Evening Program Eve of Weddings, Talk to Sahaja Yogis: On Honesty

Ganapatipule (India)

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Talk yo yogis. Ganapatipule (India), 28 December 1988.

Rajesh Shah Talk

So here today amongst us we are so fortunate that we have been nurtured in the love and the compassion of the Adi Shakti Herself and today we have in our midst on of the most eminent Indians that are there, one of the senior most persons in our country and we thank you very much Sir once again for being
with us and would request you, if you would be kind enough to address us. Thank You Sir.

Sir C.P Talk

On occasions like this it’s not very easy to speak, Rajesh has said so many, many things about me and I do not know if I deserve the great complements that he had paid to me but even if you were to accept, that all that he said has happened it would mean that I have been an extremely fortunate person, a person who had been blessed by Divinity and who else other than. We have been married for about 42 years now and everything that Rajesh mentioned has happened during those 42
years, glorious years, well my dear friends my dear, Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, so many of you have come from abroad I have met you in foreign lands and its a great privilege for me to meet you here in my own country I want first of all to welcome you here and to say what a what a great joy it is to see you in India, I recall earlier this year I had the great privilege and pleasure and honour of being with so many of you in France, in Spain, in Italy, in Switzerland and what a great experience that was, yes I grew up in India I am a very proud Indian, but also I am a very proud citizen of the world, I believe as Your Mother does that this is one world, one human family, we are all brothers and sisters, we must all live together in a world of love, in a world of peace. I have been functioning in another world. A world which is not beautiful, not as beautiful as the world in which you live, your world is different, I remember some time ago, I had the great honour of saying a few words to a
gathering of Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, that was about four years ago and I had then said that there are two distinct worlds one, this beautiful world of yours, where there’s love abiding, where there’s purity, where there’s sharing of everything, where one sees human nature at its best and there’s another world far removed, that world in which I have to serve in which I have to live and that world is not what you see here, that world is based on, largely selfishness, promotion of self interest, competition, getting the better of the other person, exploitation and the United Nations system which I have the great honour of serving was established to bring about a transformation, bring about a new political system, a new economic system a more just system and within this United Nations family a lot of activity has been going on every effort has been made to promote peace, in the field of health, in the field of education, in the field of science and technology, but my dear friends, there’s on element in which all these efforts have signally failed and they have failed in their attention to the human being and human being as you know is supreme in this world and that is where there had been failure, science has advanced, technology has advanced, armaments have advanced there’s nuclear weaponry all kinds of things are happening is this world, but the human element was being left far, far behind, human element was not receiving the kind of attention which it needs and please believe me the most difficult thing on Earth is to deal with the human element each person out of these three billion is a person in his of her own right, its not easy to deal with that human element and some force had to arise in order to combat the other force, the force of selfishness and that force emerged when Your Mother began to promote Sahaja Yoga, now perhaps you know or some of you may know and some of you may not know, when after marriage we had two daughters, one of them is sitting here, we had a little pact between ourselves, I said until my daughters are, our daughters grow up, their well brought up, their married, you must look
after them and she agreed and she looked after the children, brought them up, got them married and once that was done, then we said now the world must see you and that is how Sahaja Yoga began and it has sprouted.
What I am seeing today here is a absolutely fascinating, astounding, amazing, ennobling, uplifting, I recall the earlier days when a small group and some of them are here, they began to be with Your Mother to form the initial group of Sahaja Yogis, it was an idea, it was a concept, it was a vision, and from them things have grown things have developed and now we see this immense gathering of wonderful faces, you cannot imagine what a great honour and privilege it is for me to be with you I say this not out of any modesty or humility, very sincerely I tell you to be with you is itself for me a very enriching uplifting experience I cannot claim to belong to that same plane, you are at a much higher plain, you have conquered human nature, the viciousness of human nature, thanks to Her, …  and you. Sometimes I tell my friends if I as an individual could have influenced even one person in the world to change, to improve, to transform, I would have regarded that as a very big achievement, but for someone who has transformed hundreds and thousands, throughout the world what a miracle it is, to me, to me each one of you is a miracle, please believe me and I say this in all sincerity and honesty. Now Rajesh said I should give some message to you, yes I have a message and the message is this:- the world is today passing through an extremely fascinating phase of its development, things are happening today which were inconceivable even three years ago, as I said I addressed a gathering of Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis four years ago and I was a bit despondent, I had then mentioned to you I just do not know how, this selfish world in which I have to live and serve, how will that ever be raised to the higher level to which you belong, I did not see the light at that time, of course my prayer has always been that something should happen to the world, but what has happened is this during the preceding three years, twice Your Mother has visited the United Nations system, once on the occasion of 40th anniversary of United Nations System and again, later thanks to Gregoire, who kindly organised a little meeting
and please believe me, the United Nations System is beginning to get transformed, four years ago I was despondent, today I am very hopeful, in fact I am a little bit proud of the United Nations System to which I belong, you know formerly wars used to break out, now peace is breaking out.
You know what is happening in Afghanistan, the troops are going away, you know what is happening in Namibia, it has become independent, you know Iran and Iraq, they were fighting and fighting, and fighting, billions of dollars wasted, hundreds of thousands of human lived lost, they are at peace today, there’s no shooting war, you look around the world, India and China they have met at the highest level and they are talking as friends, in Pakistan there’s a new government, a democracy, look around the world my dear friends, a change is coming — now at this time at this historic moment you have a very, very important role to play, you know you may, please do not believe that your Sahaja Yoga is confined to the persons who are here your Vibrations, Her Vibrations are spreading now and you have a historic moment a historic role to spread the message of Sahaja Yoga, that is the time today.
Well my dear friends what more can I say, I think were all very, very, very fortunate that we are living in times like these, you know there was a great philosopher called Plato, Greek philosopher and he had said, that perhaps power could be given absolute power to a philosopher king, Rouso came much later and he said, yes lets find a philosopher king and give all the power, but the world was not able to find one single philosopher king in whose hands all power could be trusted without any fear of power corrupting and now you have someone in whose hands even the complete divine power is only for the blessing. I now want to thank you for your kindness, for your love, for your affection, for your consideration, for giving me, even me a chance to be with you, as I said I dont quite deserve to be where you place me, but that is your kindness and affection, I am profoundly grateful, perhaps I might mention to you, I have now decided, I
have so informed the National Maritime Organisations Assembly that when my term, my current term, which is the fourth term
expires on the 31st December.
I shall not be seeking and shall not accept any further extension of my mandate. So I will be free from my obligations to the United Nations System one year from now and who knows what happens thereafter, what other obligations come my way, I’ll be ready. Than you very much.

