Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Value Systems

Ganapatipule (India)

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Two Talks to yogis. Ganapatipule (India), 26 December 1988.

English Transcript

We have to understand that we have risen above our human awareness and at that level we were different and at this new awareness we are different people and all our priorities must change. Our value system has to change, and if it has not changed automatically we have to little bit deliberately work it out. Or else we have to see that we become really the Spirit and no more of all the falsehood of human awareness should be attached to us or we should be bothered about it.

The, if you see, the principle of everything, as I see, the principle of everything, rather human endeavor, whatever it is, it is based on gathering property. Whether it is communism, or it is democracy or socialism or anything, it’s all going round and round to the point of property. Property, that may be land, that may be money, that may be anything. All economic activity surrounds that one point, is property. So the democracy, though it’s a political organization or political theory, actually is based on something very economic, economical thing called property. Then, same about communism, we can say; it’s the same thing, to, how to distribute the property, how to have the property equally, how to make everybody self-sufficient. But as soon as you become a realized soul, you have to know that your properties and your priorities are very different. Your property is your Spirit and your priorities are where you can manifest your Spirit and can feel the Spirit of others. So the whole concept that was so far obstructing you and limiting your understanding changes into an unlimited area where you start thinking of the Spirit.

Now in that concept of the Spirit, the property of the Spirit is twofold. One in its nature, the nature of the Spirit is, as we call it, sat chit ananada, means it is the joy. Then it’s the truth. It tells you the truth all the times. It gives you discretion, divine discretion, and chit, the attention that acts, that works, that gives you all the information. So you have got the nature of the Spirit thus felt within yourself. But on the other side, what does it want or what are its duties or why to be the Spirit is? Such questions arise later on when we are about to enter into the Kingdom of God. Why to enter into the Kingdom of God? So in outside and, we can say, all the manifestations of the Spirit is, that it is benevolent. It is hita cari. It gives benevolence to others. It gives you benevolence and it gives benevolence to others, also. The only joy in that is benevolence. And you think of all these material things, which are so important otherwise, as if they are for giving it to someone just to express your love. So the benevolence that comes through love, benevolence doesn’t come through oppression or suppression or by intimidation but it comes only through love, and if you have faith in your love you can work it out.

Sometimes it seems, many people have asked Me, “Mother, why so many saints have suffered and they had to undergo so much of torture?” Actually they never get tortured. They just played the game. They just wanted to see how far the stupid people can go. Like Christ stood on the donkeys to show that, that the donkeys are to be ridden. But He can never be dominated. He can never be crucified. In the same way a saint, if he bears something, he does not in any way suffers.

But now the time has come for you to enjoy Sahaja Yoga. You have so many friends, you have so many relations, you have the complete group, such a big group, which may, can be called as a religion, which is with you. So you don’t suffer at all; you just enjoy all the time. But the second part of it, that what benevolence we have done to others, is very important. If that is not achieved, if that we have not established, then we cannot go very higher. So the other part of the benevolence is that what have we done for others. Have we raised their Kundalini? Have we given them realization? But there are lots of temptations because we are coming from the human level, lots of temptations that we start dominating others, we start becoming like Pharisees, we start regularizing. Then this leadership business also comes in and some people become leaders and some start complaining.

Just the other day I’ve explained to you, especially for Australians, I told them what had happened. So one has to realize that it is complete freedom. There’s no question of anybody dominating you or suppressing you. You, it’s only in your freedom that you allow others to suppress. Because there are laws, you can always correct the people who are suppressing you, who are troubling you, torturing you. But you do not do it, because you are absolutely free; you don’t bother. But the doing the benevolence to others when people start thinking that we are leaders or we are something high-ranking people in Sahaja Yoga, they should know first of all that there’s nothing like that. You are one part and parcel of one body and there’s nothing like higher and lower. Everybody has his own role to play, everybody has his own style to work out, but it has to be for the benevolence of the whole and not of an individual. Once you realize that, such a person becomes extremely humble, extremely conducive and he can articulate in a very beautiful manner with other people and you never feel that he is your boss but you feel he is your father. He’s looking after you with love and affection, but in that love there’s no expectation at all, except that of giving. And this giving is the most beautiful thing Sahaja yogis can do.

