Christmas Puja, Transformation

Ganapatipule (India)

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Christmas Puja. Ganapatipule (India), 25 December 1988.

Today we all Sahaj yogis are standing on the brink of the ocean, ocean of humanity, where we have to face the problems of human beings, otherwise in the nature there are no problems, they’re all already solved. So one has to understand that it’s not just the movement of few people, chosen people, just to achieve self-realization. But it’s a big revolution which has to bring forth the beauties of human beings, the glories of human beings, the proof of divinity, of divine power and of God Almighty.

We have to now face that multitude of people who are absolutely ignorant compared to you, who have not known the knowledge of God, who are either lost into the darkness of ignorance or are burning in the fire of ego. We have to transform this world into a new world, a beautiful world which you all are enjoying, to establish, to be established on this earth for which we have to prepare ourselves.

So far Sahaj Yoga means blessings; if somebody is less blessed they ask Me questions, “How is it Mother we haven’t got this when we’re praying to you? Why did it not work out? It should have happened, after all we are worshipping you, so how is it that my son did not get the job?” So, I mean, as if it’s sort of a, some debts have to be paid to all the Sahaj Yogis by Sahaj Yoga. That sort of a attitude has been, so far, towards Sahaj Yog of, not all of you, I must say. But in the minds there’s lurking always, a desire to know why, when we are Sahaj Yogis, why should it happen to us.

We’ve seen that God has blessed you. Some people had very miserable married life, they couldn’t understand why they had to have a miserable married life. Some had some misfortunes and some had some diseases also after coming to Sahaj Yoga. So there has to be understanding that Sahaj Yoga is for correcting your life, for putting you on solid basis, on proper foundations to make you great people; as if it gets you immune to all these mishappenings, with blessings of course, so you don’t feel the effects of those misfortunes so much as you would normally feel.

This creates beautiful human beings out of you. Some people have hankering after money; some people think they can make money by coming to Sahaj Yoga; some people think they will become leaders or some think they’ll have fame, some think that they will achieve a kind of a very dominant position; and some think that they can befool Me also.

It’s high time you realize that Sahaj Yoga is not for this. Sahaj Yoga is for making you the wisest person, the sanest person, the most generous and the most confident person in the world, because you have to fight, you have to fight the dark ignorance of Kali Yuga, of ages which is precipitated and today we see all the bad effects of it. Whatever you may call it, you may call it the fanaticism, you may call it the atheism, any isms of any kinds and all these human projections which have created all these artificial webs have to be broken. But human beings on the whole believe that these artificial webs are real. So to break that you have to be also be careful that you don’t break the human beings. While you are breaking their false faiths you have to remember that those people who are carrying those false faith are the ones who have to achieve self-realization.

It’s a very delicate work, it’s a very hard work, it’s a very harsh work but it is the most detached work. And when we realize that we are so important, that God has blessed us with this peace, with this understanding, with these powers. It’s not only for our own gain, because God is not only for you, He’s for the whole world. So we have to utilise them, we have to spread them, work it out at every level; we have to become dynamic about it.

But the most important thing is the responsibility of Sahaj Yoga we have to take. We are Sahaj Yogis and we are responsible for Sahaj Yoga. What have we done for Sahaj Yoga? We look after our family, our children, our jobs, our this, our that, motor cars, our horses, our dogs, our cats. But who is responsible for Sahaj Yoga? When it comes to that point, we are responsible for Sahaj Yoga, then it works out. And works out in a way… . What’s the matter? Who’s that? All right, don’t matter. Outside? That’s the disturbance only.

But there is a deliberate action also of the negative forces and this negativity it is acting through ignorant people who believe, who believe that they’re right. They don’t know what is waiting for their destruction there, specially among our young people you’ll find they just join any party, join any club, join any methods, any trend, anything, just because they have no understanding as to what they have to be. They have to be the Spirit. I asked the other day a president of a young organisation, “What is your policy?” He said, “We have no policy.” They started looking here and there and said, “We have no policy.” I was amazed that they have no policy. “But whatever our leaders say, we do it.” So to get people out of this kind of slavery that they have, no brains of the own, they can’t use their own understanding; they have to become the Spirit.