Shri Mataji’s Talk:

You all have been very kind to Me, but I am very happy that you have been so kind to My husband and My family as well and you have appreciated the way they have been supporting Me in Sahaja Yoga.

I did say that the bureaucrats are the ones who always go to wrong gurus because their attention is different. They don’t want to have Self Realization, they don’t want to have something subtler, say they are worried about their jobs and things like that.
So naturally they go to wrong gurus and try to get into troubles and invariably I have seen most of the bureaucrat’s have been to all kinds of funny gurus and they have come to Me and said that, “We’ve got cancer, we’ve got this, we’ve got this trouble.”

But I didn’t mean that they will go to hell, but I did say it’s rather difficult for them to enter into the Kingdom of God because they believe in another kingdom, they do not believe in the Kingdom of God. But I must say I have lived like a bureaucrat’s wife, also, and I have also seen what sort of people they are. Whatever it is they get very much touched by your love.

Throughout in our lives I have been taking very active part in his official things in the sense that, I would prepare breakfast for his union leaders, who came from Calcutta, or I would go to his ships and get them decorated and I would speak to all the people in the office, I mean, it was quite an intimate relationship and everybody now even says that whenever we travel they want to know about you, they want to ask about you, even in the United Nations when he’s working as Secretary General there with the I.M.O. I think the people somehow or other, look forward to something that is love and that is serene, very surprising it is, that people understand these things even when they are so much in the gross.

But now the whole Cosmos is working it out for us. I think the attention which goes to these things always helps, the whole Cosmos is working it out, we have so many hopes now before us, as far as Gregoire is concerned and Rajesh is concerned, these people first came to Sahaja Yoga they were very brilliant-intelligent people of course it took some time for Me to put them right. But once they saw the point of Sahaja Yoga they were first concerned because they are very socialistic people, concerned about other people. Gregoire would bother Me so much about everybody else, “Mother, what’s going to happen to them, what’s going to happen to this side, what is going to?”

So I just told him that “Don’t worry about all of them.” There’s not much place in God’s Kingdom, so you don’t worry. First of all you establish yourself, you just don’t worry about these people that they should be all right, they should be transformed, why don’t you do it this way, also they thought I was little shy of publicity and things like that. I said, “I will do the way it has to be done, the living process has to work out slowly,” and gradually it started working out properly. We got the right type of people, who grew up in the most mature manner and they are mature today and they can now work it out.

So now what about the Kingdom of God? We have to bring the Kingdom of God on this Earth. But to manifest it it’s important that all the Sahaja Yogis have to be honestly Sahaja Yogis. Now regarding Mr. Srivastava I have to say one thing that he’s an extremely honest man, he’s so honest that if he finds Me doing something wrong he’ll put Me to the jail. His sense of honesty really beats Me. But there’s one thing good about the honesty part of it, even if people are honest and they know what is right, they may not do it, they may not accept it, and they may not use it as a life style, but his is a case where honesty is his life style. For him honesty and discipline is life style, so now once he has accepted Sahaja Yoga as something honestly, as he told Me, “I cannot be dishonest any more about Sahaja Yog, I see people being transformed, I can see it, so how can I be dishonest about it.”

So now once this happens then all such people, Ayruss used to say there’s some kink in these honest people in the government and they are the ones who are so honest compared to all others that sometimes it used to surprise Me. But now this honesty is going to play the part- with the bureaucrats, with the people who are in higher positions, who are at the helm of affairs, its going to work out, this honesty and this honesty if they want to make it into a life style they all have to go or dissolve into the Ocean of Sahaj. There’s no way out.

Because if you believe this is the honest thing and the truth, and if you are honest, it’s just like you put the diamond in the proper platinum. It’s cannot be anything else, that’s why I have great hopes now. Like Gorbachev has come, he’s a very honest man and he believes in his honesty of his faith and everything. Like that we have many other people also who are coming up and you will be surprised one day we’ll come in their honesty, they will understand that peace is important and secondly transformation of human beings, and that point if it breaks through then Sahaja Yoga is there.

So as you know that Sahaja Yoga is not meant for few or for very few individuals, it is collective. But it is made for the whole of the collective and it has to work out that way, but as you know I have never contradicted Myself, but gradually I have opened you all to the truth because I didn’t want to blast you, but it is now you can see the future of this world, so beautiful and I am sure in our life’s time we’ll see that beautiful time coming.

May God bless you.