For example, now I must thank all the Sahaja yogis from abroad who have brought beautiful presents for the Indian Sahaja yogis here. So give them a hand. Most of the things I have selected and suggested, [I] agree, but a day will come when you will be able to do it, everything, yourself. You will know what these people need, what should be brought and what should be done. [Hindi/Marathi] This [unclear] this country is very respectable. Different concepts. So, I mean, you are foreign guests, you see. We call them foreign guests. [Aside: Hindi/Marathi]

You all have been very kind to Me, but I am very happy that you have been so kind to My husband and My family as well and you have appreciated the way they have been supporting Me in Sahaja Yoga. I did say that the bureaucrats are the ones who always go to wrong gurus because their attention is different. They don’t want to have Self-realization. They don’t want to have something subtler but say they are worried about their jobs and things like that. So naturally they go to wrong gurus and try to get into troubles. And invariably I have seen most of the bureaucrats have been to all kinds of funny gurus and they have come to Me and said that, “We’ve got cancer. We’ve got this. We’ve got this trouble.” But I didn’t mean that they will go to hell, but I did say it’s rather difficult for them to enter into the Kingdom of God, because they believe in another kingdom. They do not believe in the Kingdom of God. But I must say I have lived like a bureaucrat’s wife also, and I have also seen what sort of people they are. Whatever it is they get very much touched by your love.

Throughout, in our lives, I’ve been taking very active part in his official things, in the sense that I would prepare breakfast for his union leaders who came from Calcutta or I would go to his ships and get them decorated and I would speak to all the people in the office. I mean, it was quite an intimate relationships. And everybody now even says that “Whenever we travel they want to know about You. They want to ask about You.” Even in the United Nations when he is working as Secretary-General there with the IMO, I think the people somehow or other look forward to something that is love and that is serene. Very surprising it is that people understand these things even when they are so much in the gross. But now the whole cosmos is working it out for us. I think the attention which goes to these things always helps. The whole cosmos is working it out. We have so many hopes now before us.

As far as Grégoire is concerned and Rajesh is concerned ? these people first came to Sahaja Yoga – they were very brilliant, intelligent people. Of course, it took some time for Me to put them right. But once they saw the point of Sahaja Yoga they were first concerned, because they are very socialistic people, concerned about other people. Grégoire would bother Me so much about everybody else: “Mother, what’s going to happen to them? What’s going to happen to this side? What is going to?” So I just told him that, “Don’t worry about all of them. There’s not much place in God’s kingdom. So you don’t worry. First of all, you establish yourself. You just don’t worry about these people that they should be all right, they should be transformed.” “Why don’t you do it this way?” Also they thought I was a little shy of publicity and things like that. I said, “I will do the way it has to be done. The living process has to work out slowly.” And gradually it started working out properly. We got the right type of people who grew up in the most matured manner and they are mature today. And they can now work it out.

So now, what about the Kingdom of God? We have to bring the Kingdom of God on this Earth. But to manifest it, it’s important that all the Sahaja yogis have to be honestly Sahaja yogis.

Now regarding Mr. Shrivastava, I have to say one thing that he’s an extremely honest man. He’s so honest that if he finds Me doing something wrong he’ll put Me to the jail. And his sense of honesty really beats Me. But there’s one thing good about the honesty part of it. Even if people are honest and they know what is right, they may not do it, they may not accept it, and they may not use it as a lifestyle. But his is the case where honesty is his lifestyle. For him honesty and discipline is lifestyle. So now once he has accepted Sahaja Yoga as something honestly, as he told Me, “I cannot be dishonest anymore about Sahaja Yoga. I see people being transformed. I can see it. So how can I be dishonest about it?”

So now, once this happens then all such people – I always used to say there is some kink in dishonest people in the government, and they are the ones who are so honest compared to all others that sometimes it used to surprise Me? but now this honesty is going to play the part with the bureaucrats, with the people who are in higher positions, who are at the helm of affairs. It’s going to work out, this honesty. And this honesty, if they want to make it into a lifestyle, they all have to go or dissolve into the ocean of Sahaj. There’s no way out. Because if you believe this is the honest thing and the truth and if you are honest, it’s just like you put the diamond in the proper platinum. It’s, cannot be anything else.

That’s why I have great hopes now, like Gorbachev has come. He’s a very honest man. He believes in his honesty of his faith and everything. Like that, we have many other people also who are coming out, and you’ll be surprised one day will come, in their honesty they will understand that peace is important and secondly, transformation of human beings. And that point, if it breaks through, then Sahaja Yoga is there. As you know that Sahaja Yoga is not meant for few or for very few individuals. It is collective. But it is made for the whole of the collective and it has to work out that way. But as you know, I have never contradicted Myself, but gradually I have opened you all to the truth because I didn’t want to blast you. But it is now, you can see the future of this world so beautiful, and I am sure in our life’s time we’ll see that beautiful time coming in. May God bless you all.

[Hindi translation]

Whatever I just talked about today, the summary of it is when we live our life in this humanity, we have very little left in us, we only think of our own wealth and not of humanity. When we find Sahaja Yoga then only for the first time we become prepared to embrace humanity. There is nothing more important than humanity which we come to understand and to come to understand this is to mean that humanity starts getting into our life. Till we don’t completely understand humanity and get the sweet taste of it, till that time we remain in our own shell and enjoy our own limited life but of all the great people who have been in this world and whom we still know and revere they all were knower and enjoyer of humanity.

After coming to Sahaja Yoga you can also enjoy this because after this you become the spirit itself, spirit is everywhere, it’s not only limited to us, it’s universal, in whole nature it’s present everywhere but it keeps travelling and the biggest effect of it is on us is we also enjoy the same thing that has humanity in it. When we see someone that they have no humanity in them; or they are forcing someone; or they are making their own profit; or they only care about themselves, we immediately understand that they are not Sahaja Yogis but the effect it has on us or what we feel about it, or when sometimes you feel sad for that person, there is nothing to worry about it because you are in the Kingdom of God. Such a person is slowly pushed away from Sahaja Yoga and never comes back. This has happened many times. Such people have been slowly pushed away.

So all the people who consider themselves leaders, I think it’s a joke but consider that this joke is also taken for a fact then also we keep in mind the other important fact is that if we consider that we can use this leadership to control others and take advantage of them then slowly you yourself will disappear and people will get confused, they will ask, where did those people go, they went somewhere. (Loud applause).

So you just can’t behave like this and if you think you can do this in any place, any state or any country then it’s not possible but in Sahaja Yoga I myself see that people by themselves dissipate, I don’t know where have they dissolved or in some ocean they have gone for a sail, it’s completely out of understanding where these people have gone, that’s why who consider themselves leaders they should be an ideal and the biggest quality that they can have is that they should have substance of love inside them.

Some people are there who try to show their superiority, some give a big speech, or some people are there who try to suppress others and some people are there who try to rule others. The biggest thing is whatever you do, only love should reflect from it, it should reflect that it has been done because of love. For example even if you have to upset someone or if it’s required that it’s necessary to scold someone then in that scolding also he should know that it was done because of love, if they won’t scold us then we won’t get better, so whatever is for our benefit we have to achieve it because your spirit wants well being of the world. Without it, it can’t get  satisfied. If you want your spirit to be satisfied, then it’s necessary for you to use your spiritual knowledge for the benefit of others. Not only this, the all pervading power (Chaitanya) that is inside yourself, use that also for the benefit of others, your benefit will come by automatically, you won’t need anything.

If you want to remain in your house then don’t come to Sahaja Yoga. If you want to help only your relatives or any Tom, Dick or Harry then don’t come to Sahaja Yoga. Only those people should come to Sahaja Yoga who have a big heart, we don’t need these kinds of people, they only create problems for us and they are also not going to get anything. These people have holes in their pockets, we can’t give anything to them but those who have a big heart, Sahaja Yoga is for them. That’s why I want to make a request, especially to those people who think they are a some big shot, that those people, for example yesterday when I heard about Delhi people I felt very pleased from inside that we are also spreading Sahaja Yoga in our rural areas, we should spread Sahaja Yoga in our rural areas! There is no need to spread Sahaja Yoga in cities as there it will spread by itself.

The most we have to work on is in our rural areas and if we are successful in our rural areas, we know that most of us live in rural areas, very less live in cities and they don’t even care, they run after things that are materialistic. That’s why if it spreads in our rural areas and our educated people go in rural areas and spread Sahaja Yoga there then it will be really beneficial but there is no need to show our superiority to them. We should talk with very care and love with them and explain to them that they have gotten such a good thing by which all our sorrow can be eliminated and I hope that once this revolution starts in our own country then it can spread to the whole world. That’s why it should be started from rural areas, most attention should be towards rural areas instead of in cities and one day will come for sure I know that this thing can spread with force.

May god bless you.