Shivaji who was a great Atma Shakshatkari, a realized soul. For the future he’s given the message. He said, “Svadharma zagewawa,” means enlighten your dharma or Spirit. “Svadharma,” the Spirit has to be enlightened. Everybody has said that. I’m specially quoting him because he comes from Maharashtra; apart from that he was a political head. Though he was a political head but because he was a realized soul he said that your Spirit should be awakened. He didn’t talk of all other nonsensical things. And he knew that unless and until the Spirit is awakened people will be doing all kinds of wrong things and that is why today we find all over the world the mess in which all political parties, all economic endeavours, all military endeavours have fallen into.

So it is for us to take over and to show them what is an integrated life and what is the strength of a human being; because this Shakti is within everyone. Just praying to Shakti, just talking about Shakti, it doesn’t act. But this divine Shakti has to act and act through you people. Just try to realize that within these few years how much knowledge you have got, how much you know, how deeply you know. You’re not just passing slogans or talking, but you know it, you know what is. I don’t think I have attended to each one of you individually, but through your Spirit only you have come to know all the knowledge about yourself and knowledge about others. You didn’t have to go to any library, you didn’t have to go to any university. All the saints never went, none of the saints went to any university or read any books but how knowledgeable they were, because they were the Spirit.

So the first and foremost responsibility of a Sahaj Yogi on this day is to be the Spirit, on the day when we are celebrating the birthday of Christ, who was the Spirit. So this is our greatest responsibility first to see that, are we the Spirit, or we are this body, this mind, this ego; what are we? If you have achieved that state, if you have achieved that state then you are, as they call in Marathi, samartha, means, you are equal to your name; that you are the Spirit. If you cannot achieved that, then you’re a half baked Sahaj Yogi not yet done.

As you know, we have no organisations, no memberships, nothing. But we’ve one thing, that we know we are realized souls, that we know more than all others know and that we’re not proud of it. We’re very humble people. But this humility should not become a stagnation or a lethargy within us that now we are realized souls, let us sit on a tree and have our blessings. We’ve to get to the roots and you all have to work it out on your level. But first get rid of your own personal problems, all petty things that you have.

When we talk of sacrifice, as you know in Sahaj Yoga I have not known what sacrifice people have done. You have to sacrifice your ego which is a headache to you and to Me. And you have to sacrifice your conditioning, only two things, left and right. And that can be achieved and many have achieved it, but now put that detached personality to a test and then once you’re sure you are detached then employ your energy in doing constructive improvement of this whole world.

It will work out for poverty, it will work out for politics, it will work out for economics, it will work out for every field of life. Sahaj Yoga is the only solution because in this human beings are transformed. It’s not like this that one person changes the address or the badge that he is wearing and he becomes something else. From church to temple and temple to church. It’s something within that transforms you, makes you knowledgeable. So you are already Sat Chit Anand; because you know the truth, you are in joy and your attention is enlightened.

With all these that you have, what are we to do now? If you enlighten the light it automatically knows that it has to give the light. In the same way, all the Sahaj Yogis have to take the responsibility for this great war we have started. It’s not the war with swords or with atomic energies, because they’re all destructive. This is the war against all the destructive powers through the power of love which is constructive, which constructs human beings, which constructs societies, which constructs countries and the whole world. That is your own and also this decision has to be your own.

Even if I give big lectures and say things, it may not have any effect whatsoever on you. It might be just wasted. If you haven’t got the capacity to imbibe what I am saying, so important, so imminent. Now give up all the worries you have about your small small, little little things of your family, of your work, your factories, of your business, of your official positions and just know that everything has to go through Sahaj Yoga. Even the cooking I do, I do it through Sahaj. If the fire is not working, just put your hands to the fire, it becomes all right. If the rice is not cooking, put your hands to the rice, it cooks. Anything going wrong anywhere, you can use your vibrations. But I don’t know what to use to make you feel responsible for Sahaj Yoga, that now we’ve got such a great thing with us and what are we going to do about it.

[Shri Mataji continues talk in Marathi.]

I’m getting vibrations from you, that means you all have agreed to what I’m saying.

May God bless you all.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi