qualities which are Christ like, illuminating the whole Universe with our enlightened lives. The very big responsibility on Sahaja Yogis to understand that when we are celebrating today the birth of Christ, we stand for something very much beautiful, pure and glorious.
Christ life is a symbolically, can be called as the Symbol of Purity and Holiness, He was purity and Holiness. When we talk of purity we may think about outside purity, of maybe the purity of out writings or talking or maybe we are very sophisticated of we talk very sweetly, or were very kind, but Christ was pure in the sense
that he was nothing but purity and he went to this extent of purity, that he said that: “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”, that your eyes have to be pure, even up to the eyes. He said: “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”, so the lust and greed has to disappear from our personality if we have to follow Christ, if we have to understand what an incarnation of Holiness He was.
Holiness is very important today when in this whole Kali-yuga you find all kinds of horrible things happening, if you believe in holiness, in your chastity and in your purity, then your morality is within yourself, is not outside, whatever people may say about Christ today; but you know as Sahaja Yogis that He was purest of pure, in the same way we should try to keep our purity above everything else, the most important thing for us is
to be pure people, pure people, pure from heart, pure in our morality, pure in our thinking and pure in our rapport that we have with others, not just a show, not just artificiality, but from within we should feel that oneness, that understanding that we are all Sahaja Yogis, born of a Mother and we all have to love each other. That is the greatest blessings you could give to me and also the greatest joy for Christ to see that all of you are absolutely in unison and complete accord with each other. This is something one has to understand, that He also said to his disciples that the greatest pleasure for me is to see you all together in one religion.
But now the collective conciousness is within your conciousness, you can feel the collectivity within yourself, so it should be very easy for you to become one with each other, to understand each other, just like a part and parcel of one being.

So I wish you all, A Very Happy Christmas and let us start this new year with a full idea that we have to have that dedication of Christ, that understanding of Christ, how he dedicated his life, which was very short for the establishment of purity in this world. If the Sahaja Yogis do not have that personality they cannot establish Sahaja Yoga anywhere. So the first and foremost thing we have to aspire is purity as you know very well, that Adi Shakti first created Shri Ganesha who is the symbol of purity; so today we have to take a vow, that henceforth we are going to follow a life of complete purity and detachment. That’s not so difficult if you understand Sahaja Yoga. If you are Sahaja Yogis is very easy to purify yourself.

I am so very happy you all could come here. Lots of inconveniences are there, but as you being saints now, don’t complain anything and you are enjoying whatever is there. The pure air of this place and the purity of
nature that is around us, let us also meditate and emit, manifest that beautiful thing that is within us which is the Spirit and I am sure all this place will be vibrant very soon, as it is I could feel the vibrations from a very long distance when I came.


H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi